Top 11 Best Biscuit Joiners For Woodworkers (2024)

A biscuit joiner is also called a plate joiner because it helps to align and strengthen wooden joints. Generally, Woodworkers and DIYers use biscuit joiners to handle a range of furniture projects.

Biscuit joiners’ saws are very sharp because they make cuts into the edges of boards, and connect opposite edges of composite panels. They are safer than nailing machines and can secure every bit of composite materials.

Our research on the best biscuit joiner was inspired by machines that have flexible applications. You’ll see different products in the marketplace.

Without a fair understanding of how to choose the right biscuit joiner, your craftsmanship might not improve. Generally, craftsmen need some speed and precision to meet deadlines.

Woodworking requires high-level experience that eliminates mistakes of holding different joint angles with glue.

Our buying guide for top models of biscuit joiners started with long hours of research. While many results didn’t convince us, other was impressive.

However, we went beyond features that could make side-by-side attachments on boards, internal plunges, and hide joint angles.

Also, we compared claims from respective biscuit joiner manufacturers. The ideal way of knowing other unique feature of this tool is by reading through this guide.

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11 Best Biscuit Joiners

#1. Plate Biscuit Joiner with 700-Watt Motor From Makita

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Handy tools that don’t apply nails or screws to bind wood materials are must-haves. This 110V biscuit joiner model has six pre-set settings that ensure different depth of woodcuts.

When woodworkers use power tools with 5.6-amp and 11,000 RPM motors, biscuit joinery and insertion jobs are seamless.

While this model offers sufficient power to complete woodworks quickly, it’s rack-and-pinion fence system guarantees accurate cuts.

  • User-friendly cam locks that allow for both the fence and angle adjustments. There are three positive stops at 0, 0.45, and 90 degrees.

  • This product comes with accessories like a dust bag, tool-less blade cover, wrench, and blade. This rotatable dust nozzle is easy to attach to the dust bag.

  • It is compatible with any standard biscuits sizes

  • This tool has a 120-Volt rating and it doesn’t come with a switch to operate it at 220 Volts.

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#2. Wood Biscuit Joiner Kit From REXBETI

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This REXBETI biscuit joiner has a lightweight of 7 lbs and offers comfortable grips with its D-shaped handle. Its 4-inch blade is driven by an energy-efficient motor with a maximum speed of 10,000 rpm.

While this biscuit joiner ensures easy and quick completion work, its carbide-tipped blade has a safety-lock screw.

However, I’ll recommend this tool for beginners because it handles hard and soft woodwork tasks efficiently. Also, this REXBETI biscuit joiner comes with 100 pieces of compressed beech biscuits.

  • Ergonomic design with pistol-grip trigger and an adjustable fence mechanism ( three positions at 0, 45 and 90 degrees)

  • It has a knob that ensures four pre-set depth settings for biscuit sizes of numbers 20, 10, 0, and M

  • The blade diameter of 100x22x4mm is suitable for working on butt joints, miter joints, T-joints, and corner joints.

  • It comes with a small dust bag, and you might need a buy a big collection bag.

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#3. 7-Amp Plate Joiner With Seven Cutting Settings And Kit From PORTER-CABLE

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Being a cord-type power tool, this PORTER-CABLE runs on a 7-amp and 120-volt motor that offers much speed. Changing the 4-inch blade and single wrench bit is swift.

It’s because this plate joiner has a built-in blade cover (keyhole-slotted type) and a spindle lock mechanism.

Unlike regular plate joiner models, this product has seven different rotating depth stops. They are the Max, Simplex, Duplex, FF, #20, #10, and #0 biscuits.

  • Its advanced fence system is adjustable with a tilt range of between 0 and 135 degrees

  • Porter-Cable is a reputable brand of power and precision tool, and this plate jointer model’s performance seems impressive

  • Apart from its positive adjustable stop feature, there’s a micro-height adjustment button for you to ensure proper positioning of biscuits.

  • With a maximum speed of 10,000 RPM, you should expect this motor to run with a loud noise

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#4. 6.5-Amp Plate Joiner Kit From DEWALT

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This Chinese brand of plate joiner has a sturdy construction. It’s not every precision and power tools that are durable.

However, an easy-to-use product like this DEWALT plate joiner kit is a must-have if you plan to work on the hardest woods. Also, it’s safe for beginners to practice different woodworking techniques with this joining tool.

During stationary work, you can fasten the joiner’s heavy-duty aluminum shoe to a panel and avoid unexpected movements.

Apart from a safety feature like the anti-slip pins, this tool offers much stability with workpieces.

  • The aluminum shoe comes with a non-marring mechanism and complete set of accessories like

  • This product features a pinion fence and dual rack blade system that ensure accurate joints.

  • You don’t have to remove its fence before making flush cuts at 0°

  • You can’t use this product in regions where electricity is supply is at 220 volts and 50 Hz

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#5. 8.5-Amp Biscuit Cutter Plate Joiner From AOBEN

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Biscuit joiners with tungsten carbide blades are ideal for all types (composite boards, plywood, hard and softwoods) of cabinet projects. During cabinetry tasks, you need to maintain safe working conditions.

This 8.5-Amp AOBEN joiner has an anti-slip handle that ensures a firm grip.

Well, the tool’s sharp blade offers much ease of slicing any wooden material with precision.

Many joinery tools are accurate, but this model from AOBEN often leaves a finishing touch that’s admired.

  • This AOBEN Joiner kit comes with a molded plastic toolbox that organizes your tool and its accessories in easy-to-reach compartments.

  • Unlike other models of joiners in this guide, this AOBEN model’s motor runs at a maximum speed of 11,000 RPM.

  • Connecting the dust bag to this biscuit joiner’s duster is quick with a user-friendly button.

  • While woodworking, this razor-sharp blade and motor’s speed of 11,000 RPM trigger this cutter to generate a lot of sawdust.

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#6. The 8.5-Amp Biscuit Plate Joiner From VonHaus

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Do you need to make flawless joints on mitered pieces of wooden materials? You can adjust both depth and height angles with the VonHaus biscuit joiner.

Apart from making accurate cuts with a 4-inch blade, this VonHaus biscuit joiner enhances your grip with a comfortable handle. Also, it’s easy to be in control of carpentry tasks when you work from convenient positions.

The joiner’s slim profile and ergonomic designs distinguish it from other models too. However, there’s nothing fantastic about the ‘pre-set stop’ features of this biscuit joiner. Like other models, it handles biscuit sizes of numbers 0, 10, and 20.

  • This biscuit joiner runs manually when its ‘M’ setting is active

  • It comes with a high-quality 4-inch blade that’s made from tungsten carbide material

  • It has a dust collection system that ensures minimal mess when you cut through thick wooden boards

  • As a handy tool that weighs over 7lbs, using this joiner for long periods might cause fatigue.

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#7. The DF 500 Q Set Domino Joiner Set From Festool

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The DF 500 Q joiner is a handy precision tool with a powerful cutter spindle speed. You shouldn’t doubt the quality of German-engineered joining tools. This Festool model’s motor revs at a maximum speed of 24,300 RPM.

It allows you to work efficiently as a smart craftsman. Joinery tools that can handle repeatable tasks

must have efficient electric motors.

This Domino biscuit joiner from Festool offers fast-cutting speeds. However, you don’t have to worry about the clean-up time for sawdusts because this joiner has a built-in dust extraction mechanism.

  • This Festool Domino biscuit joiner has a large glue adhesion surface.

  • It’s portable and easy to store after your cabinetry tasks

  • Its spiral cutter oscillates to carve perfect and clean-angled mortises. Also, this joiner model has a patented spiral-cutting mechanism

  • This model of biscuit joiner is an expensive tool, and it might not be affordable for most beginner woodworkers

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#8. The 1,050-Watt Top 21 Biscuit Joiner From Lamello

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This Lamello Top 21 model comes from a pioneer manufacturer of biscuit joiners in Switzerland. It has a CNC-machined (Aluminum) baseplate that helps to attach the sides and edges of workpieces.

Since the height-adjustable cutter and flush CNC baseplate offers support, you’ll enjoy much stability when joining pieces of wooden boards.

With a biscuit joiner that has a 1,050-Watt smart motor, it’s easy to hold mitre joints at angles between 0 to 135 degrees.

  • This Lamello joiner package includes accessories like the storage (Systainer Case), dust bag, and a 6-tooth carbide scoring cutter

  • It’s built-in 1,050-Watt motor has speed control and overload protection mechanisms

  • It comes with stop square mounts that offer extra stability during stationary woodworking tasks

  • It’s a premium model of biscuit joiner that’s very expensive.

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#9. TruePower Biscuit Plate Joiner From Gino Development

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This biscuit joiner is a 1010-Watts precision machine that comes with a 4-inch blade. Apart from its tungsten carbide blade, its adjustable fence system supports fast and easy biscuit cuts.

A biscuit joiner that weighs 8.3 pounds is a toughie, and you need to comfortable grip to use it for a long period. I think the manufacturer understands this concern.

So, Gino Development added an extra handle with the main non-slip handle. Also, your grip is enhanced with the soft shock-absorbing handle.

  • It has two locking level mechanisms for height and angle adjustments

  • The adjustable cutter reaches a depth of 0.55 inches and covers a range of angles between 0 to 45 degree

  • It’s ideal for making edge-to-edge cuts, miter joints, butt joints, and T-Joints

  • You might need to replace the 4-inch blade soon because it’s quality (6T C2 Tungsten Carbide) is not impressive.

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#10. The 710W TDJ600 Duo Dowelling Jointer From Triton

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You can compare many joiner products with this Triton Duo Dowelling Jointer. However, this Australian brand has been in the business of making precision tools for over four decades.

This Duo Dowelling Jointer has a sturdy construction, and soft anti-slip pads. With its dust extraction system, users can maintain a clean workspace. During the process of drilling and cutting workpieces, this 110-Volt powered tool ensures accuracy.

It’s reliable and fast for edge-to-edge cuts and miter corner joints. However, the tool’s housing doesn’t feature ergonomic designs like the REXBETI biscuit joiner.

  • This kit comes with accessories like the dust port adapter, a hex key, two units of 5/16 inch drill bits, and an operating manual. The components of this Dowel Jointer

  • are easy to install and disassemble.

  • You can use this tool to apply accurately-spaced joints on workpieces

  • The removable motor housing allows you to change defective carbon brushes

  • Its 5.9A motor is small and might become very hot after working for a few hours

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#11. Biscuit Joiner Kit From RYBOI

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As one of the most affordable biscuit joiners, this Ryobi model offers extra stability for most woodworking tasks.

With a weight of 10 lbs, it’s a heavy tool that should be used to make accurate cuts safely. There are three pre-set depth settings for holding 20, 10, and 0 standard biscuit sizes.

This craft is well designed with an anti-slip ergonomic handle and easy-to-use knobs.

Also, its angle-cutting range is between 0 to 135 degrees. Its adjustable cutter makes positive stops at 0, 45, 90, and 135 degrees.

  • It comes with a carbide-tipped blade that’s powered by a 6-Amp motor that delivers a maximum of 11,000 RPM

  • The anti-slip pad provides comfort during long periods of operations.

  • It has an accurate metal fence system, adjustable rack, and pinion

  • This Ryobi Biscuit Joiner appears too small to handle heavy-duty carpentry tasks.

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What To Check When Buying Any Model Of Biscuit Joiner

The Type of Handle

Without handles that provide comfortable grips, you might not find the right support to engage in long hours of the woodwork. You can avoid fatigue by choosing biscuit joiners with D-Grip handles. Also, you might get better control of your joiner if it comes with a barrel grip.


Durability is an important factor to consider when shopping for biscuit joiners. It’s not cost-effective to change your woodworking tools every year. Normally, they should last for many years.

Choose precision tools with housings that can resist environment impacts (corrosion), stains, and abrasion. Also, biscuit joiners from reputable manufacturers are often easy to maintain.

Adjustable Fence System And Blades

Your biscuit joiner’s fence construction is important because it helps to focus on cutting different wood pieces with precision.

Without an adjustable fence system to guide your saw blade, it will not ensure accurate cut and grooves into wood pieces. Check the rating of your next joiner and ensure its fence mechanism is adjustable and its ranges in between (at least) 45 degrees to 135 degrees.

A high-quality blade material allows you to make seamless cuts from different angles. However, you must replace a dull or low-quality blade if you want to increase your efficiency level.

Electric Motor’s Capacity

Power is important for precision tools because it helps craftsmen get their jobs done properly. Check the power rating of your biscuit joiner’s motor to see whether it aligns with your needs.

Apart from the Amperage, an electric motor’s RPM’s (revolution per minute) rating gives an idea of its power consumption and speed. With the right capacity, your biscuit joiner can cut grooves on wood pieces seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I calculate The Amps of A Biscuit Joiner Motor?

Sometimes, joining system manufacturers don’t indicate the Amperage (Amp) of their product’s motor. To get the amps, divide the Wattage (Watts or W) of the biscuit joiner by the voltage.

Is It Important To Pick Products With Non-slip Handles?

Anti-slip pads are also called non-slip materials because they allow a firm grip. Even with sweaty or wet palms, the user has firm control over tools with anti-slip pads.

It’s important to choose handy tools with this feature because can it helps to avoid unexpected movements. Also, the anti-slip pad prevents cause injuries from mishandling and mistakes on workpieces.

Should I Buy A More Expensive Biscuit Joiner?

The answer to this question depends on your budget, work requirements, and other factors. However, a cheap biscuit joiner might not be a durable product.

It’s cost-effective to buy a biscuit joiner if it aligns with your needs. DIYers can use biscuit joiners that have been recommended for beginner woodworkers.

What Does A Biscuit Mean?

A biscuit is a material that’s often made from compressed beech. It’s thin and has an oval shape like normal cookies. However, some joiner packages come with pieces of biscuits. With the joiner, you can glue biscuits to the slots of wooden boards before fitting them with bigger pieces of wood.

Final Verdict

Before you use a biscuit joiner ensure that wooden boards are properly aligned. Usually, precision and power tools come with safety features. Without knowing how to handle and use them, you might suffer some injuries.

In this buying guide, we expect you to make the right shopping decisions. However, the type of woodwork project and budget will determine what you can get from the market.

Regardless of your requirements, the ideal model of biscuit joiner for your next project is among our top 11 products.

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