11 Best Arch Punches (2023)

When you’re a professional or a DIYer working with metal sheets, rawhide, leather or any other soft materials which you’re required to make perfect circles of a specific diameter, Arch Punchers are your best bet.

They are easy to use, and if you’re working with the right one, then your work becomes fun as they make perfect circles through your materials with no hassle at all.

Choosing the right arch puncher as a professional requires specific considerations into the materials you work with, the versatility of the arch puncher, its features and your set preferences.

There are many manufacturers dedicated to producing the perfect arch punchers for you and we decided to look into some of them and how good their products are.

Depending on consumer feedback and the features of each arch puncher, we were satisfied that the following topped the market.

We hope that this review will help you make a well-informed decision.

General Tools 1271M Arch Punch, 1 Inch
  • The General Tools and Instruments 1271M Arch Punch is the ideal punch tool for punching a 1 inch hole

11 Arch Punch Reviews

#1.General Tools 1271 Arch Punch

General Tools 1271

The General Tools 1271 range provides high-quality arch punches of 7/8” to 1” in diameter. The arch punches are composed of heat treated forged steel which makes them durable and flexible.

The heat treated steel produces a sharp edge which stays so for longer providing you with excellent services. The punch is sturdy enough to work on metal sheets, plastics, canvas, leather, cardboard, rubber, and all other soft materials which require making holes. Having one of the 1271 arch punches gives you adaptability as a professional as you don’t need to purchase a different puncher every time you’re working with a different material.

On the inside, the puncher is tapered to ensure that the cut sections of your material don’t get stuck inside the arch puncher’s barrel. This makes work simpler for you as you don’t have to clear the barrel after every cut.


  • High-quality heat treated steel- durable
  • Self-cleaning barrel
  • Multipurpose


  • The finish wears off

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#2.Stubai 11mm Wad Punch

Stubai 11mm Wad Punch

Keeping your hands safe as you punch through your working materials is always something to consider. The Stubai Wad Punch has this in mind which is why they coat their handle with Lacquer. Lacquer protects your hands as well as the shaft from external elements. This makes it durable.

This tool is composed of polished steel which is sturdy and works well with several materials. It has a sharp edge which provides circular punches measuring 11mm in diameter. The edge can cut through cardboard, metal sheets and other soft materials making it adaptable to different projects.

It has a conical hole which ensures that materials fall out of the barrel right after making a cut. This makes it comfortable for you as you don’t have to remove pieces after each cut manually.


  • Lacquer coated to increase durability
  • Sharp edge
  • Self-cleaning barrel


  • Does not work well with some metal sheets

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#3.Adorox Heavy Duty Leather Belt Hand Hole Puncher

Adorox Heavy Duty Leather Belt Hand Hole Puncher

The Adorox handheld puncher is comprised of high-quality steel to ensure its durability. The quality of this puncher allows it to pierce through leather, soft plastics, canvas and other soft materials with ease.

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It has two handles which you squeeze and voila! The handles have plastic rubber grips which make it more comfortable for you to press the puncher.

The Adorox puncher has six different revolving punches which are easily interchangeable. The punches provide different holes ranging from 2mm to 4.5mm. This brings versatility when working on various projects.


  • Six different punches
  • Durable


  • Takes a lot of effort to pierce through material
  • The edge is not very sharp

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#4.C.S. Osborne Arch Punch 149

C.S. Osborne Arch Punch 149

The C.S Osborne Arch Punch provides a range of different arch punches so that you can choose the size that your project requires. It’s composed of drop forged carbon steel which makes it durable, and accurate.

The edge is quite sharp due to the carbon steel material, and this makes it suitable for punching a variety of material including metal sheets, cardboard, and all other soft materials.

It is tapered on the inside to clear out punched pieces through the barrel quickly. This saves you cleaning time and increases your productivity.

It has a black enamel finishing, and the handle is long enough to protect your hands in case materials come out flying. The grip is comfortable to hold as you punch as it’s fully polished.


  • Sturdy quality
  • Versatile
  • Heavy-duty carbon steel
  • Self-cleaning barrel


  • None

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#5.Oregon Lamination Premium Deluxe Corner Punch

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The Oregon deluxe is used to make 2mm punches in material edges. This allows you to round your edges by removing sharp corners when making gaming materials or when working on other projects.

It features a sharp steel blade which can cut through soft materials up to 5/64″ thick. These materials include PVC and other paper-based materials. This makes it quite a reliable tool when most if your work involves paper-based materials.

The handles are made of high-quality rubber which can withstand a considerable amount of force when you’re working. The handles are also ergonomic to provide enough comfort when in use.

Oregon deluxe corner puncher has a flat bottom to allow you to place it down when working. This makes it easier to apply force when punching corners out.

It also features side guides to ensure that your material is placed on the puncher correctly for more precise cuts.


  • High-quality steel
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Side guides for precision


  • May rough up the back side edges of some material

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#6.The Mayhew Pro SAE Hollow Set

The Mayhew Pro SAE Hollow Set

The Mayhew Pro SAE provides you with a set of 27 interchangeable internal and external diameters which gives you a whole lot of options as a professional. The punchers range from 1/18” to 2” in diameter.

The Mayhew Pro is used to create washers in soft materials such as vinyl, leather, and light metallic sheets. This gives you adaptability as you work with different materials in the same or different undertakings.

It accommodates dual cutting heads to allow you to cut concentric circles in one punch. This is important for different professionals and DIYers who want to provide more creativity in their work.

The 27 pieces of punchers come in a plastic case together with a handle and mandrill. The handle and mandrill are composed of high-quality steel which makes the set quite durable and able to withstand heavy-duty projects. The plastic case makes it portable from one site to another and keeps your tools safe.

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  • Versatile set
  • Able to create concentric circles in one strike
  • Durable
  • Professional packaging


  • Expensive

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#7.C.S. Osborne K-14 Set Arch Punch

C.S. Osborne K-14 Set

Most professionals and DIYers use certain circular diameters regularly. The C.S Osborne K-14 puts all those sizes into one kit comprising of seven punch heads. These sizes start from ¼” to 1″ in diameter.

They are made of durable steel which is assured to give you service for a long time. It’s tempered to increase its durability and polished for accurate and precise cuts. This makes it a go-to tool when working with soft plastic materials, cardboard, and thin metallic sheets.

The inside of the barrel is tapered to ensure that the cut materials come out with ease which saves you time and increases productivity.

The seven pieces are packed in a canvas tool roll which makes portability and tool access easy.


  • A range of different punch sizes
  • Durable
  • Portable set
  • Self-cleaning barrel
  • Versatile


  • Inside finish diameter is not smooth enough

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#8.ProMaster Best Leather Hole Arch Punch

ProMaster Best Leather Hole

The ProMaster hole punch aims at providing flexibility, durability, and ease of work in one tool. It comes with three extra punch plates, a ruler and an awl tool.

The ProMaster puncher contains six different hole sizes ranging from 2mm to 4.5mm. This gives you the freedom to choose your required/ preferred hole size. It also gives you adaptability as you work on different projects requiring different sizes of holes.

The punch edges are sharp enough to get through materials such as leather, fabrics, plastic, cardboard, and rubber with ease and accuracy.

The punch has two levers which considerably reduce the strength required to punch through any material. This makes punching fast and easy especially when you have a lot of stuff to punch increasing your productivity.

It has ergonomically designed handles which are cozy to grip. The rubber grips protect your hands from friction which can cause blisters especially to regular users of arch punches.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Six different hole sizes
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • The double lever reduces the strength required to punch


  • None

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#9.GEDORE Arch Punch


Gedore Arch Punch provides a range of sizes to choose from all of high quality forged steel. It provides arch punches of 10mm to 40mm.

Its arch punchers are composed of durable steel which can withstand working with various materials such as leather, cardboard, rubber, metal sheets, and other soft materials that you use.

It cuts easily through these materials because the cutting edge is tempered to keep it sharp for longer. Its barrel is polished and shaped as a conical to ensure that the cut parts come out with ease.

It has an enameled shaft to protect it from external factors which would otherwise oxidize it and bring about reduced productivity.


  • Polished barrel
  • Durable material
  • Range of sizes available
  • Versatile
  • Hardened edge


  • Prone to rust if enamel peels out

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#10. Allpax Arch Punch


With Drop-forged steel arch punches, Allpax is one durable tool to add into your toolbox. It has a range of sizes from 3/16 to 2” in diameter which allows you to pick your preferred size.

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Drop forged steel is one of the most durable and sturdy materials and can serve you for a long time if maintained. Its shaft is coated with black-oxide which protects it from external factors increasing its durability.

Its cutting head is tapered on the inside to provide a smooth self-clearing barrel. This saves you time as you don’t have to clean the barrel after each cut. The edge is finely polished to ensure clean and precise cuts.


  • Numerous sizes
  • High-quality steel
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Polished edges for clean cuts
  • Black-oxide coating for protection


  • Expensive

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#11.C.S. Osborne 1/2″ Arch Punch

C.S. Osborne 1/2

All C.S Osborne arch punches are composed of high-quality carbon steel, and this is no exception. This 1/2″ arch punch is made of drop forged carbon steel which assures you of unbeaten durability.

It has a tapered barrel to make sure that the cuttings clear out without any extra push which saves a lot of time.

The cutting edge of this particular arch puncher is tempered to ensure that it cuts materials with ease. It’s also finely polished to make precise and clean cuts. This makes sure your project comes out right with maximum perfection.

The handle is comfortable on your hands because it’s polished and it keeps you safe from any cuttings as the broad base stops them.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • High-quality carbon-steel material
  • Tapered barrel
  • Tempered cutting edge


  • None

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Which is the right Arch puncher for me?

As seen in the above review, arch punchers come in different diameter sizes and materials. Some materials can cut through metal sheets while some can’t. The best arch puncher is the one which can easily cut through the materials that you’re using with ease and at the right diameter.

What are the uses of arch punchers?

An arch puncher is used to make a precise circular or oval cut through materials such as rawhide, leather, PVC and soft metallic sheets. They help you avoid damage to your materials and inaccuracies which generally occur when you try to use drills or other crude tools to make cuts.

Do arc punches punch through metals?

Arch punches made of sturdy steel can punch through thin sheets of metals but not through the tough metals. Only use your arch punch to make holes through the materials listed by your provider.

Can you sharpen arch punches?

Sharpening arch punches should be done by a professional only because it requires precision and polishing. Do not sharpen your arch puncher if you’re not equipped to do it as it may throw your measurements off producing wrong and rough cuts.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist who carries out projects requiring accurate circular cuts, there is an arch puncher that fits your set requirements. Arch punches eliminate any inaccuracies and make it easy to make holes of the exact required diameter.

This review is meant to provide you with the information required to choose the Arch puncher that fits your specifications. It’s always in your best interest to choose a versatile and high-quality tool.

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