11 Best Artificial Grass (2024)

Do your neighbors’ lush green and well-kept lawns inspire you to remodel the landscape of your home? A synthetic rug with artificial grass is one of the smartest methods of having attractive lawns. Apart from enhancing the beauty of landscapes, fake grasses require low maintenance and they can be used indoors.

Many premium hotels and event centers have indoor poolsides and fake lawns. Also, you can create a grassy lawn on concrete rooftops and in the backyard.

If you are a football (soccer) enthusiast without enough space in the yard, there’s no need to be worried. Just remodel the concrete rooftop of your building to a mini-pitch with turfgrasses.

The best artificial grass is cheaper to maintain and has versatile applications. It can serve as carpets for patios, recreational spaces, and soft floors for pets.

Another reason for using artificial grass turfs is because pre-seasonal browning of real grasses doesn’t affect them. Normally, seasons with insufficient rainfalls reduces the volume of underground water and affect natural grasses.

The use of outdoor artificial grasses for lawns is not limited to urban areas. Even in rural areas, this synthetic material can enhance the beauty of both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Since you don’t have to worry about brown patches like natural grass lawns, artificial grasses can maintain their lush green appearance through all seasons of the year. However, poor-quality rugs with artificial grasses tend to degrade from exposures to excessive heat.

It depends on your level of maintenance culture, and the quality of materials in your favorite artificial grass lawn. Since we understand the issues about quality, this buying guide can help you to avoid unwanted circumstances.

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Top 11 Artificial Grass Reviews

#01. iCustomRug Indoor And Outdoor Turf

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Do you want outdoor turfs that don’t require all your time to maintain? iCustomRug 6 X 10-inch rug with artificial grass is a polypropylene material.

Apart from using it in your yards, this artificial turf is ideal for boats, and campgrounds. This low-pile artificial grass is great for both outdoor and indoor parties. You can get 50 customizable sizes of these synthetic and stain-resistant runners.

More so, it comes with marine backing and can be used in damp environments. While the edges have tapered finishes, you’ll not experience shedding after using it for a long period. However, you might need to spread this rug in sun to remove the creases before using it for the first time.

  • The pile is 0.25 inches

  • It’s a UV-stabilized rug with fade-resistant properties

  • It’s great for pets’ play areas, pool areas, and wooden decks

  • The low-pile profile of this artificial grass is very short.

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#02. Ottomanson R350-7X10 Area Rug

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Do you need easy-to-install rugs and runners with artificial grasses? Ottomanson R350-7X10 (6’6″ x 9’3″) Green rugs with artificial grasses has a beautiful and low-profile appearance. The texture and intricate designs add some elements of aesthetic appeal to any room.

More so, the construction of this green rug looks durable too. It comes with a super-quality polypropylene pile that provides comfort under your feet. Ottomanson is a Turkish manufacturer of wear-resistant rugs, and this R350-7X10 Area Rug comes with great expectations.

The edges of this machine-made rug are bound with adhesives that prevent fraying after using it for a long period. However, you must vacuum the artificial grass to maintain its evergreen appearance and prolong its life.

  • This soft artificial grass allows you to run freely

  • It’s designed with drainage holes that prevents molds and mildews

  • It’s easy to clean with a piece of damp cloth and detergent

  • It may not lay flat within the first few weeks of using it.

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#03. New 15 Foot Roll Artificial Grass

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You can get budget-friendly rugs with realistic colors and artificial grass that can withstand heavy traffic. This 15 x 40-inch Artificial Grass Wholesalers rug covers a 600 Sq Ft space and adds natural appearance to your outdoor environments.

However, it has been designed with exquisite materials that enhance interior designs of garages, patios, parks, and indoor pool sides. It comes with drainage holes that prevent smells from molds and mildews.

With an easy-to-clean turf, your lawns can appear beautiful regardless of seasons. Add a touch of royalty with this green rug with synthetic grasses that look very natural.

The super-soft pile creates a smooth surface for pets to relax and play. Also, toddlers and kids can use this roll of artificial grass for recreational activities anytime they need some exciting moments in outdoor environments.

  • 2 inches of soft piles

  • Each blade shows a slight color, and texture variance

  • The drainage holes are too small for weeds to grow through them.

  • The roll comes with a Polyurethane (PU) composite material

  • The soft grass can only withstand moderate traffic.

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#04. Pet Zen Garden (PZG) Premium Artificial Grass

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Transform your lawn, and make it one the favorites in the neighborhood. Zen Garden Artificial grass comes with 4-tone blades that give a natural, and modern appearance. It’s designed with 1.6-inch (40mm) grass blades and other durable materials.

Apart from the lush and soft texture of the grass blades, the rug has a thick rubber backing that withstands rough play and performances. You can trim this 70 oz PZG Premium Grass to match any dimension of patios, and outdoor spaces easily.

Also, there are drainage holes that prevent the retention of water from rainfalls and melting ice from the snow. Unlike natural grasses, synthetic grass mats don’t need water to appearance. However, you only need to ensure regular maintenance with water and biodegradable soap.

  • 4-Tone blades

  • A weather-resistant mat with lead-free rubber materials

  • These fake grass blades don’t absorb pee odor from pets

  • The hue on 2 Pet Zen Garden artificial turf might not be exact. So, they could be variance (darker or brighter) and might not be complementary design elements.

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#05. RELIANCER 9-Piece Artificial Grass Turf

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Wouldn’t you like to install pet-friendly turfs on your balcony? Reliance 9-piece interlocking grass tile of 12.5 x 12.5 inches (1 x 1 ft) is ideal for all types of landscape decorations. These lead-free tiles are easy to install under food trays and litter boxes of pets.

Since this thick artificial turf is made from polyethylene fabric materials, you can use them for indoor spaces. Also, the material is very safe and body-friendly. It’s 15% cooler than other artificial grass mats and turfs.

You don’t need to worry about the material’s strength because it can withstand rough plays, and weather conditions. Normally, synthetic grasses and carpets that are durable can resist wears and tears for a long period.

Unlike other artificial grass patches that are inflammable, this RELIANCER grass turf is SGS flame-retardant and UV protected.

  • A high-quality turf with little or no risks of fiber degradations

  • It’s a 40mm pile that feels soft under your feet

  • It comes with 1.58-inch drainage holes

  • A 4-in-one layer of SBR (latex) glue, grids, PE fabric, and fake grass yarn

  • If you need to cover a balcony with 10 x 12-feet space, this 9-piece set will not be enough for your requirements. So, it will require extra costs to enjoy the satisfaction that comes with this artificial grass turf.

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#06. RoundLove Artificial Grass Turf

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Give your children and pets a safe play environment with RoundLove artificial grass turfs. It’s a smart way of enjoying the perks of nature. RoundLove Artificial Grass Turf covers 8.5oz/sq.ft.

With a simple installation, this dense synthetic mat can stapled with nail guns on any surface. It stays intact after the installation like natural lawns. Also, it has good elastic properties that dampens the noise from walking on it.

While the grass blades recover quickly, they don’t need infill to withstand high traffics. Another important feature of this grass turf is the design that mimics the lushness of natural lawns realistically.

You’ll enjoy this grass turf’s sturdy latex backing because it has easy-to-drain holes. The material is a tough rubber that doesn’t add undue weights to the UV-resistant yarns.

  • Artificial grass turf with a 3-tone pattern

  • It comes with 1.2-inch of non-shedding grasses

  • A UV-resistant fake grass with yellow and green colors

  • These polyurethane grass blades retain urine odors from pets.

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#07. ECO MATRIX Artificial Grass

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With high-quality artificial grass turfs on the porch, guests will be happy to walk on a runway of lush green grasses through your door.

ECO MATRIX non-fade artificial grass mats come with customizable shapes that fit the entrance of homes and offices.

Unlike regular doormats, this synthetic material is a deal for both indoor and outdoor decorations. Apart from door entrances, you can extend a green landscape to the patio, play areas for pets and kids.

There are drainage holes that allow you to clean this mat with a water hose. You can cover an 18 X 24-inch space with this SBR Latex grass carpet. As a durable synthetic grass mat, you can use it during seasons with intense sunshine and rain.

  • It’s designed with eco-friendly materials

  • A versatile doormat

  • Fire and UV-resistant

  • The density of this artificial grass rug is too thin.

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#08. SavvyGrow Artificial Grass Mat For Dog And Playgrounds For Kids 

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Add fescue look to your pet’s toilet with grass turfs that have 4 realistic tones of yarns. SavvyGrow Artificial Grass creates a safe play zone for pets. Also, you can spread this artificial grass mat in potty training spaces for your puppy.

It has an extra lush appeal that looks like real grass fields. Apart from being resistant to fiber degradations, the premium non-slip rubber material is durable. Apart from being a rug with soft grass blades for pets, you can use this SavvyTurf mat as a creative home decor element.

This 17 x 24-inch green turf is a better alternative to soil textures in playgrounds and parks that can hold natural grasses firmly.

More so, kindergarten children need non-toxic green turfs where they can play during chilly seasons. So, it makes a great decision to use versatile artificial grass turfs that don’t contain harmful fillers.

  • It serves both indoor and outdoor uses

  • The 1.2-inch (high) grass blades are UV-resistant

  • It comes with a non-slip rubber backing design

  • The pile height of SavvyGrow artificial grass is not impressive.

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#09. GOLDEN MOON Realistic Artificial Grass Mat

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With three colors of grass blades, this GOLDEN MOON artificial grass mat offers an appearance that’s easy to differentiate from natural lawns. According to the manufacturer, this artificial turf is resistant to color degradations, and fire.

As a durable material, you can maintain an artificial lawn with a consistent appearance in regions that are prone to droughts.

This 3x 5-inch turf covers a 15-square feet space, and you don’t need special tools to install it. Simply, trim the rubber-backed artificial grass mat to fit any space and get more when it’s necessary.

Normally, UV-resistant materials have non-fade properties, and this mat is not an exception. However, this GOLDEN MOON turf might show some color variations when you look at the piles from different directions.

  • The pile of grass blades is 1 inch (25mm) respectively

  • Non-slip rubber materials

  • A 3-color woven artificial grass mat

  • It might not have a high-temperature resistance.

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#10. Synturfmats Pet Potty Patch Training Pad for Dogs

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Do you need a large synthetic mat to train a special-need dog or puppy on how to use a potty? Synturfmats training pad for dogs is trimmed to fit. It’s a perfect layer system for your four-legged friends to use as a lounge space.

This 20 x 30 x 1.25-inch Pet Potty Patch comes with a unique dimension because it can handle big and small dogs. However, the medium (20 x 25 x 1.25 inches) training pad for dogs is ideal for puppies.

Regardless of these training pad sizes, they are designed with 3 layers that contain a perforated tray and pads of fake grasses. A dog relief system with PE synthetic grass that can be used both indoors and outdoors is reliable.

Apart from us, pets need to enjoy the lushness of artificial grass turfs. It will ease their nervousness, and increase their level of comfort. You might be disappointed if you don’t consider the weight and size of your dog before choosing any size of Synturfmats.

  • 3 detachable layers

  • Eco-friendly materials

  • A portable training pad for pets that’s easy to clean

  • The 3-layered pad doesn’t come with a non-slip base.

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#11. Goasis Lawn Realistic Thick Artificial Grass Turf

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Goasis Lawn Synthetic Grass Mat is a sturdy material with polypropylene and polyethylene yarns. The base of this turf has a multiple-layer backing that’s made from polyurethane materials. Apart from being easy to clean, the finely-shaped grass turf dries quickly.

Its athletic-grade material has superior resilience that withstands the effects of weather conditions. Normally, synthetic materials are not resistant to high temperatures, but this grass rug is UV-resistant.

While this artificial turf is designed for outdoor use, you can use it as a decor element for patios, porches, and balconies. Also, it creates a relaxing ambiance with 4-tone color.

  • It comes with soft and lush grass blades

  • The pile of each grass blade is 1.38 inches

  • This artificial grass turn is permeable and doesn’t retain water that causes molds

  • The artificial grass is very soft, and its often affected by the impacts of traffic when people walk across it regularly.

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How To Buy The Right Artificial Grass Turf

It doesn’t matter whether you need artificial grass turfs for landscaping or to train pets. You should consider the quality of materials and level of maintenance before choosing the right product.

Consider The Pile

The shape and length of the grass blades are different. While some look like freshly mowed lawns, other piles of artificial grass turfs have ling fibers. Short and curly piles are between 1 to 1-1/4 inches. This type of low-grade pile is often flat and brushed from consistent traffic of people and pets.

Long and straight types of artificial grass piles are between 1-1/2 to 1-3/8 inches. Generally, grass blades with 2 inches of pile heights are called premium turfs. These types provide both aesthetics and coverage for different types of surfaces.

Depending on your needs, piles of artificial grass turfs can enhance the aesthetic beauty of your landscapes or create a plain field for soccer balls to bounce very well. You might not need longer fibers (at least 2 inches) for patios, balconies and indoor spaces.

The Ease Of Maintenance

Generally, UV and stain-resistant turfs are easy to maintain. They can keep their natural-looking and lush green appearances through all seasons. Normally, golf courses and lawns at home turn brown when they lack sufficient water.

Unless it’s for cleaning, you don’t need to water the synthetic fibers of artificial grasses. Also rubber backings of artificial turfs often come with perforations. Since molds and mildews grow on damp rugs, this design ensure that a retention of water is unlikely.

Many manufacturers claim their synthetic mats can resist high levels of heat from sunlight and flames. It’s important to consider these factors because heat can affect the shapes and textures of artificial mats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it mean to have a blend of artificial grasses?

The top-rated grade of artificial grass turfs is often a blend of grades. Usually, high-quality turfs come with multiple tones of colors and textures.

It takes a blend of long, and vibrant green fibers to create some lush appeals. However, short and curly fibers create more natural appearances. Normally, blended piles are durable because they need less infill and hold up very well against traffic.

What type of material ensures durability?

While Polyethylene is PE, polypropylene and polyurethane materials are called PP and PU respectively. These materials serve as backings with perforations for artificial grass turfs.

Polyurethane materials don’t rebound; they are the toughest, and most durable. Also, they can withstand regular traffic and retain their structural integrity.

Unlike polyurethane, biodegradable rubber materials don’t have high-resistant. However, polypropylene materials have the weakest fiber. Polyethylene materials don’t have more water resistance than polypropylene, but they have a natural luster.

Final Verdict

If you don’t use synthetic grass patches or artificial turfs that have realistic appearances, it’s just a waste of money and resources. Since artificial grass turfs have unique designs, we decided to help you make smart decisions with this buying guide.

You can choose different shapes, sizes, and designs for our list of 11 artificial grass turfs from humans and pets. They appear more lush and convincing than inferior synthetic turfs. To optimize the benefits of synthetic turfs for outdoor and indoor spaces, you must understand how to install and maintain them.

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