11 Best Blind Spot Mirrors (2023)

Whether you are a professional driver or new to driving, keeping 100% focus on the road is impossible. Pedestrians. Motorists. Street lights. Traffic lights. I could continue. The list of distractions is endless.

For maximum safety, you have to always remain alert to everything happening on the road. Unfortunately, with blind spots, keeping track of everything going about near your vehicle is nearly a mission impossible. To help in this, manufacturers have introduced blind spot mirrors.

Blind spot mirrors install at the wing mirrors of the vehicle. They work to show the driver the parts of the road that are hard to see or hidden from their view. It lets one change lanes and merge without compromising on safety.

However, no two blind spot mirrors are made equally. So, what blind spot mirror is good for your car? Here are the top 11 blind spot mirrors out there.

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11 Best Blind Spot Mirrors

#1 Ampper Am-BSM0101 Blind Spot Mirror

Ampper Am-BSM0101 Blind Spot Mirror

Boost your confidence when behind the wheel by maximizing your view. Now, one of the accessories you can count on to help in this is the Ampper Am-BSM0101. It is a very popular option on the roads, thanks to the exquisite craftsmanship.

The option comes as a two-pack. That means you will have one for every side mirror. The rounded mirrors have a curved design and a convenient size to maximize your view without taking plenty of space on the side mirrors.

The frameless and ultra-thin design gives a neater look once mounted. The mirror features a swivel bracket which is 360-degrees adjustable, allowing you to position it exactly where you want it.

The 3M adhesive makes the installation process a straightforward affair. The HD glass construction is very durable, water-resistant, and rust-resistant. The glass will also not haze over time like some of the options.

The Ampper Am-BSM0101 has wide compatibility. You can utilize it for trucks, SUVs, RVs, vans, and more. Nevertheless, the major drawback of this blind spot mirror is that you can’t use it for a motorcycle.

  • The frameless design delivers a clean look.
  • The angle is adjustable.
  • They are easy to attach.
  • You can’t use it for motorcycles.

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#2 Utopicar BSM017 Blind Spot Mirrors

Utopicar BSM017 Blind Spot Mirrors

When you install it properly, this blind spot mirror will let you see exactly what you want when on the driver’s seat. The frameless design alongside the unique base gives it an OEM look you can hardly achieve with the members of the competition.

You will notice that the Utopicar BSM017 has a large image. The unique engineering of this model produces an image up to three times larger than that of the standard versions. The larger image allows you to see other vehicles better.

The unit installs on the side mirror of the car using the industry-leading adhesive. The 3M tape is water-resistant. Hence, expect the piece to remain in place even during the chilliest weather or in the car wash.

The product also arrives in a pack of two for all the side mirrors. That means you will enjoy the maximum view of both sides of the road. The unique shape of this option makes it ideal for all motorists who like uniqueness.

Surprisingly, even with the enormous amount of engineering, the Utopicar BSM017 goes for an affordable price. The budget-friendly price makes it a nice deal for anyone looking for a great product for a great price.

  • It shows a larger image.
  • The shape is unique.
  • It has a wide-angle view.
  • It isn’t adjustable.

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#3 Ampper Am-BSM0201 Slim Square Blind Spot Mirror

Ampper Am-BSM0201 Slim Square Blind Spot Mirror

The Am-BSM0201 is a product from Ampper, one of the famous names in the automotive industry. Thus, this piece is among the few we can buy with confidence that we are getting a product of premium quality.

Although the price is incredibly low, the package includes blind spot mirrors for the two sides. Each piece has a convex design that shows you everything you need to gain confidence when changing lanes or merging highways.

The tiny mounting bracket will swivel for smooth adjustments. Also, the units are ultra-slim with a frameless design for a neater look. In fact, it’s easy for one to think that this spot mirror came with your car from the manufacturer.

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Like with the sibling, the Am-BSM0201 is of HD glass for long-lasting performance. The premium construction lets you buy knowing that you are getting a waterproof unit that won’t rust or haze with time.

The product is a cinch to install. You can stick it anywhere although the manufacturer recommends on the lower inside section. For best quality, clean the surface of your side mirrors for the best outcome.

  • The mirrors are tilt-able.
  • They are very sturdy.
  • They remain in place.
  • There are no installation instructions.

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#4 Dometic DM-3100 Milenco Aero3 Blind Spot Mirror

Dometic DM-3100 Milenco Aero3 Blind Spot Mirror

DM-3100 differs from any of our previous picks in the way it mounts. In other words, unlike other options that stick on the side mirrors, the clamping system for mounting to the top of the mirror. This mounting position means they protrude far enough to give you a very wide view.

The design of the clamps accommodates both curved and flat mirrors for universal compatibility. The unique mounting system provides better firmness and eliminates the need to sacrifice a spot on your existing mirror.

The air-balanced design keeps the unit stable and well-balanced when driving at top speeds. The thoughtful design also provides exceptional performance during high winds and when passing large vehicles.

The superior chrome glass implies that the DM-3100 will outlast the majority of the competing models out there. Other components such as the clamps and the screws are of top-quality materials for overall durability.

The mirror conforms to the latest international standards as well as the pedestrian safety laws. That means the design of the unit won’t hurt the pedestrians just in case an accident happens.

  • All the components are high-quality.
  • They hold tightly.
  • The air-balanced design is a plus.
  • There is no way to lock them in place.

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#5 Essential Contraptions MA-23 Blind Spot Mirror

Essential Contraptions MA-23 Blind Spot Mirror

If stats are anything to go by, 48% of accidents occurring in the United States are related to blind spots. That’s why we see a blind spot mirror as a must-have for every car owner or vehicle operator who values their safety and that of other road users.

For those with more than one vehicle, Essential Contraptions MA-23 is one model that comes with them in mind. This unit arrives in a cost-efficient pack of four. Hence, you can fit them in two vehicles when installing on each side mirror.

One of the many things we like about this set is that it has wide compatibility. Other than using them for your vehicle, this set will also work incredibly well o motorcycles, snowmobiles, and just about any other automobile where a blind spot mirror is necessary.

The set is very easy to install since you only need to peel and stick on the spot of your choice on the side mirror. The double-stick tape is of high-quality so that it holds well in all weather conditions.

The glass construction resists rust and haze for outstanding performance. The aluminum frame also stands up to the toughest weather conditions. However, some users would appreciate it more if it had a rimless design.

  • The set of four is nice.
  • The aluminum housing is nice.
  • The adhesive is weather-resistant.
  • A rimless design would deliver a better look.

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#6 WadeStar RM10 Blind Spot Mirrors

WadeStar RM10 Blind Spot Mirrors

Although Wadestar mirrors have a slightly higher price than the competing options, they give great value for money considering their quality, size, and level of engineering.

Now, one of the manufacturer’s flagship products is the WadeStar RM10. The product is specially designed to meet the unique requirements of the 4th generation Ram trucks (2008-2019) with non-towing mirrors. Therefore, we expect this unit to work better for these trucks than any of the universal-fit options.

The package contains two mirrors for the two sides. They fit on the outside corner of the stock mirrors, either upper or lower depending on your preference. Also, the mirrors are interchangeable, so you don’t have to worry about which unit should go on what side.

Although they are very straightforward to install, the manufacturer sends them alongside foolproof instructions. Therefore, whether it’s your first-time use or not, expect a professional outcome in no time.

The mirrors will show a wider angle and the entire back of the truck with proper positioning. That gives you the much-needed visibility when changing lanes or parking, or merging.

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#7 AmFor Blind Spot Mirror

AmFor Blind Spot Mirror

The seventh pick on the list has an oval shape that will look very nice on just about every car. Nevertheless, it’s also available in rectangular and rounded versions, so you can pick the shape that you want for your vehicle.

The stick-on design indicates that it’s one of the easiest models to install. The 3M adhesive keeps the mirror firm even when riding on the roughest terrains. Also, the adhesive won’t leave marks when tearing off.

The main selling point of this blind spot mirror is that it has a swivel mounting bracket. This accessory allows you to adjust the position of the mirror without the need for re-installation. The adjustability feature and the curved design maximizes the range of view.

The HD glass is ultra-thin with a rimless design. Thus, it will look neat, claim a tiny space on the side mirror, but give you maximum view of what’s happening around your vehicle when driving.

Lastly, we like that it’s a universal-fit accessory. Therefore, whether you want to use it for your car, RV, trucks, vans, or any other application, the AmFor Blind Spot Mirror won’t disappoint easily.

  • It’s available in different shapes.
  • It has a sharp and clear reflection.
  • The package has extra pieces of adhesive.
  • The size is a bit small.

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#8 Fit System C0400 Blind Spot Mirrors

Fit System C0400 Blind Spot Mirrors

This pair goes for a fraction of the price of the competitors. It’s one of the greatest deals on the market, in terms of price and performance, and that’s why it has become so common in the market.

Fit System C0400 has a convenient size that takes a minimum amount of space on your existing mirror. The convex design shows a larger and closer image than they appear for maximum safety on the road.

The perfect placement on most vehicles is on the outer lower corner of the side mirror. However, that’s not the only place where this mirror can serve. You can stick it anywhere on the existing mirror where it serves best.

Once you install, this mirror will let you perform minimum adjustments. The ability to customize gives you the maximum view you need for your safety and that of other motor-vehicle operators on the road.

You can use this pair on just about any vehicle. Hence, you can buy it with confidence that it will work well with your vehicle. Lastly, this durably-constructed duo originates from Taiwan.

  • They have great build quality.
  • The price is incredibly great.
  • The viewing angle is adjustable.
  • The outer circle is quite big.

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#9 KEWAYO 2 Pack Automotive Blind Spot Mirrors

KEWAYO 2 Pack Automotive Blind Spot Mirrors

Even the most sumptuous cars have some invisible areas to the side mirrors. This fantastic pair of blind spot mirrors are among the few versions you can count on to maximize visibility on the road.

Each piece has a cute convex shape for a wider view of the surrounding. Hence, expect this pair to give you the assurance you need when behind the wheel, whether changing lanes, merging highways, or stopping.

The high viscosity 3M adhesive is very strong and will keep the mirror in place even when you hit potholes. The tape is also weather-resistant, so it won’t lose its holding power on cold or rainy days.

Additionally, we like that this pair boasts great compatibility. That means you can use it for SUVs, RVs, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and just about any other vehicle where a blind spot mirror is applicable.

The solid construction of the pair guarantees durability. Therefore, it won’t rust or crack with continuous exposure to the severest conditions. The adjustability feature provides greater user convenience.

  • They rotate smoothly.
  • They are easy to use.
  • The units won’t rust.
  • They need to be a little more convex.

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#10 Lebogner Wide Angle Blind Spot Mirrors

Lebogner Wide Angle Blind Spot Mirrors

No matter how hard you try to fine-tune your side view mirrors, you will always end up with a blind spot on either side. The primary role of blind spot mirrors is to help you see everything around the vehicle.

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While we have a hundred and one blind spot mirrors in the market, there are many reasons why you should buy this blind spot mirror and not just any other option you come across in your search for the best.

The option arrives as a pair for the two side-view mirrors. Since they are universal, these mirrors boast very wide applicability. They can serve in just about any vehicle including SUVs, cars, trucks, vans, and more.

The low-profile design provides a cleaner look on most side mirrors. Also, we appreciate the fact that they are rimless since this design ensures that they don’t claim plenty of space on the existing mirrors.

The mirrors are 30-degree sway adjustable once installed although they make a 360-degree rotation. With such a wide range of adjustability, this side mirror offers great user convenience in the market.

  • The pair has a very low profile.
  • It offers two installation methods.
  • It’s a nice size.
  • The backside of the mirror is concave although that of the mounting piece is flat.

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#11 Zone Tech Blind Spot Adjustable Square Mirrors

Zone Tech Blind Spot Adjustable Square Mirrors

Although several blind spot mirrors have good coverage, most of them show smaller images that are hard to see when on the driver’s seat. But that’s not the case with this model.

The images you get when using this pair are up to three times larger than that of the standard options. Also, the images are clearer, making the unit your perfect companion on a very busy highway.

The all-weather bonding strip implies that they are easy to stick and that they won’t fall off even with regular trips to the carwash. That means you have to be very careful with the positioning of the mirror since you may not be able to relocate it after installing it.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t adjust the mirror. Once installed, this mirror will still support 360-degree rotation and 30-degree adjustability for wide coverage and improved user experience.

Unlike some options that have a bulky frame that takes much space on the existing mirror, this pair adopts a rimless design. Hence, it widens the range of view when simultaneously allowing you to reap the most out of your existing side-view mirrors.

  • The rectangular shape is nice.
  • The duo is very durable.
  • The image is larger and clearer.
  • It’s not easy to remove once installed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are blind spots in cars?

Blind spots are areas not covered by the side-view mirrors. Side mirrors will only show you the sides of your vehicle. That leaves the area just behind your car invisible. The work of blind spot mirrors is to make these areas visible to the driver.

Do blind spot mirrors work?

Yes. Blind spot mirrors work very well at making the invisible (blind) spots visible. However, the level of visibility will differ depending on the model you choose.

Where is the best place to put blind spot mirrors?

The ideal place to position your blind spot mirrors will depend on the design of your vehicle. In most cases, the ideal place to put a blind spot mirror is on the outer side. Some will work well on the top outer corner although you can still stick them on the bottom part of the outermost edge.

Can blind spot mirrors be removed?

Yes. If you need to reposition your blind spot mirror, most of them will detach without much effort. You may need to apply more effort where the adhesive is super strong. The models that use a clamping system may require some patience.

How often should you check your mirrors?

You need to check your mirrors every time you start, merge, change lanes, overtake, or when stopping. Experts recommend that you check your mirrors every 5-8 seconds although this interval may vary depending on the traffic condition.

Final Verdict

For safety on the road, you need the right skill set and a roadworthy vehicle. But that’s not all you require- a reliable way of monitoring everything happening on the road is also paramount.

Wing mirrors offer limited visibility on what’s happening around your vehicle. Blind spot mirrors work to address the void. And as simple as they appear, picking the right one isn’t a cup of tea. With our article, you will find it easy to select the ideal one for your car.

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