Top 11 Best ATV Baskets (2024)

Whether it’s in gardening, hunting, fishing, camping, or a mere outdoor excursion, you will always find yourself in need of hauling some essentials.

Of course, pickup trucks and other larger vehicles provide a better capacity than quadricycles. Nevertheless, they are at times not the right means to use. For instance, in situations when you need to convey a few supplies or where you have to operate in tight woods, a four-wheeler takes the upper hand.

While quad bikes may come with factory racks, these carriers are seldom enough for hauling trips. Hence, to improve their carrying capacity, adding an ATV basket is an ideal way.

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11 ATV Basket Reviews

#1 Titan Universal ATV Basket

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Create more storage space on your ATV using this basket carrier from Titan Attachments. The unit connects to the rear of your ATV with ease to keep all your on-the-go necessities safely put.

You can use it for things such as tire repair accessories, tools, emergency kits, fishing paraphernalia, guns, and just about any other important gear you might want to carry along on your trip.

The basket makes use of high-strength steel in its construction. Therefore, it is very tough and will stand the test of time even with the regular use over rugged terrains by reckless ATV riders.

A premium finish covers the heavy-gauge metal construction for protection against rust and other harsh outdoor elements. Also, although it’s sturdy, this rack adopts a lightweight design that won’t ‘kill’ your ATVs power.

The unit has mesh on the sides and bottom. This design makes it easy to see what you are carrying and ensures that dirt and debris fall right through to keep all your tools in tip-top condition throughout the ride.

The rack measures 39 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 5 inches high. Hence, it offers enough space to haul more goods on a single trip- you may never have to make multiple trips.

  • It is compatible with ATVs, UTVs, and trailers.
  • It allows for multiple mounting options.
  • It is very strong and well-built.
  • The unit may develop minor scratches when on the way.

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#2 Kolpin Collapsible Flat Basket (53400)

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Make your ATV adventure more fun by bringing along everything you need on the road for a more comfortable and worry-free experience. Now, this basket comes to accommodate all you might want on your trip.

When put together, the industrial-grade unit measures 40 inches long, 33 inches wide, and 6 inches long. That said, it’s easy to see that it is large enough to afford you with plenty of storage area.

Also, unlike some designs that decrease the storage capacity of the rack, this basket features a flat design to hold as much gear as a rack of its dimensions can accommodate.

Mounting it on an ATV is quick and simple. Hence, it should be ready for your travel gear in just a few minutes upon arrival. Also, we like that it lets the user choose whether to mount at the rear or front of the basket.

The universal fit design is an implication that this ATV basket is one of the models that that won’t have any compatibility issues. I mean, no matter the model of your four-wheeler, it should fit in place in no time.

The mesh design accommodates all your storage needs including for the smaller items. And since it features very rugged construction, this rack is among the options conceived with the toughest conditions in mind.

  • The flat design maximizes its holding capacity.
  • It fits at the front or rear.
  • The universal fit design is a plus.
  • The welds are tiny although they last for long.

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#3 Rage Powersports ATV Rack Basket

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This ATV basket from Rage Powersports is another option you may count on to afford you with plenty of storage space. It has a length of 35.5 inches and is 11 inches wide with a height of 5 inches.

Therefore, this rack gives the user about 1.4 cubic feet of storage space, more than you will get in most other baskets of the same build quality. Hence, you can now carry more accessories for your trip.

The mesh design means that this basket will allow water, dust, dirt, and other elements to fall through to keep all your travel gear safe and free from elements. The mesh design also gives the user plenty of tie-down points for their cargo.

The steel construction stands the test of time with constant exposure to the most extreme conditions. The durable black finish protects against rust and corrosion when also delivering aesthetic benefits.

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The manufacturer recommends mounting the heavy-duty unit at the front rack of the basket. She even includes all the necessary mounting hardware for use with ATV tube-style racks.

  • It is very spacious.
  • It’s a nice unit for the money.
  • It comes with all the installation hardware.
  • The paint isn’t very durable.

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#4 Kolpin 53360 ATV Basket

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Our next ATV basket on the list comes from Kolpin, one of the greatest names in the industry. Therefore, even before we dig deeper to examine the features of the rack, we expect it not to disappoint easily.

The basket is designed for use with tubular racks. It mounts either at the front or at the rear of your ATV depending on the side that seems to work perfectly for your needs.

It is 38 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 7.5 inches high. Hence, it comes with a perfect size that won’t look bulky on your ATV when simultaneously giving you enough space for accommodating all your travel gear.

The steel structure is heavy-duty to ensure that it survives through the harshest conditions year after year. The 1-inch framing means that you don’t have to question if it can stand up to heavy use.

The manufacturer sends it with all mounting hardware to make the installation work a breeze. But beware that it may need few modifications for composite racks. Also, it won’t work with Polaris composite racks.

  • It doesn’t rattle like some models.
  • The finish is nice.
  • It fits plenty of gear.
  • It still doesn’t offer the largest capacity.

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#5 Black Widow (ATVRB-3922) ATV Mesh

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If you often find yourself in need of hauling cargo, whether to the garden, beach or just along the trails, having your quad bike fitted with a good ATV basket is one of the wisest ideas.

And yes, among the baskets you can consider attaching to your ATV is this high-quality model from Black Widow. It comes with everything you need to have an easy time moving your gear.

The mesh construction is an indication that you can use the Black Widow ATVRB-3922 with confidence for carrying nearly anything including the small items that are likely to fall through when using tubular-design racks.

Also, the mesh structure at the sides and the bottom ensures that debris, dirt, water, and other outdoor elements pass through the basket to maintain your cargo in tip-top condition throughout the ride.

The all-steel construction implies that this basket is very sturdy and can withstand regular heavy use and the toughest outdoor conditions. And like all the previous models, it has a premium finish for rust protection.

The heavy-duty unit attaches to the rear ATV rack bar. Additionally, it comes with all installation hardware to make mounting quicker and more straightforward than it could ever get.

  • It is very easy to mount.
  • Shipping is normally quick.
  • The mesh design works well for small and big items alike.
  • The attachment hardware is not the best.

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#6 Titan DDB2010 ATV Basket

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The Titan DDB2010 basket is compatible with rear tubular racks of most ATVs. The package includes all the necessary installation hardware and bolts so you won’t have to buy them separately.

And since the unit attaches to the rear rack, this basket gives the user additional storage area for repair tools and other essentials when still leaving the space of the front rack untouched.

Its length, width, and height are 41 inches, 22 inches, and 13 inches respectively. That said, this ATV basket gives enough room to let you transport all your cargo in a single trip.

The heavy-duty unit makes use of steel construction. Therefore, it is very durable and strong to withstand the rigor of everyday use. The durable powder coating gives it a great look and will not chip with time.

Although this basket is durably-constructed, it maintains a lightweight design at only 42 lbs. The low weight gives one easy time when mounting and ensures that it doesn’t bog down your quad’s power.

  • It comes with enough brackets.
  • The price is hard to beat.
  • The basket comes with pre-drilled installation holes.
  • The quality of the bolts doesn’t match that of the basket.

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#7 Great Day (MLDR65) Rack

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Whether you have a Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, Suzuki, or any other ATV brand, the Great Day MLDR65 is designed to give you an easy, convenient, and stylish way of transporting your cargo.

The unit is 40 inches wide and 29 inches front-to-back with a depth of 13 inches. For this reason, this rack accommodates more cargo than most competitors. Therefore, in case you need a roomy ATV basket, the Great Day MLDR65 should work for you.

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The majority of the models out there are of steel- which is good. However, this model is of aircraft-grade aluminum. The aluminum material makes it lighter than most members of the competition without sacrificing strength and durability.

In fact, with the weight of just 28 lbs., this heavy-duty rack won’t tax your ATVs power like other hefty models out there. Also, the lightweight design makes it easy to attach to an ATV by oneself.

And just in case you have never installed an ATV basket, this is one of the easiest to mount. The manufacturer’s unique quick-mount system turns to a breeze what would have been an arduous affair.

Finally, this ATV storage basket has black paint covering the aluminum material. The high-quality finish gives it a beautiful look and provides rust protection for maximum durability.

  • It is very strong and won’t fall apart.
  • The aluminum construction is lightweight.
  • The Great Day’s quick-connect mechanism is a plus.
  • It only mounts at the back.

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#8 Rage Powersports Apex (CCB-F4820-DLX) Basket

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If you more often find yourself in need of hauling a huge amount of cargo, you should consider buying a sturdy ATV basket with large storage capacity. And yes, that is exactly what this accessory offers.

The ATV basket is 48 inches long, 19.5 inches wide, and 6.5 inches high. Therefore, it is very large to ensure that you get more storage space for your cargo- you may never have to return to pick left goods.

The larger storage capacity means that it will also serve well for SUVs, trailers, and many more. It connects to your vehicle through the 2-inch hitch receiver to give you an additional 500 lbs. of hauling capacity.

When not in use, this basket folds against your vehicle. The design saves the hassle of removing the carrier when not in use and avails it quickly when there are some goods to transport.

Like most of the previous options on the list, this model also features steel mesh construction. The steel assures strength and durability while the mesh design keeps water, dirt, and dust from accumulating in the basket.

And since steel is susceptible to corrosion with exposure to elements, a high-quality powder coat covers the steel construction. Hence, this basket will retain its ‘day one’ appearance through several years of outdoor use.

  • The fold-up feature is nice.
  • It is very large.
  • The load capacity of 500 lbs. is great.
  • You have to buy a hitch pin separately.

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#9 Larin (CATV-300) Rear ATV Cargo Carrier

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Larin Corporation has been in the industry for over 2 decades. Throughout this period, she has been putting significant efforts in quality improvement on her products for a better and safer cargo-hauling experience.

Among her flagship products is this cargo carrier. As the name suggests, this cargo holder is perfect for ATVs and other vehicles that need more storage space for goods.

The cargo basket connects to a vehicle via a 2-inch receiver ball. Therefore, expect minimal to no compatibility issues when connecting it to your four-wheeler or vehicle.

Also, we like that it leaves enough ground clearance once mounted. Hence, with this cargo carrier expect your goods to remain safe and put even when riding on the roughest terrains.

The 20-inch by 45-inch steel mesh is heavy-duty to take the beating of everyday use. The mesh platform also allows water, dust, debris, and other elements to fall through to keep your cargo safe and in perfect condition.

A tubular steel railing provides extra strength and maintains the shape of the basket. And with the bearing capacity of 300 lbs., this ATV basket will help you haul nearly anything.

  • It leaves maximum ground clearance.
  • It’s a versatile ATV basket.
  • The packaging is excellent.
  • It fits a little loose.

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#10 Great Day (HNR2000) ATV/UTV Hitch-N-Ride

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The tenth suggestion on our top-notch list makes use of industrial-grade aluminum. Hence, it is very sturdy to serve you for years even with regular exposure to most extreme off-road conditions.

The aluminum structure has a top-quality finish for maximum durability. And since aluminum is lighter than most of the other metals, this durable rack will give you additional storage space without slowing your ATV down.

The cargo carrier boasts a massive 400 lb. load capacity. That said, you can use this long-lasting storage unit for hauling nearly anything that goes into with the confidence that it won’t break or bend.

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It is made to connect to the rear of your off-road vehicle. And since it attaches through a standard 2-inch hitch receiver, Great Day HNR2000 is one of the models engineered for maximum compatibility.

Great Day HNR2000 Cargo Carrier has a low center of gravity. This design makes loading and offloading your cargo simple and quick. Also, its hitch-n-ride magnum simplifies the setup process.

The Z-bar attachment maximizes ground clearance. Thus, in case you are looking for a unit that will keep your cargo safe and put when traveling on uneven terrains, this model won’t let you down.

  • The size is great.
  • The aluminum construction is strong but lightweight.
  • It works well for rugged terrains.
  • The paint may chip after years of exposure to the harshest elements.

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#11 CURT 18145 Cargo Basket

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Although this cargo basket is made for use with trailers, it still maintains a perfect size for use with ATVs. It is 46.5 inches long by 17.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches high; a perfect option for those looking for a large ATV basket.

The large size is complemented by high weight capacity. With the ability to hold a maximum weight of 500 lbs., this cargo basket will help you haul almost anything that fits in the space it provides.

The 5.5-inch wall keeps your valuables put in the carrier throughout the journey- even when riding over the most rugged terrains. The tall walls also mean that you can add a cargo net to keep your goods even safer.

The integrated reflectors on the frame are an implication that this cargo basket offers more than just storage space. I mean, with the reflectors, you will be more visible to other road users at night for safer driving.

Like a few models, this cargo carrier connects to your ride through a standard 2-inch and 1-1/4-inch hitch receiver. Hence, it offers greater compatibility than some models that work with a single-size hitch receiver.

It doesn’t feature a mesh design, though. Therefore, it’s not the ideal option for hauling smaller items. The tubular base, however, means that cleaning is easy than the mesh design.

  • The tubular construction keeps the weight low.
  • It is compatible with 1-1/4-inch and 2-inch hitch receivers.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Not the perfect option for hauling small items.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I pay for a decent ATV basket?

The prices of ATV baskets differ widely depending on the size, manufacturer, and features. However, the good news is that you can get a decent ATV basket for nearly any budget. Some will cost you above $100 while others come at a fraction of this price.

Why do I need to invest in an ATV basket?

ATV basket will provide you with extra storage space. By carrying more goods, it will minimize the number of trips you have to make which in turn saves on fuel. Less fuel means lower operating cost.

What are the types of ATV baskets?

The major types are front ATV basket, rear ATV basket, rear drop basket, and hitch cargo baskets.

ATV front baskets are those made to install at the front while the rear ATV baskets have flat bases and connect to the back. Rear drop baskets have a flat base and a lowered rack so that cargo sinks deep into the basket. The hitch cargo baskets are the carriers that connect through hitch receivers.

What is the difference between ATV rear basket and ATV rear drop basket?

Although they all connect to the rear, there is a difference between the 2. The rear drop baskets have a lowered rack after a flat base to keep cargo items in place without the need to use straps. However, the rear ATV basket only has a flat base and hence require straps to secure cargo.

What type of ATV rack should you buy?

Your ideal ATV design will depend on your preference and the nature of the goods you want to haul. For very valuable items, a front basket is great since it lets you keep an eye on the cargo when driving. For heavy and bulky cargo, a rear basket is nice since it won’t block your view.

Final Verdict

An ATV basket is an accessory that every ATV owner should add to their rides. The durable unit plays a vital role in hauling cargo when still maintaining a low price point that most ATV owners can afford. Go through our review and pick the one that will impress you the most.

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