Top 6 Best Arrow Saws (2023)

Hunting is one of the most interesting activities you can engage as a profession or pastime.

Whether you do it as a profession or for fun, the hunting gear you use plays a very vital job in your success.

Therefore, before you go out hunting, ensure that all your hunting accessories are in great condition.

For example, in case you are a bowhunter, ensure that you adjust all your arrows to the ideal length depending on your needs.

And yes, this is why an arrow saw is a must-have tool for every serious bowhunter.

An arrow saw as the name goes, is a special type of saw that allows you to cut arrow shafts to your ideal length.

It lets you make or customize the size of your arrows to suit your bow size. By this, an arrow saw eliminates the cost of buying new arrows every time.

Now, unless you get it right when buying this tool, there are higher chances of ending up doing more harm than good.

This article puts together some of the archers’ most favorite options in one list.

6 Best Arrow Saws

#1 Weston Arrow Saw 8000 RPM (52-0501-W)

Weston Arrow Saw 8000 RPM (52-0501-W)

First, on the list, there are many admirable features about this arrow saw. For example, it is greatly versatile. Therefore, you can use it to cut just about any type of arrow shaft.

The unit boasts a high blade speed of 8000 RPM. With such speed, this saw will get the job done quicker than it would take the majority of the models of the same caliber.

The cutter also features a blade shield that guarantees your safety. Most users love that the saw cuts cleanly with great precision.

Furthermore, this saw is pretty quieter than most of the competing models on the market. Therefore, you can even use it indoors when hardly disturbing those within the space.

Setting up the tool is also a breeze. Hence, whether you have used an arrow saw before or not, expect it to be pretty straightforward with this option. The two arrow spin testers ensure that you get straight and true arrows.

The measuring scale guarantees accuracy and uniformity in repeated projects.

The package includes two replacement blades that easily replace the installed blade in case it runs dull. In fact, since the blade is long-lasting, expect the three edges to last for pretty a good time.

  • It is easy to set up.

  • The two spin testers work great.

  • It is easy to replace the blade.

  • It comes with two spare blades.

  • The high blade speed of 8000 RPM makes the process quicker.

  • It is not exactly cheap.

  • The rollers need slight improvement.

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#2 T-Bird Archery T-Bird Modular Arrow Saw

T-Bird Archery

This arrow saw is also another option that will cut your arrow to the preferred length perfectly. The unit suits perfectly archers who have limited space or those that need a unit that is easy to carry along.

This is because the high-quality tool comes in a compact box that you can take to your intended spot.

Therefore, it only takes minimum shelf space, unlike some of the members of the competition. The unit assembles to a full length of 36 inches.

The setup process is also pretty straightforward to make the saw a perfect purchase for anyone who has never used an arrow saw before.

The simple set up also renders it an ideal option for anyone in need of a unit that is not overly complex to put together. The spin testers provide professional results in every arrow.

Also, T-Bird Archery Modular Arrow Saw allows for maximum customization. The saw allows the user to adjust for left or right-handed use.

With this feature, we will be right to claim that this arrow is designed with all archers in mind. However, you should be prepared to pay a slightly higher price for the model.

  • It suits both left and right-handed use.

  • It sets up easily.

  • It breaks down to pieces for easy storage and transportation.

  • It comes with straightforward instructions.

  • It does the job perfectly.

  • It costs slightly higher.

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#3 Apple Pro Saw w/Dust Collector Adapter Saw

Apple Pro

In case you prioritize quality over price, this should be the ideal arrow saw for you. The high-quality saw is designed using materials of the highest quality.

The rugged construction ensures durability so that you can use it year after year.

The durable construction also makes it an excellent unit for use in heavy cutting tasks. The unit boasts an 8000-RPM motor that tackles any cutting challenge in no time.

The arrow saw is specially designed for cutting carbon and aluminum arrows. This feature makes it a versatile unit. The bottom of the saw features aluminum construction.

The aluminum material provides excellent stability to the saw, ensuring accurate cuts.

The rugged aluminum construction also features a lightweight design that makes the unit easy to move to your intended point of use.

The powder coating on the aluminum bottom offers superior protection against corrosion.

Therefore, you can buy this arrow saw with the confidence that it will not catch rust even when used outdoors or in a corrosive environment.

The measuring tape installs easily and accurately to allow for precise cuts. Also, the unit comes with understandable instructions.

Hence, you will no longer have to count on guesswork in case you are not sure about how the unit works.

  • The saw is worth the money.

  • It does not develop issues easily.

  • It cuts both aluminum and carbon arrows.

  • The rigged construction ensures extended durability.

  • The shipment line needs some improvement.

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#4 Weston Arrow Saw 5000 RPM (52-0401-W)

Weston Arrow Saw 5000 RPM (52-0401-W)

If you are not new in archery, I bet you know that Weston is one of the top brands in the market.

Therefore, even before we dig deep into the features of this arrow saw, be sure that you are getting something premium that will hardly disappoint with years of use.

The unit comes at a lower price than the earlier sibling. Hence, in case you need an economical option from this reputable brand, nothing will surpass the Weston Arrow Saw 5000 RPM.

Although it comes with incredibly rugged construction, this unit maintains low weight. This feature makes it an ideal option for you if you want a tool that is easy to manage when transporting.

After manufacturing, the manufacturer takes this product through a test before a release into the market.

I mean, you can buy this arrow saw with the peace of mind that it does not pose a great risk to your safety and to the safety of those that are around you.

Unlike the preceding sibling that has an 8000 RPM, the blade of this saw stands at the rating of 5000 RPM.

Although it is a slightly lower rating, it is still high enough to guarantee to finish the work quicker than some of the options out there.

The tape measure cuts arrows at your ideal length. This feature also makes it a great suit for repeated projects.

  • The blade cuts through carbon arrows effortlessly.

  • It is very reliable.

  • The saw comes at an affordable price.

  • It is very easy to use.

  • It is very fast.

  • 5000 RPM is not the best rating in the market.

  • The vacuum adapter is pretty hard to get on to the hose.

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#5 TruePower 919 High-Speed Mini Miter/Cut-Off Saw, 2-Inch (colors may vary)

TruePower 919

If you want a saw that will handle your arrow shafts cutting needs as well as other cutting needs at home, this high-quality saw should be your top priority.

The high-quality saw is designed to cut smoothly through different types of materials. In fact, whether you are a woodworker or a metal worker, you will find it a great purchase for sizing your workpieces to your ideal dimensions.

However, when dealing with metal, this saw works excellently with soft metals such as aluminum, copper, and brass. The high running speed of 7800 RPM lets you finish the work faster and in no time.

The saw comes with an extra-long power cord that measures 71 inches. This length provides greater user convenience for a cutting experience like no other.

The rugged construction ensures excellent durability so that you can count on the saw for year after year use. The large base ensures excellent stability to reduce the chances of damaging your workpieces.

For a steadier setup, this tool easily clamps to the table to the table using the built-in clamp. The tool comes with an instructional manual so that you get the job done right even for the very first time.

  • It offers great versatility.

  • It comes with very durable construction.

  • It has a built-in clamp for stability.

  • The price is great.

  • It has an impressive blade speed.

  • It is not perfect for heavy-duty cutting tasks, especially metal.

  • The drive gear needs to be tighter.

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#6 Weston Arrow Saw 8000 RPM with Dust Collector (52-0601-W)

Weston Arrow Saw 8000

This hand-picked option comes with several impressive features that make it one of the market’s top-notch options. The kit includes an arrow saw, two blades, two dust collector adapters, and two arrow spin testers.

I mean, the package contains everything you will need to get the job done correctly and in no time. The unit boasts a heavy-duty blade that delivers outstanding performance in no time.

The blade has a high rating of 8000 RPM which gets the work quicker. The blade shield is an indication that the tool comes with your safety in mind whereas the rugged construction holds the promise of durability.

The two spin testers ensure that you end up with a perfectly straight arrow that won’t easily disappoint when you go out hunting.

The dust collector ensures proper management of debris and dust when the tool is in use. This feature ensures a cleaner workspace and eliminates the hassle of clean up after use.

Although it comes with a dust collector, you can also use a shop and home vacuum since the adapters offer good compatibility.

  • The dust collector is a plus.

  • The blade is heavy-duty.

  • The 8000 RPM is impressive.

  • The two dust collection adapters are highly compatible.

  • It cuts accurately.

  • The dust collector makes it quite expensive.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing an Arrow Saw

The Blade:

This is one of the most critical parts of the blade. The blade needs to be of durable material. The blade should also be easy to get a replacement as well as easy to swap in case there is a need.

The RPM (Revolutions per Minute):

This rate describes the number of revolutions the blade makes in a minute. Consider choosing a saw with a rating of at least 5000 RPM. A high RPM rating allows you to finish the work faster since it cuts smoothly than other

Measuring Tape:

Some arrow saws come with measuring tape while a few do not have this feature. Although it may not seem like a vital feature, it is indeed very important. A measuring tape allows you to make more accurate cuts and ensures uniformity in repeated tasks.


Although this may not be an essential consideration when buying some products, it is very vital when choosing am arrow saw. Ensure that you choose a brand that has a good reputation since this holds the promise of a high-performing unit.


Before you decide the arrow saw to add to your shopping cart, ensure that you consider its price. Be sure that the price you choose it the perfect one for your budget level. A higher price does not necessarily mean high-quality and neither does low price always mean inferior price. But make sure that what you are buying has features that reflect the price.

Dust Collection:

Dust collection is an additional feature that is also very important to have in an arrow saw. Getting a unit that has a dust collection system will rid you of the hassle of clean up since it picks up any debris direct away just after they are produced.

Safety Measures When Using An Arrow Saw

Begin By Wearing Protective Gear

This measure should be the first thing that you need to consider before you begin cutting. Ensure that you wear protective goggles to keep your eyes safe. Protective eyewear avoids any potential injuries.

Get the Setup Right

Ensure that you set up the unit properly before you begin to use it. You can refer to the instructional manual for guidance. Clamp the saw to a table or workbench to ensure stability when cutting. Clamping will also allow you to make more accurate cuts.

Take your time to finish the work

After you cut your arrow to the ideal length, ensure that you take your time to sand it. Ensure that you use the deburrer to smoothen the edges. By doing this, you will avoid any hard parts that pose risk to your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the right arrow saw for me?

Although there are no many arrow saw models out there, you still need to examine deeply the features of each to avoid buying an inferior quality tool. However, you can still rely on our picks to rid yourself of the turmoil.

Can I cut my carbon arrows?

Yes, you can. Actually, that is why you will need to buy an arrow saw if you do not have one already. Ensure that you don’t just use any cutting tool for this job since it can lead to more damage than good.

Are longer or shorter arrows better?

If you are wondering whether to cut short or long arrows, you are not alone since this is a very common question among the archers. The shorter arrows are lighter and faster than the longer arrows. A shorter arrow will also flex less when flying which makes them more accurate. However, as you cut, ensure that they are long enough to provide enough distance for pulling it back when shooting.

Are carbon arrows better than aluminum?

Aluminum arrows have been for quite a while. However, the invention of carbon arrows has seen them slowly replace those that are of aluminum. But this does not mean that carbon arrows outshine those of aluminum in all dimensions. Aluminum arrows are normally cheaper, readily available, and come in different size varieties. However, they are less durable than carbon arrows. Carbon arrows on the other side they are quite costly. They also have a smaller diameter which ensures greater accuracy since the thinner design is not affected much by the wind.

How do you choose an arrow saw?

When choosing an arrow saw, as aforementioned, consider factors such as the blade quality, material, RPM, price, and additional features such as a dust collection system, blade shield, and measuring tape.


From the review, it is now easy than ever to pick the perfect arrow saw from the available ones in the market. All our options are durable, high-performing, accurate, and are easy to use.

Hence, we expect them to hardly disappoint even in unfamiliar hands. Go through our review to identify the one that possesses all the features that you want in an arrow saw.

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