11 Best ATV LED Light Bars (2023)

One of the amazing experiences you get from an ATV or UTV is in night riding. Whether the night fell on your way back home or were waiting for dusk to hit the trails, a night ride on your ATV stirs fun of its own kind.

However, to get the best from every moment of the ride, your trails need to be well lit. Of course, your headlights could be in a tip-top condition. Nevertheless, sometimes you may need more light than they can manage.

Now, to keep your path brightly illuminated, an additional light turns out a must-have. And yes, manufacturers have gone a long way to invent awesome ATV LED light bars for use in night riding.

Unfortunately, a major conundrum still lays in wait when it comes to shopping for the perfect light. That’s why we have taken the initiative to sift out the top-performing models from the chaff. Get your night-time riding companion from our list of 11 Best ATV LED Light Bars.

Nilight 12 Inch 72W LED Light Bars Spot Flood...
  • EXCELLENT LIGHTING EFFECT: Combination of bright spot and flood beam, further irradiation distance and wide range of light for broad view area

11 ATV LED Light Bar Reviews

#1 Nilight LED Light Bar 20 Inch 126w Off-Road Lights

Nilight LED Light Bar

Make your paths brighter in the night using this 20-inch off-road light from Nilight. The 126-watt ATV LED light bar is becoming a popular option among ATV riders because of its outstanding performance.

The unit boasts a lifespan of 50 000 hours. Therefore, it will light up your way for many years to come. The high-quality LED chips produce high lumens of light for amazing durability.

The excellent mix of spot and flood beams illuminates forward and side to side to let you see your path clearer. And with the adjustable rust-proof stainless mounting bracket, installation is quick and easy.

The heat conduction silicone gel and the durably-constructed aluminum alloy housing provide enhanced heat dissipation. Hence, this light guarantees excellent performance even with prolonged hours of use.

The construction is dustproof and IP67 waterproof-rated. In other words, this amazing light is designed to perform exceptionally without causing any trouble no matter the time of the year.

The light bar is easy to install. Also, it’s very versatile and works very well for trucks, SUVs, boats, cars, motorcycles, jeeps, gardens, and other indoor and outdoor applications.

  • The packaging is perfect.
  • It seems very well built.
  • It’s too bright for the price.
  • Including more washers would be nice.

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#2 Online LED Store Off-Road CREE LED Light Bar

Online LED Store LED Light Bar

The second option on the list is perfect for use on ATVs, boats, trucks, and other automobile applications. The package includes 2 high-performing LED light bars without costing you twice the price of other single-piece options.

Each piece adopts an ultra-thin design. That said, expect this pair of off-road lights to mount in thin spots with less struggle. The ultra-slim design also means that they will look great anywhere you mount them.

Each light packs six 3-watt LEDs that produce a total output of 1530 lumens, bright enough to turn the darkest path to daylight. The color temperature of 6000 Kelvins interacts well with the eyes to make it an excellent option for epic night rides.

The light uses materials of the highest quality for maximum durability in the harshest conditions. The IP68 waterproof rating guarantees industry’s best waterproof performance.

The housing is of aircraft-grade aluminum construction. The sturdy construction makes the light sturdy when keeping the weight low for easy installation and enhanced portability.

And being a 60-degree floodlight version, these LED lights guarantees to illuminate a wider area than most models out there. However, it’s also available in a 20-degree spotlight version in case you need a long-distance light.

  • The weight is nice.
  • The slim profile is great.
  • The package includes installation instructions.
  • The mounts look a little flimsy although they hold up well for years.

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#3 Nilight ZH409 Flood Spot Combo 42000LM LED Light Bar

Nilight ZH409 Flood Spot Combo 42000LM LED Light Bar

Also boasting the lifespan of up to 50000 hours, this light bar is designed to illuminate your path for many years through the harshest seasons. Therefore, if you are looking for a durable LED Light bar, you won’t go wrong here.

The unique tri-low design comes with more LED chips than dual row lights of comparable size. This design means that this lamp will illuminate brighter than the majority of the members of the competition.

The water-tight rubber pad and the silicone sealing strip means that this off-road LED light bar will survive through inclement weather conditions without developing any issues.

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The heat conduction silicone gel pairs with the enhanced die-cast aluminum alloy housing for a better cooling effect to support long hours of use. This feature prolongs the lifespan of the LED chips.

The unit boasts an amazing light output of 42000 lumens, more than you will get in other LED off-road lights going for the same price. That said, this light gives maximum performance without maximum cost.

The mounting bracket tilts to permit adjustment to match the needs of the user. And since its a universal-fit model, you can mount it on your ATV, UTV, van, truck, boat, forklift, and more with less hassle.

  • The output of 42000 lumens is great.
  • It’s very easy to wire up.
  • It tilts up and down.
  • There are no installation instructions.

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#4 Eyourlife Combo Beam Off Road Driving Fog Lamp

Eyourlife Combo Beam Off Road Driving Fog Lamp

Our next light on the list is compatible with ATVs and other automobile devices with a 10-30 volt power source. It has excellent craftsmanship for cutting-edge performance in the toughest conditions.

The curved design is one of the features that make this off-road driving light a standout in the market. This design provides a broader viewing area and illuminates your surroundings to let you ride with confidence.

The unit packs 96 pieces of high-intensity Epistar LED lights. Each LED chip draws just 3 watts of power and combines to deliver an amazing output of 17280 lumens at the color temperature of 6000K.

The light produces a 60-degree flood beam and a 30-degree spot beam. The combo beam means that this single light will let you see the road ahead as well as the area around your ATV.

Also boasting an impressive lifespan of 50000 hours, this light bar should remain on your ATV year after year. The special design provides better heat dissipation to prolong the service life beyond 50000 hours.

The LED light bar arrives with a stainless mounting bracket that is non-corrosive and weather-resistant. The 50-inch unit installs in ATVs, trucks, cars, motorcycles, van camper, and more.

  • The lamp is very sturdy.
  • The curved design is great.
  • The hardware is of good quality.
  • Wiring harness isn’t included.

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This ATV LED light bar comes in a pack of 2. Each piece features 6 durably-constructed LEDs. These chips draw 3 watts of power each to produce a staggering amount of light to keep your paths clearly visible.

The die-cast aluminum housing implies that this unit will last through years of everyday use in harsh conditions. Also, this construction pairs with the sharp aluminum fan design for an improved cooling effect.

The enhanced PC lens boasts high light transmission for great performance. In other words, this light is designed to give the most out of every bit of juice it draws from your ATV’s power source.

The single-row LED lamp has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Additionally, the unit is waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion for reliable performance no matter the conditions.

The working temperature of -40~80 degrees Celsius is impressive. And with adjustable mounting accessories forming part of the package, this off-road light is straightforward to install.

The flood light bar has great compatibility. Therefore, they will install in most jeeps, ATVs, cars, motorcycles, vans, campers, and other automotive devices that need additional light.

  • They are very efficient.
  • The PC lens has a high light transmission.
  • The mounting accessories are adjustable.
  • The lead wire needs to be a few inches longer.

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#6 Nilight 18024C-A Flood Spot Combo

Nilight 18024C-A Flood Spot Combo

Our next ATV lamp comes from Nilight, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality LED light bars in the world. Therefore, we can expect the light to not disappoint easily.

The LED chips of this premium lamp embrace a triple-row design. For this reason, this single piece packs up to 140 LEDs to emit more light in off-road night riding when drawing a total of 420 watts of power.

Also, unlike most options that produce a single beam, this lamp throws a flood spot combo beam. Hence, it will let you see the path ahead as well as the area around your ATV- it’s like literally having 2 single-beam lights!

The heat conductive silicone gel and the improved aluminum housing ensures the LED chips run cool. Hence, it’s one of the lights that will serve in the long rides without having some LEDs fail on the way.

The ATV led light has a waterproof rubber pad. This feature pairs with the silicone sealing strip to lock out moisture, dust, and other elements you may encounter on the way for optimal performance on the toughest conditions.

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The mounting bracket allows one to slide up and down and to the sides as they please. This adjustability makes it easy to fit in the ideal mounting position whether on your ATV, boat, UTV, jeep, truck, or anywhere else.

  • It is waterproof.
  • Wiring and setup are a snap.
  • The triple-row design is great.
  • The quality of the mounting hardware doesn’t match that of the light.

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#7 WEISIJI LED Light Bar (20inch 252W)


This light comes backed by an international standard rating of IP68. Therefore, it will stand up to dust, sand, and submersion of up to 1.5 meters in the water for up to 30 minutes.

The die-cast aluminum profile and the polycarbonate lens protect the internal components of the light from extreme conditions. That said, expect this light to deliver at least 50000 hours of working life.

The alu-fins at the rear provide enhanced heat dissipation to keep the light operating cool. The durably-constructed light bar has a breath valve for balancing the pressure in the light.

The light bar has a total of 84 pieces; 42 white LEDs and 42 pieces of RGB LEDs. And being a combo-beam light, WEISIJI LED Light Bar produces spot beam on the middle and flood beam at the sides.

The light comes with a radio-frequency remote controller. The high-quality device allows the user to change the color and light mode as they please without the need for a line of sight.

The protection rating of IP68 is an implication that the LED light bar is engineered with the most extreme conditions in mind. Hence, expect it to perform exceptionally come rain come shine.

The manufacturer sends the unit with 2 kinds of brackets to let the user pick the one that works best with their ATV- forget about buying a separate mounting bracket because of incompatibility.

  • It comes with 2 brackets for wide compatibility.
  • The RF controller is very responsive.
  • The multi-lighting functions are nice.
  • The size of the remote is quite small for users with huge hands.

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#8 Lite-Way (12 Inch) LED Light Bar Spot Flood Combo Beam

Lite-Way (12 Inch) LED Light Bar

Although this light bar is only 12 inches long, it boasts an amazing light output of 30, 000 lumens- enough to dispel the extreme darkness from your path. The tri-row LED alignment packs more LED chips than some longer dual-row LED light bars.

Therefore, in case you are looking for a small but powerful light bar for your ATV or other automotive devices, you may not have to look any further beyond the Lite-Way 12-inch LED Light Bar.

The small design allows for flexibility in installation since it can easily fit in tight areas where longer lights can’t go. Hence, whether you want to have it on a roof rack, bullbar, or any other area, it is up to you to choose.

The light produces an appropriate combination of spot beam and flood beam to make your path and surrounding more visible at night without having to install 2 separate lights.

The multi-purpose light works in ATVs, sedan crossover, jeep, UTV, SUV, tractor, and other automobile devices. Since it has a waterproof construction, it is also ideal for boats.

The housing is of a tough die-cast aluminum material. This material protects the inner components from damage and is abrasion-resistant for reliable performance throughout its service life.

  • It is very bright for its size.
  • The small size makes installation flexible.
  • It is a multi-purpose light.
  • The package doesn’t include a wiring harness.

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#9 Rigidhorse 32 Inch LED Light Bar

Rigidhorse 32 Inch LED Light Bar

This 32-inch light produces up to 32000 lumens of light. Its flood and spot beam combo keeps your path and everything around you visible to make night riding safer than ever before.

Unlike some more expensive single-row LED light bars, either side of this light bar has a unique flood reflective cup. This special design allows for more extensive irradiation distance as compared to other models.

Like other previous models, the housing of this light bar adopts durable aluminum alloy construction. Therefore, it’s very rough and will stand up to the ruggedness of everyday use over tough terrains and extreme weather conditions.

The durable aluminum housing has a black coating for superior protection against corrosion and other elements. This finish also steps up the aesthetics of the light so that it looks great on your ATV/vehicle.

The mounting bracket makes use of stainless steel construction and is adjustable to make mounting a breeze. In fact, since they are universal, they will work with any standard mounting holes.

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The 6063 polycarbonate lens is shatterproof and will maintain its integrity through the toughest abuse. Also, these lens have a higher light transmission rate as compared to some in other lights.

  • The lens are shatter-proof.
  • The black coating is beautiful.
  • The mounting brackets are of stainless steel.
  • It may not live up to 30000 lumens of output although it’s still super bright.

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#10 Lumitek (20″ 126W) CREE Led Light Bar

Lumitek CREE Led Light Bar

For the ATV riders who aren’t ready to pay a huge amount for a decent LED light bar, here comes their perfect option. This light goes at a fraction of the price of the competitors without sacrificing its capability.

The light is 20 inches long. Therefore, it will fit in tight spots where other longer lights of its caliber can’t go. The compact design affords the user the much-needed flexibility in installation.

The 126-watt unit produces 10, 500 lumens of light at the color temperature of 6000 Kelvins. And unlike most models that promise large output but fail to deliver, this light lives up to what it claims.

The lifespan of 30000 hours means that this light is designed to serve you for probably a lifetime. Also, it has a waterproof rating of IP67. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the LEDs failing the next time rain finds you riding.

Apart from use with your ATV, this light works well for other indoor and outdoor lighting. You can use it as backyard lighting, garden lighting, back up lighting, and just about any other place where you need an ultra-bright LED lamp.

  • The price is hard to beat.
  • The mounting brackets are really good.
  • It’s a general-purpose light.
  • The light output of 10500 lumens isn’t the brightest the market offers.

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#11 Zmoon Led Light Bar (240W 24000lm)

Zmoon Led Light Bar

When you order this light, you will receive two 7-inch light bars. It’s an unbelievable deal considering that the overall price is lower than that of some low-priced single-unit lights.

But don’t underestimate them- the 2 lights combine for an impressive light output of 24000 lumens. Hence, the amount of light they produce is more intense than that of most larger and expensive models in the market.

The spot & flood combo beam means that this high-quality light is designed to illuminate around your ATV and the road afar- night riding has just become more exciting and safer!

The IP67 waterproof design means that this LED light bar is tightly sealed to prevent the ingression of water, dust, and other elements that may affect its effectiveness. Thus, the light will sustain its ‘day one’ performance throughout its lifespan.

 The stainless steel bracket is durable and adjusts within 45 degrees to make it easy to install at the ideal spot. The package contains the 2 LED bars, 2 mounting brackets, and an easy-to-understand instructional manual.

  • The casing is very sturdy.
  • The light bar is watertight.
  • The LEDs are of high-quality.
  • The bolt in the mount needs to be a bit long.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand of LED light bars?

There are so many nice brands of LED light bars out there. Some of the common ones are Nilight, Lite Way, Eyourlife, and many more as seen on the list.

How do I choose an ATV light bar?

When choosing an ATV light bar, consider factors such as light intensity, construction, efficiency, design, and the budget. Also, ensure that the length fits where you want to fix it.

Are Nilight light bars good?

Yes. Nilight is one of the leading manufacturers of LED light bars. That’s why her lights are becoming popular among ATV riders around the world.

What’s better curved or straight light bar?

The difference between curved and straight light bars is that straight off light bars are not angled in any direction and therefore throw light at a 90-degree angle. The curved light bars emit light at different angles. However, the 3 designs work just fine.

What are the brightest LED off-road lights?

The brightness of a light is measured in lumens. The light intensity increases with an increase in the number of lumens. Hence, in case you are looking for the brightest off-road light, pick the one with the highest number of lumens from our list.

Final Verdict

An ATV LED light bar is an essential accessory that every ATV rider needs to have. Choosing the right LED light requires one to take a few things in mind without surpassing your budget. Pick one ATV LED light bar from our list to unleash a new level of fun in night riding.

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