11 Best Bench Grinders (2023)

The frustration that comes with inefficient and blunt tools can affect the quality of craftsmanship. Usually, metalworkers expose their sharp tool to the effects of weather, and these tools become blunt after a period.

If you still depend on hand files to remove rust and sharpen woodworking tools, it’s like living in the 18th century. There are innovative grinding and cutting tools that make life easier than what you are experiencing with crude tools. Bench grinders have wheels and horizontal motors that spin at both ends.

Since they are grinding tools that are attached to workbenches, it’s not surprising why we call them bench grinders. The best bench grinders are effective, and their wheel systems rotate at high speeds. Their abrasive stones can grind and sharpen different types of solid materials with accurate precision.

As these wheels spin, they transform the shapes of sharpenable tools. However, many models of bench grinders generate much vibration and noise when they run. While they are invaluable tools for homeowners’ applications, many DIYers use them for sharpening steel blades of lawnmowers.

Consequently, this piece of work tool serves the needs of professionals and hobbyists. Normally, bench grinders help to sharpen blunt workshop tools like chisels, drill bits, and gouges. You can polish rough edges of metal pieces with bench grinders too.

Craftsmen often replace grinding wheels with buffing wheels when they want to improve the efficiency of workpieces. It’s important to work with tools that have safety features. Apart from this factor, the quality of a sturdy bench grinder determines its durability.

We have compiled some well-made bench grinding tools. Let’s guide your shopping decision and suggest favorite models that can help you to fix workpieces.

Top 11 Bench Grinder Reviews

#01. JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder

JET 577102 JBG-8A

Many things can be done with and consumer-grade bench grinder that has high build quality. The JBG-8A model is a grinding machine that sharpens, buffs, and cleans metal tools with rust and burrs. It’s a 1-horsepower Shop Bench Grinder with 8-inch wheels of 36-grit and 60-grit abrasives respectively.

This piece of equipment is reliable and can withstand heavy workloads. During work, you’ll not experience loud noises from vibration because JET Bench Grinder’s ball bearings have been pre-lubricated from the factory.

You can use this bench grinder on steel and cast iron materials that need pristine finishes. Also, it comes with an efficient electric (115-volt) motor that provides a maximum rotational speed of 3,450 rpm. This high-velocity movement produces plenty of power that can grind even the toughest metals.

Other components of this JBG-8A model includes a pair of cast iron wheel guards, a 5/8-inch spindle, and dust vents.

  • Large and adjustable eye shields

  • Coarse grinding wheels that provide flawless results

  • It comes with rubber mounts that enhance stability

  • It has dual-oval exhaust exits that might not be easy for you to attach with dust collection equipment.

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#02. WEN 4276 2.1-Amp 6-Inch Bench Grinder

WEN 4276

Apart from its powerful 2.1-Amp motor, WEN bench grinder comes with an adjustable work lamp that illuminates poorly-lit workspaces. This lightweight (16 lb) machine is easy to mount on workshop benches.

As a safety-enhanced work tool, its pair of eye guards provide maximum protection from chippings and sparks from metal pieces. With a maximum rotation of 3450 RPM, the built-in electric motor can maintain consistent speeds and run smoothly.

Additionally, the electric motor is a quick-starting component that has an impressive performance. This bench grinder has a heavy-duty base that allows for stable mounting on workbenches. You don’t have to worry about the hassles that come with wheel changes because this WEN Cast Iron Bench Grinder has a user-friendly wheel guard.

More so, this bench grinder has two units of 6 x 3/4-inch wheels. While the 36-grit wheel is coarse and cleans uneven surfaces faster, the 60-grit wheel is designed for all-purpose grinding.

  • It comes with an adjustable tool rest unit that increases the accuracy of grinding your workpieces

  • The flexible lamp allows you to work late at night

  • it’s easy to assemble and uninstall this bench grinder

  • This WEN bench grinder might need a pedestal stand to reduce its vibrations, but it doesn’t come with the package.

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#03. SKILSAW SKIL 3380-01


The cost of replacing dull and rusty tools can get you a rugged bench grinder. SKILSAW 6-Inch Bench Grinder is built to deburr ragged edges and sharpen blades of work tools. Apart from grinding welded joints, SKIL 3380-01 is ideal for fixing rivets and polishing surfaces of rough metals.

You can mount this 120V equipment on a grinder stand with two 5/16 x 2-inch bolts. Also, you’ll need flat and lock washers to hold these bolt firmly. With its sturdy cast-iron base and rubber feet, you can enjoy stability with work benchtops. These points of attachments help to maintain accurate grinding and polishing tasks.

A compact 2.1 Amp motor with a maximum speed of 3,450 RPM can deliver enough torque for a range of materials. This bench grinder’s medium and coarse wheels can smoothen rough edges of drill bits, blades, and chisels.

Another important feature is the LED light. They are attached to the top of this equipment, and each of these lamps has flexible poles. If you have poor vision, switch on the LED lights to brighten your workspace.

  • Adjustable tool rests

  • 2 LED lights in strategic positions

  • 6-inch wheel diameter

  • This machine is a consumer-grade type that’s not designed for high-volumes of work.

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#04. Rikon Power Tools 80-805 Slow Speed Grinder

Rikon Power Tools 80-805

What is the need for speed without the ease of controlling and using it precisely? Normally, slow speed bench grinders help craftsmen and technicians to grind and sharpen tools with great precision. If you need accurate grinding, RIKON Power Tools can make the process more exact and easy with this 80-805 model.

It comes with a 5/8-inch arbor hole, and a more coarse 120-grit wheel that has white aluminum oxide compounds. Also, the other 1 x 8-wheel is a 60-grit stone that offers low speed too.

With both medium and coarse wheels running, the rubber feet at the cat-iron base prevents instability that could ruin your jobs. It’s the rubber attachment at the base that acts as an anti-vibration mechanism.

Regardless of being a slow speed grinder, its 0.5 HP electric motor makes a maximum rotation of 1750 RPM. This speed level is suitable for turning and carving small workshop tools.

  • Anti-Vibration technology

  • An adjustable eye shield that ensures your safety

  • It comes with a diamond wheel sharpener

  • It has a locking key that protects the machine from any unauthorized use

  • This Slow Speed Grinder doesn’t have sturdy wheels.

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#05. DEWALT DW756 Bench Grinder


Your ideal bench grinder for large grinding operations is the DEWALT DW756 model. It comes with 6-inch abrasive wheels that can sharpen knives, and mower blades.

The features that make this DW756 Bench Grinder suitable for heavy-duty grinding applications are the 5/8 horsepower induction motor and a pair of aluminum tool rests.

This electric motor runs with a powerful speed (maximum) of 3,450 RPM, and it’s what you need to remove rust and smoothen metal pieces. Also, there’s a 12.5-inch distance between wheels that allows enough space for long tools during heavy-duty grinding operations.

Without a built-in lamp, it wouldn’t be easy to work with maximum precision in poorly lit work spaces. The wheel guards are attached to rear exhaust ports that support smoother operations during metal and woodwork projects.

  • The work lamp enhances visibility

  • Its motor delivers a reliable high-speed power

  • Industrial-grade components like the cast-iron base and abrasive wheels make this machine durable

  • The wheel guards are not easily adjustable.

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#06. Delta 23-198 6-Inch Variable Speed Grinder

Delta 23-198

A bench grinder with a toolless quick-change wheel assembly is easy to maintain and install. Delta Variable Speed Bench Grinder comes with adjustable tool rests that are useful for all grinding applications.

With a drill bit milled into the tool rest’s surface, you can avoid the stress of getting the right angle on the tip during work. The 6 X 3/4-inch wheels are rugged abrasive materials that fit light-duty DIY tasks at home. However, this bench grinder comes with rubber feet that dampen vibrations slightly.

This tool has a diamond wheel dresser for prepping the wheel’s surface with fresh grains for sharpening chisels and other workpieces.

When these 36-grit coarse and 60-grit friable wheels spin at 3,400 RPM, the dual safety shields offer enough protection from metal chippings and other hazards. Also, you can sharpen a range of materials with this Delta variable speed grinder.

  • A toolless wheel-changing capacity

  • It has a durable cast-iron housing

  • 2 colors of sharpening wheels with different textures

  • The work light doesn’t come with a 40-Watt bulb.

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#07. Sunex 5002A Bench Grinder

Sunex 5002A

Efficient bench grinders reduce the time of completing projects and they offer other benefits. Sunex Tools 5002A bench grinder comes with a 5-Amp induction motor that delivers high-performance on any texture of metal or wooden material. Its maximum rotation is 3,450 RPM (no-load speed), and the size of the arbor hole is 5/8 inches.

This bench grinder comes with two abrasive wheels of 36-grit coarse and 60-grit medium for grinding and sharpening tools.

While working in workshops with insufficient light, you don’t need to strain your eyes because this grinder model comes with 2 built-in adjustable lamps. With these flexible work lights and 40-watt bulbs, you can enjoy intense brightness for late-hour jobs.

Another important feature is the aluminum tool rest that provides the support for you to work conveniently.

  • 2 flex-neck lamps

  • It comes with a 6-foot power cord

  • This bench grinder has enough mounting holes that ensure the ease of installing it on worktable or workbench

  • A durable cast-iron base

  • After switching off the power button, it takes a longer time for the grinding wheels to stop rotating.

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#08. POWERTEC BG800 Bench Grinder


POWERTEC bench grinder comes with two 8-inch rough and medium wheels, but with a large safety shield and a built-in magnifier.

Since fast-spinning wheels generate heat, you can reduce the temperature of overheated workpieces with a coolant tray. The coolant tray that comes with this POWERTEC BG800 model is detachable but holds a little volume of water.

However, the rubber coolant tray has enough thickness to hold hot metal filaments during grinding operations. With a 3.5-Amp induction motor that rotates 3600 RPM, 3.5 Amps, the 8 X 1-inch wheel can handle tough sharpening and grinding operations.

This smooth and powerful rotation produces minimal vibration and noise. When the wheels spin inconsistently during heavy-duty projects, you’ll enjoy stability because this bench grinder comes with a sturdy steel base.

  • It comes with a 5/8-Inch Arbor hole.

  • Integrated light fixtures

  • A refillable coolant tray

  • You can’t polish gold jewelry because this bench grinder doesn’t have diamond wheels. if you need replacement wheels, it might cost you more money.

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#09. Shop Fox W1840 Variable-Speed Grinder

Shop Fox W1840

Do you need an efficient induction motor that can maintain consistent wheel speeds? Shop Fox bench grinder comes with a 3/4 HP induction motor that runs smoothly.

Since it’s a variable-speed type of induction motor, its rheostats are reliable for controlling speed levels. This feature makes the Shop Fox W1840 model suitable for a range of polishing and grinding applications.

However, you shouldn’t allow the engine to get too hot before adjusting the speed control mechanism.

Unlike regular bench grinders with similar features, this W1840 model is more expensive and its wheels do not wobble during work.

These dual 8-inch aluminum-oxide grinding wheels are suitable for rigorous metalwork projects. With an adjustable speed setting of between 2000 to 3400 RPM, you can enjoy the mechanical power to work safely. Also, safety during operations is enhanced with built-in (large) eye shields.

  • A 5/8-inch grinding wheel hole

  • 2 adjustable work rests

  • An LED work light with a flexible pole

  • It doesn’t have double work lights that are attached to both grinding wheels.

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#10. ATD Tools 10558 HP Bench Grinder

ATD Tools 10558

With shatter-proof eye shields that prevent fragments of workpieces, you can monitor metalwork applications closely. This ATD Tools 10558 bench grinder’s pair of eye shields (magnifying and standard) are adjustable. Also, the bench grinder comes with a work light that has a long and flexible pole.

The flexibility allows you to focus the bulb on the exact spot of workpieces during operations. There are 2 grinding wheels (coarse and medium grits) like other bench grinding tools with 8 X 1-inch sizes.

Since power tools vibrate, this 10558 bench grinder uses metal tool rests to support workpieces. It comes with mounting pre-cast holes on each side that are compatible with withstand and workbenches. You need an input voltage of 120 volt/60 Hz to power the 4.8-Amp inductor motor.

Additionally, the heavy-duty ball bearing motor supports a maximum rotational speed of 3, 450 RPM. This 3/4 HP motor takes off with low noise and stops smoothly.

  • It comes with a dust-proof switch and sparks guards

  • The flex-neck bulb increases visibility

  • It comes with a cooling tray

  • A lightweight design of 33 lbs

  • This bench grinder doesn’t come with a bulb for the work light.

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#11. Jet JBGM-6 6″ Grinder with Multi-ToolAttachments

Jet JBGM-6 6 inc

Heavy-duty grinders with multi-tool attachments are very versatile. While the Jet JBGM-6 is ideal for a range of grinding applications, it can be mounted horizontally and vertically.

You can work with this bench grinder from these positions. The design of this bench grinder model includes a rubber-contact wheel and a 7-inch disc. Also, the multi-tool attachment set up includes a free strap and flat belt.

As an efficient grinding tool, you can change the Course grit belts quickly. With these components, the 6-inch grinder can help you to maximize productivity.

  • It removes rusts from metals five times faster than regular grinding tools

  • It comes with a 3/4 horsepower induction motor

  • You can operate this machine from multiple positions

  • This machine doesn’t have variable speed control settings.

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How To Buy The Right Bench Grinder

The Sizes Of Grinding Wheels

A bench grinder’s most important part is its abrasive wheels. They provide the power to grind and polish the abrasive surface effectively. As stone rotates against the workpiece, it might alter the shape of your material or cut it precisely.

While coarse wheels lift rusts from metal surfaces, you can adjust the speed the bench grinder has variable-speed control settings. The size of wheels vary, but the common size of bench grinders’ wheels is 8 inches. Other models of abrasive wheels are 6 inches.

For homeowners’ applications, many DIYers prefer 6-inch grinding wheels. However, an 8-inch grinding wheel is larger and more powerful for industrial applications. Without the right size of wheels, you might not enjoy a high performance from your favorite bench grinder.

Use Bench Grinders With Eyeshields

With sparks, chippings, and wheel fragments flying in all directions, it might be risky to focus on your workpiece.

A pair of eyeshields protects operators from hazards like fragments from workpieces and wheels. Usually, they are attached to the upper part of your bench grinder. This safety feature enhances the precision of using bench grinders when you work from different positions.

Induction Motor’s Capacity

Normally, a 3.5-Amp induction motor has more rotational speed than motors with smaller capacities. Bench grinders with power induction motors can handle heavy-duty tasks. Also, the rate of heat dissipation is equal to the speed rate.

With variable-speed control mechanisms, you can adjust the level of rotations to protect the coil of your electric motor and deliver the right speed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know what type of grinding wheel fits my workpiece?

Since grinding wheels are important, you should know the right fit for your workpiece. The texture of a grinding wheel’s material is dependent on its properties.

Workpieces with gold elements can be polished with diamond grinding while. While silicon-carbide abrasive wheels are ideal for cast-iron metals, you can use aluminum-oxide wheels for steel materials.

Is a bench grinder different from a belt sander?

Bench grinders are to sharpen and polish wood and metal workpieces. This type of power tool uses two replaceable wheels, and you can choose the type of wheel texture that aligns with your project. Also, bench grinders can remove rusts from tools.

Belt sanders use two drums with different grits of sandpapers. Also, a sanding belt is elastic and can handle plastics and other workpieces with soft textures. Both machines have components that move with speed, and you might damage your workpiece when the level of speed is too high.

Final Verdict

Enhance the quality of your craftsmanship by using effective power tools. While this buying guide suggests top-rated bench grinders, it also gives you an idea of what fits your woodwork and metalwork projects.

Generally, these tools easy to maintain if you apply the right techniques and follow the instruction manual. You might never enjoy the performance of invaluable bench grinders like these 11 models except you apply to use one.

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