11 Best ATV Ramps (2024)

Off-roading has grown to become among the most popular outdoor sports currently. In fact, if you asked most ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) drivers, nothing offers comparable fun to that of tearing around on their quad bikes.

Now, as an ATV rider, you need a few things to make life simpler. Of course, a decent bike and good safety gear are must-haves, but also on top of the list of essentials is an ATV ramp.

An ATV ramp comes in handy during those moments of loading your four-wheeler onto a flatbed and when bringing it down from the trailer. It lets the user ride through it when there is the need to transport a quad bike on a larger vehicle to the intended site.

Of course, the market of ATV ramps is never on scarcity, but reliable options from the hundred and one available models are very rare. With this in mind, we saw it helpful to sift out the finest options and put them together on a single list. Here are the 11 best ATV ramps!

Top 11 ATV Ramp Reviews

#1 Black Widow AFL-9012-2 Dual Runner ATV Ramp

Black Widow AFL-9012-2 Dual Runner ATV Ramp

Black Widow is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to ATV ramps. Hence, even before we dig deeper to examine the features of this unit, we already know that it is high-quality and that will do exactly what it says.

The ramp makes use of commercial-grade aluminum. For this reason, it is very solid and will handle ATVs, UTVs, and other four-wheeled units that have a maximum weight of 1500 lbs (including the rider). In other words, either of the 2 ramps boasts a load capacity of 750 lbs.

The reason for using aluminum is to keep the weight of the ramp low for easy portability without compromising on its strength. The ramps have crossbars that have 3-inch rung spacing for maximum traction when loading your ATV onto a flatbed. This feature also gives you a smooth experience when riding on it.

The package also includes adjustable straps that keep the ramp in position for user safety when loading. The 4-inch mounting fingers have a rubber coating to prevent them from scratching the paint of the trailer or truck bed.

In Summary:

  • It ramps have an overall weight capacity of 1500 lbs.
  • Each ramp has 3 finger-style attachment points to protect from scratch.
  • It uses lightweight yet high-strength aluminum construction.
  • The serrated rungs offer excellent traction.

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#2 Titan 7.5ft Aluminum Ramps

Titan 7.5ft Aluminum Ramps

These 7.5 feet ramps come as a pair. Thus, you can use the two when you need to load or offload a 4-wheel vehicle such as ATV or UTV or one ramp when you want it for a dirt bike or any other 2-wheeled bike.

The ramps utilize sturdy aluminum construction that will not catch rust even with years of use. The pair has a load capacity of 1500 lbs. Thus, it is very solid to support use with most four-wheel vehicles and heavy riders.

Surprisingly, these ramps weigh 33 lbs for easy transportation. When in a utilization state, each is 90 inches long and 11 inches wide. The foldable design, however, allows you to collapse them to a manageable size of 45.5″ x 11″ x 6″ (each) when you need to move them. The collapsible design also ensures that they do not take much storage space.

The industrial-grade tether straps guarantee your safety and that of your vehicle when riding on the ramps while the rubber-tipped fingers imply that the unit is designed to interact politely with the paint of your vehicle.

In Summary:

  • The ramps weigh 33 lbs.
  • Each ramp is 90 inches long and 11 inches wide when unfolded.
  • They collapse to manageable sizes.
  • It adopts an arched ramp design.

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#3 Smartxchoices Pair 7.5′ Folding Truck Ramps

Smartxchoices Pair Folding Truck Ramps

This model from Smartxchoices provides a smart way of loading your ATV/UTV/ dirt bikes, lawnmower, truck or whatever you want to take with you onto a larger vehicle for transportation. Like all the previous options on this list, it utilizes industrial-grade aluminum for maximum strength when still maintaining a low weight.

This type of metal will not catch rust with time. This ensures that the ramps maintain their beauty for many years. Hence, in case you are looking for a ramp that will work well for outdoor applications even during rainy seasons, then this could be the kind of ATV ramps you are looking for.

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Either of the ramps boasts high load-bearing capacity of 750 pounds and can be used individually when you need to load 2-wheeled units or as a pair in case of 4-wheelers. The arched design provides good clearance for easy loading and offloading.

The soft-tipped design of the ramp prevents it from damaging your ride. Each ramp also has 3 caps at the bottom to keep it in position when riding over it. And since the package also includes red adjustable straps, we can safely argue that this pair of ATV ramps comes with your safety, that of your truck and that of your ATV in mind.

Either of the ramps is 89.3 inches long and 11.6 inches wide. However, after using, they are designed to fold with less hassle to a small size of 45.6 inches long and 11.6 inches wide.

In Summary:

  • It works well for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • It comes with high-strength red straps.
  • They are easy to maintain in perfect condition.
  • The soft-tipped design is a plus.

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#4 Clevr 7.5′ Set of 2 Folding Arched Aluminum Truck Ramps

Clevr Set of 2 Folding Arched Aluminum Truck Ramps

Whether it’s a lawnmower, ATV, UTV, dirt-bike, or any 2-wheeled or 4-wheeled units, these ramps will save you much hassle and time when loading/offloading on a truck. It comes in a set of 2 so you can use one or a combination of the 2 depending on the task you have in hand.

It makes use of premium-grade 6061 aluminum construction for long-lasting performance without catching rust. Additionally, the pair boasts a bearing capacity of 1500 lbs. Therefore, this pair is very strong to ensure that it addresses all your loading/offloading needs.

Also, they collapse with minimal effort for easy storage or transportation. In fact, since the pair is lightweight with a total weight of 32 lbs, you will like how easy it is to carry these ramps to the point of use and then back after serving the intended purpose.

The two heavy-duty straps keep the ramps firmly connected to the tailgate to minimize the chances of it collapsing. Therefore, with these ramps, you will always get a safe transfer in no time.

In Summary:

  • The pair weighs 32 lbs.
  • It has a beautiful silver finish.
  • It links firmly to the truck’s tailgate.
  • The 6061 aluminum is very long-lasting.

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#5 VIVOHOME 7.5ft Aluminum Folding Loading Ramps Kit

VIVOHOME 7.5ft Aluminum Folding Loading Ramps Kit

This set from Vivohome is a good option to give a shot for anyone looking for a reliable loading ramp. It comes as a pair but each piece can function independently when you want to load bicycle, motorcycle, dirt bikes, or any other two-wheeled items onto a flatbed.

Each ramp can withstand a maximum load of 750 lbs, a pretty impressive rating that will work well for most needs. Hence, when using the pair, this weight capacity doubles to 1500 lbs. The plate-top style and the built-in high traction surface maximize traction for easy loading and offloading.

The hollow aluminum structure minimizes the overall weight of the set without sacrificing strength. Like all the preceding members on the list, this pair from Vivohome folds in half after use for easy portability and space-saving storage.

The three rubber fingers at the end of the ramp prevent it from slipping when in utilization for your safety and that of whatever you are loading or bringing down. After buying this set, the manufacturer sends it with 2 bonus heavy-duty straps that connect the ramp to the tailgate.

In Summary:

  • It adopts a safe design.
  • The hollow design provides strength when minimizing the weight of the ramps.
  • It employs a plate-top design.
  • The built-in surface offers a good grip.

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#6 Black Widow Plate-Style Aluminum Extra-Wide Tri-Fold ATV Ramp

Black Widow Plate-Style Aluminum Extra-Wide Tri-Fold ATV Ramp

If you want an ATV ramp that comes as a single piece, this unit from Black Widow should be at the top on your priority list. The single-piece design makes it easier and quicker to set up than the conventional options that require you to set each piece separately.

The extra-wide design provides the user with a wide path to drive on and makes it easier than it has ever been when you have to load units manually such as a lawnmower. The bearing capacity of 1500 lbs means that it is strong enough to withstand the weight of most quad bikes and their drivers.

The unit makes use of aluminum construction for long-lasting performance without giving in to rust and other effects of extended outdoor use. The punch hole surface ensures sure footing for safe loading and offloading.

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Also, unlike most units that fold to half their size after use, this solid ramp folds to just 18 inches wide and 5.625 inches, a third its size. Therefore, you can always fit it under the ATV for transportation if you are intending to use it for offloading.

In Summary:

  • It is very wide.
  • It comes as a single piece for a quick set up.
  • It folds twice (to a third of its size) after use.
  • It has a very solid punch-hole surface for maximum support and sure grip.

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#7 Motorhot 2 Pcs 7.5’ft Aluminum Folding Loading Ramps

Motorhot 2 Pcs Aluminum Folding Loading Ramps

Motorhot is also a good manufacturer who has won many hearts of customers around the globe. Among the many products that this reputable manufacturer produces is this 7.5-foot ATV ramp.

The unit comes in a set of 2 and is engineered to simplify loading and offloading tasks for its users. The aluminum structure is heavy duty and offers a very solid and reliable surface for your treasured ATV and anything else you may want to ride over it onto the flatbed of the trailer or truck.

The high-quality pair utilizes a purposeful arched design that gives an excellent ramp-to-equipment clearance for quicker operation. Additionally, the grooved rung design provides an improved grip for enhanced safety whereas the tie-down straps secure it in place when in use.

The bi-folding design allows you to collapse the ramp to half its size for easy storage and portability. The rubber fingers protect your truck from abrasion by preventing it from scratching against the surface.

In Summary:

  • It has a bi-folding design.
  • It is a 7.5-foot ramp.
  • It has an aluminum structure.
  • It is rust-resistance.

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#8 Guardian Dual Runner Shed Ramps – 750 Pound Per Axle Capacity

Guardian Dual Runner Shed Ramps

If you are looking for inexpensive ATV ramps that are incredibly strong, then you won’t go wrong with this option from Guardian Industrial Products. The package comes with a set of 2 ramps. The pair works well for ATVs, lawnmowers, snowblowers, and other many 4 wheelers.

Each piece has a length of 36 inches and a width of 8 inches. With this size, Guardian Dual Runner Shed Ramps will work well for applications such as garages and sheds. Hence, in case you need an option for use with a tall truck, it’s unfortunate that this isn’t made for that.

The ramps have 3.5-inch rung spacing. This feature means that they work well for small tires while the serrated texture offers a sure grip to the wheels for safer operations. The pre-drilled holes at the full-width lips mean that you can conveniently mount them permanently at the entrance of your garage or shed for better stability.

The aluminum structure gives it a very low weight to make transportation a breeze. In fact, with each ramp weighing just 4 lbs, this pair of ramps is the most lightweight model on our list.

In Summary:

  • Works well for garages and sheds.
  • Each axle has a full-width lip for stability.
  • The pre-drilled hole allows for permanent mounting.
  • It works well for small wheels.

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#9 Pit Posse Pair Of Lawn Mower Atv Folding Loading Ramps

Pit Posse Pair Of Lawn Mower Atv Folding Loading Ramps

Also on the list, these 2 ramps have many features that make it among the market’s leading options. They are of 6063 aluminum, a weather-resistant material that is very sturdy but lightweight at just 33 pounds of weight.

Its ability to work for ATVs, UTVs, trucks, motorcycle, dirt bikes, garden tractor, lawnmowers, and other many units means that it is made to offer a solution to all your loading/offloading needs.

Each piece will tolerate a maximum weight of 750 pounds. This means that they are strong enough for worry-free loading and offloading of your four-wheeler. The included straps provide that added stability you are looking for to allow you to use the pair with confidence.

The hinges, crossbars, and joints are all heavy-duty and they won’t fail with time. Plus, the welding is done perfectly without leaving any sharp edges for user safety. Each piece has a length of 89 inches and a width of 11 inches. Therefore, they are wide enough to offer enough space even for the ATVs and other units that have extra-wide tires.

In Summary:

  • It comes fully assembled.
  • The welding is excellent.
  • The hinges open and close smoothly.
  • There size and strength make them versatile.

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#10 Titan 10′ HD 4-Beam Wide Aluminum Truck Load Ramp Motorcycle Harley ATV Cruiser

Titan HD 4-Beam Wide Aluminum Truck Load Ramp Motorcycle Harley ATV Cruiser

If you were very keen on our review, chances are that you already noted that all our previous options offer a total weight capacity of 1500 lbs. However, the case is different with this model from Titan. With the ability to bear up to 2700 lbs, this unit is strong enough to support just about everything you might need to ride on it.

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Also, unlike other members on the list that come with 2 ramps, this set packs three heavy-duty axles. You can connect one, two, or all the ramps depending on what you are loading. The middle ramp makes use of a 4-beam design for added strength.

The rungs are 5/8 inches thick for reliable support when using it for heavy ATVs, lawnmowers, tractors, and other heavy 4-wheeled machines/vehicles. The rung spacing of 4 inches works well for most tires. However, the manufacturer insists that these ramps should not be used for golf carts and UTVs.

The crossbars of this option are serrated for an improved grip. Also, the arched design gives a better clearance than that of most competing models. The set, however, is a little heavy since it has a total weight of 96 lbs.

In Summary:

  • The total weight capacity is 2700 lbs.
  • The set includes 3 ramps.
  • The middle ramp adopts 4-beam design for maximum strength.
  • The rungs are thick for reliable support.

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#11 Yutrax TX104 Trifold Ramps Silver 78 Inch ATV

Yutrax TX104 Trifold Ramps Silver 78 Inch ATV

As the name suggests, Yutrax TX104 has a length of 78 inches that works well for taller vehicles. However, in case you need a shorter length, it is also available in a 70-inch version.

Either size arrives as an extra-wide ramp with a width of 50 inches and not as separate pieces like most options in the market. This design makes it easy to set up and more convenient to work with. It also has heavy-duty hinges that let you fold it to a third (17.5 inches wide) of its actual size for convenient storage.

The unit is of high-strength aluminum and works well for ATVs and other vehicles. You will also like that the welding is correctly done. Additionally, this single-design ramp has a maximum load capacity of 1750 lbs and is of highly-resilient aluminum material.

The rectangular side rails provide enhanced safety and will not bend easily like in other ramps that have rails. The tab attachment points have a rubber coating to prevent the ramp from shifting when in use and to protect the vehicle from scratches.

In Summary:

  • It comes as a single extra-wide ramp.
  • It is available in two lengths; 78 inches and 70 inches.
  • The side rails will not bend.
  • It’s a trifold ramp.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Which is better, buying or making an ATV ramp?

Making your ATV ramp is a good idea since you can make the exact size and design you want. However, it requires one to be well-equipped with all the tools and materials they need for the job. Also, it is time-consuming. For this reason, we see buying as generally cheaper than making. However, ensure that you get the exact size and design you require for your needs.

What are the things to consider when buying an ATV ramp?

The obvious factors here include the price, size, build-quality, and weight capacity. Other essential factors that people frequently neglect are; thickness and spacing of the rungs, the number of times it folds, traction, the shape of the ramps, quality of the straps (if included), and the quality of the finish.

Why do I need an ATV ramp?

Well, an ATV ramp comes in handy during those moments when you need to transfer your ATV from your trailer. It provides an inclination on which you can ride your four-wheeler to the intended surface with less effort and time.

Who makes the best ATV ramps?

We have so many reputable manufacturers of ATV ramps such as Black Widow. However, I believe that the popularity of a brand does not always mean that the product is of high-quality. Hence, it’s better to pay more attention to what the product offers rather than where it comes from.

Which ATV ramp should I buy?

The perfect ATV ramp for you is the one that meets all your anticipations. Check from our suggestions to see the one that looks to be more tailored for your needs.


It’s no doubt that an ATV ramp is a lifesaver for those working with these vehicles and other four-wheelers. Our article gathers the top models out there that guarantee the best value for your money.

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