11 Best Bench Vises (2024)

If you often work with metals or woodwork, it’s easier for you to tell how difficult the job can be especially if you lack a tool to hold the piece of material you are working on firmly.

In other words, whether it is sawing, drilling, filling, or grinding, investing in a high-quality bench vise will save you the hassle and time.

A bench vise firmly grips the object you are working on to make it easier, quicker, and safer to perform your operations.

Our today’s comprehensive selection comprises of the market’s mightiest grippers for your upcoming project.

Therefore, before you fork out some cash for one, it would be wiser first to follow this talk to the end.

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11 Bench Vise Reviews

#1 TEKTON 6-Inch Swivel Bench Vise

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Whether you are a carpenter, a contractor or maybe a Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, fixing a piece of material in one place with the assurance that it will remain in place is very important. TEKTON 6-Inch Bench Vise comes with serrated jaws that keep the object you are working on correctly held in position.

Durable Construction

Although bench vises are generally durable, the extent of durability varies depending on the construction. This premium-grade tool comes with 30000 PSI cast iron. This material offers maximum strength to guarantee years of durability making it ideal for those that are in the lookout for a long-lasting option.

High-quality Jaws

When choosing a bench vise, ensure that the jaws offer perfect grip to an object. And yes, this unit comes with steel jaws that firmly hold whatever you are drilling, sawing, or bending. The steel jaws are serrated to prevent the object from slipping out when the work is in progress.

120-Degree Swivel

This medium-duty unit also swivels to a maximum angle of 120 degrees. This feature grants you greater versatility in positioning your work. Once you have positioned the object in your preferred angle, the double-lock down nuts hold it in place.


  • The bench vise is extremely solid.
  • The quality is great.
  • The swivel feature makes it versatile.


  • It only suits medium-duty.

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#2 Yost LV-4 Home Bench Vise (4-1/2″)

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This bench vise also comes with sturdy iron construction for extended durability. The heavy-duty jaws are of steel material to offer excellent grip to guarantee your safety and make the work simpler for you. The rust-resistant jaws are 4.5 inches wide and give a jaw opening of up to 3 inches to accommodate your piece of material.

Advanced Base

The base of a bench vise dictates the overall stability of the tool. Therefore, it is good to ensure that you get a bench vise with a stable base to ensure wobbly-free operations. The bottom of this unit features four mounting holes that go with 3/8-inch screws to minimize side to side movements.

240-Degree Swivel Base

The ability of a bench vise base to swivel allows you to position your work to the ideal spot. And yes, the ability of this base to swivel up to 240-degrees means that Yost LV-4 Home Vise gives great versatility when working.

Acme-Threaded Screw

When you turn the sliding T-bar handle, the jaws of this unit glide smoothly along the zinc-plated acme-threaded major screw without chattering even as the clamping pressure increases. The locking C collar on the other side guarantees quick engagement and disengagement of the primary screw.


  • It offers great stability.
  • The blue powder coating steps up the aesthetics.
  • Mounting on the workbench is easy.


  • You have to buy the mounting bolts separately.

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#3 Yost Bench Vise 445 4.5″

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If you are looking for a low-budget bench vise that can suit light-duty applications, this should be a good selection for you. The vise features steel and cast iron construction that offers exceptional durability and gives it a higher clamping pressure than the standard models made of cast iron material. The vise also features a flat portion serves as an additional working surface.

360-Degree Swivel

If you are keen enough, you will notice that most bench vises do not allow for a complete-angle rotation. However, the base of this unit swivels up to 360 degrees to give you the versatility that cannot be beaten when positioning the jaws. After you have positioned your work, the base locks to keep the jaws in your ideal angle for a working experience like no other.

High-quality Jaws

The top jaws of this unit feature diamond pattern to ensure that they do not lose their gripping ability. However, just in case there is the need to replace the jaws, it is a snap! The pipe jaws of the unit are also grooved to provide a sturdy grip.

Multiple Mounting Tabs

This bench vise also has four mounting tabs that maximize the stability of the bench vise. To ensure that the handle remains in place, Yost Vises 445 4.5-Inch features rubber washers that prevent the handle from unintentional sliding.

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  • The notches under the jaw firmly hold pipe for cutting.
  • The main allows for smooth jaw movement.
  • The high-quality construction ensures durability.


  • The rubber washers are quite loose.

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#4 Grizzly G7062 – Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

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With the weight of 50-lbs, this bench vise offers much-needed stability in more cumbersome tasks. The unit comes with a decorative red coating that prevents it from rusting and gives it an elegant look. The versatile unit allows for 360-degree rotation of the jaws for limitless positioning of any workpiece.


With the weight 50 pounds, this bench vise should be a good option for anyone in the lookout for a heavy-duty bench vise. The hefty weight means that the unit feels more solid and prevents workpieces from unintended slippage.


Whether you want the unit to hold a flat object or a rounded workpiece, the jaws of Grizzly G7062 features built-in pipe jaws to accommodate both the flat and the round shaped objects. This design of the jaws offers versatility since you can now with any workpiece shape.

Solid construction

This high-quality bench piece features a robust cast iron construction. The iron construction guarantees years of service and makes it an ideal option for those that are in the lookout for a model that can suit daily heavy-duty tasks.


  • It offers great stability.
  • The jaws offer a perfect grip.
  • It is easy to use.


  • The paint may peel off after some time.

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#5 Wilton 11106 Wilton Bench Vise

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When you hear of steel, you probably think of strength or durability, right? Well, coming with high strength steel construction, this premium-quality unit is a good suit for those that are looking for a gripper that can stand up to daily abuse for years and still come out in great shape. The base of the unit can be easily mounted onto any bench for increased stability.

Wider Jaws

When you compare the jaws of this unit to those of other models of the same caliber, you will notice that it has broader jaws. The broader jaws mean that they can accommodate a wide range of workpieces. This feature means that the unit allows you to handle more projects than the majority of the competitors’.

Lock Down Base

To secure the unit firmly onto a bench, this unit comes with the double lockdown feature. This property increases the stability of the unit to ensure precise sawing, drilling, or any other operations you perform on your workpiece. The rotating base means that the entire unit swivels to allow for accurate angling of an object.

Replaceable jaws

Even with the heavy-duty jaws, there is a point that you feel acquiring replacement would offer better grip. And yes, with the serrated jaws, Wilton 11106 provides a firm grip for years and can be easily replaced when there is the need.


  • The stock jaws have grooves for holding pipes.
  • The unit is very sturdy.
  • It is a good looking bench vise.


  • The back end of the unit where the main screw threads into may develop rust.

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#6 Grant Tools 6″ Bench Vise

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Whether it is woodworking, pipe-cutting or any other machinist work, this table vise is designed to offer excellent grip on whatever you are working on. The extremely durable unit comes with high grade cast iron construction that provides maximum strength to suit daily uses. The base of the unit features dual mounting holes which minimize side to side movement of the clamp when in use.

Corrosion Resistance

Since iron material catches rust when exposed to corrosive environments, this features high-quality powder coating. The coating delivers high corrosion-resistance and resists other harsh conditions making it an ideal tool for using outdoors.

Reversible Steel Jaws

To ensure maximum gripping power, the jaws of this bench vise are of steel material. Unlike other standard clamps, the jaws of this unit are reversible. This feature doubles the service life for low-maintenance durability.

Smooth Operation

The spindle and the nut come with chrome plating to allow for easy opening and clamping of the vise when working with wood, metal, pipe, or any other material.


  • The size is great; not too big or small.
  • It swivels all round.
  • The construction is durable.


  • The screw cap may get stripped after some time.

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#7 Carpi Tools Rotating Base and Head Bench Vise

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When you talk of strength, you never get it wrong by this bench vise. The unit is of ductile iron material which offers twice the power of the standard bench vises made of iron. The unit features extra wide 6-inch jaws that open 5.7 inches to accommodate any workpiece. The 4.2-inch throat is also part of the spectacular properties that the unit boasts.

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High clamping capacity

If you want a bench vise that can handle heavier projects, you should choose the one with high gripping power. And yes, Carpi Tools Rotating Base and Head Bench Vise is one of the ideal options you may opt to buy. The unit comes with a high clamping force of 6660 lbs. With such capacity, you can use it for nearly any project whether drilling, sawing, metalwork, pipework, woodwork and any other work where you first need to secure the workpiece.

Versatile Design

Most bench vises allow you to swivel the base. However, since this unit is designed to handle more diverse work, both the bottom and the head rotate 360 degrees to give you extra customizability while working. The bottom locks at any point to position the jaws at the perfect angle while the head locks at 12 different locations at the intervals of 30 degrees.

Diamond Pattern Grips

The pattern that the jaws employ defines the level of grip they can offer. This bench vise features diamond-pattern grips that guarantee a remarkably solid grip to any material you throw at it.


  • The unit has a large anvil that provides extra working space.
  • The rotating head and base enhance the versatility of the tool.
  • The construction is very solid.


  • You need better greasing for smooth opening and closing the jaws.

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#8 Eclipse Quick Release Bench Vise

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This bench vise comes with a customizable front dog that gives you additional clamping facility. The tool comes with solid cast iron construction for years of rugged use. The sliding screw features steel construction that offers exceptional strength to support heavier tasks. The cast iron jaws are toed to guarantee excellent clamping while the tommy bar is designed to bend under excess clamping pressure to ensure safety.

Pre-drilled Holes

If you want a bench vise that is easy to mount, this is one of the ideal options you should consider giving a try. The bench vise comes with pre-cut holes to make mounting up the unit on any bench a cinch. The two cast holes also make mounting screws a snap to ensure the stability of the vise.

Quick release trigger

The eclipse quick release design allows you to use the front mounted lever to open and close the vise rapidly. This will enable you to open the jaws of the vise and easily clamp an object. The unique design allows for the smooth operation of the unit making it a perfect addition to any workshop and home.

Heavy duty construction

This premium bench vise comes with iron and steel construction for maximum durability. The durable construction is covered with a powder coating to prevent rust and step up the aesthetics of the unit. This property makes the bench vise an ideal option for any aesthetic enthusiast in need of a vise that can provide years of trouble-free service.


  • The built-in bench feature is very essential
  • Putting together is pretty straightforward
  • It is highly stable


  • The pack doesn’t come with mounting instructions.

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#9 Yost Vises 750-DI Multi-Jaw Bench Vise

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Coming from one of the reputable manufacturers, this is yet another great addition to your workshop. The unit comes with industrial strength cast iron construction for durability. The 360-degree swivel design lets you position the jaws for any workpiece and uses the pull-pin mechanism, which is better than the common turning mechanism which jams. The self-aligning jaws adjust to offer maximum contact points to the object being clamped.

Pull-Pin Mechanism

The rear pin mechanism allows you to rotate this vise and lock it into place using the Quick Action Pull Pin. Unlike the other locking mechanisms, the advanced mechanism is pretty straightforward and can be performed with one hand. Just pull the pin and rotate the unit to your ideal position and lock in one of the twelve locking points.

Rotating vise heads

The head of this unit allows for 360-degree rotation and locks at 12 different points each 30 degrees apart. This feature enhances the versatility and enables you to clamp your workpieces at different angles depending on your preference. This means that the unit offers you greater convenience to make the work easier and more fun.

High-strength design

This durable unit is of 60000 PSI ductile iron which makes it sturdier than most rotating vises in the market. Furthermore, the primary screw and but are extra long to deliver higher clamping force. The reinforced nut reduces stress points while the flared main bar offers greater strength in the critical areas.

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  • It gives a wide jaw opening of 5 inches to accommodate more projects.
  • The 63-lb unit is very heavy-duty.
  • It is easy to adjust the angle


  • The blue painting may not be everyone’s favorite.

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#10 Forward CR60A 6.5-inch Bench Vise

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Forward CR60A option comes with 6.5-inch jaws that give a maximum opening of 6 inches to accommodate nearly any workpiece. The commercial-grade unit features PCI ductile construction for enhanced longevity. Whether you want it for your workshop or home use, the sturdy iron construction suits light and heavy duties alike.

Completely covered

Although most bench vises are durable, they can easily catch rust especially with prolonged outdoor use since the central screw can be easily exposed to water and dust. However, Forward CR60A unit is entirely closed to prevent water and dust from accessing the internal components of the vise. This feature extends the service life of the vise and makes maintenance easy.

Improved Design

The base of this gripper swivels to a maximum angle of 210 degrees to ensure accuracy in positioning your work. The rugged jaws feature grooves for holding rounded workpieces such as pipes. Furthermore, the longer handle makes it easy to use the unit while the rubber ring offers protection to the handle and minimizes noise. The extra large anvil allows for more operation options and gives more workspace.

Multi-purpose tool

Whether you need to use it for grinding, cutting, hammering or filling, this unit delivers great clamping capacity that suits both the homework and the heavy duties at the workshop. The anvil adds convenience since you can perform tapping work on it.


  • It suits both industrial and DIY home use.
  • Has a higher clamping force
  • It gives a wider opening to accommodate larger workpieces.


  • The base only rotates 210 degrees and not 360 degrees like some vises.

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#11 WEN 453BV 3-Inch Bench Vise

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If you are looking for a reliable bench vise that can support small budgets, you won’t get another better option beyond WEN 453BV. The premium-quality unit comes with commercial-grade construction that sustains the functionality of the unit for years to come. The pattern of the jaws guarantees excellent grip of an object to ensure your safety.

High clamping power

The jaws of this unit are constructed from industrial-grade cast iron material. The sturdy construction pairs with the heavy-duty main screw to deliver a maximum clamping power of 1850 pounds. This feature means that you can saw, drill, polish, and grind with peace of mind that your workpiece won’t slip off the jaws.

Rotating Base

The base of this unit swivels to a maximum angle of 130 degrees. This feature allows you to customize the jaws depending on the nature of the material you are working on.

Mounting Holes

This bench vise also features three 12-mm mounting holes to make setting up the unit on any table a cinch. The three-hole design ensures that you end up with a stable unit for more comfortable working experience.


  • The jaws of the vise are removable.
  • Easy to open and close the jaws.
  • The unit is pretty well made.


  • It only suits lighter projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are bench vises made of?

All the bench vises are of metal material. The type of metals varies with the model. Most bench vises are of cast iron while others feature steel construction. However, there are a few models that use a combination of cast iron and steel.

How do you know your right vise size?

To know the perfect size for your applications, consider the jaw size and the throat size. Usually, larger jaws and more extended throat depth allows you to hold larger pieces of material. For larger pieces of material, also ensure that the jaw opens wide enough.

What is throat depth in a vise?

Throat depth is used to refer to the horizontal distance between the top edge of the jaw and the sliding bar. The throat depth defines how securely a bench vise can hold a workpiece. A large throat depth has a high securing ability.


Before you make a verdict on the model of bench vise to buy, you need to ensure that the vise has all the features that suit your work best.

For example, you need to pay attention to a few things such as throat depth, jaw size, stability, and construction. Our top-notch picks pack spectacular features that you could probably be looking for.

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