11 Best Block Planes (2023)

Block planes play a very important role in the woodwork industry. These tools have been around for centuries and it is for a good reason.

Having a razor-sharp block plane is the first step that every craftsman needs to take if he or she plans on having a good career in the carpentry business.

Block planes can turn shapeless lumber into a beautiful piece of art that will get the attention of many and earn you more cash in the process.

Nevertheless, for you to get to that point, you have to choose a planer that will bring out what you are made of as a craftsman. Here are the best block planes that can help you maximize your potential.

11 Block Plane Reviews

#1 Stanley 12-920 6-1/4-Inch Contractor Grade Block Plane

Stanley 12-920 Contractor Grade Block Plane

The contractor-grade block plane from Stanley is a multipurpose planning tool that you can use when working with wood and plastic workpieces.

It has an adjustable cutter, which is set at 21-degrees when on default angle but can be adjusted up to 13 1/2-degrees. The lateral cutter adjustments will enable you to have the needed accuracy for precision shaving.

More to this, the block plane has a design that allows you to make all the changes in quick succession to avoid time wastage.

This block plane is made from hardened steel, making it durable and reliable. As such, it allows you to have full control when planning different types of workpieces.

The cast iron at the base has a vibration-limiting feature that allows smooth plane operations.

Through this, you will be able to hard a variety of wood types, including hard lumber. It can help you remove debris and other undesirable features that may be lowering the quality of a workpiece.

With this plane, you will be able to accomplish your bench-top projects fast and in an efficient manner.

The sides have a machined finger grips that allow single-hand use. Also, this block plane has a quick-release cam-lock that makes iron removal easy.

The handles and the knob are polished and contoured to deliver a high impact when shaving a workpiece. This block plane is quite manageable, measuring only 6-1/4 inches long.

  • Epoxy coating
  • Versatile
  • Durable build
  • Delivers a smooth finish
  • A bit heavy

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#2 Japanese Wood Block Plane Double Edge Senkichi

Japanese Wood Block Plane

This block plane has a wooden base that makes it lighter compared to other steel-made brands. It comes with a pre-sharpened cutter, which allows you to get to work immediately you acquire the tool.

As a safety measure, it is advisable not to feel the sharpness of the blade with your fingers, as this may result in injury.

The simple design makes this plane one of the easy-to-use options that you can consider going for when working on a tight schedule.

Besides, both professionals and amateurs can find this tool useful, thus making it a good choice for DIY wood projects.

The blade has a carbon steel design that allows it to shave through wood effortlessly. This block is more effective when dealing with softwoods that don’t require a longer shaving time.

It can help you get rid of end grains from a workpiece, thereby allowing you to get desirable results. The wood frame on this block plane is of high quality and is less likely to crack or break if handled well.

However, you have to make several adjustments to the frame before using this tool. Ensure that you follow the tuning instructions to prevent the wood from splitting. All in all, this is a wonderful block plane that can assist you in getting amazing outcomes.

  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for small-sized planes
  • Does not give you control over shaving depth

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#3 Sheffield 58452 3 Inch Block Plane

Sheffield 58452 Block Plane

Sheffield 58452 is a 3-inch block plane that will change your perspective on size. It is small but delivers exceptionally on a variety of trimming projects.

Additionally, the two-piece design makes this tool stronger, thereby increasing its efficiency. It features a tempered and hardened body, which allows the tool to resist potential damage when dealing with tough planes.

Moreover, the S-2 steel makes this block plane durable and ideal for a wide range of woodwork projects.

The contour design provides you with maximum grip for non-slip operation. Since the tool is small in size, it does not occupy too much storage space in the toolbox.

As a result, you will have more room to keep other essential accessories needed to handle a job. You can make adjustments to the cutter, so you will be able to make customized trims.

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If you are looking for a block plane that can help get flawless results, you can consider using Sheffield 58452.

It has a cutter that is 1-inch wide, which is designed to deliver accurate shavings.

Furthermore, this tool has a wide base that offers stability when gliding the blade on the workpiece. The large thumb-screw is easy to use and allows you to tighten the iron for steady tool operation.

  • Compact design
  • Die-cast body
  • Offers maximum control
  • Chamfered drive for easy attachment
  • Some users may have trouble with blade adjustments
  • Too short for some projects

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#4 E.C. Emmerich 649P Adjustable Block Plane

E.C. Emmerich 649P Adjustable Block Plane

If you are into wooden block plane designs, this Emmerich 649P may just be the right tool that you need to change the way you handle your carpentry projects.

Despite having a wooden frame, it has an adjustable screw that allows you to tune the blade height according to the task demands.

As such, it allows you to control how deep the cutter shaves the workpiece. The edges of the frame are smoothed to provide you with a comfortable hold when trimming.

The Lignum Vitae sole reduces friction, thus making it easier to maneuver the block plane.

You will be happy to know that no additional lubricant is required because of the self-lubricating feature. The adjustment knob has a wide surface area and a smooth surface that makes it a convenient palm rest.

This doubles the force that you apply, so the blade will have a greater impact on the workpiece. This hand tool is designed to provide you with smooth surfaces that you can use immediately without performing other preparation procedures on the material.

This tool only weighs 1 pound, so you will have an easy time carrying it from your workshop to the worksite. The iron blade has a width measurement of 39 mm, allowing you to cover a wide area with each move that you make on the workpiece.

  • Delivers precise results
  • Portable
  • Rock-hard base
  • Efficient design
  • No adjustable mouth

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#5 Silverline 633569 Block Plane

Silverline 633569 Block Plane

The Silverline 633569 is made of high-quality materials that allow it to smooth out wood surfaces with minimal effort. This tool is ergonomically designed to offer you maximum comfort while delivering precise and accurate cuts.

It is particularly ideal for end grain tasks and can as well come in handy when doing a fine finish. To get even cleaner cuts, you have to ensure that the blade is sharp and well maintained.

The adjustable mouth design allows you to get different types of trims depending on how smooth you want the workpiece to be.

As such, if you want to trim off bigger chunks from the workpiece, you can consider opening the mouth. This setting is applicable in situations where the workpiece is overly coarse.  

Contrarily, closing the mouth tightly will deliver fine shaves that will give you ready-to-use wood surfaces.

In addition, the screw-depth control feature allows you to make necessary blade adjustments for precision-grade trims.

Also, the tool has all-brass fittings, which last longer, so this block plane will serve you for several years if you take good care of it.

  • Cam-lock action
  • Lateral control
  • Contoured frame
  • Aligning the blade after making adjustments may be difficult for some users

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#6 YOGEON Tiny Block Hand Plane

YOGEON Tiny Block Hand Plane

This block plane has a precision-ground cutter that allows you to make accurate trims on the workpiece. Moreover, it has a compact design, so it won’t take up much of your space.

If you have limited space, you can go for this planer as a decluttering strategy. The small design allows this planer to fit into tight spaces that other large brands can’t fit.

You can use this planer for initial smoothing, flattening and squaring. It delivers commendable results in all three scenarios, so you can fully depend on it when tackling different projects.

This planer is made from materials that offer superior strength and are highly resistant to impact. The front and the rear side of the planer have a flat design that builds tolerance when moving the tool on the workpiece.

The frog is fully machined, allowing you to make quick blade adjustments. This planer can be used by beginners and advanced users. The handle is contoured to provide maximum contact and control.

  • Delivers great accuracy
  • Wide range use
  • High-quality carbon steel blades
  • Machined base
  • Too tiny for large projects

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 #7 Faithfull No.60 1/2 Block Plane in a Wooden Box

Faithfull No.60 1/2 Block Plane

The block plane from Faithfull has a precision-ground base that allows it to move with ease on different workpiece surfaces.

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Moreover, the cast iron build gives it the ability to withstand heavy-duty use. This feature enables the tool to take on different types of lumber, both hard and soft.

The rear side of the block plane is conveniently shaped to fit the palm of your hands, while the front knob is grooved to provide adequate grip. As a result, you won’t struggle when pushing the blade back and forth.

Its iron is set at 13.5-degrees, while the cutter width measures 35mm. Plus, the cutting mechanism has an adjustable feature that allows you to personalize the cuttings. You can lower the blade to get deeper trims or raise it for a shallow shave.

Either way, the settings that you apply will transform the texture of the workpiece in a way that will leave you impressed. This is a low angle block plane, so you can use it on different woodwork tasks.

The epoxy coating allows this block plane to resist corrosion and other damaging elements that may weaken the frame. You can use this tool when cross-grain planning since the blade has a measurement that suits that function.

Moreover, this block plane can also be used on plastic laminates; you won’t have to buy multiple block planes. If used accordingly, this tool can provide you with priceless results.

  • Adjustable mouth
  • Tempered design
  • Comes in a hinged wooden box
  • Supports single-handed operation
  • Somewhat heavy

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#8 KAKURI Woodworking Japanese Block Plane

KAKURI Woodworking Japanese Block Plane

This block plane has an easy-to-hold design that gives you full control of all woodworking projects. The frame is made from high-grade oak wood, which is known for its high longevity.

As such, you will use this hand planer repeatedly without experiencing wear and tear. The blade, on the other hand, is made from tough carbon steel that is equally easy to sharpen. Besides, you will get the blade when it is already razor-sharp.

Unlike other hand-held planers that work by being pushed, the Kakuri Japanese block plane polishes surfaces through pulling. This operational feature allows equal distribution of force, thereby allowing you to get consistent results.

Since the tool has a high level of accuracy, you can use it when chamfering the corner of a workpiece. The small size gives it a portable design that allows you to fit the planer in your toolkit.

DIY woodworkers can find this tool helpful when handling various home projects.

Additionally, professionals can also make their work easier by giving this block plane a try. It has a steady design that allows you to shave the wood while using only one hand.

You can make adjustments to the blade height by hitting it slightly with a hammer. However, you need to be cautious so that you don’t detach the blade from the frame.

  • Requires less power to operate
  • Allows you to make angled shaves
  • Powerful blade
  • Built for precision
  • Adjusting the blade is difficult

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#9 Power Tools 3pc Micro Brass Block Plane

Power Tools Block Plane

This three-piece hand planer from Power tools has a durable hardwood frame construction, while the knobs are made from strong tough brass. When you by this planer, you will get a bullnose plane, block plane, and a scrapper plane.

The bullnose can particularly help you when planning tight corners or the edges of a workpiece. Combining the results provided by these tools allows you to get amazing results that will blow up your mind.

The carbon blades are fully adjustable so you can raise or lower them according to your needs. You can tune the plane blade at an angle of 23-degrees and 25-degrees respectively, depending on how deep you want the blade to shave the workpiece.

The base is built with a smooth texture that limits friction, so you will spend less energy planning the workpiece. Also, the work will be done much faster and with exact precision.

If you are looking to upgrade your woodworking game to pro-level, you can use this 3pc micro brass block plane. The fittings are well placed to help you make efficient plane maneuvers. This block plane is easy to use, so you won’t have a hard time working with the workpiece.

  • Delivers consistent trims
  • Flexible design
  • Ideal for professional crafting
  • The edges are not smooth

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#10 ENPOINT Adjustable Mini Block Plane for Trimming Projects

ENPOINT Adjustable Mini Block Plane

The mini-sized planer from Enpoint is ergonomically designed to give you a smooth trimming experience.

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It is built from stainless steel, thus making it wear and rust-resistant. The blade has a sturdy design that allows it to deliver powerful cuts on different types of wood.

Apart from trimming, this tool can also help you smooth the surface of a workpiece. In as much as this tool may seem small, it is equipped with a powerful blade that glides through wood effortlessly.

More to this, the bottom is flat and smooth, allowing you to push the planer forward with ease.

This block planner is so small that you can easily fit it in your pocket. As a result, you will be able to carry it wherever you go. One side of the frame is slightly rugged to maximize on the grip.

The rotary screw allows you to change the blade height in such a way that you get accurate trims. The adjustments don’t take as long, so you will make the required changes quick enough to get on with the project.

When it comes to maintenance, you can take the tool apart without using an extra tool. This will allow you to clean the planer and also sharpen the blade. Assembling it back is also as easy, so you can perform routine cleaning as many times as you want.

  • Nickel coated
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Efficient and stable design
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks

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#11 Woodstock D3831 Adjustable Block Plane

Woodstock D3831 Adjustable Block Plane

This block plane is not only good at removing end grain but is equally effective when it comes to eliminating face grain. It can achieve both functions because it has a low angle blade that is adjustable.

The plane blade is 1-3/8-inches wide and allows you to shave off both large and small chips from the workpiece. The depth of the cuts will depend on the current blade setting. Nevertheless, the workpiece will get accurate trims even when the blade is set higher.

Additionally, the adjustable throat design allows you to customize the cuts even further. This will allow you to get the exact results that you are looking for. The manufacturers have used bronze and premium quality cast iron in the construction.

These materials deliver immense strength, which allows you to work continuously without the tool wearing out. The smooth palm rest delivers comfort, thus allowing you to work for longer hours.

You solve a good number of your planning problems by using the Woodstock D3831. It is built with all your carpentry needs in mind, making it one of the hand-powered planers that you can buy when you have a planning project.

  • Compact design
  • Large adjustment knobs
  • Contoured design
  • Some users may have a hard time with the throat adjustment feature

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use Low angle or standard block plane on end grain?

Low angle planers are designed to take on whatever is thrown at them, as such, they perform well when working with an extremely rough workpiece. Standard planes, on the other hand, offer maximum control but they are not as good in eliminating end grain.

Which is the ideal block plane?

All block planes have different features that suit different project requirements. Therefore, you can only know how good a given planer is when it is used on a task that matches its description.

Why use a block plane?

When doing various woodworking projects, there comes a point where you need to use a tool that can deliver a precise finish. Block planes will offer you all the control that you need, they have adjustable blades that you can tune to meet the demands of the job. And the fact that they are hand-powered means that you will get the exact results that you want.

What is the difference between a block plane and a jack plane?

Generally, block planes are shorter compared to jack planes, and there is also a difference in blade angle setting. When in default, the blade of a block plane is at 20-degrees, while that of a jack plane is 45-degrees.

What should I check when choosing a block plane?

The most important thing is the sole; you have to ensure that it is flat and easy to use. Other adjustment features such as the knob and the frog also need to be looked into. You have to ensure that they support quick tool adjustment.

Final Verdict

If you are a woodworker, the block planes on this list will surely change the way you handle wood for the better.

They will provide you with smooth surfaces that will allow you to get the best possible outcome from your planning projects.

All you have to do is pick a block plane that meets all your project requirements.

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