11 Best Bolt Action Pens (2024)

There are a few everyday-carry survival items that one should always have. Pen. Paper. Money. Cellphone. Lighter. Handkerchief. And more. While they are essential, one thing about them is that you just can’t tell when you will need to use any of them.

Now, about pens, we know that plastic click pens have for many years provided an inexpensive way of jotting down keynotes. However, with the exciting breakthrough technologies, we must confess that these pens are a pretty old hat in the current era. And that’s where bolt-action pens come in.

While they are a little costly, bolt action pens have a lot more to offer compared to the traditional pens. Other than their premium construction, these pens are easy to use, stylish, and have fun-fidget functionality that the cheap plastic pens can’t just replicate. Some pens pack features like emergency whistles, glass-breaker tips, measuring tools, among others.

And with all that they have to offer, it’s wise to know the pen you should buy. So, what makes a good bolt-action pen? Of the hundred and one options, what works well for you? Well, our comprehensive article directs you to the right model. Keep reading!

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11 Best Bolt Action Pens

#1 Valtcan Titanium Bolt Pen EDC Writer

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As you pack what to bring along in your everyday carry bag, don’t let your writing implements to be the weakest link. Now, this bolt-action pen from Valtcan is one surefire way of attracting envy glances and compliments from your colleagues the next time you pull out your writing paraphernalia in a meeting.

All the parts of this pen are of real titanium metal. Therefore, it’s incredibly tough and will last for very many years. Chances are that you will regret that it took you so long before you could have it.

The CNC finger grips afford you a comfortable, reliable, and non-slip grip. Therefore, expect to have every point appear on paper in the exact manner you were intending right before jotting it down.

The unit boasts lots of bells and whistles that make it a standout from the standard versions. A case in point is the sharp tungsten tip for smashing windows in moments emergencies. Other than that, this tip will mark other surfaces that are hard to with the pen’s nib.

The bolt-action mechanism has a smooth and satisfying motion. This mechanism should keep your mind at ease and attract remarkable ideas when hashing out business plans with your other colleagues at work.

  • It is a rock-solid pen.
  • The clip is reliable.
  • The weight is good.
  • Be careful with the tungsten tip as it’s a bit sharp.

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Whether you are leaving for the office, discussion, or outing, this EDC pen has everything you need for your everyday use. The minimalist design not only makes it simple to use but also visually enticing.

The parts of the pen are of Titanium and Stainless steel structure. Hence, whether you need it for regular use in the office or rugged settings such as construction sites, this writing accessory should stand the test of time.

The distinctive bolt action channel provides a simple and convenient way of sliding the pen for use and then back afterward in a fraction of a second. In fact, all it takes to open or retract the unit is a simple flick of the thumb!

The pocket clip at the top is wider and gives a convenient way of moving the piece in your shirt pocket, notebook, purse, clipboards, and more. And since it’s detachable with a simple turn of a screw, it’s easy to bring the pen along in your most convenient way.

We like that it writes smoothly and with precision, and that’s why odds are that you will want to have it for a lifetime. With that in mind, the manufacturer makes it refillable. The pen is compatible with most standard parker style refills including the Fisher Space Pen PR Series.

  • The clip is removable.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Its writing is smooth and precise.
  • The color of the nose differs slightly from that of the barrel.

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#3 Titanium Bolt Action Tactical Survival Pen

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Other than scrawling down the key points from your discussion, this pen packs some impressive properties that may transform it into a real lifesaver when need be- just as the name suggests.

For instance, it features a beveled tip. This property provides a quick and reliable way of breaking glass when you find yourself in an emergency. But that’s not all: the tip will also work well for self-defense the next time you find yourself in a life-or-death situation in the hands of attackers.

The bolt-action mechanism is smooth and fidget-friendly when pondering on ideas when in the office or answers to questions in an exam room- expect the lovely motion to attract the right decisions your way.

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The unit is from CNC titanium. Therefore, just like other pieces of gear from the material, this bolt-action survival pen should serve you for a very long time no matter how regularly you use it.

The simplicity of the design makes it easy for anyone to use regardless of sex and age. It’s fluent to write and has a textured finish that feels great in the palm. Therefore, if you want a pen that’s comfortable with prolonged use, here is one of the options that come with you in mind.

  • The machining of the parts is excellent.
  • The finish gives a nice grip.
  • It is a versatile piece.
  • The leather case is quite deep for the size of the pen.

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#4 BASTION Luxury Executive Bolt-Action Ballpoint Pen

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The forth bolt-action pen on the list is another noteworthy model you can consider giving a shot. It’s a solid unit that will last for many generations. Unlike most bolt-action mechanisms that lose their functionality with time, the satisfying opening and closing motion of this pen will not wear out any of its parts with time.

Although carbon fiber is a nice material for use on pens, most manufacturers don’t utilize it because it’s complex and more costly. But that’s not the case here: this pen is available in 2 varieties- carbon fiber and 100% stainless steel to transcend the expectations of the user.

The durable construction makes the pens comfortable and gives them an expensive feel in the palm. Therefore, whether you are drafting a plan, evaluating your achievements, or scribbling a new idea, expect user experience like no other.

Additionally, this item embraces a timeless and minimalist design with amazing versatility. Thus, it’s very straightforward to use and will never run out of date no matter how many years it serves you.

The ballpoint tip technology lets you replace the cartridge when the current one runs out of ink. Among the replacement cartridges the manufacturer recommends are the Bastion ink refill fine tip (0.55 mm) and the QUINKflow ballpoint refill.

  • The locking function is reliable.
  • It’s available in 2 varieties.
  • It adopts a timeless design.
  • It’s a bit heavy.

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#5 PSI Woodworking PKCPBAPAK Bolt Action Pen

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This set of pens is unique from all others on the list. I mean, the pack does not come as ready-to-use pens. Instead, they arrive as work-in-progress to allow pen turners to come up with their own.

Each member of the set has a different finish. One of the pens has chrome finish while another makes use of gunmetal. And since they are 3, the remaining member of the lot embraces a stylish gold finish.

Other than the writing accessories, the set also includes a 3/8-inch drill bit and a high-quality bushing set. However, before you buy, ensure that you have blanks and other turning tools since they don’t come in the package.

The patented bolt-action mechanism of these pens is very reliable. Furthermore, unlike some pens of its caliber whose smooth functioning deteriorates with time, this set maintains its day one opening and closing motion throughout its service life.

Although you are getting more in this package than in any of our previous options, it’s surprising how this pack maintains a low price point. But beware, all the pens come with ink only.

  • The price is good for the number of the set.
  • it comes with instructions.
  • All the components are of good quality.
  • All the pens are black.

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#6 TISUR EDC Pen -Titanium Metal Bolt Action Pen

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This pen is of 100% titanium alloy for long service life. The sturdy construction has a smooth and flawless finish with good and balanced weight for comfort when writing or fidgeting with the bolt-action mechanism.

Unlike in some options where the color of the clips differs slightly with that of the other parts of the pen, the pocket clip of the Tisur EDC Pen dovetails perfectly with the rest of the finish.

While most pens of this caliber will only provide the bolt-action mechanism for playability, this model has more! The finger spinning wheel at the top gives you a little fun when waiting for someone or contemplating something.

On the top of the spinning wheel is a silica ball tip. This edge is pointy and rock-solid to provide an easy way to break a window when the need arises. And with all the components making use of first-class quality materials, expect it to hold up well no matter how hard you smash the window with it.

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The ergonomic design ensures that you get the best writing angle when scrawling down some key points. We also like that it features vertical strips to improve grip and enhance the quality of your work.

  • The finger spinning wheel adds more fun.
  • It affords the user an excellent writing angle.
  • The finish is ultra-smooth.
  • The lighter design isn’t the best for a pen that can also serve as a weapon.

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#7 EKLOEN Six-Edge Solid Brass Pen

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If you want to upgrade to writing with bolt-action pens but are not ready to begin with the high-end versions, the lucky number seven talks about the unit that works ideally for your needs.

Although it’s the most inexpensive option on the list so far, this brass pen still boasts a few unique features you won’t get in the more costly options. For instance, it makes use of a hexagonal prism design to keep it put on the table without rolling down from where you put it like the rounded designs.

The unique shape of this piece also gives the user a nice grip. Hence, in case you are looking for a stylish pen that will remain comfortable in the palm for hours of note-taking, EKLOEN Six-Edge Solid Brass Pen should work well for you.

The brass construction renders it unbreakable for many years of use. However, due to the natural behavior of its construction, the finish of this pen may oxidize with time to gain a distinctive retro charm appearance.

While the brass color is very beautiful, we must acknowledge that we have different tastes. That’s why the manufacturer avails this durable pen in a retro black finish for those that prefer something different from brass.

  • It’s inexpensive.
  • It has an extra cartridge.
  • It is available in 2 finishes.
  • The ink cartridges not of the best quality.

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#8 Cool Hand Carbon Fiber Bolt Action Pen

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The body of this bolt-action pen is of genuine 3K fiber solid whereas the and caps are of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum construction. Therefore, before getting deeper to find out what it can offer, we already have a glimpse that it will last for a very long time.

Although it’s extremely sturdy, we find it surprising that it manages to maintain a low weight of 0.8 ounces. In fact, with such low weight, we see it as a unisexual version that will support use by people of almost any age.

While it doesn’t offer a glass breaking tip, this pen opts to offer something unique from what the rest have: a stylus tip. This feature works well with smartphones, tablets, and other touchscreen devices.

The idea that most users commend about the rubber tip is that it’s retractable. In other words, you can adjust it to protrude at the top of the piece when you want to operate your touchscreen device and then slide it back to place after using it.

Another unique feature is that it uses a 3-step bolt-action mechanism for maximum fun. The pocket clip provides an easy way of carrying it in your pocket while the deep carry design prevents accidental falls.

  • It fits in small and deep pockets.
  • It is very fashionable.
  • The stylus is a nice idea.
  • The quality of the spring supporting the stylus could be better.

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#9 Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Wood Bolt Action Ballpoint Pen

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The unit next on the list doesn’t belong to the category of low-end products. However, with all that it packs, we still see it as a perfect buy for anyone in need of a product that will deliver good value for money.

To make the deal sweeter, the manufacturer gives you an option to add a few more dollars to have it come with a high-quality rifle pen. But that’s not all, you can choose to buy it with a case and an additional ink refill with a few additional bucks.

This bolt-action ballpoint pen originates from an American facility. Hence, with everything that it promises, we are confident that it will live up to every claim to the letter.

The whiskey barrel wood of this action pen implies that it’s very sturdy and that it will last for a very long time. Also, the unit writes smoothly and has excellent weight distribution throughout its construction. And with all that said, expect an exceptional writing experience.

And with all the uniqueness it packs, this bolt-action pen is an ideal gift for that special person in your heart. In fact, since the nib takes the shape of a big bullet shell, there could be no better gift for your friend who is a gun enthusiast.

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#10 UZI Tactical Bolt Action Pen

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Although the nib of this action pen resembles that of a ballpoint, this high-quality pen if far above an average writing implement. It marries the ability to write smoothly with a sense of modernity and fashion for a writing experience that’s hard to mimic.

The unit embraces top-grade aluminum in its construction. This material gives it the sturdiness of a tactical pen without sacrificing the importance of lightweight design when using it for a pen’s primary purpose: scribbling!

The smooth mechanism makes it easy and more fun to open and retract the pen. Whether it’s an exam room trying to recall a concept, in the office figuring out how to hit your target, or just drafting your personal goals, you will love the experience of fidgeting with it.

Other than providing a way to express your ideas on paper, you can use this piece to shatter a window with a single strike in case of an emergency. The very end also serves as a life-saving weapon against an attacker.

That said, we see this as a must-carry unit for camping trips, patrols, outings, and more. And since you can take it anywhere including where other weapons are not allowed, it’s one weapon you can always count on.

  • The size is good.
  • It is lightweight but sturdy.
  • It fits the bill excellently.
  • The pocket clip could be a little better.

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#11 RovyVon C10 EDC Titanium Multi-function Pen

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As the name hints, there is much you can do with this pen. It can serve as any other writing tool when working in the office but double up as a powerful life-saving tool when in a life-threatening situation.

With all this multi-functionality, it’s amazing how RovyVon C10 EDC still manages to come with decent size and weight. In fact, you will notice that it’s smaller than an average phone and easy to use.

The opening and retraction mechanism is smooth, reliable, and fun when interacting with your fingers. Therefore, if you want something that outshines a standard pen in durability, playability, and functionality, look no further.

The distinctive design of the handle gives the pen an exceptional anti-skid ability. Hence, whether you are a dedicated notetaker or among the people who get sweaty palms, this piece arrives with you in mind.

The titanium construction stands up to regular heavy use for years. The refill is from Germany. Thus, unlike the low-quality refills of some members of the competition, the refill of this pen is sure to write neatly at all conditions.

  • The ink cartridge is eco-friendly.
  • It gives an excellent grip.
  • It’s a real head-turner.
  • It has the steepest price point on our list.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An EDC Pen?

EDC stands for Every-Day Carry. It’s a pen or any other useful item that one needs to carry daily. A pen is one of these essentials and that’s why they are called EDC pens.

What Is A Bolt Action Pen?

Bolt-action pens borrow their name from the bolt-action mechanism they deploy. These pens embrace the loading action of a bolt action rifle to open and retract the pen’s nib through the housing.

Are Bolt-Action Pens Allowed On Airplanes?

It depends on the type of pens. You may find it a little hard to navigate your way past the airport security personnel if your bolt-action pen looks more of a weapon than a pen. The same applies to when accessing secure environments.

Can a bolt-action pen kill when using it as a weapon?

Most bolt-action pens serve as a tool for self-defense in most threatening situations. And while it may kill, these pens will require a little more effort. But avoid killing even when defending oneself.

Which is The Best Material For A Bolt-Action Pen?

Bolt-action pens are available in a wide array of construction types. But exactly which material is nice for them? Well, since they are versatile, materials such as carbon fiber, stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum are among the most preferred materials. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no other materials can make a nice bolt-action pen.

Final Verdict

In the same way, their price is higher than that of standard pens, so is the beauty, functionality, durability, playability, and dependability of bolt-action pens. However, as simple as they may appear, landing a knock-off is easy than one may think. That’s why we have this buying guide to help you identify the right option when shopping for one.

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