Top 11 Best Architect Lamps (2024)

What came to your mind when you heard ‘architect lamps’ for the first time? There is a possibility that you thought that they are specifically made for architects, right?

Well, this isn’t too far from the truth. Having come a pretty long way, architect lamps, also called task lights or drafting lamps were initially designed to help architects in getting down to the nitty-gritty details in blueprints better.

The head and the arm of this lamp adjust to the direction of your choice without affecting the wiring system. Its ability to swivel allows one to control where the lamp illuminates; a feature has given it an all-round handiness.

Currently, this light is among the most preferable options among the students, artists, graphic designers, among other users.

Now, in case you need one, we are here to help! We have put together the market’s finest in a single list.

Go through our review to find your favorite option.

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11 Best Architect Lamps

#1 PHIVE LED Desk Lamp


This high-quality task light comes with a 31.5 inch LED light bar. The extra-large size of the bar ensures a wider coverage that is twice that of the models on the market.

This feature makes it an ideal option for the big workspaces since it eliminates the need for buying multiple drafting lights.

The premium-grade lamp comes with a 20-watt LED that illuminates your workspace brighter for more efficiency and productivity in your project.

The five brightness levels and the four-color modes allow users to set the light to suit their personalized needs. The controls are positioned strategically right in front of the lamp for easy and convenient adjustment of the lamp.

In fact, since it has a memory function that remembers the previous adjustments before turning it off, you won’t need to customize it every time you switch it on.

This light adopts an eye-friendly design that minimizes reflection to eliminate screen glare.

The adjustable gooseneck comes with sturdy silicone material for excellent support. The neck adjusts easily to light up your intended spot.

  • The four light modes and five brightness levels meet personalized user needs.

  • It is very easy to set up.

  • The neck adjusts without making noise.

  • The instructions may not capture every detail you need.

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#2 Phive LED Desk Lamp


This architect lamp is designed to illuminate like daylight. Therefore, it is comfortable for the user even with extended use.

The eye-care technology in the diffusion panel ensures illumination without flicker or glare. The LED boasts a lifespan of 50000 hours, enough to light up your space for over 25 years.

The ultra energy-efficient LED consumes just a fifth of the energy that incandescent bulbs take to deliver the same brightness level.

Like the previous sibling, the brightness level of this unit adjusts to your intended level to ensure that it will always meet your specific needs.

The unit dims to your intended level by a simple touch of an icon. After selecting your ideal brightness level, this lamp will keep your personalized setting in mind so that you don’t have to adjust it the next time you light the lamp.

The head allows adjustability of up to 180 degrees so that the light will always shine exactly where you want it. The metal arm is also rotatable for increased user convenience.

The unit mounts easily to a tabletop of a maximum thickness of 2.36 inches. The package includes a desk lamp, metal clamp, an instructional manual, an arm adjust tools, and a power adaptor.

  • The LED light is designed to last.

  • It has a great finish.

  • The clamp is of high quality.

  • It gets a little warm with prolonged use.

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#3 Novogratz x Globe Crane Swing-Arm Clamp-On Desk Lamp

Novogratz x Globe

The arm of this desk lamp adjusts to the direction of your choice. Therefore, you can work at any end of your desk or work area without having to physically move the light.

The ON/OFF switch is located at the bottom of the light for easy and convenient access by the user.

The lamp comes with a premium-grade metal clamp that allows you to mount it on nearly any tabletop of up to 2 inches thick.

The high-quality lamp features a six-foot cord that gives you increased user convenience. This extra-long cord grants you more freedom on where to clamp the light no matter the location of the wall outlet.

The 10-watt LED boasts a lifespan of 25000 hours to light up your workspace for several years to come.

Unlike other bulbs that get warm with extended use, the LED of this lamp remains cold to the touch, ensuring greater energy efficiency when creating a comfortable workplace.

The bulb glows soft and very warm 3000K that interacts nicely with the eyes of the user.

  • The price is great.

  • The unit is extremely handy.

  • The light is very well made.

  • The clamp does not hold the light stably.

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#4 BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp with Swing Arm

BenQ e-Reading

This drafting lamp adopts an elegant finish so that it lights up your space when stepping up the beauty of your working area.

The advanced lighting technology allows the light to be used in workspaces that have monitors and tablets. This is because the curved head channels the light to avoid screen glare even when using it in a multi-monitor set up.

Like the other previous models, this light adjusts the brightness level and the color temperature to meet your customized wants.

Also, after switching off the light, this unit is designed to light up to the previous settings to rid you of the hassle of making customization every time you light up your space.

The light adjustment knob is conveniently located for easy access.

The auto-dimming ring allows you to adjust the light to the brightness of the surroundings to ensure a comfortable and eye-friendly workspace.

The light also comes with a weighted steel base. This bottom keeps the light sturdily in place to let you make adjustments without the fear that it might tip over.

The lifespan of the LEDs is rated at 50000 hours to let you buy with confidence knowing that you are getting something that will last for decades to come.

  • The arm is very sturdy and stable.

  • The lighting is uniform.

  • The color range is fantastic.

  • The clamp is sold separately.

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#5 TORCHSTAR Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamp


If you want a task lamp that will light up your modern workspace without breaking the bank, this is one of the options you should consider giving a shot.

The task light easily clamps onto a desk or tabletop that is up to two inches wide.

However, in case you don’t want the hassle of clamping, you can still stand it on its own and it won’t tip over even when making adjustments since it has a weighted base.

The arm and the lampshade are ruggedly constructed using industrial-strength metal for extended durability.

The metal construction also features a premium black finish which makes the lamp appealing to look at.

The arm stretches to 18 inches for greater flexibility while the base rotates to any angle to cast light in the direction of your choice.

The slim shape of the lamp indicates that it will not take too much space on your desk, leaving ample space for your tasks.

The high-quality power cable is 51 inches long. The extra-long cable grants you versatility on where you can place it on your tabletop.

And since the power plug is UL listed, this unit will be a safe addition to your home, workshop, or anywhere you want to use it.

  • It looks very well.

  • The base is heavy to keep the light steady.

  • It remains in position without drifting.

  • The ON/OFF switch may grow quite hot to the touch.

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#6 LED Architect Desk Lamp

LED Architect Desk Lamp

This lamp offers three color modes; cold white, normal, and warm light which are easy to set. The lamp also allows you to increase or reduce the brightness level in any mode gradually.

These customizations give you the right amount of light in your ideal mode easily.

And since all these adjustments are made using button control, you will never have to worry about switch failures as with the switch versions.

The BZBRLZ LED Architect Desk Lamp comes with a memory function that wakes it up in your previous settings.

The advanced aluminum lamp construction gives the LEDs an impressive service life of up to 60000 hours.

Therefore, in case you are looking for a durable lamp that will serve you for several decades to come, this light should be one of your priorities.

The 9-watt LEDs boast high energy saving ability since they consume only a fifth of what the conventional bulbs use.

The lamp also gives the user excellent flexibility since the lamp rotates 360 degrees while the base spins 270 degrees.

The arm is also 180-degree adjustable with the ability to extend up to 29 inches high for it to always direct the light to the exact area where you want lit.

  • The flexibility is outstanding.

  • It adopts a space-saving design.

  • Installation is very convenient.

  • It is not the brightest on the market.

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#7 ToJane LED Long Swing Arm Desk Lamp


This lamp features rugged metal construction for maximum sturdiness and longer service life. The durable finish on the metal construction protects it from rust and steps up the overall aesthetics of the lamp.

Therefore, expect this light to add unique accents of beauty to your space. The extra-long 32-inch arm together with the ultra-bright bulb provides impressive illumination over a larger area.

The architect lamp is easy to operate even for those that have never used an architect lamp before. The convenient on/off switch allows you to turn the light on/off as necessary.

Also, the 59-inch length provides greater versatility in the set up since it extends to reach any area of your tabletop no matter where the wall socket is located.

The top-quality clamp accommodates a desk with a maximum thickness of 2.5 inches and holds the light firmly in place for more stable lighting.

Our select lamp comes with a grey finish that will dovetail with any decor. Nonetheless, this light is also available with an elegant white finish in case you need a different color.

  • The clamp secures nicely.

  • The light adjusts quietly.

  • It features a rugged construction.

  • The instructions need some improvement.

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#8 ROZKY Metal Architect LED Desk Lamp


With the ability to choose up to 5 color modes and 5 brightness levels, this high-quality drafting lamp will light up space just the way you want it.

After you have selected your favorite color mode and brightness level, the memory function keeps a record of your preference so that you don’t have to keep on adjusting the light every time you switch on the light.

Eye-protection technology is an indication that this premium-grade light is designed with user safety in mind.

The LEDs have a high lifespan rating of 50000 hours so that you don’t have to worry about the hassle of replacing the bulbs anytime soon.

Furthermore, since the LEDs use 85% less energy than the incandescent bulbs, we can safely argue that this is one of the most efficient architect lamps you will come across out there.

The head allows vertical adjustment of up to 210o degrees and horizontal customization of up to 270o. The durably constructed middle arm also adjusts 175o up and down.

The heavy base moves 80o up, down, left, and right. In other words, no matter where you want to illuminate, this desk lamp offers lots of positioning options for lighting precision.

  • It comes packaged well.

  • The arm is extra long for wider coverage.

  • The adjustment buttons are well-positioned for easy access.

  • The on/off button may not be the easiest to use.

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#9 BYB E430 Metal Architect LED Desk Lamp

BYB E430

When buying an architect lamp, safety should be among the top factors you need to consider. And yes, when it comes to the BYB E43O Metal Architect LED Desk Lamp, it also comes as a priority.

The high-quality light employs an exclusive eye-protection technology that minimizes light flicker and the eye-damaging glare to create comfortable and healthy lighting in your space.

The lamp packs 144 ultra-efficient LEDs, using up to 80% less energy than the ordinary bulbs. In other words, with this light, you will be able to save 80% energy costs you would have paid when using the conventional options.

Like most of our before selections, the LEDs take pride in the long lifespan that stands at whopping 50000 hours that makes it one of the most durable options you will find in the market.

Since the lamp adopts industrial-grade aluminum construction, expect it to outlast a majority of other drafting lamps on the market.

The four lighting modes and six dimming levels give you versatility in lighting your space since you can adjust the light depending on the moods and the time of the day.

The light mode and the dimming level adjust using the touch-control system to rid you of the hassle of stubborn switches.

The base, arm and the swiveling arm all adjust to allow you to light just about any space in your work area.

  • Eye-protection technology is a plus.

  • The controls are easy to use.

  • It is very energy-efficient.

  • Some users wish that it was brighter at its brightest setting.

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#10 OTUS Architect Desk Lamp


This desk lamp offers three color modes in 12 brightness levels.

I mean, this light will allow you to choose from 36 light settings, more than you will get in any of our previous models- No matter the mood and the activity you are doing, you will always find the ideal setting for it!

The unit is engineered to produce non-flickering light that won’t cause any harm to the eyes even with prolonged use.

The unit employs an advanced on/off mechanism for simplicity, convenience, and extreme fun! Just wave the light to turn it on and again to turn it off!

Therefore, with this lamp, you will never face the hassle of dealing with stubborn switches or the difficulty of locating the touch-control buttons.

The arm features a sturdy metal construction that pairs with the long-serving LEDs to make this unit greatly long-lasting. The neck swings to adjust the area of the light.

Also, the swivel head is yet another amazing feature that the unit packs since you can tilt the head or swing it to illuminate the exact target area.

  • It is easy to turn on/off.

  • The base is very sturdy.

  • It offers plenty of light settings.

  • It has some parts made of plastic.

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#11 Neatfi XL 2,200 Lumens LED Task Lamp

Neatfi XL 2,200

Boasting 2200 lumens, this is one of the brightest task lamps out there.

The outstanding brightness level combined with the 20-inch shade and the ability to rest in multiple positions means that the lamp will be an ideal purchase for anyone with a large working space.

The high-quality light is designed to illuminate your space without glare, making it one of the safest options out there.

Most users like that the lamp distributes the light evenly across the entire workspace for better user comfort.

The 32-inch arm is strongly constructed to support the head and will stand the test of time even with regular adjustments.

The unit adjusts the brightness level at the intervals of 25% (four brightness settings) to allow you to select the ideal level for your project.

The bulb boasts a great lifespan that will light your space for the next 20 years. You won’t incur any bulb replacement costs any time soon. The cool stylish design improves your decor.

Although the light is straightforward to operate, this unit comes with an instructional manual that provides basic details on how to operate the light.

  • It is very easy to set up and use.

  • It is super bright.

  • The quality of the LEDs and the construction is great.

  • There is no way to replace the bulbs although they will last for decades.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Are desk lamps bad for your eyes?

Although some desk lamps may cause the eyes to strain, we have some good ultra-bright options that adopt eye-protection technology to ensure maximum safety to your eyes.

Is low brightness better for your eyes?

Although there is a common notion that dim light may cause eye damage, several studies have rubbished this claim. The studies reveal that there is no harm in operating in low brightness light although it may cause the eyes to strain.

Are LED lights good for reading?

If this is the question you have been asking yourself, the answer is simply yes! Since they are directional, these lights are perfect for reading and will not cause any damage to the eyes.

How do I choose an architect lamp?

When buying a drafting lamp, consider factors such as the construction, the durability of the bulbs, cost, adjustability, and light settings.

Which Architect Lamp Is Good For You?

Well, although most architect lamps out there end up disappointing, we still have some good models out there. Some of these options are those covered on our top-notch review.


Architect lamps bring a convenient way of lighting in any workspace. Apart from their amazing flexibility, these lights are normally elegantly designed to improve the beauty of any space.

And since choosing the right light is not as easy as it seems, our review makes the work simpler for you! Be sure to go through the review to identify your ideal option.

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