Top 11 Best Answering Machines (2023)

In the 21st century where technology advancement is rapidly gaining traction, the younger generation may not appreciate the use of answering machines because they are too addicted to mobile phones.

If you operate a business that requires the use of landlines, how would you always respond to your customers’ inquiries or complaints on a 24/7 basis?

Would you purchase a bot to respond to your customers’ call when you’ve closed for the day?

Thankfully, technology advancement has made it possible for answering machines to function in that capacity.

With so many answering machines on the market, it becomes confusing for you to choose a brand that would suit your businesses.

To help you make an informed decision, we have put together the top best 11 answering machines you need to look out for when you hit the market to make a buying decision.

But before we get started with the review of these answering machines, let’s quickly take you through what answering machines is, history, difference between answering machines and voicemail, their benefits, as well as what should look out for in every brand.

So, let’s get started;

AT&T (1740WH) Digital AnsweSystem with Time and...
  • Digital operation: Records outgoing announcements and incoming messages on a microchip. Tapeless operation ensures reliable performance, instant access to messages and the ability to selectively save and delete messages.

What Is Answering Machines?

Simply put; answering machines are devices that are built into a telephone. They can accept missed calls, greet your callers using a pre-written script, and leave a message for the callers.

Answering machines can accept calls in several ways – they can answer calls after the first ring or after several rings. They can also answer a call by playing a short recorded message without the option of recording messages.

Answering machines are programmable, meaning; you can custom it to suit your businesses. If you don’t want the answering machine to accept any calls, you can set it that way with just a press of buttons.

Modern answering machines can store fax to enable you to retrieve it later or even print it.

Let’s quickly look at the evolution of answering machines.

A Brief History Of Answering Machines

Before now, answering machines made use of magnetic technology to operate. This technology has seen fizzled into thin air, as technology advancement started gaining traction.

The first answering machine was invented in 1980 by the popular Valdemar Poulsen, who as of then was an Engineer. He tested the reliability and workability of the system and found it compatible with landlines.

The United State Government in a bid to make its citizens adopt this technology restructured AT&T in the 1980s, the company saddled with the responsibility of carrying out oversight in the telecommunication industry.

Since then, answering machines have been a must-have gadget in every home and office.

Difference Between Answering Machines And Voicemail

Answering machines are independent devices built to be incorporated to landlines. On the other hand, voicemail is a centralized system designed to manage the voicemail boxes of several users.

Benefits Of Using Answering Machines

The following are the benefits of purchasing answering machines for your home office;

  • High-Quality Customer Service: Answer machines would enable you to offer your clients quality customer support. Whenever you are not reachable on your landline, you can program your answering machine to accept calls and leave a message for you to follow up on the customer that called you.
  • Easy-to-Use Technology: Answering machines are easy to use. Although there are several options for your customers to reach you – live chat, social media messages, etc. But some people still prefer the traditional way of reaching out to service providers.
  • Reduces the cost of hiring inbound calling agents: Answering machines will help you save cost that would have been spent hiring inbound calling agents. You can use the dollar that’s saved to expand your business.
  • Make More Money: Answering machines can enable you to make more money. How? Supposing a potential client called your landline to offer you a job and you were physically not close to the landline, answering machines can drop a voice message to the potential client on the appropriate time to reach you; thus; you won’t lose that client.

At this point, we believe you now understand the function of answering machines, let’s dive into the review of the top best 11 answering machines you will ever find on the market.

11 Best Answering Machine Reviews

#01. Panasonic DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering Machine

Panasonic DECT 6.0

The Panasonic DECT Answering Machine is a cordless phone system built together with the answering machine.

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It was manufactured by Panasonic and can accommodate more than 150 different numbers. It can be used to block incoming calls and works on the cordless handset.

Depending on your preference, this answering machine can mention the identity of your callers in English and Spanish.

The Panasonic DECT Answering Machine comes with a clear display which informs you of the number of calls or messages you received in a day.

It is designed with an LCD screen and it takes up to 7 hours for the battery to be fully charged.

If you don’t want annoying telemarketers to disturb your peace, you can achieve that with the press of the block button.

One good thing about this brand is that it comes in an expandable six handsets; thus, many businesses or family loves it.

  • It has a block button to block annoying calls

  • It can identify your callers in English and Spanish

  • It has a quick read display

  • The keypads are finger-friendly

  • No drawback identified

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#2. AT&T (1740WH) Digital AnsweSystem with Time and Day Stamp, White

AT&T (1740WH)

Do you want your landline to accept calls or drop a voicemail message to your caller? Then give the thought of purchasing this answering machine serious consideration.

AT&T is a reputable brand in the telecommunication industry. They are reputed for distributing powerful and high-quality telecommunication systems.

This answering machine is designed with an inclusive microchip to enable the device to record outgoing announcements and incoming messages.

It uses a tapeless operation system to enable users to manipulate messages at their discretion.

It can record up to 60 minutes and users can still make calls even when there is a power failure. Plus, it can operate in three different languages – English, French, and Spanish.

  • This answering machine can record messages up to 60 minutes

  • It doesn’t require the use of batteries

  • You can operate it in three different languages

  • Message Guard memory

  • Buttons may be hard to read at night

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#03. AT&T CRL82312 3-Handset Answering Machine

AT&T CRL82312

Another amazing answering machine that is worth your consideration is the AT&T CRL82312 Answering Machine.

This model from AT&T is powerful for two reasons – firstly, it comes with an XL display, backlit buttons, as well as a visual ringer.

Secondly, it uses DECT 6.0 digital technology and features an extra-large screen.

It works effectively with the AT&T cordless headset and can accommodate more than 50 names and mobile numbers.

The benefits of using this model include sound clarity, unprecedented range, noise filtering, and long-range coverage, among others.

For your hearing needs, the machine can be configured to bass, treble, and natural tones of your calls.

If you are looking to purchase a reliable and user-friendly answering machine, you won’t go wrong with this model.

  • Expandable to 12 handsets

  • It comes with backlit eyes

  • It has extra-large buttons

  • It uses the DECT 6.0 digital technology

  • It may be different to see the buttons clearly at night

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#04. VTech CS6649 Corded/Cordless Phone System

VTech CS6649

The advancement of technology has seen the emergence of innovating top-notch devices. The VTech CS6649 Answering Machine is one of such innovations.

If you don’t rely on tablets and mobile phones, but prefer to communicate with the use of landlines, then this answering machine was designed with you in mind.

This answering machine uses the SECT 6.0 technology and has blocking features which you can activate if you don’t want anybody to disturb you.

Whether you want to save the numbers of your friends or family members, you can do so with ease; thanks to the phonebook memory of this gadget.

It can accommodate more than 50 names and numbers. With this gadget, the worries of missing phone calls are over, as it is equipped to accept calls and record messages.

Using a single phone jack, this answering machine can be expanded to work with 5 different phones. It requires at least 16 hours of charge for the battery to get to 100%.

One amazing feature of this model is that it is designed with a power-saving technology (ECO mode).

This technology helps to conserve the gadget’s power – this means it can serve you all day long without it switching off.

  • It can display call waiting or caller ID

  • It has call blocking features

  • It also has a quiet mode

  • Base and handset speakerphones

  • It is designed with ECO mode power-saving technology

  • Difficulty in reading the buttons at night

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#05. Panasonic Expandable Cordless Phone System


Panasonic is a renowned brand across the world. Of the countless communication gadgets the company has manufactured, the Panasonic Expandable Cordless Phone System is one of the most rugged systems on the market.

It comes with a reliable answering machine that’s equipped with a call block function, a high contrast display, as well as user-friendly keypads.

It comes in black and silver options and can accommodate up to 30 names and numbers at a time. It features a high-quality display cordless handset.

Its keypad and touch buttons are quite user-friendly considering the soft-touch system. Plus, you can pre-program a ringtone to a particular number to enable you to identify the caller even before accepting the call.

Other amazing features of this gadget include a handset to handset intercom and nine different speed settings. This machine is perfect to have on your home office desk.

  • Easy blocking features

  • Can keep count on the number of missed calls

  • High-contrast displays and keypads

  • Intelligent ECO mode

  • Can identify callers with pre-programmed ringtones

  • No drawback recorded

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#06. CaptionCall 67Tb Home Telephone

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If you are suffering from hearing loss or you are one of the seniors with hearing difficulty, the CaptionCall 67Tb Home Telephone is the ideal gadget for you.

It comes with all the important features to enable you to communicate with your friends, family members, and business associates seamlessly. In fact, you can communicate clearly with them without constantly repeating yourself.

This model features a large and user-friendly touch screen to enable those with low vision and the elderly communicate with friends and family.

It also features Boost Mode, which allows it to deliver more than 125Db for all sounds coming from a receiver.

You can use hearing aids, noise-canceling headphones, handset, as well as a Bluetooth streamer to listen to calls. You can configure this model either in English or Spanish.

  • You can operate this model as a regular landline phone

  • It comes with different colors

  • Can be configured in English and Spanish

  • It has a built-in Bluetooth

  • The touch screen is amazing

  • The sharing ability of the in-built Bluetooth is in doubt

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#07. Amplicom AB900 Amplified Answering Machine

Amplicom AB900

The Amplicorn AB900 Amplified Answering Machine is another super-performance answering machine you need to include on your shopping list when next you plan to hit the market.

This model is designed with you in mind if you need a landline that supports your home office. It has all the trappings to make you communicate seamlessly with your business associates and family members.

It comes with a well-detailed user guide plus an amazing talkback feature. From its internal functioning to the external structure, the Amplicorn AB900 Amplified Answering Machine is a device to behold.

It can store up to 50 contacts at once and it offers a digital recording time of more than 25 minutes.

Other features of this model include one-touch playback, a double-digit LED display message counter, R11 jack, and pause, skip, erase, repeat messages elements. You won’t go wrong buying this model for your home office.

  • It comes with a written user guide

  • It is easy to install

  • It has call blocking features

  • Can amplify any sound from a receiver up to 40Db

  • No drawback recorded

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#08. Clarity E814CC Corded/Cordless Combo With Answering Machine

Clarity E814CC

Ever wondered an answering machine that’s built to support a home office business?

The Clarity E814CC Corded/Cordless Answering Machine fits this description. It is produced by a reputable brand known for high-quality design and manufacturing of heavy-duty and hi-tech communication systems.

This answering machine will help you save or record incoming messages you aren’t available to read immediately.

It is also perfect for seniors who want to live an engaging life by always keeping in touch with their families and friends.

It features a call blocking option and can accommodate up to 40 contacts and names. Plus, it offers one of the best sound playbacks for every call made.

It has extra-large buttons that even seniors suffering from low vision can comfortably use. It also comes with a mute option, meaning, you can silence the ringer if you don’t want it to disturb you.

What’s more? It comes with a visual ringing indicator, so that, during the wee hours of the night, you know when the phone is ringing.

Purchase this model to keep your conversation going with your friends and family members.

  • It can save up to 40 contacts and names

  • It has an extra-large LCD

  • It can block unwanted or unsolicited calls

  • It comes with extra-large buttons

  • It comes with a visible ringing indicator

  • No drawback recorded

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#09. AT&T CL4940 Corded Standard Phone with Answering System and Backlit Display, White

AT&T CL4940

The AT&T CL4940 is another amazing phone system with answering machine by AT&T. It is suitable for your home office and as a landline. It comes with a receiver and volume control.

You can configure this model in English, French, and Spanish. It can store up to 50 contacts at a time. It is both wall and table mountable.

Still, on the design, it is compatible with hearing aids and can display call waiting whenever you are on call and there is an incoming call.

It has an extra-large button display and would still function even when there is a power failure.

It is designed with a backlit display and comes with an extra-large tilt display. It has an input voltage of 120V AC.

  • It has call blocking feature and can be configured in English, Spanish, and French

  • The speaker quality is great

  • It comes with power backup function

  • It is slightly larger than other models

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#10. PANASONIC Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone System


This model is designed to support the linking of two or more smartphones via Bluetooth. You can link your smartphones with this answering machine to make or receive calls anywhere in your home.

Whenever you have an incoming call, the answering machine will announce the name or phone number of the caller using the in-built text to speech function.

It is capable of reducing background noise and improving the clarity of conversation.

It is designed with a base unit and a powerful phone battery backup. This will enable you to enjoy talk time up to 12 hours when there is a power failure.

It is also designed with DECT 6.0 technology to offer seamless communication. If you have thick walls in your apartment or home, this model is perfect for you.

  • It is easy to install and maintain

  • It has a compact and unobtrusive base

  • It can store up to 50 contacts at a time

  • It has call blocking feature

  • The backlit screen may be difficult to read

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#11. VTech CS6629 Dect 6.0 1-Handset Cordless Answering System

VTech CS6629

This answering machine made our list for a few reasons. Firstly, it is designed with the DECT 6.0 technology to improve your communication over the phone.

And it shows your call ID or calls waiting even when you are on another call. Secondly, you can set it to a quiet mode when you don’t want to receive calls.

Thirdly, you can configure its operations either in English, Spanish or French. It can be mounted on a table or wall.

It has a call blocking feature and can record the number of missed calls or messages.

Plus, you can pre-program a ringtone to a particular number to enable you to identify the caller even before accepting the call.

If you need a landline that supports a home office, the VTech CS6629 Answering System has got you covered.

  • Long battery life

  • It can be integrated with cell phones

  • Backup power option

  • You can set it to block unsolicited calls

  • Buttons can be difficult to read at night

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does an answering machine do?

An answering machine is a device that accepts calls and plays pre-recorded messages informing the caller that you are not available at the moment. An answering machine ensures that you don’t miss any calls

Q: What is the difference between answering machines and voicemail systems?

Voicemail is a centralized system designed to manage the voicemail boxes of several users. On the other hand, an answering machine is an independent device designed for telephone lines.

Q: Do answering machines still exist?

Yes. Answering machines are still on the market.

Q: Who invented the answering machine?

Answering machines were invented by a Danish Engineer known as Valdemar Poulsen in 1898

Final Verdict

If you have a home office, an answering machine is a must-have.

It would help you accept calls and play pre-recorded messages to your clients informing them that you are not available at the moment.

This would help you retain clients instead of them churning your products or services.

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