Top 12 Best ATV Gloves (2024)

No matter how soft and comfortable your four-wheeler grips feel to the palm, you can’t afford to sacrifice the value that a decent pair of ATV gloves brings.

Apart from cushioning your hand from aggressive handles and keeping it cozy throughout the ride, ATV gloves go a long way to protect you as a rider.

In fact, if you examine modern gloves, the majority embraces safety-enhancement designs. Therefore, having a nice pair of ATV gloves is no longer a frivolous luxury but an absolute necessity for every rider.

That said, when choosing ATV gloves, you need to be very vigilant about what you pay for. With a thousand and one fake models in all the corners of the internet, buying a pig in a poke is very likely.

But worry not! Through the relentless efforts we put in research and testing, we have successfully sifted out the perfect options from the rest. Find your next ATV gloves from our hand-picked 12 best ATV gloves.

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12 ATV Gloves Review

#1 COFIT Motorcycle Riding Gloves

COFIT Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Whether you want them for use on motorbike riding, ATV riding, military training, climbing, hiking, or any other outdoor sporting activity, our first option on the list is conceived with all these applications in mind.

Its versatility alongside other impressive features makes it one of the best-selling models in the market. And with small, medium, and large sizes all available, it’s made to fit all hand sizes.

The pair makes use of microfiber and PU leather in its construction. The high-quality materials withstand the everyday abuse of a busy rider, making it one the most durable sets out there.

The breathable construction and air vents combine to keep the user comfortable by providing better airflow. That said, it should be an ideal option for those that love riding in the summer.

At the palm of each glove is wear-resistant silicone gel for comfortable and non-slip interaction with your handlebar. The PVC advanced plastic construction at the knuckle and the heavy padding at the fingers guarantees safer rides.

Also, this unit has conductive metal fibers at the index finger. This feature allows the rider to operate touch-screen devices such as smartphones without having to remove the gloves every time.

  • They are very comfortable.
  • The knuckle protection is a plus.
  • The fingertips touch-screen design brings convenience.
  • They are only for men.

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#2 ILM Alloy Steel Touchscreen Motorcycle Riding Gloves

ILM Alloy Steel Touchscreen Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Our next option on the list is available in four sizes running from medium to XX-large. Therefore, no matter the size of your hand, chances are that you won’t miss your excellent fit.

Like the previous model, this pair of gloves is designed for superior protection of the knuckles and the joints. Therefore, it’s one of the options that come with the safety of the user in mind.

In fact, the set employs professional-grade steel alloy construction at these points. That said, it’s one of the ATV gloves that guarantee the best protection to the user in case of the unexpected.

The palm has thicker padding than that of most members of the competition. The additional stuffing maximizes its shock absorption capability and minimizes the chances of fractures in case of a crash.

Joining the palm and the thumb is an additional piece of leather. This material boosts the non-slip properties of the gloves by maximizing the friction between them and your ATV handles.

We also like that these gloves are designed for use with touchscreen devices. Hence, you will never have to remove them the next time you stop to respond to a message or answer an incoming call whether using your right or left hand.

  • The stitching is excellent.
  • The piece of leather connecting the thumb and the palm is a great idea.
  • They have plenty of padding.
  • The knuckle protectors may not align with the actual knuckles of some users.

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#3 Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex ATV Off-Road/Dirt Bike Gloves

Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex ATV Off-Road/Dirt Bike Gloves

Whether you are a male or a female rider, our next option is a unisexual pair. It is available in a variety of sizes beginning from as small as XS up to XXL to fit different hand sizes.

It uses different materials such as synthetic leather, neoprene, polyvinyl, polyurethane, and more at different parts to keep the user comfortable when also offering high levels of protection.

The touch recognition at the tip of the index finger is an implication that it is engineered to give you maximum convenience when operating your smartphone and other touch-sensitive gadgets when on the go.

Also, we like that it’s a multi-purpose pair of gloves. In other words, whether you are into ATV riding, mountain climbing, biking, or any other outdoor sporting affair, you can count on it to work excellently.

Its level of padding is another commendable area. I mean, it’s neither overly thick nor thin but just moderate to permit free finger-movements without sacrificing comfort and protection ability.

There are up to three color varieties available for selection- red, black, and white. Thus, you can choose the one that best complements your ATV or style. However, we settled for the red because it’s more aesthetically appealing than any of the rest.

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#4 VAOO Bicycling Gloves for Men and Women (Black)

VAOO Bicycling Gloves for Men and Women

This set of gloves is designed with the shapes of a man and woman’s hands in mind. Therefore, it is a unisexual model that guarantees to remain comfortable provided you pick the right size.

The high-quality full-finger gloves boast well-thought-out features and designs. Hence, it should deliver a great user experience for ATV riders and other compatible outdoor applications.

The set uses neoprene, leather, plastic, nylon, and synthetic materials in its construction to ensure that it brings along everything that riding enthusiasts want in a product of its kind.

The mesh construction at the back of the unit provides excellent airflow for reliable and comfortable performance in warm conditions. Also, it has silicone fingertip print for non-slip interaction between the glove and the ATV grips.

The Velcro closure customizes to match the circumference of your wrist and locks the gloves in place. This feature secures the gloves in place to prevent them from slipping off.

The palm is also durably constructed and well-padded for maximum grip and comfort. That said, this pair of gloves will keep your palm comfortable even during those long rides.

  • They are good for summer riding.
  • The set is very durable.
  • The thick padding on the palm absorbs shock.
  • The thick padding around the fingers makes them feel a bit bulky.

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#5 Galaxyman Touch Screen Motorcycle Full Finger Gloves

Galaxyman Touch Screen Motorcycle Full Finger Gloves

We want to remain connected to our loved ones even when out riding. That’s why we always ensure that we have our personal gadgets before hitting the trails.

And yes, with this set of gloves, you will never have to remove them to interact with your device. The forefinger and the thumb of each glove have conductive materials to support use with touch-screen devices.

The knuckle guards are strategically positioned to prevent fractures in case of an accident or a fall. That said, this pair is an excellent option for ATV riding, dirt bikes, and outdoor sports where falls occur very frequently.

The gloves feature 3D classic plastic lines in the palm area. This feature improves its grasping property for increased control and safer riding than ever before.

Additionally, this top-notch set has a waterproof layer. Therefore, with this full-finger gloves, your hands remain warm and dry even when riding in inclement weather conditions.

There are 2 sizes for selection here, however, large and extra-large options. Hence, ensure that it’s the right size for your hand before you add to the shopping cart.

  • They are very light but tough.
  • The stitching is very nice and strong.
  • 2 fingertips are touch-screen friendly.
  • They are available in only 2 sizes.

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#6 ILM Dirt Bike Motorcycle Gloves

ILM Dirt Bike Motorcycle Gloves

This top-quality set of gloves comes in a stylish black color that complements any style. However, it is also available in a white color just in case black doesn’t work well for your needs.

The set is engineered to offer premium protection without becoming a burden to the user. In other words, the set is constructed from high-quality yet lightweight material.

The back of the gloves is of Lycra fabric, a durable, elastic, and breathable material. Also, each unit has air-flow vents in the fingers to wick away sweat. That said, this set is a must-have accessory for every summer ride.

An anti-scratch 3D Thermo-Plastic-Rubber (TPR) at the back of the hand and the finger knuckles offer collision protection. Hence, we are safe to conclude that this pair is yet another option tailored for your safety.

On the index and middle finger of each glove is a silicone printing. This feature enhances the beauty of the set and improves the gripping power for maximum control and safety.

The sewn-in padding at the palm offers excellent shock-absorption ability for smoother rides. The high thread count at the palm is also a plus since it improves its wear-resistance properties.

  • The hook and loop closure is a plus.
  • The TPR material resists scratches.
  • They are wear-resistant.
  • Be keen when choosing the size, especially when ordering for a young rider.

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#7 Rigwari Skeleton Off-Road Vehicle Gloves

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Coming with the ability to support touch-screen, this set of gloves is designed to remain on your hand throughout the ride even when you have to operate your gadget on the way.

It utilizes microfiber, spandex, nylon, and TPR materials of the best quality in its construction. This combination equips it with everything you need in your ATV gloves.

The palm has gel padding to cushion the hand from impact. This material also gives the user a nice feel of the handle for maximum control, better grip, and minimal hand fatigue when riding on rough terrains.

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The material on the palm is also wear-resistant. Hence, this set of gloves is designed to maintain a high level of comfort for a very long time even with regular use for extended rides.

The fingertips have silicone printing. This feature makes them more stylish and improves their grasping ability. The skeleton graphics make you a stand-out from those that you are driving with.

You can use it for ATV riding, cycling, biking, gym, and other outdoor applications. Finally, it’s worth acknowledging that these ATV gloves are machine-wash safe for easy maintenance.

  • The padding is excellent for long rides.
  • They are very grippy.
  • The skeleton printings look great.
  • It isn’t available in XX-large size.

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#8 Typhoon Youth Kids ATV Dirt Bike Gloves

Typhoon Youth Kids ATV Dirt Bike Gloves

Keep your hands safe and comfortable in your future rides using this pair of premium-grade protection gloves. It comes from one of the top-class manufacturers around the world so its a product you can buy with confidence.

Each piece has durable padding that not only absorbs shock but also protects the hands of the rider from debris, abrasions, and other elements that may cause discomfort.

It uses nylon, spandex, and polyester in its construction for maximum comfort, durability, and protection. The adjustable Velcro wrists strap means that you can customize the gloves to match the size of your hand.

The palm uses double-layer synthetic material to minimize wear and tear. Therefore, in case you are a dedicated ATV rider looking for gloves that will stand up to the daily abuse, you won’t go wrong here.

The pre-curved cut means that this set of gloves is designed to remain comfortable right from day one. The design also gives the user a better grip with minimal hand fatigue.

The top-class set comes in four size varieties to meet your exact needs and those of other riders. Also, there are up to 8 color varieties for selection- more than you will find in most models out there.

  • The pre-curved cut is nice.
  • The palm has a double-layer for durability.
  • There are different color assortments.
  • Thicker padding would be nice.

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#9 X4 Street Bike Full Finger Motorcycle ATV Gloves

X4 Street Bike Full Finger Motorcycle ATV Gloves

The manufacturer uses nylon and polyester materials in coming up with this product. Therefore, it’s among the models you can count on for premium comfort and long-lasting performance.

These materials also make the pair breathable since they wick away sweat. That said, it should keep your hands comfortable and well-aerated in the toughest summers.

The palm area features heavier stuffing than those of some models in the industry. This feature and the double-stitching guarantee better protection to abrasion and other impacts.

The heavy-duty construction and the thick padding brings versatility. In other words, this pair is perfect for use with ATVs, dirt bikes, UTVs, motorcycles, and other applications. In fact, you can even use them as warm gloves during the chilly winters.

A touchscreen sensitive material is on two fingers and not one as with some members of the competition offering the same feature. I mean, you can operate your smartphone with your index or middle fingers of each glove.

Also, there are 4 size varieties for selection here- small, medium, large, and X-large. And with 5 colors also available for selection, you can now choose the one that goes best with your style.

  • It has knuckle guards.
  • The touchscreen material is on 2 fingers in each glove.
  • The set is very well made.
  • Including X-small and XX-large sizes would be great.

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#10 X4 ATV Street Bike Racing Gloves

X4 ATV Street Bike Racing Gloves

Also coming from the same manufacturer as our just-reviewed option, this is another pair of gloves that will give you the best user experience in your future rides on your ATV.

It employs premium-grade nylon and polyester materials in its structure. Therefore, it is durable and has good breathability properties for maximum user comfort even when riding in the tough sun.

Like the previous model, the palms of this set are well-padded with high-quality material. The thick padding cushions impact better and minimizes hand fatigue. Hence, it’s excellent for use in long rides over the most difficult terrain.

Also, since the palm area experiences a lot of abrasions that may result in damage, the palms of this set are reinforced with double stitching for optimal wear-resistance on the toughest conditions.

The black color and the simple-yet-stylish design means that it complements a variety of user styles. Nevertheless, in case you prefer a different color, there are other many colors available.

And with all these features packed in a single set, it’s an ideal purchase for use with ATV, motorcycles, bikes, UTVs, and other outdoor sports where a decent pair of protective gloves is necessary.

  • They are very versatile.
  • The set is wear-resistant.
  • The double-stitching at the palm well-thought-of.
  • There isn’t much special about the set.

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#11 SCOYCO Summer Cycling Gloves

SCOYCO Summer Cycling Gloves

As the name suggests, this set of gloves is designed with those summer rides in mind. Therefore, they offer impressive breathability and will keep your fingers breathing and comfortable even when the summer gets to the peak.

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The knuckle has microfiber construction for superior protection from collision and abrasion. Hence, expect it to minimize the chances of fractures in case of an accident.

The high-quality fabric and will resist everyday wear to keep the gloves looking new for several years to come. And since its non-slip, this pair will feel grippy on the hands as compared to the majority of the models we have out there.

We also like that this pair of gloves have reinforced construction in areas that are susceptible to wear such as the palm. The reinforced construction improves comfort and resists wear to ensure prolonged durability.

The Velcro closure at the wrist allows the user to customize the size of the closure to match the circumference of their hand. Hence, no matter the size of your hand, expect this pair to offer a snug fit.

Our hand-picked model is medium in size. Nevertheless, it is also available in larger versions for riders with huge hands. And with many color varieties available, it’s easy to match your ideal size with your favorite color.

  • The air vents keep the user’s hands from sweating.
  • They are easy to maintain.
  • The knuckles look great.
  • The touchscreen ability not exactly the best.

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#12 Fox Racing 2020 Dirt Paw Gloves – Race

Fox Racing 2020 Dirt Paw Gloves

If there is a manufacturer who doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to sporting gear and apparel, then it has to be Fox Racing. The efforts and level of innovation she puts in developing her products is the major reason why she has become so popular over the years.

And yes, coming from the top-notch manufacturer, this set of gloves is also among the models designed to make your ATV riding better. It’s very comfortable and should be a perfect pick for long rides.

The gloves uses high-quality polyester. Hence, it is very breathable to keep your hands dry and comfortable during the hot summers. Also, this material is very durable and will stand up to the toughness of everyday use.

Furthermore, the polyester material is stretchy. In other words, this pair of gloves is designed to grow with your hand. That said, expect them to fit you snugly throughout its service life.

The gloves come in a wide spectrum of colors to match the preferences of different riders. Therefore, whether you prefer black, white, blue, yellow, orange, gray, or any other tone, you will hardly miss on your favorite.

The ATV gloves are also available in a variety of sizes beginning from small way up to XXXX-Large versions. The hook and loop closure keeps them in place to let you concentrate on the road better.

  • They are lightweight.
  • The material feels really good.
  • They have good grip.
  • Stitching is not exactly the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need ATV gloves?

There are many reasons why you should own at least a pair of ATV gloves. For instance, they cushion your hand from impact and aggressive grips. Also, they keep them warm during the cold moments. Most importantly, ATV gloves will protect your hand from injury in case you fall accidentally.

How do you measure your riding gloves?

To know the perfect glove size for you, measure the circumference of the palms at the widest point, that is, the area below the knuckles when excluding the thumb. What you get in inches represents your glove size. Where the size chart needs you to provide the length, it’s simply the distance from the top of the palm where it meets the wrist to the top of the middle finger.

Are ATV gloves supposed to be tight?

Whether you are wearing ATV gloves or any other type, they should fit snugly without feeling lose or overly tight.

What should I look for in ATV gloves?

If you want them for use in the summer, you should buy light gloves with excellent breathability. However, for cold seasons such as the winter, you need to invest in well-padded models. Also, ensure that you buy gloves that can support touch-screen operation for convenience purposes. The quality of the stitching and material are equally essential.

Can you use ATV gloves for other outdoor sports?

Yes. Most ATV gloves are multi-purpose. That said, you can use them for other outdoor activities such as climbing, biking, training, and more.

Final Verdict

Even with their simplicity, picking the right ATV gloves can prove to be a daunting affair, especially if you don’t know the exact models to buy.

However, our coverage makes the process more straightforward as they seem. Read through keenly to identify the very perfect pair for you!

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