Best 14-Inch Bandsaw Reviews & Buyer’S Guide (2024)

Are you looking to take your woodworking projects to the next level? With a 14-inch bandsaw, you can make intricate, beautiful cuts on any type of wood. Whether you’re a professional carpenter or a hobbyist, you’ll love the precise, accurate cuts that this saw can make.

I’ve been using a 14-inch bandsaw for my woodworking projects for years, and I can tell you firsthand that it’s an invaluable tool. I love how quickly and easily I can get precise cuts on even the toughest of woods. With the right blade, I’m able to get smooth, clean edges that look like I’ve put in a lot more effort than I have.

The 14-inch bandsaw is also surprisingly easy to use. It’s lightweight, so it’s easy to move around and store, and it’s simple to adjust the blade tension, speed, and depth for various projects. With a few simple steps, you can get your saw set up and ready to go in no time.

So if you’re looking for a way to take your woodworking projects up a notch, you can’t go wrong with a 14-inch bandsaw. It’s a great tool for both beginners and experienced woodworkers alike, and it’s sure to help you make beautiful, professional-looking pieces with ease.

The 3 Best 14 Bandsaw Reviews


The Jet JWBS-14SFX Woodworking Bandsaw is a great choice for any woodworker. It has a large work piece support with a 360 sq. in. cast iron worktable and 13″ resaw capacity, so you can work on more ambitious projects. With its heavy duty design, large cast wheels provide a smooth and controlled cut. And with the dual 4″ dust ports, you can keep your workspace clean.

The Jet JWBS-14SFX also allows for accurate cutting with its larger, machined aluminum fence surface and easily visible measurements. For added durability, the saw features robust stamped steel doors with welded steel pin hinges. And for improved work piece clearance, the blade tensioning wheel is located on top of the saw.

Overall, the Jet JWBS-14SFX Woodworking Bandsaw is a great choice for any woodworker. It’s heavy duty design, large work piece support and accurate cutting capabilities make it a great choice for tackling more ambitious projects. The only downside is that it can be a bit pricey, but it’s well worth the investment if you’re looking for a quality bandsaw.

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RIKON Power Tools 10-324TG 14″ Bandsaw featuring 13″ Resaw Capacity

You can’t go wrong with the RIKON Power Tools 10-324TG 14″ Bandsaw. It features a 13″ resaw capacity, tool-less thumbscrew bearing locks, and two blade speeds. The no-tool bearing locks make adjusting the guide bearings a breeze. The longer fence rail is heavy duty steel and 29” long, and the rugged welded steel column and frame provide a strong base for the entire saw. The balanced cast aluminum drive wheels and dual blade speed ranges are great for getting the job done quickly and efficiently. Plus, it’s wired for use with 3-wire 120V receptacles and includes a 111in. x 5/8in., 4 TPI, Regular blade.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality bandsaw, look no further than the RIKON 10-324TG. It’s reliable and sturdy, making it a great choice for serious woodworking projects. The tool-less thumbscrew bearing locks are a great time-saver and the longer fence rail provides extra stability. Plus, the dual blade speeds make it easy to adjust according to what you’re cutting. The only downside is that it’s not suitable for 220V outlets, but other than that, it’s an excellent choice.

Grizzly Industrial G0555LX – 14″ 1 HP Deluxe Bandsaw

If you’re looking for a reliable bandsaw, the Grizzly Industrial G0555LX – 14″ 1 HP Deluxe Bandsaw is an excellent choice. It’s got an impressive 1 HP motor with 110V/220V single-phase TEFC power and 1725 RPM. Plus, it has an 11A at 110V, 5.5A at 220V power draw, which is great for the power-conscious.

The bandsaw also has a 14″ x 14″ x 1-1/2″ table with 45 degree right tilt and 10 degree left tilt, as well as a 43″ floor to table height, which is great for all sorts of projects.

Overall, this is a great bandsaw. The pros include its power, speed, and table size, while the cons are that it can be a bit pricey and it requires a more experienced user to get the most out of it.

Buying Guide

Are you in the market for a 14 bandsaw? Look no further! This buying guide will help you find the best 14 bandsaw to meet your needs.

First, consider the power of the motor. A 14 bandsaw is a powerful machine that needs a lot of power to operate. You want to make sure you get one with a strong motor that can handle the task.

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Next, look into the size and weight of the bandsaw. Make sure you get one that’s not too heavy or too bulky. You want a bandsaw that you can easily move around and handle without straining yourself.

Additionally, think about the features that you need in a 14 bandsaw. Do you need a particular type of blade or a special type of cutting? Make sure the bandsaw you choose has all the features you need.

Finally, compare prices to find the best value for your money. You don’t want to overspend on a bandsaw, but you also don’t want to buy a cheap model that won’t last. Take some time to shop around and compare prices to find the best deal.

There you have it! With this buying guide, you should be able to find the perfect 14 bandsaw that meets all your needs.

The Battle of the Best: A Side-by-Side Comparison

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size material can i cut with a 14 bandsaw?

You can cut materials ranging from 4″ to 6″ in width and 1″ to 4″ in height with a 14 bandsaw. The size of the material will depend on the type of blade you use. Be sure to adjust the guides according to the size of the material you are cutting.

What kind of features does a 14 bandsaw have?

A 14 bandsaw typically features a cast iron frame and a heavy-duty motor, allowing it to cut through even the toughest wood. It has an adjustable blade guide for greater accuracy and control, and a tilting table for bevel cuts. It also has built-in dust collection to keep your workspace clean and safe. Its cutting depth is adjustable and it has a rip capacity of up to 14 inches. With its powerful motor and range of features, a 14 bandsaw is a great tool for any woodworking project.

How do i change the blades on a 14 bandsaw?

Changing the blades on your 14 bandsaw is a straightforward task. First, unplug the power cord. Then, loosen the tension knob and remove the blade. Install the new blade and make sure it is properly aligned. Finally, retighten the tension knob and plug the power cord back in. With these steps, you can quickly and easily replace the blades on your 14 bandsaw.

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How do i set up a 14 bandsaw?

Setting up a 14 bandsaw is easy! Start by attaching the saw to the stand, then add the blade and tension it. Make sure to adjust the blade guide, table tilt, and trunnion. Next, attach the motor and plug in the power cord. Finally, use the saw’s miter gauge, fence, and rip fence to adjust the blade for accurate and safe cuts.

What type of blades are best for a 14 bandsaw?

The best type of blades for a 14 bandsaw are wood blades. These blades are designed specifically for woodworking and feature large, deep gullets which allow for more efficient removal of sawdust. They are also made from high-quality materials which ensures that they last longer and stay sharper for longer. For metalworking, you should use a metal-cutting blade. These blades are designed to cut through metal efficiently and with minimal heat build-up.

What safety precautions should i take when using a 14 bandsaw?

When using a 14 bandsaw, it is important to ensure that you take the necessary safety precautions. Always wear protective clothing and goggles when operating the saw. Make sure that you are using the correct blade for the material that you are cutting. Keep your workspace clear of any trip hazards or flammable materials. Keep your fingers away from the blade at all times. If the blade becomes stuck, shut off the saw and wait for it to come to a complete stop before attempting to clear it. Finally, always read the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines before use.



Overall, the 14-inch bandsaw offers a great combination of power and precision. Whether cutting through wood, metal, or other materials, it can handle a wide variety of cutting tasks with ease. Not to mention, it’s fairly easy to set up and use – no complicated instructions needed. With its adjustable blade and sturdy construction, this is a great tool for anyone interested in cutting a wide range of materials. All in all, the 14-inch bandsaw is a great investment for any craftsperson or hobbyist.

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