Top 11 Best ATV Goggles (2024)

For road safety, keeping your eyes on the road goes without saying. That said, you need to keep them safe from all the potential antagonists that may affect how they function.

Wind, dust, dirt, bugs, and low hanging branches are the major threats to your eyes. Of course, your car has its own way of keeping all these from getting into your eyes- it has a windshield.

However, if you are tooling around on your ATV or dirt bike, you need to employ your own way of keeping them safe from all these threats. It’s here where a good pair of goggles comes in as an absolute necessity.

ATV goggles are designed to protect your eyes from flying elements for safe riding experience. They are an essential protective gear that comes second only after a helmet.

Now, considering the central role they play in your safety on the road, you definitely can’t afford to settle for anything short of the best. To help you with this, we will be sharing the 11 best ATV goggles in this coverage.

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11 ATV Goggles Review

#1 JAMIEWIN Adult Motorcycle ATV Goggles

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These ATV goggles are among the market’s top-rated options. The lenses are of high-quality PC while the frame makes use of premium ABS material to guarantee long-lasting performance.

The goggles effectively block dust, wind, insects, and other elements from your eyes without blocking your view of the road. Also, they are designed to offer UV protection to give you a safe ride.

A top-quality foam surrounds the frame to keep the user comfortable. Hence, in case you want goggles that will remain comfortable for hours, you don’t need to continue with your search.

Although they are built for premium protection, these goggles retain a lightweight design at just 3.52 ounces. This design is another feature that makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods.

The cutting-edge technology of the lens alongside the Aerodynamic design ensures a fog-free performance on all conditions. Also, these ATV goggles feature full channel vents on top and bottom for heat dissipation.

And since it’s a unisex pair, this option makes up for a perfect gift to your male or female friend who loves riding, jet skiing, snow skiing, motor racing, snowboarding, or any other outdoor sporting affair.

  • They are very comfortable.
  • The visibility is excellent.
  • They work well with most prescription glasses.
  • They deliver fog-free performance.
  • They aren’t ideal for night riding.

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#2 Wellovar ATV Goggles

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These ATV goggles from Wellovar have bendable lenses constructed from top-grade PC. They also have a durable TPU frame and a good breathable foam surrounding the frame to ensure that it fits comfortably on the face.

The PC lens features a UV400 protection coating to prevent the harmful UV light from finding its way through. This feature means that the pair is designed to give you all-round protection.

Another commendable area about this pair of ATV goggles is the Arc shaped and ventilation design. In other words, although it blocks wind, dust, and bugs, these goggles are also designed for optimal ventilation.

Therefore, in case you are looking for high-quality ATV goggles that will deliver anti-fog performance even with extended use, here comes one of the options that you should consider giving a shot.

Like the earlier model on the list, this is also a unisex model. The adjustable elastic strap means that they will fit different head sizes. Also, the strap is non-slip to ensure that it stays exactly where you want it.

You can use the pair for a wide range of outdoor activities such as cycling, motorbike racing, climbing, skiing, and just about every other outdoor activity that requires a decent pair of protective goggles.

  • The UV400 protection coating prevents glare.
  • The customizable strap is non-slip.
  • The lenses are reflective.
  • They are windproof.
  • They feel a little tight on some users.

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#3 Dmeixs ATV Off-Road Dirt Bike Goggles

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0The lenses of this pair of goggles utilize high-quality PC material. Therefore, they are bendable and offer better resistance to scratches and stains than other options made from a different material.

The shatter-proof pair of goggles provide excellent protection from dust, wind, insects, and other elements that may stand in your path in your next outdoor racing.

Also, they offer 100% UV protection. That said, we are safe to claim that these goggles are designed to protect the user from both the visible and the invisible elements.

The customizable strap means that this eye protection equipment will offer a snug fit to persons of different head sizes no matter the size of their helmet. The strap is also extra-wide for extended hours of comfortable use.

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 A sponge padding around the frame will capture the tiniest dust particles to prevent them from finding their way in. And since the foam is breathable, these goggles have good thermal dissipation for fog-free performance.

The streamlined design and wide interior guarantees high transparency. Also, this design means that you can use the pair with your myopia lenses without sacrificing comfort.

  • The lenses resist scratches.
  • The nose piece is detachable.
  • It fits great on a helmet.
  • The tint is great.
  • The foam is quite thin around the cheeks.

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#4 DPLUS Motorcycle Goggles (Glasses Set of 5)

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These ATV goggles come in a set of 5. We like that each pair offers a different color of tint. Hence, no matter the weather condition, you will always have the perfect pair for that moment.

But just in case you are not willing to keep all these for self, each pair makes up for a perfect gift to your most loved ones. The enhanced construction of the lens and frame guarantees long-lasting performance.

Each pair is designed to fit closely to create a tight seal on the face. In other words, whether its dust, strong wind, thick snowfall, water, or any other element that Mother Nature may throw at you, this set protects you better.

A breathable thick layer of foam around the frame sits around the eye sockets to keep the user comfortable throughout the ride. Hence, in case you want to explore a rough terrain or maybe make a long ride, this set is the perfect way to go.

The PC material of the lenses is super tough to protect you better from all elements. Also, the impact-resistant construction holds fast to its integrity when dropped accidentally or hit hard.

The strap adopts premium nylon construction and is customizable to meet the needs of different head sizes. Since it’s extra-long, it’s a perfect option for use with large helmets.

  • 5 pairs are a great number for the price.
  • The lenses are super tough.
  • They are a great gift.
  • The strap is extra-long.
  • They are hard to fit on prescription glasses.

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#5 ZDATT Dirt Bike ATV Googles

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The lenses of these goggles are also of impact-resistant PC. Therefore, they are very tough for premium protection from dust, heavy snowfall, bright sunshine, and other threats.

The elastic frame on the other side utilizes ABS construction. Therefore, they are also built very well to make this pair of goggles a perfect option for ATV riders looking for durable eye protection glasses.

Amazingly, even with the super-tough construction, these goggles weigh just 2.7 ounces. That said, this pair will remain comfortable on your face even with prolonged hours of use.

The state-of-the-art technology and the aerodynamic design of the lens prevent fog build-up. In other words, with this comfortable pair of goggles, expect premium protection with fog-free performance.

The UV-resistant lenses have high transparency for safer rides. The thick layer of sponge surrounding the frame ensures a tighter seal when preventing irritation and discomfort.

  • The design is cool.
  • It fits over the helmet easily.
  • They are lightweight.
  • The foam is thick.
  • The foam doesn’t give the best thermal dissipation.

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#6 LJDJ Motorcycle Goggles (Glasses Set of 2)

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This option brings you a pack of 2 ATV goggles. One pair utilizes a black frame while the other has a white frame. Therefore, no matter the style you choose, you will always have the right pair to complement it.

The clear lenses mean that these goggles will not affect your line of sight. I mean, in case you want ATV goggles that will serve you well even during cloudy weather or at night, you won’t go wrong here.

The transparent lenses will also block the harmful UVA and UVB rays while the thick foam surrounds the eye sockets to seal out wind, dust particles, snow, and other elements to keep your eyes safe throughout the ride.

Most ATV owners also like that this pair of goggles leave a large interior space. I mean, although they will provide 360-degree protection to the eyes, these goggles still provide room for prescription glasses.

The extra-long strap is stretchable to ensure a custom fit for users of all head sizes. The premium nylon construction is durable and non-slip so you won’t need to adjust your goggles often.

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The set arrives with a portable bag that provides perfect storage for the unutilized pair. Also, the package includes a high-quality glasses cloth that maintains them in tip-top condition.

  • They provide a good field of view.
  • The cleaning cloth is of decent quality.
  • The storage bag is a plus.
  • They remain in place when driving/riding.
  • The small vents on the side may let in ultra-fine particles of dust.

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#7 LJDJ Motorcycle Goggles -Dirt Bike ATV Motocross Eyewear

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This pair of protective glasses also come from LJDJ. It comes as a single pair but not a set of 2 like the previous option. The goggles utilize a black color while the lenses are gray.

The gray lenses are perfect for reducing the amount of light without sacrificing visual clarity. Also, they are great for blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays. That said, we see this eyewear is an excellent option for those shiny days.

The pair of protective gear fits well around your eyes to block dust, water, snow, bugs, and other elements you may encounter on way. And since they are windproof, you won’t have dry eyes the next time you return from your riding trip.

A durable strap runs around the head to secure them in place. The elastic material allows the strap to stretch up to 30 inches and retract to just 23 inches meet the needs of different head sizes and shapes.

Also, unlike other straps that lose their elasticity with time, the strap used on this pair of goggles is of top-quality material that retains its stretching power throughout its lifespan.

The premium-grade sponge interacts smoothly with the face when creating a tighter seal to keep elements from the eyes. You can use them for riding, skiing, cycling, snowboarding, and other outdoor sporting activities.

  • The strap has a good length.
  • They will work with prescription eyewear.
  • They stay in position even at high speeds.
  • The strap maintains its stretchiness.
  • You may not compare the quality of the lens to that of some high-end options.

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#8 BATFOX Motorcycle ATV Goggles

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This pair of ATV goggles come with multi-color lenses for optimal performance in different weather conditions. The lenses are of impact-resistant PC and will not break in case they drop accidentally or when hit by an object.

The goggles are also available in transparent, silver, and blue tones so you can grab several colors. We like that the lenses are detachable meaning that one can switch lenses depending on the weather condition when still utilizing the same frame.

The nose guard is cool and plays a role in blocking wind and fine dust particles from reaching your eyes. However, in case you prefer to use the goggles without the nose protector, this piece is detachable.

When wearing this pair of ATV goggles, a high-quality strap will run around your head to keep it secure in place. The strap will stretch to meet the size needs of different riders.

A premium-grade foam is also another commendable feature about BATFOX Motorcycle ATV Goggles. The triple-layer design keeps it cozy on the face while the high breathability wicks away sweat.

The construction, comfort, and protection that this pair of ATV goggles provide make them versatile. Hence, you can use them for other outdoor activities like climbing, shooting, motorcycling, and more.

  • The lenses are detachable.
  • Perfect for hot and sunny days.
  • The quality is impressive.
  • They come with a storage bag.
  • They are quite small to accommodate some eyeglasses.

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#9 Oakley O Frame MX Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Goggles

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Before you go out on your four-wheeler, it’s essential to ensure that you have all the necessary protective gear. A decent pair of ATV goggles is one of the must-have before you leave home.

Now, in case you aren’t sure about the exact pair of ATV glasses you need to get, here comes one of the options you can consider giving a shot. It has all takes to guarantee 100% eye protection.

The Lexan lenses are impact-resistant. Therefore, they are very tough and will not break easily if they fall accidentally. Also, the scratch-resistant lenses are anti-fog to give the user the best visibility throughout the ride.

The frame is also constructed from high-quality material that won’t break easily. Also, it’s flexible to ensure that it adjusts to accommodate different head shapes and sizes.

Like in all other previous models, thick padding surrounds the frame of this premium-grade pair of goggles for user comfort. The three-layer sponge is breathable for thermal dissipation and to wick away sweat.

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#10 Ubelly Polarized Sport ATV Racing Goggles

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This pair of ATV goggles from Ubelly is constructed for the best eye protection. For this reason, it will be a nice grab for anyone in need of a dependable eye protection gear for climbing, skiing, riding, and more.

The lenses are of top-class PC material. This construction is bendable and tough to protect the user from strong wind, dust, snowfall, water, and other elements that you are likely to encounter outdoors.

The lenses make use of advanced technology to make them more than ordinary goggles. The design of the lens alongside the full channel vents guarantees a fog-free trip.

The frame uses TPU construction and is also bendable for easy carrying in a bag when not in use. Soft padded material on the frame cushions the eye sockets for a more comfortable ride.

Whether you want the goggles for use by male, female, young, or old, the pair comes with a durably-constructed elastic strap that adjusts to accommodate heads of different sizes.

Our hand-picked model comes in a trendy blue color to match your style. However, in case you need a different tone, this option is also available in several other colors.

  • They are very stylish.
  • The padding is super soft and very comfortable.
  • The quality is excellent.
  • There are different colors available.
  • There is no silicone on the strap to secure them on a helmet.

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#11 MOOREAXE Motorcycle ATV Goggles

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This pair of goggles is OTG-rated. Therefore, they will do their job without taking the place of your prescription glasses on the face. The frame is of soft TPU construction that remains comfortable on the user’s face.

The lenses adopt PC construction. Hence, they are very tough to provide superior protection to the user. Also, their advanced construction provides 100% protection from the harmful UV rays.

We like the ventilation air design at the top and bottom. The full channel vents play a central role in thermal dissipation by ensuring optimal airflow in and out of the goggles.

The headband stretches to meet the size needs of different riders and will not lose its elasticity over time as with some models out there. Also, this strap will remain in position without slipping off your helmet.

And being a multi-application pair of protection goggles, you can use this pair when ATV-ing, cycling, skiing, climbing, shooting, and other many outdoor sporting activities.

  • Fits well on kid’s helmets.
  • The visibility is excellent.
  • They are affordable.
  • The design and colors are cool.
  • They have little fogging under extreme conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you wear goggles when riding your ATV?

ATV goggles will keep your eyes from dust, insects, snowfall, water, and other elements that you may encounter on your way. Having your ATV eyewear in place will keep all these from your eyes.

Also, these goggles will keep the eyes from wind to keep the rider comfortable throughout the ride.

How do you wear goggles together with a helmet?

It will depend on the type of helmet. For some helmets, the goggles will go on top while some models the helmet will go under the helmet.

What ATV goggles should you buy?

When choosing ATV goggles, consider how comfortable they are and how well they protect you. Also, the sponge needs to be super soft and breathable. If you use prescription glasses, ensure that the model you choose can fit over the glasses.

How much do you need to spend on a good pair of goggles?

The price of goggles will depend on the quality of the materials used. However, a decent pair should cost you about $15.

What does OTG mean in ATV goggles?

OTG is an abbreviation of Over-The-Glasses. When a pair of goggles is OTG-rated, it means that you can use it over other glasses.

Final Verdict

ATV goggles play a very vital role when it comes to your safety. Hence, before you hit the trails, ensure that you are equipped with a nice pair.

Our coverage suggests some of the finest models we have out there. Pick one from the list to enjoy safer rides than ever!

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