Top 8 Best ATV Discs (2024)

Apart from the exhilarating experience they stir in every ride, you can transform your ATV to your farming companion when it’s gardening time.

ATV will work with compatible disc harrows to save you a great deal of work in breaking up compacted soil and annihilating weeds. However, to get the best performance, a few things remain a prerequisite.

Firstly, your ATV needs to have a decent HP-rating to deliver enough power for pulling the unit when planted deep in the dirt. Also, you need to have a nice disc harrow.

Now, unless you are an expert, choosing the right plow for your ATV can be a daunting affair. Construction, compatibility, design, and cost are a few of the many things to take into consideration.

To ease you of the turmoil, we looked at what the market has to offer to sift out the very finest. Pick one from our list of 8 best ATV discs to reap the maximum benefits of owning an ATV.

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8 ATV Disc Reviews

#1 Black Boar ATV/UTV Disc Harrow

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Our first option on the list comes from a Black Roar. The disk boasts plenty of amazing features and that is why it’s the best-selling ATV disc harrow in the market.

The disc harrow is designed for use with your ATV or UTV provided that they are reasonably powerful. It features a total of eight discs- four on either side to give you the most in every pass.

The discs embrace a heavy-duty steel construction. Therefore, they are very durable and sturdy to stand up to regular use by hardworking landscapers.

Also, the blades are ultra-sharp to cut through the toughest soils with ultimate ease. And with the unit retaining a lightweight design, you will find it easy to attach to your ATV by yourself.

Each side adjusts to 0, 15, or 30-degree positions to the left and right to get the job done exactly your way. Angle adjustment is also a breeze with the angle guide holes and U-bolts.

Amazingly, even with the multiple adjustment options it offers, you don’t need to drop the hitch. That said, you will find it easy to switch between different cutting angles in no time.

We also like that this gardening accessory adopts a parallel linkage design. This design keeps the blades at the set angle when lowering to ensure that you get the exact results you were expecting.

  • It allows for angle adjustment.
  • It has a parallel towing design.
  • The steel construction is very durable.
  • The blades are ultra-sharp.
  • It doesn’t come with a lift and an attachment system.

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#2 Groundhog GHMAXNOKIT ATV Disc Plow

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The next pick on the list is also among the top-rated options in the market. It works perfectly for breaking clods, destroying weeds, soil preparation, and other many small and large tasks around the garden.

It packs a total of 6 blades mounted on a 3/4-inch axle. Also, it will cut 21 inches wide. An adjustable vertical control system lets you customize the height of the discs in 1-inch intervals so that you plow to the exact depth you want.

The disc plow makes use of very solid materials in its construction. Therefore, it’s tougher, more hardworking, and more durable than the majority of options we have out there.

The unit boasts a down-force of over 800 lbs. This feature combines with the durably-constructed ultra-sharp blades to ensure that the disc harrow delivers an aggressive cut in every application.

Unlike the ‘pull-behind’ models that will plow only 2-3 mph, this disc plow will handle up to 7 mph. Therefore, it’s among the models that give thrilling results in a fraction of the time it would take normally.

On top of that, there is no headache of tires going flat or cases of ratchets catching rust like with the pull-behind models. That said, we can claim that this tool is designed for stress-free service life.

We also like the maneuverability of this plow since it lets you use it as far as your ATV/UTV can take you. The plow comes pre-assembled and is compatible with 2-inch receivers.

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#3 Field Tuff ATV-DH Disc Harrow for ATVs/UTVs

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For the landscapers who are looking for a reliable ‘pull-behind’ disc harrow for use with their ATV/UTV, here comes one of the models that won’t disappoint easily.

The unit features heavy-gauge steel construction. Hence, expect it to last the longest among your gardening paraphernalia. The sturdy construction holds up well even with regular abuse in rugged terrain.

The unit boasts a wide cutting width of 33 inches. Therefore, in case you want to work on a large garden, this option will let you tackle the job faster than other models with a shorter working width.

It packs a variety of discs ranging from 10-14 inches for a thorough job where it passes. The sharp blades are also easily replaceable to let you get excellent results every time.

The discs will penetrate as deep as 4 inches into the dirt. And with the manual height adjustment feature coming on board, you can control the depth of the cuts to match your needs.

Since it’s a pull-behind model, it comes with tires. The 12-inch pneumatic wheels roll smoothly over a variety of terrains to allow you to work even on the most difficult terrains.

When not in use, this unit will fit in tight areas because of the compact design. Also, the disc harrows come with an attached jack to make transportation a breeze. The 2-inch coupler hitch connects to the ball hitch of your ATV/UTV/tractor.

  • The cutting width of 33 inches is nice.
  • The tires are good for different terrains.
  • It is very well built.
  • The blades are sharp and replaceable.
  • It comes with a few bolts missing- under rare occasions, though.

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#4 Agri-Fab Hitch Disc

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For hard terrains, at times you need additional weight to force the blades to penetrate deeper. And yes, that’s why this unit allows the user to add up to 100 lbs. of weight onto it.

It offers 8 cutting discs and will cut between 30-38 inches wide depending on the setting you choose. The blades have a diameter of 11 inches to get deeper into the soil for better aeration.

Also, we like that all the 8 discs feature superior steel construction and maintain their sharpness for a very long time. A durable powder coating guarantees a rust-free service life.

It’s a multi-purpose ATV disc. In other words, you can use it for breaking clumps of soil when preparing the garden for planting or annihilation of weeds and other farm preparation and maintenance tasks.

This disc cultivator allows the user to adjust the cutting angle to between 10-20 degrees for neater results. And since it’s from the United States, it won’t let you down easily.

The disc harrow, however, requires a sleeve hitch to work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with it so you will need to buy it separately if you don’t have it already.

  • It is very easy to set up.
  • It allows one to add more weight for a deeper cut.
  • It’s lightweight but solid.
  • The steel discs have a powder coating.
  • It will need substantial down-force to effect.

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#5 MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Disc Plow/Harrow

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With the cutting width of 54 inches, this unit cuts twice wide than some of the options we have in the market. The wide working width makes it ideal for large plowing applications.

Like a few of the models on our list, it comes with 8 discs of hardened steel construction. However, they are larger than any of the previous options since they have a diameter of 12 inches.

That said, it’s safe to say that this disc plow is designed to cut wider but deeper than the majority of the members of the competition. Hence, you get the job done quickly and more thoroughly.

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It belongs to the category of multi-functional accessories since it allows you to break up compacted soil, cut unwanted weeds, prepare your food plot, and many more applications.

The tool will connect with your ATV, UTV, or a utility tractor through a 2-inch hitch receiver. But take note that this accessory isn’t part of this deal so you will have to acquire it separately.

The heavy-duty axle is stable for a consistent cut. Also, it packs 2 heavy-duty roller bearings in each axle. The single-pin mounting design is also a plus and comes with the pin included.

  • It is easy to put together without instructions.
  • 54 inches is nice coverage.
  • The discs are of hardened steel for strength and durability.
  • The cutting depth is decent.
  • Failure to have wheels makes turning a little difficult.

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#6 Farm Star Disk Harrow (Model Number 940420)

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This disc harrow is designed to work with ATVs and tractors with a minimum engine rating of 16 HP/250cc. It possesses great features to handle the most strenuous garden tasks with ultimate ease.

It boasts the working width of 60 inches, so far the best on the list. The larger width implies that this disc harrow will work on a larger area on a single pass to get the work done in less time. 

The unit boasts a very solid construction that will stand up to the severity and abuse of regular use. The premium coating on the construction protects it from rust when making it aesthetically appealing.

The sharp discs are tilted at a 20-degree angle to ensure that they penetrate deeper into the soil than the members of the competition so that you get more superior cuts all the time.

When you want to move over land that you don’t want plowed, this ATV disc flips over to stand on the side with the wheels. This design also makes it easy to transport.

The tires have a diameter of 12 inches and are 4 inches wide. The large diameter is good for different terrains while the wide design prevents them from sinking into the ground when pulling it over wet soil.

  • It delivers aggressive cuts.
  • It flips over for easy transport.
  • The cutting angle is great.
  • It accepts additional weight for deeper penetration.
  • Not the most affordable.

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#7 Brinly DD-55BH Disc Harrow

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This disc harrow features 8 durably-constructed blades with a diameter of 11 inches. These discs are designed to effectively break up clods and perform other garden preparation and maintenance jobs.

It is perfect for small and large gardens alike and that is why it has an adjustable cutting width. With the width adjustability range of 29 to 39 inches, you can always adapt the width that works best for the size of your garden.

The steel discs are also adjustable to one of the three working angles. A 15-degree angle works well for general use while the 10-degree and 20-degree settings are perfect for less aggressive and more aggressive cuts respectively.

When handling hard grounds where you need additional down-force, this unit has a durable weight tray that allows you to add more weight to break tougher clods of soil.

You can use this disc harrow as a single unit or hook it up with an additional unit of its kind to form one tandem unit. By connecting the 2, you are improving the efficiency by ensuring that you get the most out of every pass.

To connect it to your ATV/UTV, you will need a sleeve hitch, however. And since it doesn’t come with it, you might have to contact your ATV/UTV/Tractor dealer for one if you don’t have it already.

Finally, to those that the country of origin matters, this disc harrow is from the United States. Therefore, it should live up to what the label reads.

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#8 Battle Armor 6-Disk Big Buck Food Plot Plow

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This disc harrow is available in a six-disc version for ATV. However, it also comes in an 8-disc model, although the wider design works best for larger and wider vehicles.

It is designed to hook up to a standard 2-inch hitch receiver of your ATV or UTV. In fact, to make it easier to connect and get you started right off the bat, it comes with a simple hitch pin.

The blades are designed with the toughest applications in mind. Therefore, they are of high-quality and will hold up well for a very long time even with regular use in rugged environments.

We also like the amount of engineering that goes into designing and placement of the discs. The Integrated Clean-Out system prevents soil and debris from clogging between the blades for more efficient performance.

Also, the blades are designed for a tighter turning, so you don’t have to come out of your ATV to lift the unit whenever you want to turn. This feature saves time and effort.

Provided that your ATV/UTV has enough pulling power, this unit plows and plants an acre of land in less than 2 hours- if the claim of the US-based manufacturer is anything to go by.

After you are done with plowing, this disc arrow ships easily in a carrying position for easy transportation back home or to your other favorite cultivation ground.

  • It is very fast.
  • The discs have nice spacing.
  • It locks easily in a transportation position.
  • It links up easily using a hitch pin.
  • The 2 inner discs may clog up although rarely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an ATV disc?

An ATV disc harrow allows you to use your ATV/UTV to cut weeds, break clods of soil, and prepare the farm for seeding. It generally focuses on garden preparation and maintenance work.

How does a disc plow work?

A disk plow has circular blades configured in a row and set at a slanted angle. These blades depend on the down-force from the ATV and the added weight of objects (at times) to penetrate deep into the soil. The angled design increases the cutting width of each blade and helps loosen the soil.

How fast should you pull a disc harrow?

When using a disc harrow, how fast you move it has a direct impact on the results. Therefore, you should use the right speed as recommended by the manufacturer.

Most disc harrows, however, work at a plowing speed of 4-6 mph depending on the type of soil.

If you aren’t sure of the perfect speed, you can make some test passes at varying speeds and gauge the furrow length to see the one that gives you the depth you need.

How deep does a disc harrow go?

The depth of your ATV disc will depend on blade diameter. A disc harrow with a larger diameter will cut deeper than one with a smaller diameter. However, the general rule is that a blade achieves a cutting depth of 25% its diameter.

How do I choose an ATV disc harrow?

First, you need to consider the size of the blades. Larger blades get deeper into the soil. Also, consider the working width.

A wider depth is good for larger areas while smaller coverage works well for small gardens. The level of adjustability is another important feature to carry in mind.

Final Verdict

With a good ATV disc, you will find harrowing easy and quick. Therefore, ensure that you settle for the best model. Although we may not pick the option for you, we have given a top-notch list to help you make the right decision.

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