11 Best Belt Sanders (2024)

Woodworking entails a whole host of activities. Now, one of the jobs you will more often find yourself doing as a woodworker is sanding.

Whether you are making tables, cabinets, doors, decks, or any other wooden unit, sanding will prepare the wood for painting or varnishing. For the lifeless old pieces of lumber lying at your homestead, sanding will rub a fraction of an inch off them to restore life and the lost glory.

With that said, the market offers a plethora of sanding equipment. Nevertheless, of all the available options, a belt sander is perhaps the most versatile, convenient, and hardworking.

A belt sander possesses an impressive amount of power to save you time and elbow grease when sanding. The ability to remove huge amounts of material in a single pass makes them the most suitable option for larger and wider workpieces.

But even with a belt sander, how well you are going to handle your sanding project will depend on the model you choose. Below are the 11 belt sanders up there in the market.

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11 Best Belt Sanders

#1 Makita 9403 Belt Sander

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The Makita 9403 packs everything that professional woodworkers, floor installers, contractors, and dedicated DIYers want in a belt sander. It combines power, speed, and intuitive design to deliver the most in the hands of beginners and professionals alike.

The unit features an incredibly powerful 11-amp motor. The engine propels the belt at an amazing speed of 1640 feet per minute. Therefore, expect this unit to remove a larger amount of material per unit time compared to most models out there.

The Makita 9403 also has an extra-wide four-inch belt. When we marry this size with the high speed, this tool is sure to become one of your favorite woodworking tools for the heavy sanding projects.

Although it’s a hardworking unit, this sander adopts a low-noise design. At the noise level of 84 dB, this piece is sure to keep your space peaceful and comfortable for you and the people around you.

The front grip is large and carries the right amount of ergonomics to give you the comfort you need for extended projects. At the upper part of the grip is a high-quality cord to give you the convenience you need in your operations.

  • The handle is very comfortable.
  • It’s fairly quiet.
  • It has a very powerful motor.
  • You can’t run it upside down.

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#2 SKIL 7510-01 6 Amp Belt Sander

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The next belt sander is from SKIL; one of the famous brands in the industry. Thus, it should have the qualities you need to help you tackle your projects with ease.

Although you may not compare its motor with that of the preceding option, the six-amp engine of this belt sander will still give you the right amount of power to tackle just about any sanding projects.

Most woodworkers appreciate the reliable pressure control system; a feature you will hardly find in other models. The pressure sensors will let you know when you are applying too much pressure on the tool.

The auto-track system ensures the proper positioning of the paper for an excellent outcome in all your projects. The micro-filtration will capture the tiniest wood particles while the vacuum attachment keeps your workspace neat.

The dust canister adopts a see-through design. The clear-view style allows you to see the level of dust in the container. Hence, you will always know when its the right time to empty it.

  • It is vacuum compatible.
  • It is easy to change the belt.
  • The dust container comes off easily for emptying.
  • It works better with a vacuum system than the collection chamber.

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#3 BLACK+DECKER (DS321) Belt Sander with Dust Bag

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This sander uses a 3 x 21-inch belt. Hence, it’s wide enough to save you time and effort when working on long and wide workpieces. The seven-amp motor delivers enough power to handle your home improvement projects effectively.

The ergonomic handle will remain comfortable with prolonged hours of use. For optimum control and user experience like no other, the retractable grip will adjust to one of the three possible positions.

The distinctive design of the front roller makes it possible for you to sand in tight corners with ultimate ease. Also, the BLACK+DECKER DS321 adopts a compact and lightweight design.

Hence, if you are looking for a belt sander that you can carry around with ease, this sander won’t let you down. Additionally, we like the convenience of the flush body design when working on vertical surfaces.

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The unit comes with medium-grit sandpaper. Thus, if that’s the right grit for your projects, you should be up and working minutes after pulling this unit from the box. A reliable dust bag will keep your workspace clean and neat for improved visibility.

The belt release lever gives you an easy time when changing the belt of this sander. Lastly, this unit has an adjustment knob. This feature ensures that the paper doesn’t shift off the rollers.

  • It is easy to sand tight spaces.
  • The handle is adjustable.
  • The adjustable knob keeps the paper on track.
  • The track adjustment knob is quite stiff.

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#4 Metabo HPT SB8V2 Belt Sander

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The Metabo HPT SB8V2 uses a hardworking 1020-watt motor to power it through the toughest of jobs. Hence, if sanding is one of your everyday jobs, this fantastic piece will stand up to regular use.

The tool will deliver a speed of 1475 feet per minute. With such capability, expect to finish the work in a fraction of the time it will take most competing models. That’s why we see it as an ideal purchase for heavy-duty tasks.

The most impressive part about the speed is that it’s adjustable. In other words, you can vary it down to 820 feet per minute to match the specific needs for your project. And with such variability, you now have the convenience you need in your projects.

Other than the wooden surface the Metabo HPT SB8V2 is suitable for metallic surfaces and more. You can also use it for removing rust or old paint to restore the beauty of your workpieces.

This belt sander has a tracking window. This feature allows you to see the surface you are sanding as well as the state of the sandpaper. This unit is quite on the high-end category, however. But with all that it can tackle in your workshop, it’s still a nice value for money.

  • The weight is nice.
  • It has a variable speed control.
  • The versatility is nice.
  • It may not work best for tight spaces.

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#5 Ridgid ZRR2740 Variable Speed Belt Sander (Renewed)

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The next on our top-notch list is also another great option for everyday use. The 6.5-amp delivers outstanding performance in a wide range of applications. Therefore, whether you want it for light use or regular tough projects, Ridgid ZRR2740 won’t disappoint easily.

The twin fan design improves the overall design of this sander. I mean, one fan keeps the motor running cool for hours of comfortable use while the other improves the dust pickup efficiency. Hence, expect to have a dust-free space after hours of use.

The soft-grip handle will remain comfortable in the palm for optimal comfort. We also like that the grasp provides good cushioning to the hand to keep prolonged sanding projects comfortable.

The 12-feet rubber cord allows for an extended reach so that you get the convenience you need in your everyday projects. The power cord also boasts the construction of the highest quality for long-lasting performance.

The tool-free release of the belt allows you to change the belts easily. The auto belt-tracking mechanism guarantees the central alignment of the belt for uninterrupted use. Lastly, Ridgid ZRR2740  has a flat face to permit use for vertical surfaces.

  • It is a very solid tool.
  • The automatic centering is accurate.
  • The speed is adjustable.
  • It’s a renewed version.

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#6 Genesis GBS321A Variable Speed Belt Sander

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This tool makes use of a low-profile design. Therefore, you will find it useful on tighter corners where larger models can’t fit. It has a very solid construction that holds up well with everyday use.

Genesis GBS321A features a hardworking 8.0-Amp motor for maximum performance at all times. The motor will deliver a belt speed of up to 1180 feet per minute although you can adjust it to a minimum level of 390 feet per minute to meet your pace needs.

The auto-tracking belt system keeps the sandpaper on track for smooth operations. The front grip has good ergonomics to give you prolonged moments of use. And since the handle is adjustable, expect a high level of convenience.

The high-efficiency dust collector will catch almost everything the unit strips off your workpiece. Hence, if you don’t want the hassle of cleaning up your space after your projects, Genesis GBS321A is worth buying.

The power cord in this case is slightly short at just 6.5 feet long. However, this length is still good enough to give you better convenience in large projects compared to other units with a shorter power cable.

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#7 Ryobi P450 Brushless Belt Sander

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We know that corded power tools outshine the cordless models in several ways. For instance, they deliver a great amount of power and don’t need time to charge. Nonetheless, the cordless versions also outdo the corded variety in some areas. For example, they are more convenient to use and to maneuver around since they don’t draw their power from a power outlet.

Now, have you ever imagined getting the convenience of a cordless version and the power of the corded category all in one tool? Well, that’s what the Ryobi P450 Brushless Belt Sander offers. It’s the first battery-powered unit on the list.

While it may not power through heavy-duty projects for a long period (because no battery can), this sander packs an adequate amount of power to tackle light-duty home DIY projects with effectiveness.

It has a dust collector to catch whatever the unit removes from your workpiece. However, if you prefer to link it to a dry vacuum for maximum, it comes with a port onboard to let you do that.

The speed of 850 feet per minute means that this unit runs at just the right amount of pace for most projects. The positioning of the motor at the front ensures excellent weight distribution.

  • It’s very portable.
  • It gives the convenience of a cordless version.
  • You can attach a dry vacuum to it.
  • It doesn’t come with the battery.

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#8 TACKLIFE PSFS1A Belt Sander

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Although all our preceding models come with sandpaper belts, the package will only give a single piece. That’s not the case with this unit from Tacklife; it offers a whopping 13 pieces of sanding belts.

With all this number in a single package, this unit comes ready for almost any project you may throw at it. Six of these pieces are #120-grit whereas the remaining seven units are #80-grit sandpapers for maximum versatility.

The TACKLIFE PSFS1A is a 2-in-1 tool. In other words, other than serving as an ordinary belt sander, this piece will work as a bench sander. The two clamps in the package will give you an easy time when attaching it vertically or horizontally to your workbench.

The robust 5-amp motor promises efficient stock removal for a high-quality finish in every project. The speed adjustment knob provides an easy and convenient way of adapting the right setting within the range of 0-560 RPM.

Since it’s a hardworking unit, it has two vacuum dust adapters onboard for optimal dust pick-up. But if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, it still offers a removable dust collection box.

  • It has a 2-in-1 design.
  • It’s easy to handle.
  • It comes with 13 sandpapers.
  • The top speed is quite low.

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#9 BUCKTOOL BD4801 Bench Belt Sander

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Although the price point is so far the steepest on the list, this sander has more to offer in your projects. For instance, it combines a belt sander and a disk sander for optimal versatility in your applications.

The 3/4-HP motor delivers enough power to let you tackle both small and large projects with ultimate ease no matter the type of the material. The direct-drive design ensures that you get up to 25% more sanding efficiency than when using traditional sanders.

You can use the belt in a horizontal position or adjust it up to 90 degrees vertically depending on the project. This design makes it possible to use this high-quality piece for curved workpieces.

The cast aluminum base provides long-lasting performance. The rubber foot minimizes vibrations for prolonged hours of comfortable use. And with the noise-reduction design of the unit, BUCKTOOL BD4801 is a case in point of a peaceful but powerful woodworking tool.

The belt measures 4 inches by 36 inches. Hence, it’s wide and has a larger circumference than any of the previous options. The top speed of 3450 RPM translates to 2161 feet per minute, more than what any other low-end option will achieve.

  • You can use the belt in a vertical or horizontal position.
  • It has an amazing speed of 2161 ft/min.
  • It has an eight-inch disk sander onboard.
  • It’s not the most portable tool.

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#10 WEN 6502T Belt and Disc Sander

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Achieve an ultra-smooth surface on your workpiece using this amazing tool. It compares with the previous option in that it also has a disk sander on board. The price of the unit, however, is lower than that of the previous model. Hence, if you like everything about the previous option except that it’s a little costly, you won’t get a better deal past this option.

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The 4 x 36-inch belt is thicker to strip away a larger area in a single pass. Hence, if you have wider workpieces to sand, expect to finish the work in a fraction of the competitor’s time when using the WEN  6502T.

The 1/2-HP motor implies that you can use it for larger loads with peace of mind that it will not bog down. The overall design also makes it a breeze to replace the belt sandpaper to suit your project.

The durably-constructed cast iron bottom keeps the unit from shifting when sanding for maximum effectiveness. The ability of the belt to adjust vertically between 0-90 degrees lets you adopt the ideal setting for every job.

The tension release lever provides a quick way to swap sandpaper grips. The miter gauge comes in handy when working on angled edges whereas the 2.25-inch port keeps the sawdust level low.

  • The price is great.
  • It’s super-easy to set up and use.
  • The base is heavy-duty.
  • The dust port feels quite flimsy.

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#11 Makita 9903 Variable Speed

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We wrap our top-notch list up with a unit from Makita; one of the trusted names in the market. Although it’s very powerful, the noise level of Makita 9903 stands at only 85 dB to give you the peace of mind you need in your operations.

The Makita 9903 has an 8.8-Amp motor. Thus, it will tackle heavy and light sanding applications effectively. The speed range of 690-1440 feet/minute indicates that you can adjust it to get the setting that works correctly for the material of your workpiece.

The unit uses a belt that measures 3 inches by 21 inches. When we combine this size with the robust motor, Makita 9903 will ensure optimum material removal so that you get an ultra-smooth surface in no time.

The front grip design gives you superior control over the tool and will remain comfortable with extended use. Also, this unit embraces an innovative design which makes it easy to sand flush to a vertical surface.

The dust bag traps sawdust from your operations to maintain clean space. And with the power cord of this sander stretching to 16.4 feet long, this unit gives you the convenience you need in your operations.

  • The noise level is low.
  • The clip on dust bag makes emptying easy.
  • The spring knob aligns it perfectly.
  • It doesn’t use the widest belt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Better Belt Sander Or Orbital Sander?

The better tool for you will depend on the nature of your projects. For smaller workpieces and use on tighter spaces, orbital sanders are the most suitable. However, for heavy sanding applications, belt sanders are the perfect versions.

What Size Belt Sander Should I Buy?

The ideal size for you will also depend on your needs. If you want a unit you can easily carry around, the 3 x 21 version will serve you the best. However, if you need a larger and heavier tool, 4 x 24 or 4 x 36 options will be the ideal categories to consider.

What Is Belt Sander Good For?

There is much that a belt sander can do. You can use it for smoothening rough surfaces, removing rust, leveling hardwood floors, removing old paint, and many more.

What Is The Best Belt Sander On The Market?

With hundreds of belt sander models flooding the market, it’s quite hard to tell the perfect tool. However, our list includes some of the market’s top-rated units. Therefore, it should be easy for you to pick the perfect model from there.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Belt Sander?

There are many factors to consider when selecting the belt sander to buy. For instance, consider the motor rating, maximum speed, variability of the speed, size, construction, level of ergonomics, and the price.

Final Verdict

Because of their high versatility, belt sanders come in handily in a wide range of applications. That’s why they are a basic necessity for every hobbyist and different professionals. When choosing one, be sure to settle for nothing less than what will do the job right. In our review, we have both stationary and portable designs that cover nearly all budgets.

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