Top 11 Best Adjustable Dress Forms (2023)

Whether you do dress-making for a living or as a pastime, there are a hundred and one benefits of owning a dress form.

For instance, it brings the desired precision to your sewing projects. I mean, a dress form works by holding the piece of cloth being sewn to let the user see the fit and drape of the garment.

By doing this, it allows the users to identify the potential areas of adjustments on the clothing for them to get the exact fit and design they were intending right from the start of their dress-making projects.

The ability to deliver high precision in tailoring allows the user to handle mass production with great uniformity by maintaining the same settings throughout the entire project. Far from the dress-making process, a dress form provides a way of displaying your final attire.

Now, whether you want it for display or use in the dress-making process, one of the 11 best adjustable dress forms below won’t disappoint.

11 Best Adjustable Dress Forms

#1 BHD Beauty 13 Dials Female Fabric Adjustable Mannequin Dress Form

BHD Beauty 13 Dials Female Fabric Adjustable Mannequin Dress Form

This dress form is available in two sizes: large and medium. Either size works ideally for sewing and display projects and will permit up to 13 adjustments. The multiple settings make it versatile since it allows one to personalize it to match their body form or that of their client.

The adjustment range of the bust is 33″-39.5″ while that of the waist is 25″- 31.5″. The hips are also customizable and have a minimum measurement of 34″ that expands up to 40″ depending on user needs.

Most sewers like that the neck of this dress form adjusts in a snap to the height of their clients. The tripod is of a very sturdy plastic that gives it amazing stability when working on your garments.

The plastic structure makes it lightweight for improved portability around your tailoring shop. I mean, in case you are looking for a sturdy but lightweight model, this will be a nice place to invest.

  • It is very adjustable.

  • There are 2 sizes available.

  • It is very easy to assemble.

  • Delivery is super fast.

  • The body is not that thick although it’s durable.

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#2 Dritz 20420 Sew-You Dress form (Opal Green)

Dritz 20420

This mannequin is also available in 2 sizes, small and medium. It boasts lots of impressive features that make it among the market’s best-selling dress forms. One of the fantastic properties you will like is the great adjustability.

Featuring 9 calibration wheels, most people like how it customizes at the hip, waist, and bust. To allow for greater adjustments, this dress form also comes with double auto-set dials. Hence, expect it to conform to your exact body shape for better results.

The plastic stand is sturdy but lightweight to provide maximum support without sacrificing portability. It comprises of a center pole with 4 plastic slat-like pieces at the bottom for maximum stability.

You will like that the center pole has a height adjuster. Hence, you can expand or minimize the height of the unit depending on your stature. Unlike some dress forms that scratch the floor, the legs of this model are made to protect the beauty of your floor.

  • The opal color is very attractive.

  • The 9 adjustable wheels increase versatility.

  • It has a height adjuster.

  • It is very affordable.

  • Since it’s mostly of plastic so it may not offer the best durability.

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#3 Adjustable- Mannequin Dress Form

Adjustable- Mannequin Dress Form

If you want a dress form for occasional use, there are chances that you don’t want to spend heavily on a mannequin. And yes, this is one of the low-budget dress forms that will hardly let you down.

The neck, bust, and hips measure 11.5 inches, 32 inches, and 22 inches respectively. The metallic stand is 13 inches x 13 inches. Hence, it is sturdy and wide enough for heavy use without the fear of toppling over like some models.

The stylish design of the base adds a unique touch of beauty to your space, making it an ideal option for the dressmakers who fancy beauty.

The torso is 25 inches and will readily come out of the stand when you want to use it without the base.

The dress form stands at a height of 64 inches. However, it is adjustable and will contract to the minimum height of 46 inches. This feature means that you can set the dress form to the height that works best for you.

  • The base is stylish.

  • The metal construction makes it sturdy.

  • It is very beautiful.

  • The torso comes out easily when needed.

  • The torso does not adjust.

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#4 AMT Mannequins Male Dress Form (MH102)

AMT Mannequins Male Dress Form

For the seamsters who want a dress form that will hold male clothes, this model should be a great addition to their sewing shops. It works perfectly for coats, jackets, shirts, and T-shirts.

The torso is 28 inches from the base to the top of the neck. Its materials are of the highest quality and will support heavy weight clothing. It is wrapped with a durable pinnable cover which is easy to clean. For this reason, you will like how easy it is to maintain the unit clean.

The tripod stand provides sturdy support to the torso and will not break when using the set up for heavy garments. It also has a beautifully-finished metallic pole that is very solid and rust-resistant.

However, the center pole has a fixed height of 43 inches with the base. Nevertheless, since the torso can rest at different positions on the support pole, you can still control the overall height of the setup.

  • The body is super light which is good when assembling and moving the unit.

  • The height is good.

  • It disassembles easily for storage.

  • The cover of the fabric is of good quality.

  • It would be better if the base was wider.

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#5 SONGMICS Female Mannequin Torso Body Form


Whether you want a mannequin for skirts or wedding gowns, this model takes just about anything you throw at it. The unit works well for photography, window shop display, and just about any other place where a dress form may come in handy.

The female mannequin is medium in size. For this reason, it works fine for most people. It measures 15.8 inches wide shoulder to shoulder, 34.2 inches at the chest, 25.9 inches at the waist while the hips are 35.2 inches.

The stand of SONGMICS Female Mannequin Torso Body Form is of steel at the upper and sturdy wood at the bottom for maximum strength and reliable support.

The upper part of the stand adjusts to give the mannequin a height of between 56 inches to 77 inches depending on the user preference. The torso employs a solid PE construction that is not only durable but also environmentally friendly.

A stretchable cotton material covering the torso is highly durable and tear-proof. Also, it comes out smoothly for cleaning.

  • The assembly does not require tools.

  • The PE body is eco-friendly.

  • The wooden base is very stylish.

  • The cotton cover removes for washing.

  • It is not exactly lightweight.

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#6 HYNAWIN Female Mannequin Torso Dress Form


HYNAWIN Female Mannequin also comes at an affordable price that most dressmakers can comfortably take in their budget. Unlike other inexpensive models that do not last, this dress form is made with materials of the highest quality for reliability and impressive durability.

The body is of solid foam that stands the test of time. On the body is a premium-grade cover that is designed to out easily for cleaning. In fact, since the fabric is easy to clean, you will like how effortless it is to maintain the dress form in perfect condition.

The mannequin utilizes a decorative design that will look great in a store window, on the counter, and in your room when using it to prepare dress for the next day. The versatile design means that you can use it for skirts, trousers, dresses, or gowns, expect it to work just fine.

The shoulders are 15 inches, chest 34 inches, waist 26 inches while the hips measure 35 inches. The wood tripod stand is long-lasting, non-wobbly, and can stand use for heavy dresses. The stand is also vertically customizable and offers a customization range of 52 to 67 inches.

  • The weight is good.

  • The price is great.

  • The installation instructions are easy to follow.

  • It is easy to disassemble.

  • The plastic caps at the base are a bit flimsy.

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#7 Bonnlo Female Dress Form

Bonnlo Female Dress Form

This option offers three color varieties; white, black, and red. The body of the mannequin is of high-grade Styrofoam. Also, it has a sturdy wooden stand and a solid steel tube. These features make them generally stronger than the majority of the competing models.

The model works perfectly for dresses, skirts, suits, gowns, and heavyweight clothes. The torso is size 2-4 which works great for most US women. However, it is also available in a large size 6. A stretchable cotton cover is durable, soft, comfortable, and easy to maintain clean.

You will like how easily it adjusts vertically to give a height of between 51 inches and 66 inches. The easy-control knob is strategically-positioned just beneath the torso. Hence, whether you are tall, medium or short, the pole will expand and contract to meet your exact needs.

The form measures 13.25 inches at the shoulders, 33 inches around the chest, 26 inches at the waist and has a hip size of 35.5 inches. The torso is 27.5 inches and is easy to separate with the stand for travel.

  • There are varieties of colors and sizes available.

  • It is fully pinnable.

  • The package includes installation instructions.

  • The control knob adjusts the height smoothly.

  • Two screws instead of one would be good for securing the body to the stand.

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#8 MyGift Vintage Designers Black Metal Scrollwork Wire Frame Dress Form

MyGift Vintage Designers Black Metal Scrollwork Wire Frame Dress Form

If you intend to add a perfect touch of vintage style to your room, think about MyGift Vintage Designers Dress Form Display. The beautiful scrollwork design looks very cute with and without clothing.

The charming dress form also features a classic black finish. This coating protects the metalwork from rust and will not peel over time like some finishes. Hence, expect it to maintain its beauty even after years of use.

Also, the durable coating interacts smoothly with different styles of decors so you can use it in the boutiques, home, and any other place where a dress form may turn useful.

The shoulder, bust, and waist measures 14.2, 35, and 21.3 inches while the size of the hip stands at 44.1 inches. Unfortunately, the height of this dress form does not adjust. The height of 57 inches, however, works fine for people of different statures so it shouldn’t be a major issue.

  • The design of the base maximizes support.

  • The design is very lovely.

  • The scrollwork design leaves an elegant look to it.

  • It works well for displaying and as a coat stand.

  • The stand is not telescopic.

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#9 FDW Mannequin Manikin Adjustable Female Dress Model

FDW Mannequin Manikin Adjustable Female Dress Model

The body of this model is of high-density foam. Hence, it is very sturdy but lightweight to move. A high-quality fabric that wraps the body is of incredible quality and cleans with minimal hassle.

The design of the torso supports different types of clothing such as T-shirts, blouses, tops, dresses, jackets, and so on. With such wide compatibility, this mannequin will be an excellent purchase for anyone in need of a versatile unit.

The black finish works perfectly with most home decors. Nevertheless, you can still choose a different color from the remaining three color varieties in case you want something different.

The high-strength stainless steel tube is durable and has a regulator that turns to set the mannequin at the perfect height for you. The adjustment range of 60-67 inches is an implication that it comes with people of all statures in mind.

The base of the model has three legs to maximize the stability of the dress form. Hence, you can use it for holding heavy clothing. The unit installs in less than 10 minutes and will come out readily.

  • There are four color varieties available.

  • It is great for the price.

  • The foam form gives the body a good weight.

  • The fabric is easy to clean.

  • The black printing may rub off on clothes when new.

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#10 PDM Worldwide Female Mannequin Torso Pinnable Dress Form

PDM Worldwide Female Mannequin Torso Pinnable Dress Form

Plastic stands are good and beautiful but they are not sturdy enough to stand prolonged use with heavy garments such as heavyweight gowns. Metal bases on the other side are sturdy but prone to rust, especially at the lower parts of the stand.

For this reason, this attractive mannequin has a steel tube and a tripod wooden stand. Hence, you can use it for any garment no matter the weight. The steel construction of the tube has a very durable finish for superior protection from rust.

The chest measures 34.5 inches while the shoulder, waist, hips, and neck are 14.63, 25.5, 36, and 12 inches respectively. The adjustable knob allows you to maximize or minimize the height to any point between 61-78 inches.

Most professional seamstresses like how easily the model sets up and the fact that it comes with very clear installation instructions. They also delight in the lightweight design since it allows them to move it with less hassle.

  • It is easy to assemble in minutes.

  • The wooden base does not wobble.

  • It offers a wide height adjustment range.

  • It looks very classy.

  • The size of the torso isn’t adjustable.

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#11 Displays2go Size 38 Male Mannequin Dress Form

Displays2go Size 38 Male Mannequin Dress Form

There are lots of features that professional sewers love about this male dress form. One of the admirable features is the ability to adjust in height. It customizes vertically from 60.5 inches to 74 inches. Hence, you can count on it to work with male clothes of different lengths.

The torso is made of durable plastic so it is lightweight but extremely long-lasting. The body is size 38 that suits most males. A premium jersey covering the tripod base is long-lasting for maximum durability. The white fabric creates a neutral background that works nicely with a different color of clothing.

The wooden base keeps the set up upright and will add style to your commercial setting together with the neck block. This property makes it a perfect option for the sewers that need a simple design mannequin for showcasing their newest clothing lines and accessories.

  • It only weighs 10 lbs.

  • The plastic torso is very durable.

  • The base and neck block add a perfect touch of style.

  • It works for different male clothing.

  • The vertical adjustability range is not the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the perfect dress form to buy?

Having covered 11 dress forms on our list, you can still find it a little hard to select one that works best for your needs. However, you can rely on things such as the height and the size of the torso to know the one that will work ideally for you.

How much do dress forms cost?

The price of a dress form will differ depending on the manufacturer and the quality of materials used and the features. But this does not mean that all pricey models have the best quality.

What do I consider when buying a dress form?

The most obvious factors to consider are size, height, material, stability, and price. However, beauty, adjustability, versatility, and weight are also vital.

What is the difference between mannequins and dress forms?

Although most writers and users use the two names interchangeably, mannequins are different from dress forms. Mannequins are normally made for display purposes while dress forms can work for display and for creating garments. Mannequins also have a shell-like body while dress forms are pinnable.

What are dress forms made of?

Most dress forms are of high-quality foam and cloth since they have to allow tailors to stick pins. However, the pinnable materials used may differ depending on the manufacturer.


Taking into consideration the benefits that a dress form provides, we can safely conclude that it’s a unit that every sewer should have. Now, as you think of buying one, consider the options provided on this list since they are proven to be reliable, durable, and are affordable.

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