Top 11 Best ATV Grips (2024)

Whether you are racing, trail riding or just tooling around your neighborhood, riding an ATV remains one of the most exhilarating experiences. However, this enjoyment can be seriously dented if you don’t have the best control over your four-wheeler.

Of course, we know that when it comes to riding, your safety and comfort come first. That said, with a good pair of grips combining all these, having one installed on your ATV’s handlebar is no frivolous luxury. 

But you don’t have to settle for just anything- your ATV grips need to be comfortable, non-slip, durable, easy to install, and within your budget. Also, a good set should reduce your arm and wrist fatigue.

Now, if you are in the mood to shop for a decent pair of grips, picking the right set can be a little overwhelming. But worry not- we have put together the 11 best ATV grips to make your shopping more straightforward than ever!

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11 ATV Grip Reviews

#1 Oxford OF770 ATV Heated Grips (2 Pack)

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Even with everything else up to par, operating your ATV with numb fingers can cause extreme discomfort. To restore the fun and enjoyment, a nice pair of heated grips comes in handy.

Among the heated ATV grips is the Oxford OF770. It is one of the greatest options we have out there. In other words, it has everything it takes to give you a safe and comfortable riding experience even in the middle of the winter.

The heated grips offer 5 carefully-chosen heat settings. Hence, no matter how extreme things fall, with this set of grips, you will always have the right setting for the condition.

Among the features we like most about Oxford OF770 is that the switch is programmed to go off automatically when the voltage falls to 10.5V. This feature prevents damaging the battery.

The winter-grade wiring of these industry-leading handle covers means that you don’t need to worry about cracking or short-circuiting even during the most extreme temperatures. 

The grips make use of thermoplastic rubber construction. This material offers excellent shock absorption for user comfort. Also, we like that it’s thicker on areas of maximum wear to guarantee long-lasting performance.

Finally, we like the tremendous amount of engineering applied in designing the surface. The rhombus tread pattern combines with a diamond tread pattern for a sure grip at all times.

  • They warm up quickly.
  • They are weatherproof.
  • The LEDs are nice.
  • They have a good amount of heat.
  • The wires are a little hard to hide.

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#2 Heat Demon 215047 Dual Zone ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Kit

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Our next pick on the list is also one of the heated grips we have in the market. Therefore, it will keep your hands warm even in the days when the winter is at its best.

The grips are compatible with ATVs that have 7/8-inch handlebars. Hence, chances are that you won’t face any issues fitting it on your quadricycle. We also like that they install with minimal to no hassle at all.

In fact, the manufacturer sends the kit with everything you need to make installation a breeze. Hence, expect to get the grips in place and working right off the bat.

The set has a Dual Zone Controller. This smart design makes it easy to choose the ideal heat level for the 2 grips and the thumb warmer easily and separately.

Most customers also see the super bright LED indicator lights as a nice feature. And since these lights will go off automatically after 2 hours, you don’t have to worry that they will drain your battery.

  • Installation is simple.
  • The grips have good compatibility.
  • The LED lights are nice and bright.
  • The Dual Zone Controller is a nice feature.
  • The control box is not very sturdy.

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#3 Scott Sports 233926-0001 Black Radial Full Waffle ATV Grips

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Although they do not include a heating mechanism, we find these grasps to also have amazing features that give the user a comfortable and safe experience with minimal to no wrist and hand fatigue.

The high-quality covers are designed to work with 7/8-inch handlebars. That said, the set will install easily in most ATV handlebars without posing any compatibility issues.

The handles employ a full waffle pattern, a design that has been tested by top racers and found to offer a surer grasp than most standard grips you will come across in the market.

In fact, with the great design having been trusted by ATVers for several decades, Scott Sports 233926-0001 remains one of the best-selling ATV grips in the market.

That said, we see this set of grips as one of the models you can buy with the confidence that they won’t disappoint easily. And since they are black, they will look great on your ATV when giving you an easy time to keep clean.

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The grips are specially designed for use on quad bikes. However, in case you want to use them on a dirt bike or motorcycle, they should also work exceptionally.

  • They remain in place.
  • They have a nice feel.
  • They install easily without tools.
  • They have a nice looking pattern.
  • They may feel a little aggressive to soft hands.

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#4 Odi Rogue ATV Lock-On Grips – Thumb Throttle (130mm)

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This top-rated pair of ATV grips is Odi’s flagship product. They are super comfortable even with extended use and constructed with materials of the highest quality to ensure that they outlast the standard ATV grips.

Our very model comes in a black color that looks great on your quad when also masking dirt. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to go black, red, blue, and silver options are also available.

The durably-constructed grips have thick material. The large raised pads offer greater absorption to shock, keeping the user more comfortable when riding on rough and difficult terrains.

Also, the set has deep grooves. This design affords the user a surer grip for better safety and improved handling even with wet hands. The deep grooves are also good for channeling dirt and debris.

The lock-on grip system guarantees hassle-free installation without the need for any skill. The lock-on design also holds the promise of non-slip performance to let you ride with more confidence.

Each grasp is 130 mm long. Therefore, they provide enough length to accommodate the largest palms. The grips arrive as a pair at an affordable price.

  • They look and fit great.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • There are a variety of colors for selection.
  • The length of 130 mm is nice.
  • The deep grooves may clog up with mud.

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#5 All Rite Products ATV Gel Grips – Model GGB

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ATVs and bikes come with factory-installed grips. However, most of these grips don’t give the best hand comfort. Hence, you need to replace them for better and more comfortable user experience.

Now, if you want to give your level of comfort a boost and improve your handling, here comes one of the market’s greatest options. These grips work well for four-wheelers, bikes, and more.

The soft gel grips feel nicer in your hands than the stock grips. I mean, these grips guarantee to keep you more comfortable even during the longest trips in the roughest terrains.

The durably-constructed grasps are engineered to minimize wrist and general hand fatigue. This craftsmanship makes them a great option for people who love ATV’ing more often.

Another commendable thing about the All Rite Products ATV Gel Grips is that they provide better shock absorption. Hence, no matter where you choose to explore, this set will maintain a nice feel.

Wondering whether they will fit your quad handlebars? You don’t have to since they are universal. In other words, they go with 7/8-inch handles. Each grip has a length of 5 inches.

  • They have a good trail feel.
  • Their shock absorption capability is amazing.
  • They are universal.
  • They are durable.
  • A thicker construction would be good.

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#6 Odi 206-1242 ATV Rogue Lock-on Grip 120Mm Black/Red

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Like the earlier sibling on the list, this pair is also tailored for the best feel and performance in the hands of the user. In fact, that’s why it’s one of the best-rated products out there.

They come as a pair. Each piece is engineered with long-lasting performance in mind and that is why the pair utilizes materials of the best-in-class quality in their construction.

Like the earlier brother on the list, these grips have a large and deep tread pattern. This design guarantees superior shock absorption, making them a must-have for people who love riding on rough terrains.

The raised tread pattern also gives the user a sure grasp. For this reason, these covers won’t slip when using with wet hands. That said, expect excellent handling at all times with this option.

The set falls in the category of lock-on grips. Hence, there is no more glue mess when installing. The lock-on design also guarantees a slip-free performance at all times to let you ride with confidence.

The grip has an overall length of 120 mm. Although it’s still a good size for most riders, it may not provide adequate grip area for colleagues with huge hands since you lose a bit of this length to the lock-on ring.

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#7 Spider Grips A3-B Black A3 Grips for ATV

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If you are not willing to spend heavily on ATV grips, here comes the most favorable deal on our list. The pair goes at a fraction of the price of the competing models without sacrificing comfort and durability.

The replacement handles make use of a flangeless pattern. This pattern gives a sure grip without being too aggressive like some models out there when using with bare hands.

And since they are designed with muddy terrains in mind, the unique tread pattern that these grips utilize shed water and mud for a comfortable grasp throughout your ride.

The pair boasts a dual-layer construction. This design is an implication that they are designed to outlast the standard grips. Also, the double-layer constructions dampen vibrations for smoother riding experience.

The ends of these handles do not have pre-drilled holes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the ingression of water and mud the next time you go riding on a muddy road.

The pair is available in black, red, gray, blue, and yellow. Hence, you can pick the color that complements that of your four-wheeler. After installing, these ATV grips will remain in place.

  • They have nice compatibility.
  • They fit tightly.
  • The price is hard to beat.
  • The double-layer design is a plus.
  • Including some instructions would help.

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#8 BikeMaster Heated Grips (7/8)

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Our eighth suggestion on the list comes from Bikemaster. It boasts an excellently-engineered warming system. Therefore, it guarantees to keep your palms warm and comfortable during the toughest winters.

I mean, in case you are an enthusiastic ATV rider living in an area that experiences extremely low temperatures, Bikemaster Heated Grips should be a nice place to direct your cash.

If you have used other heated grips before, you will appreciate the revolutionary heating mechanism that this pair adopts. The advanced heating mechanism warms up faster to get you into your favorite pastime sooner.

The temperature regulator lets you adjust the heat level to one that works best for you. And with the five heat settings it packs, you will always have the perfect heat level for whatever situation is at hand.

The pair utilizes carefully-selected rubber construction that resists damage even with constant use at the highest heat setting. Also, the rubber material will stand up to the toughest outdoor elements.

The grip will work with handlebars that have a diameter of 7/8 inches. The 2 grips have end caps to prevent the ingression of water and mud. Nevertheless, since they are detachable, switching to open-ended design is a snap.

  • The rubber construction is premium.
  • The end caps are removable.
  • The controller is compact and sturdy.
  • The heat feels even at the 2 sides.
  • They need some effort to get onto bars.

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#9 Oury ATVB Black ATV Grips

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Whether you are cruising for pleasure or participating in a race, the quality of your ATV grips plays a focal role in comfort and handling. Hence, a decent pair of ATV grips remains an absolute necessity.

And yes, Oury ATVB Black ATV Grips are engineered with strong attention to detail for the best comfort and control. The grips are also thoroughly tested by experts to ensure that they live up to what they promise.

The grips come as a pair. Each piece is 127 mm long meaning its a few millimeters shorter than some models. Nonetheless, it still offers a decent length to accommodate large hands comfortably.

Each handle has an inner diameter of 7/8-inches. In other words, these grips will slide onto handlebars with the same thickness. That said, they are not only perfect for ATVs but also for motorbikes and dirt bikes with compatible handles.

Each grip also has an outer diameter of 1.26 inches. Comparing this to the internal thickness, it’s easy to see that a decent amount of material goes into its construction for exceptional shock absorption.

  • The grasps are soft but very durable.
  • They are very thick.
  • They dampen vibrations very well.
  • The deep waffle style pattern is good.
  • A thicker material at the end would be nice.

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#10 HTTMT XH4089-RED-22 Skull Grips Red Quad ATV

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For the ATV riders that are after a combination of durability, functionality, and stylishness, this pair of ATV grips are designed to offer an excellent blend of all these.

The stylish design guarantees to step up the look of your ATV. Also, we like that the materials used in its construction are of the best quality. Thus, they guarantee the best feel on the palm when also giving the best in durability.

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Each piece has a hole diameter of 22 mm. I mean, these grips are universal since they will work with handlebars that are 7/8 inches thick. And just in case you want them for your bike or motorcycle, they will work just fine.

The ergonomic design reduces wrist and hand fatigue from regular long rides. Hence, if you find it hard to get back home soon every time you hit the trails on your ATV, consider giving this set a shot.

The flexible covers give a great feel of the handlebar for excellent control when still retaining a comfortable and non-slip grasp. Lastly, we find it hard to overlook the fact that installation is a cinch.

  • The set employs a humanized construction.
  • The color doesn’t fade with time.
  • The set is very stylish.
  • They will favor a variety of bike riding.
  • The package doesn’t include installation instructions.

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#11 Risk Racing Fusion 2.0 Grip Tech Bonding System – ATV/MTB Red

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Even when using the stickiest glue to secure your ATV grips in place, it will lose its adhesion over time and eventually begin to spin on the bars becoming irritating and a major safety hazard.

Also, the process of wiring the grip securely in place isn’t reliable- the grasps are likely to remain in place for a limited time. Now, the fusion bonding system that these grips employ will bring a sure and hassle-free solution.

Getting the handles in place is simple- begin by cleaning your handlebars before applying the bonding strips. Then, spray the strips with the fusion spray before gently sliding the covers into place- and that’s it.

We also like that you don’t have to wait for hours or even days for the handles to bod with the bar. In fact, after spraying, the manufacturer recommends you allow for up to 15 minutes.

The set falls in the category of dual-density models. Hence, it will dampen vibrations for a more comfortable feel. The ends have a thicker construction to stand up to tip-overs.

Each piece has 3 ribs at the lower part. These ribs are designed to interact with the last 2 fingers to give you the best gripping power. And since the product comes from the United States, you can buy with the confidence of obtaining the best value for your money.

  • They use innovative bonding technology.
  • The directions are understandable.
  • They take less time to stick.
  • The ribbed design is meaningful.
  • The price point is a little steep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all ATV grips the same size?

In terms of diameter, almost all grips are 7/8 inches. However, when it comes to length, they may differ with a few millimeters. However, most have a length of between 120-130 mm.

How do I choose ATV grips?

First, you need to identify the type of grips that are perfect for you. If you live in cold areas, heated options are perfect for you. Also, consider the length and overall thickness to match it with the size of your hand. The tread pattern needs to be comfortable too.

What are lock-on grips?

Lock-on grips are simply named after their method of installation. These grips use screws instead of glue to secure in place. Usually, these screws come in the package.

How do you remove ATV grips without cutting them?

The lock-on grips are the easiest to remove since you only need to remove the screws and pull out. Nevertheless, glued options are a little hard to get rid of and that is why most people end up cutting them.

However, in case you don’t want to cut, you need an air gun. Using this tool, pump pressurized air through the small opening at the end to disengage the adhesive before slipping them off.

Are heated ATV grips worth it?

Heated grips are the most expensive type of ATV grips. They have heating systems to warm up the grips during cold days. That said, you might not realize their real value until you get to your quad bike in one chilly morning.

Final Verdict

ATV grips define how well you are going to enjoy your ride. Therefore, when buying, pick the pair that will give you the best moment out.

However, this is easily said than done but not anymore with our list of top-notch models!

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