Top 11 Best ATV Spreaders (2024)

All-Terrain-Vehicles are famous for their fun. However, this isn’t the only benefit you get from owning an ATV. For instance, if you are into gardening, a quad will play several roles in the garden such as in preparation, spreading, and maintenance.

However, to enjoy a whole lot of its capabilities, you need to bring the right accessories onboard. Case in point, in spreading seeds, fertilizer, salt, or any other thing, a decent spreader is a must-have.

ATV spreaders attach to an ATV to make seeding and other spreading jobs in the garden quicker, efficient, and more effortless. They are specially made for use with ATVs so they mount onto quad bikes readily.

Unfortunately, like ATVs, these spreaders differ in performance, construction, efficiency, and more. Hence, you need to invest in the one that guarantees the best performance when you get into the farm.

How exactly do you identify the right spreader for you from the rest? Well, that’s why we are here- pick one of our 11 best ATV spreaders to make your gardening work a whole lot easier.

Buyers Products ATVS100 ATV Broadcast Spreader,...
  • Durable, rustproof poly hopper has 100 lb capacity.

11 ATV Spreader Reviews

#1 Field Tuff AS-12V 12-Volt ATV Broadcast Spreader

Field Tuff AS-12V 12-Volt ATV Broadcast Spreader

This ATV spreader is one of the top models you can consider giving a shot if you want to make your gardening work simple and more fun. It packs lots of features to transform what would have been an onerous activity to a nearly effortless affair.

The spreader packs a hardworking 12-volt motor delivering up to 570 RPM. Therefore, we expect it to hardly disappoint once it gets to the garden. The vinyl coating on the motor protects it for extended service life and a lifetime up-to-par performance.

The spreader mounts easily to any ATV. In fact, since you can fix it at the front or rear of your quad, it’s one of the models that will give you a lot of flexibility in installation. It works with 1-1/4 and 2-Inch hitch receivers.

It works perfectly in spreading seed or fertilizer and has a broadcast width of 12 feet. The Field Tuff AS-12V also boasts high capacity of 80 lbs. Hence, a single fill should keep you going for quite long.

The ON/OFF switch mounts easily on the handlebar. That said, you will find it more convenient to use than the majority of the models out there. The included rain cover protects it and all its contents from rain and other harsh elements.

  • It is compatible with most ATVs, UTVs, and utility tractors.
  • A rain cover forms part of the package.
  • It is easy to install.
  • The capacity of 80 pounds isn’t ideal for large gardens.

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#2 Buyers Products ATVS15A ATV All Purpose Broadcast Spreader

Buyers Products ATVS15A ATV All Purpose Broadcast Spreader

As the name suggests, this broadcast spreader is a multi-purpose unit. Therefore, it’s one of the models that will save you a great deal of work once you bring it to your garden.

You can use it for spreading rock salt at the winter or for dispensing seed, fertilizer, and feed. In other words, no matter the season, this high-quality spreader will always have somewhere to intervene in the garden.

Like our first option, it packs a 12-Volt motor. Therefore, it’s also a unit you can count on to impress in terms of performance. And since the motor is sealed, it’s easy to maintain and will cause you minimal to no trouble in the long haul.

The polyethylene hopper is durably-constructed to withstand the severity of daily abuse in a rugged outdoor environment like the garden. The black coat prolongs its service life and improves the overall look.

It packs the capacity of 15 gallons to afford an average landscaper a decent amount of space. Also, we like that it comes with a very well made lid. The cover remains tight to seal out elements to keep the contents in great condition.

The 8-1/2-foot power cable features an ON/OFF switch. The extra-long cord makes all the controls of the spreader accessible. Thus, you will never have to get off your ATV until you are done.

The shut-off gate is customizable to let the user control the rate of flow. Also, it stays where you place it. That said, it’s one of the spreaders that will get the job done exactly how you want it.

  • The lid remains tight.
  • The construction is heavy-duty.
  • The controls are accessible from the ATV’s seat.
  • The design of the gate isn’t the best but it works.

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#3 Moultrie ATV Spreader – Manual Feed Gate

Moultrie ATV Spreader – Manual Feed Gate

Apart from originating from a well-reputed manufacturer, our next ATV spreader on the list boasts great features that most landscapers want in products of its kind. I mean, it has all it takes to qualify for a spot on our list.

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The high-quality unit has a capacity of 100 lbs., more than the majority of the models out there. Therefore, it makes gardening work quick and easy by saving you time and effort of refilling every now and then.

The tapered plastic construction holds the promise of long-lasting performance. Also, unlike some metallic models that catch rust with time, the plastic material retains its pristine condition come rain come shine.

You can use it for dispensing seed or fertilizer on your food plot. The opening of the shut-off gate is adjustable so that you can set the amount of material going out to match your needs.

The mounting bracket adopts a universal design. Hence, this spreader is easy to connect to most ATVs. After you are done, the quick-release mechanism of the 12-volt piece detaches for storage.

  • The plastic material guarantees rust-free performance.
  • The mounting bracket has wide compatibility.
  • It detaches readily.
  • The packaging can be improved.

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#4 Guide Gear ATV/UTV Mount Spreader

Guide Gear ATV/UTV Mount Spreader

Whether you want to use this spreader with your four-wheeler, side by side, or a utility tractor, it’s one of the models that offer great compatibility. It works with a 1-1/4-inch or 2-inch hitch receivers of any of these automotive devices.

You can use the product for distributing seed or fertilizer. But in case you want it for spreading small grains, it will also work exceptionally. The whopping capacity of 125 lbs. means that it’s large enough to accommodate up to 16 gallons of content.

The hopper makes use of very tough rust-free material in its construction. Thus, it will tolerate tough outdoor elements. It also comes with a tough rain cover for superior protection.

It relies on a 12-volt motor to simplify a variety of gardening tasks. The reliable motor takes pride in the speed rating of 570 RPM. Also, it is sealed from elements for long-lasting and trouble-free performance.

The broadcast width of 12 feet is an impressive coverage to get you done with the job quicker. And since you can control the unit without getting off the driver’s seat, you will enjoy the convenience that the piece packs.

  • The assembly directions are very straightforward.
  • It has quality metal parts.
  • The speed rating of 570 RPM is nice.
  • You can’t adjust the width of the spread.

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#5 Guide Gear 12 Volt ATV/UTV Spreader

Guide Gear 12 Volt ATV/UTV Spreader

The fifth option on the list originates from the same facility as the fourth. For this reason, we also expect it to hardly let you down when it comes to all that it claims to do.

It shares several features with the brother. For instance, its hopper is of high-quality polyethylene. Thus, it is durable and guarantees non-corrosive and rust-free performance.

The unit also packs a motor. The 12-volt engine makes it a workhorse of a spreader. Furthermore, the durable motor is sealed to protect it from outdoor elements that may affect its functionality.

The broadcast width here is about 12 feet. And with all these features comparing to those of the previous model, it should last and perform as the previous model.

It is unique in one way or the other, however. For instance, unlike the previous model with a holding capacity of 125 lbs., this spreader takes only up to 80 lbs. That said, it’s a great option if this capacity works better for you than that of the predecessor.

The durable product arrives with a wiring harness that installs easily. The ON/OFF switch means that you can start or shut down the spreader without having to get off your four-wheeler.

  • It is easy to use.
  • The ON/OFF switch is a plus.
  • It holds up to heavy use.
  • The material flow regulator is of plastic.

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#6 Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader

Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader

Tackle a variety of landscaping tasks with ease and greater efficiency using this spreader from Field Tuff. It is a heavy-duty product that stands the test of time even with the most extreme abuse by outdoor conditions.

The piece offers a wide range of compatibility. Therefore, you can connect it easily to your ATV, UTV, or utility tractor. However, for it to link up with your automotive device, it needs to have a 1-1/4-inch or 2-inch hitch receiver.

Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 compares to the earlier sibling on the list in that it features an 80-lb. hopper. That said, it should accommodate up to 8 gallons, whether using it for grass seed, fertilizer, or other small seeds.

The 12-volt sealed motor packs quite a punch. In other terms, the 570-RPM engine of this machine is hardworking and will provide enough power to deliver up to a 12-feet broadcast width.

Forming part of the package is a reliable ON/OFF switch. This accessory allows for easy on and off from the comfort of your seat. A decent rain cover is also included to keep whatever you have in the hopper dry.

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#7 Buyers Products ATVS100 ATV Spreader

Buyers Products ATVS100 ATV Spreader

Our next pick is from Buyers Products. And yes, many things render it one of the fantastic options out there. For instance, it comes with a low price tag that favors the budget of almost any ATV owner.

The poly hopper is very rugged and should stand up to everyday exposure to harsh elements. The hopper has a great holding capacity of 100 lbs. to cover a pretty large area in a single fill.

And as the name hints, it’s an all-purpose unit. To shed some light on its capabilities, you can use it for not only farming but also for a wide spectrum of other activities such as landscaping, hunting, and maintenance work.

The spreader works with free-flowing materials. In other words, it will fan out grass seeds, fertilizer, feed, and other dry granular materials you might want to spread on your farm.

The manual feed regulator means that you can now control what’s going out of the spreader. The rain shield protects all the contents of the hopper from rain and other conditions to maintain high levels of performance even in the most extreme conditions.

  • The price is hard to beat.
  • It’s a heavy-duty product.
  • It’s very versatile.
  • Be careful to avoid losing the lock washers since they are quite tiny.

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#8 Brinly BS36BH Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader

Brinly BS36BH Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader

If you want to work on a large area, let’s say an acre or more, you need a spreader with an extra-large hopper. While the conventional ATV spreaders may not offer this, this tow-behind model will.

The hopper of this tow-behind broadcast spreader takes up to 175 pounds of material. Its directional spread pattern covers a wider area and ensures the balanced application of your materials- you get the job done quicker and better!

It works ideally for the distribution of granular seeds, fertilizer, ice melt, and other lawn chemicals you may want to introduce to your farm. I mean, in case you are looking for a unit that will handle a variety of landscaping needs all-year-round, you won’t need to go beyond the Brinly BS36BH.

The calibration controls are strategically placed for easy access. These settings along with the setting lock dial mean that you can set the unit’s distribution rate depending on the time you want to take.

We know that fertilizers and some lawn chemicals can be corrosive which may affect the product’s lifespan. For lasting durability, all the components of this hopper are of best-in-class quality materials.

An easy ON/OFF hopper cover prevents the ingression of moisture, dust, and other elements. The clear design makes it easy to see the amount of content remaining without even setting a finger on the lid.

The manufacturer sends it with a universal hitch pin. That said, you will find it easy and quick to link this tow-behind unit to your ATV, tractor, and any other compatible gardening device.

  • It offers a wide adjustability range.
  • The clear lid is a great idea.
  • The capacity of 175 lbs. is great for large areas.
  • Since it’s a tow-behind spreader, it’s a little costly.

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#9 Swisher 19920 Commercial Pro ATV Spreader

Swisher 19920 Commercial Pro ATV Spreader

Our next spreader comes from Swisher. It’s also another model you can count on to make your gardening preparation and maintenance tasks easier and more efficient than ever before.

The unit boasts high capacity of 150 lbs. Although it’s not the highest on the list, this spreader should still keep you going for longer than the majority of members of the competition. That said, it’s perfect for large farms.

The top-grade spreader has a maximum spread of 16 feet. However, since it’s adjustable, you can customize it to as low as 4 feet depending on the type of material you are spreading.

We also like that it features an adjustable feed gate. I mean, Swisher 19920 lets the user control the amount of material it distributes so that at the end you get the results you were anticipating from the start.

Its unique spinner disc pairs with the vented cap design to ensure consistency and uniformity in distribution. Hence, no matter the nature of materials you are spreading on the farm, expect professional results.

The ball-bearing motor stands up to everyday hours of use by a dedicated landscaper. It’s control plates are zinc-plated for protection against rust. And for those that the country of origin matters, it comes from a US-facility.

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#10 Buyers Products UTVS16 UTV All-Purpose Spreader

Buyers Products UTVS16 UTV All-Purpose Spreader

The hopper of this ATV spreader affords the user with enough space to take up to 15 gallons of material. Hence, it’s very large and should give you ample time to concentrate on your landscaping activity.

Like the majority of spreaders out there, the hopper of this model utilized polyethylene construction. This structure is rust-free and will not react with fertilizers and other lawn chemicals.

The all-purpose spreader guarantees professional distribution for a variety of materials. I mean, you can count on it when you want to spread free-flowing materials such as dry fertilizer, seeds, ice melt, and more.

The most impressive part about the product is that it boasts a maximum spread width of 30 feet. The product’s shut-off feed gate is adjustable to let the user regulate the distribution rate.

Unlike lids of some spreaders that are made of cheap materials, the cover of this model adopts a polyethylene construction. Therefore, it is as tough and long-lasting as the hopper.

The Buyers Products UTVS16 Spreader, however, will only hook up to a 2-inch hitch receiver. Hence, before you place an order, ensure that your ATV/ UTV is compatible.

  • The lid is of polyethylene construction.
  • The 30-foot spread width is fantastic.
  • The instructions are adequate.
  • A longer power cord would be nice.

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#11 Chapin International 8620B Tow-Behind Spreader

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Although it’s the eleventh spreader on our list, Chapin International 8620B is our second tow-behind model. It offers enough space to accommodate up to 150 lbs. of materials for faster and more efficient operations.

The unit is made in the United States. Hence, it won’t easily let you down like some cheaply made products out there. In other words, expect it to live up to all that it indicates on the label.

The gate allows for up to 11 incremental settings. The multiple options mean that you can control how the spreader works to match your needs. Also, these adjustments are easy to set even for first-time users.

The most innovative feature is the auto-stop function. Coming with a dual impeller, this spreader will spill off seed and fertilizer when you are in motion but cease immediately you stop- forget about reaching back for levers!

The 14-inch pneumatic tires are heavy-duty and will roll smoothly anywhere your ATV takes it. The tires are also wider than those of the competitors to make the unit easy to pull when loaded.

  • The gears are of brass.
  • The oversized tires are tough.
  • The auto-stop feature is a plus.
  • It isn’t the easiest to put together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ATV spreader?

As the name suggests, this is an accessory that helps in the spreading of material. It comes with a motor that obtains power from the quad’s battery to spill off seeds and other compatible materials at the usually set distribution rate.

Why should you buy an ATV spreader?

An ATV spreader links up with your ATV to help you spread seed and other materials such as fertilizer in your garden. They make spreading work easier and are easy to connect to quads.

How can you calibrate an ATV spreader?

Although most people think that calibrating a spreader is a hard task, it’s very simple. Begin by choosing a test area (square-feet) and the amount of material you want to be spread over the area.

Add this amount of material to the hopper and spread it over the test area. Then, confirm the hopper to see if there is any amount left. In case there is, increase the flow rate to ensure that the content covers the exact area.

What is the right size for an ATV spreader?

When shopping for a spreader, you need to first consider where you want to use it. If you want to utilize it for a large area, choose one with a large hopper. However, if you intend to use it for a small area, it doesn’t make sense to spend on a large unit when a cheaper and smaller one can work just fine.

Are all ATV spreaders compatible with any ATV?

No. However, most of them will connect to most ATVs with ease. Hence, before you pick one for your ATV, begin by confirming the compatibility.

Final Verdict

After going through our review, we believe that it’s now easy to identify the perfect model from the rest. All our models are great and each model is unique in its own way.

Examine each keenly to see the one that combines the features that work best for your needs.

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