13 Best ATV Accessories (2024)

Although ATV manufacturers go a long way to make quad bikes more comfortable to the user, their efforts are always not enough to address all the needs of an average rider. Therefore, as an ATV owner, you will need to make a few more modifications to your four-wheeler to make it look and work your way.

Now, to get the best experience in every ride, you need to dig into the ATV accessory market to get the right stuff for your ATV. Ranging from LED lights, battery chargers, and sound systems to cargo carriers and winches, there is plenty to bring on board to make your life easier.

Unfortunately, shopping for your ATV accessories can be daunting if you don’t know the exact models of accessories to buy. Fret no more! We are here to help you get the best bang for your buck. Find your ATV stuff on our review of Top 13 Best ATV accessories.

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13 ATV Accessories Review

#1 Vega Helmets Warrior Half Helmet

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Safety comes first, and that’s why we see a decent helmet as the perfect beginning point when shopping for your ATV accessories. And yes, the top helmet we recommend for you is this option from Vega Helmets.

It features a technology-loaded design. Therefore, it has everything that a helmet needs to have to offer superior protection when also keeping the user comfortable.

The half coverage design protects your head without putting too much weight onto it. In fact, weighing as low as 2.2 lbs. of weight, it’s an excellent buy for long rides on your ATV, dirt bike, UTV, motorcycle, and more.

It’s a unisexual product. In other words, it works well for men and women alike. The custom fit dial adjustment system allows you to customize the helmet to match the size and shape of your head.

The helmet comes in a variety of colors. However, we chose the Patriotic Flag Design because we know that you are proud of your country and wouldn’t mind showing it to the world.

The unit has a drop-down sunshield. This feature protects your eyes from rain, sun, bugs, snow, and other elements you may encounter on the way without sacrificing road visibility.

The inner liner wicks away moisture to keep the rider comfortable during the harsh summer. Finally, this unit meets the strictest DOT requirements. Hence, you can use it when riding on the road.

  • The padding feels great.
  • It’s easy to put on and take off.
  • The sunshade flips up and down easily.
  • The quick-release chin strap is a great feature.
  • The sunshade doesn’t leave enough clearance for large eyeglasses.
  • The extra-thick padding makes it a bit big.

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#2 Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex BMX MX ATV Gloves

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Whether you ride regularly or occasionally, a decent pair of gloves is another important thing you can’t afford to overlook when shopping for your ATV accessories.

The unisex pair of ATV gloves is available in different sizes ranging from XS to XXL. Hence, no matter how small or big your palm is, you won’t miss the perfect size for you.

The set blends a variety of materials in its construction. It combines synthetic leather, polyamide, neoprene, polyvinyl, and polyurethane to ensure that you get a product that gives you the best protection and comfort.

The pair also features rubber construction at different points. The premium construction protects your finger knuckles and back of your hand from serious injury in case of an accident.

We also like that the gloves have just the right amount of padding. I mean, the padding is neither too thick to affect your finger control and nor too thin to sacrifice comfort and protection.

They belong to the category of multi-functional accessories. Therefore, apart from using them with your quad bike, they are also perfect for mountain climbing, road racing, biking, and more outdoor activities.

  • The padding is just right.
  • The knuckle protection placement is great.
  • They give a nice grip.
  • The breathability is great for warm weather.
  • They are not exactly the best for cold weather.
  • Be cautious with what touches the Velcro.

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#3 Battery Tender Junior Automatic Battery Charger

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Among the list of your must-have ATV essentials is a battery charger. It is an intelligent device that comes with a compact, lightweight, and low-maintenance design.

This battery charger is designed with versatility in mind. Thus, it is compatible with a wide variety of batteries including all 12-volt lead-acid, flooded, and sealed maintenance-free batteries.

That said, if you own an ATV, airplane, boat, golf cart, back-up generator system, automobile, motorcycle, or any other lead-acid battery-operated unit that you don’t use too often, this battery charger remains a must-have.

Once you connect it, it will begin by checking the connection to see if it’s correctly done before it begins to charge. The smart microcontroller feature then regulates the amount of power it sends to the battery.

The Infinite Sequential Monitoring (ISM) adaptive technology constantly monitors your ATV battery to ensure that it adapts to what exactly it needs just when it needs it.

Once your machine’s battery is full, this charger will automatically switch to float mode to prevent overcharging. That said, it’s clear that it’s one of the units designed to prolong your battery’s life.

The 2-color LEDs are also a nice feature since they display the state of the charge. The reverse-polarity protected unit features a 12-foot cord and comes at an affordable price.

  • The ISM adaptive charging is a great feature.
  • It’s lightweight and compact.
  • It won’t overcharge the battery.
  • It has nice safety features.
  • It isn’t the fastest charger the market offers.
  • A longer cord would be nice.

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#4 Nilight LED Off Road Lights

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For the night riders, a bright off-road light is another essential accessory they can’t go without. A good light should illuminate your path brightly for safe night riding even on unfamiliar roads.

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Now, among the greatest off-road LED lights in the market is the Nilight LED Light Bar. It boasts an impressive lifespan rating of 30, 000 hours to serve you for as many years as possible.

The light comes with an adjustable mounting bracket. This feature allows the rider to adjust the direction of the light easily up to about 45 degrees so that it lights up exactly where you want it.

The housing makes use of premium-grade aluminum alloy construction. Therefore, it’s very durable and will withstand the harshest weather and the ruggedness of off-road trips.

Beneath the outside aluminum-alloy construction is a waterproof rubber and silicone sealing strip for extra protection from inclement weather. The high-quality wires deliver outstanding performance.

The top-grade LED chips produce ultra-bright white light with a color temperature of 6000-6500 Kelvins. Also, it pairs flood and spot beams to produce a Spot Flood Combo Beam for an impressive coverage both forward and off to the sides.

The 2 leads allow the user to connect 2 LED lights within the 180W at the same time. However, since it is not D.O.T-approved, this LED light is strictly designed for off-road use.

  • The light is very bright.
  • It works well for night time riding.
  • The installation hardware makes installation easy.
  • It is very sturdy.
  • An extra foot or 2 of the wire would be nice.
  • The light level not the best for a 126-watt light.

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#5 First Aid Only FAO-442 All-Purpose First Aid Kit

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It’s the last thing you will want to use. However, when the need arises, a first aid kit can save a life. That’s why we see it as a must-have option since every ATV rider needs to be ever prepared for the worst.

It’s an all-purpose first aid kit. Therefore, you can use it for responding to a medical emergency whether out riding your ATV or at home, office, car, or anywhere else.

It packs 298 well-thought-out pieces to ensure its flexibility in responding to different needs. The bag contains everything you need to treat aches, pains, cuts, burns, swellings, and other minor conditions.

The plastic liner keeps everything well-organized for easy access. Also, it is transparent to make the contents of the bag visible immediately you open the bag to further quicken access.

Amazingly, even with all these that it packs, this kit maintains a compact and lightweight designs. The carrying case makes it a perfect option for those looking for a kit for use on the go.

The high-quality zipper is very durable and keeps all the contents contained in the bag. Moreover, the zipper opens and closes smoothly to allow the user to access the components.

  • It is an all-purpose kit.
  • The pouch is very sturdy.
  • The transparent liner is a great idea.
  • The zipper is tough.
  • The pair of scissors is not the best.
  • The tweezers are plastic.

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#6 Superwinch 1145230 Terra 45 4500lbs/2046kg Winch

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If you have used your ATV for hunting, chances are that you have gotten stuck once or even a couple of times. It’s part of the fun of owning an ATV. Now, to come out, a good winch turns a real lifesaver.

The Superwinch 1145230 Terra 45 4500lbs/2046kg Winch has everything that a winch needs to have to make for a decent model. That said, we see it as a reliable option that works well even for those on a tight budget.

The unit has an impressive pull rating of 4500 lbs., more than enough to get you out of any point you get into. It also comes with a 55-feet 1/2-inch synthetic rope that is tough to last through years of regular use in harsh conditions.

The 1.6-HP magnet motor connects easily to your battery to generate enough power to get you out of the fix. And since it’s engineered for compatibility, this battery will work with most 4-bolt pattern mounting kits for ATV winch.

The unit features 3-stage planetary gears that are of rugged steel. These gears are twice as wide as those of the competition. Therefore, they will provide better engagement and will last for longer than the smaller models.

The gears feature oil pocket bronze bearings. This feature means that you can buy this unit with the confidence that it will offer years of smooth operation on the toughest conditions.

The steel drum is made to survive the abuse of synthetic ropes. Therefore, it will not let you down like those made of less tough materials like cast aluminum.

  • It operates smoothly.
  • The clever mounting design is a plus.
  • The steel drum is very strong.
  • The pull rating of 4500 lbs. is impressive.
  • It’s quite slower than a few high-end options.
  • The synthetic rope may kink if not wound back neatly.

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#7 TGL Tow Strap (30,000 Pound Capacity)

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A winch is good to get you unstuck. However, it doesn’t always guarantee to provide a solution. At times you will get stuck in areas where there are no trees around. But even in areas where there are, at times things won’t just work.

That’s why we also see a tow strap as another great accessory for every ATV owner. It links your ATV to that of someone you are riding with (or probably a good samaritan) for easy pulling.

This strap is 3 inches wide and offers an overall length of 20 feet. It also boasts an impressive capacity of 30, 000 pounds. Hence, it’s tough to get your pull your ATV from any point.

The high-quality polyester material is super strong for use with confidence. And since this material is UV-resistant, it’s safe to see this strap as one of the models conceived with abusive outdoor conditions in mind.

The 2 loops at the 2 ends of the strap are reinforced. The reinforcement protects against abrasion at the connection points to ensure that the strap serves you for years to come.

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The TGL wear bar in the middle of the strap runs through its entire length. However, it becomes invisible with time, not because the strap needs replacement- it’s just a sign of use.

The package also includes a 1-inch strap. The reusable cord is for the safe storage of the towing strap when not in use. And since it comes at a good price, it’s something that nearly every ATV owner can accommodate in their budgets.

  • It is very well made.
  • It comes with a storage strap.
  • The capacity of 30000 lbs. is tremendous.
  • It has reinforced ends.
  • The package doesn’t contain D-rings.
  • It comes from China.

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#8 Tru-Flate 17-521 Low Pressure (0-20 PSI) Tire Gauge

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The amount of air in your ATV tires affects the performance of your four-wheeler. Therefore, to maintain a healthy amount of air in your ATV tires, you need a way of measuring the amount of pressure.

And yes, this is where this tire pressure gauge comes in. It’s designed for use with low-pressure tires. Hence, you can use it for your ATV, reverse osmosis storage tank, tractor, sports equipment, golf cart, and more.

The unit provides accurate readings you can hardly get with the high-pressure gauges. And since it sustains its accuracy throughout its lifespan, you can always count on it to help you keep your four-wheeler tires up to par.

It has calibrations running from 1-20 PSI at the 1/2lb.-intervals, 10-140 kPa at 5 kPa units, and 0.1-1.4 bar at the increment intervals of 0.05. The unit also comes with 4 standard valve stem caps with built-in seals.

The unit makes use of premium-grade aluminum and plastic materials in its construction. Also, it has a chrome-plated finish that protects the construction for more long-lasting performance.

Also, we like that it being an analog model, it’s not dependent on batteries like the digital versions. Therefore, you can always count on it to do its job anytime, anywhere without being hit by the surprise of dead batteries.

  • It is very accurate.
  • It isn’t dependent on batteries.
  • The design makes it easy to carry on travel.
  • It gives consistent results.
  • There is nothing fancy here.
  • Housing is not the best.

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#9 American Trails ATV Fender Bag Black

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When you need extra storage space on your ATV, a nice fender bag will be helpful. And yes, coming from one of the well-reputed manufacturers in the US, this fender bag should address your needs to the letter.

The bag utilizes a zipper-free construction. Therefore, you will never face the hassle of stuck or failed zippers throughout its entire life. That said, it’s one of the bags designed for peace of mind.

Instead of zippers, this unit makes use of reliable roll-top closures. The closures are waterproof to keep your essentials dry even when it encounters the harshest wet weather.

The roll-top construction design gives the user a wide opening for easy access to the contents. The ultra-thick padding insulates your cargo from damage that may result from impact.

You can use the bag for camera, torch, binoculars, beverages, snacks, and just about any other thing you might want to bring along. Its spacious design means that it takes more essentials to make your journey more comfortable.

The bag has premium-grade elastic straps at the interior. These straps are perfect for holding knives, flashlights, and many more tools you may want to use when on the go.

  • It is weatherproof.
  • It has adjustable easy-release snaps.
  • The bottle holder is nice.
  • It holds plenty of gear.
  • The drink holder is fairly narrow for large bottles.
  • Heavier hold-down straps would make it better.

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#10 Black Boar (66010) ATV Rear Storage Box and Lounger

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When it comes to ATV accessories, Black Boar is one of the most famous names we have out there. Her relentless efforts in delivering high-quality ATV essentials are what make her one of the ATV owner’s favorite brands.

Now, among her most commended releases is this ATV rear lounger. In fact, it’s the best-selling product of its kind in the market. That said, we already know that it won’t let you down even before we dig deep.

The ATV accessory makes use of top-grade polyethylene material. Thus, it won’t disappoint on grounds of durability even with constant exposure to the harshest conditions.

It offers a well-padded seat to keep you more comfortable than you have probably thought. Therefore, in case you are looking to give the comfort level of your ATV an upgrade, this rear lounger should take it a notch higher.

Apart from giving a comfortable seat, this unit doubles up as a storage unit. It gives more than 7 cubic feet of storage space for all your essentials you might want to carry along.

The most exciting feature about the storage box is that it is designed to seal out water and dust. Hence, expect your cargo to remain in tip-top condition even after the longest rides on the most difficult terrains in the harshest weather.

The stainless steel lock opens and locks smoothly with the provided keys to keep your valuables from theft. And since it’s rust-resistant, it will never get stuck because of rust.

The package includes all mounting hardware for smooth installation. Take note, however, that the launcher is only made to serve when the unit is not in motion for your safety.

  • The grab handles are good for a passenger.
  • The backrest has a perfect height.
  • The seat is plush.
  • It has a safety lock.
  • A larger storage area would bring great improvement.
  • A slightly inclined backrest would be better.

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#11 Guide Gear ATV Cargo Carrier (300 lb)

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The next option on the list will also increase the carrying capacity of your quad bike. It comes in the form of a cargo carrier that connects easily with your quadricycle through its 2-inch hitch receiver.

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However, in case you want it for your ATV, it should also mount easily and serve you well. It weighs 26.8 lbs. Hence, it’s a snap to have it in place in no time by yourself.

It is constructed from industrial-strength steel. Hence, it’s one of the ATV accessories that will last the longest. The heavy construction gives it a bearing capacity of 300 lbs.

A durable powder-coated finish on the metal structure protects it from harsh weather and rust. And since it’s scratch-resistant, expect it to retain its pristine condition season after season.

The overall dimensions of this cargo carrier are 48″ x 19.25″ x 4.75″. Thus, this unit offers plenty of space to let you carry more gear in your next trip- more essentials, more fun!

The side rails keep your valuables put on the rack. These features also act as tie-down points to let you secure your cargo for transportation. Apart from ATV, it will also attach to a truck or SUV.

  • It’s huge.
  • It provides good clearance from the ground.
  • The steel construction is tough.
  • The powder-coat finish stands up to harsh conditions.
  • It may take some time and effort to make the holes line up.
  • Some prefer welding to using the provided bolts.

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#12 Coleman MadDog GearAll Weather Protection ATV Cover (2000007483)

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We know that outside conditions can at times become too harsh on your ride. That’s why an ATV cover should not miss on the shopping list of your quad-bike essentials.

This commercial-grade cover is designed to protect your four-wheeler from the most extreme conditions that Mother Nature may throw at it. Hence, you can trust it with your valuable unit.

The cover is constructed from a very special material for longevity. The high-strength fabric blocks rain and the harsh sun rays to keep your unit in excellent state all-year-round.

The bottom of this cover is elastic. The stretchy design keeps the cover in place, ensuring that it doesn’t slip off when extreme winds blow. That said, you will never come back to a dusty seat!

The overall size of the cover is 133 inches by 46 inches. Thus, it’s large enough to provide top-to-bottom coverage without leaving some parts of the ATV exposed to outside elements.

When not in use, this protector will fold to a manageable size to let you stash it in the storage bag. The storage case also makes it easy and convenient to transport the unit.

  • It remains in place.
  • The cover keeps rain away.
  • The size offers good coverage.
  • The storage bag is a plus.
  • It will fade with time.
  • The size may be quite large for some ATVs.

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#13 Yutrax Tri-Fold Aluminum Truck UTV/ATV Loading Ramps

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There are moments when you need to load your ATV/UTV onto the flatbed of your trailer. Now, unless you have a reliable ramp, these moments can really turn to be a real pain.

Among the greatest models is the Yutrax 70-Inch ATV/UTV Loading Ramp. It’s really a sturdy but lightweight model at just 28 lbs. of weight.

It’s a tri-fold loading ramp, meaning that it will fold to a third its open size when not in use for easy transportation. The length of 70 inches and a width of 50 inches (when open) is good for most flatbeds.

The aircraft-grade aluminum construction stands the test of time. Also, the sturdy structure gives it a high weight capacity of 1750 lbs., for you use with any ATV with confidence.

The extruded side rails prevent the unit from bending and provides more strength to support more weight. Therefore, expect this loading ramp to maintain its shape through years of use.

The attachment points have a rubber coating. This feature prevents the ramp from shifting when in use as well as protecting your vehicle from scratches that may arise from the impact.

Finally, this super-strong ramp features heavy-duty hinges for reliable and smooth operation. Also, since the joints are welded instead of riveted, this ramp opens up to a stronger unit than most members of the competition.

  • It is very lightweight.
  • The aluminum construction is sturdy.
  • The side rails prevent bending.
  • The rubber-coated finger-like attachment points are a great idea.
  • The length may make for a steep set up for tall vehicles.
  • It isn’t the most affordable ramp- although it’s expected for a product of its class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What accessories do I need for my ATV?

As seen on our list, there is much to invest in to make life with quad bike easier. Some of the basic accessories include winch, battery charger, first-aid kit, helmet, gloves, ATV cover, cargo carrier, ramp, and many more as seen on the list.

Do I have to buy expensive ATV accessories?

Although in most cases expensive items imply better quality, you can get great quality without paying a great amount. That said, just work within your budget.

What accessories do ATVs come with?

This differs depending on the manufacturers. However, most manufacturers provide side mirrors, a stereo system, and a few others.

Do I need a professional to install ATV accessories?

Normally, mountable ATV accessories are very straightforward to install. In fact, if you follow the included guidelines, you can install them without the intervention of a professional.

Are all ATV accessories compatible with all ATVs?

Not really. However, more than a few are universal. However, some may not be compatible with some ATVs. Therefore, confirm compatibility before you order any.

Final Verdict

There is much that ATV manufacturers don’t send with your ATV. Therefore, it’s up to you to upgrade your four-wheeler to become exactly what you want.

Our list will help you identify major areas of improvement. It also suggests some of the top-notch models on the market.

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