The 11 Best Bolt Cutters (2024)

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, your toolbox or workshop is not complete without a robust and heavy-duty bolt cutter.

Bolt cutters are used to cut through threaded bars, chains, thick wires, locks, and other metallic materials that you require to cut through quickly.

They’re very versatile and handy tools, but for optimal results, you need to have the most adaptable and heavy-duty bolt cutter at hand.

Picking the right bolt cutter for the job requires a look into the task they’ll be frequently used in, their crushing pressure, ease of use, their construction, and other factors that we’ll discuss in detail in this review.

Considering that the market is flooded with sub-standard bolt cutters that will leave you disappointed, we decided to pick out high-quality, heavy-duty, versatile, and topnotch bolt cutters for you.

A tough job requires an extra-tough tool! Dive in and acquire one for yours.

WORKPRO W017004A Bolt Cutter, Bi-Material Handle...
  • Note: Cutting Locks Is Not Recommended

11 Best Bolt Cutters

1) Tekton 3421 Bolt Cutter

Tekton 3421

Tekton is one of the best when it comes to the manufacture of high-quality and versatile tools.

Their bolt cutters show how excellent their tools are by delivering high crushing pressure to quickly and comfortably get through demanding cutting jobs.

The Tekton 3412 features different sizes of jaw capacity including 3/16”, 5/32”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8” and 1/2″.

This allows you to select the one that suits you best as you cut through bolts, threaded rods, and other heavy-duty materials.

It features a compound hinge for compound cutting action which provides higher cutting power with minimal effort.

This makes Tekton bolt cutters convenient and less strenuous on your arms for prolonged use.

It has drop forged tempered alloy steel jaws for heavy-duty application.

This construction is durable and resistant to environmental elements for use in harsh conditions.

The jaws are easily replaceable in case of damage. They can be adjusted to fit specific cutting requirements for adaptability.

It has tubular steel handles that will not give up and crumble due to pressure.

The handles are cushioned with non-slip rubber grips for comfort and sturdy, secure grip when cutting.

The rubber cushioning also prevents injuries to your hands, making them safe to use even for prolonged sessions.

As long as you choose the right size for the job, they work well.

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2) Neiko 00563A Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter

Neiko 00563A

The Neiko 00563A features chrome-molybdenum steel jaws which are hardened and heat-treated for durability and to withstand cutting through sturdy materials.

The jaws remain sharp and dent-free for long, for heavy-duty application. There are adjustable to fit your immediate cutting application for adaptability.

This bolt cutter features a lever-fulcrum design which provides more power output with minimal effort.

It can convert 50 pounds of exerted pressure into 4,000 pounds of pressure output between the jaws. This makes it efficient and less tedious to use.

The handles are ergonomically designed for easier cutting. They are fitted with non-slip rubber grips for secure and comfortable grips.

The bolt cutters are available in different sizes to allow you to choose the best size and leverage as per your requirement. This makes sure that you acquire the best match for your cutting applications.

The only problem with Neiko 00563A is that they’re a bit heavy. However, this does not affect their performance.

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3) Knipex Tools 7101200

Knipex Tools 7101200

The Knipex 7101200 is a versatile bolt cutter for use at home, workshop, or industrial applications in cutting wires and bolts of up to 1/4” in diameter.

The bolt cutter features a chrome vanadium electric steel jaw construction which is sturdy for heavy-duty application, but light enough for easy and comfortable use.

It’s hardened (64 HRC) using 0.8% carbon to withstand constant, demanding application. The jaws’ edges are designed for precision cutting, which makes cutting easy.

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It has a unique lever design that creates more cutting power with minimal effort (twenty times the exerted hand pressure). This makes it practical and less tedious to use.

One unique feature of the Knipex bolt cutter is the integrated gripping jaws below the joint for pulling out wires and nails.

This makes the tool versatile and adaptable to different uses. It also makes work convenient as you can use the same device for more than one application.

It also features an opening spring fitted with a lock integrated into the handles for comfy use and safe transportation. This makes this bolt cutter safe to carry around even in your pocket.

The handles are rubberized for a secure non-slip grip when cutting. This makes it effortless and safe to use.

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4) Capri Tools 40209 8” Klinge Mini Bolt Cutter

Capri Tools 40209

Leverage, power, comfort, and durability are some of the main features of a heavy-duty bolt cutter.

Capri Tools 40209 bolt cutter fits into this category and is one of the most recommended heavy-duty cutters.

Its blades are forged using double heat-treated Chrome-molybdenum (CrMo) which is tough to enable you to cut through most metal objects.

CrMo construction is also durable due to its ability to cut through hardy materials without suffering any indentations.

This makes it perfect for daily demanding applications such as industrial or construction use.

The bolt cutter has ergonomic handles for comfortable use. They are fitted with well-textured rubber grips to provide a secure firm grasp when cutting.

They are also long for more leverage, which gives you a higher cutting force with minimal effort. This makes it practical and less tedious to use.

This bolt cutter is compact for easy portability and convenience.

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5) HK Porter Powerlink 24” Bolt Cutters

HK Porter Powerlink

This HK Porter Bolt Cutter utilizes Powerlink geometry technology which provides more cutting power with even lesser cutting effort (30% less cutting effort).

This makes them simple and effective to use, especially when you have a lot of metal objects to cut.

Its jaws are precision ground with hardened HKP center-cut blades for resistance to chipping.

This makes them durable and suitable for heavy-duty application in cutting bolts, chains, rods, rivets and many /other metal objects of 7/16″ diameter for soft to medium materials and 5/16″ diameter for hard materials.

It has tubular steel handles which are sturdy and robust to withstand heavy-duty use.

The handles are rubberized to provide a comfy and sturdy grip, which makes the cutting process easy.

They can extend close to 180(Powerlink technology), which creates more leverage for more effortless cutting.

On the downside, they are cumbersome to use.

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6) Workpro W017005A Bolt Cutter

Workpro W017005A

The Workpro W017005A feature drop forged CrMo (Chrome-molybdenum) for maximized cutting strength.

They are powder coated for more proficient cutting and to increase durability.

The powdered CrMo construction creates one of the strongest, and durable bolt cutting jaws in the industry.

The bolt cutter integrates lever-fulcrum design/ compound cutting action and accurately positioned blades to provide more power with minimal effort. This makes it efficient and comfortable to use.

It’s fitted with sturdy hollow handles which are ergonomically designed for comfortable cutting.

The handles are fitted with non-slip rubber grips which provide a comfortable and secure hold when working. They also keep your hands safe when working.

The bolt cutters are available in different sizes including 14” (1/4” max cutting capacity), 18” (5/4” max cutting capacity), 24” (25/64” max cutting capacity), and 30” (15/32” max cutting capacity).

This allows you to choose the most suitable one for your regular use.

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On the downside, it’s more suitable for cutting materials with soft to medium hardness.

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7) Fiskars PowerGear Bolt Cutter

Fiskars PowerGear

Fiskars PowerGear features unique ergonomic designs to provide you with an advanced bolt cutter to tackle your needs.

This bolt cutter features a superior PowerGear Technology which provides you with extra mechanical advantage/ more leverage for more than 30% increase in power.

This makes it easier to cut hardened metals with less exerted effort, for efficient and less tedious work time.

This bolt cutter has forged, tempered, heat-treated blades that stay sharp through heavy-duty application to provide years of service.

The blades use can be optimized by adjusting the eccentric bolts for well-maintained cuts. This makes the bolt cutter adaptable.

It has ergonomic handles which are fitted with Softgrip for a perfect, secure, and comfortable grip. This makes it easier and safer to use the bolt cutters.

The bolt cutter is available in several sizes including 14”, 24”, 30”, and 36”. This allows you to choose the right leverage and jaw size for your work.

Despite the unique features, they’re prone to rust.

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8) ToughBuilt Compact 14” Bolt Cutter


Portability and flexibility of tools come in handy, especially for professionals who have to carry the tools from one location to the next.

The ToughBuilt Bolt Cutter makes it easy to carry around because it can be folded nearly in half to fit a toolbox or a go-bag. This makes it convenient.

It’s constructed from high-grade sturdy steel to provide jaws with superior cutting power.

The constriction can withstand harsh environmental conditions to enable utilization under any working conditions.

It has extra-wide handles to minimize the effort required to cut through hardened metals such as steel.

The handles are rubber coated to provide a firm, secure grip for effortless and comfortable cutting.

Provided you cut the recommended size with this bolt cutter, they are durable and deliver as per their expectations.

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9) Klein Tools 63RBCHD Ratcheting Bolt Cutter

Klein Tools 63RBCHD

Klein Tools produces some of the most robust equipment for everyday use to make your work easier and of great perfection.

It’s fitted with a spring-loaded retention hook that holds the material you want to cut in place for easier cutting. This makes it possible to slice metals in one cut, making the bolt cutter efficient.

This bolt cutter has an exceptional ratchet mechanism, i.e., open, snap, &cut, that makes it one of the simplest bolt cutters to use. It’s convenient and straightforward to utilize.

It’s capable of cutting 5/8″ ground rod, 1/2″ grade 5 bolts, 1/2″ rebar, 1/2″ utility-grade guy strand, and 7/16″ grade 8 bolts among other materials within its jaw size.

It’s cutting capabilities make it versatile and efficient in many applications.

This bolt cutter features one of the most durable, and sturdy constructions. Its blades are tempered to retain their sharp edges for longer.

This makes it perfect for long term heavy-duty applications, especially by professionals.

Its handles are long to provide excellent cutting leverage, and they’re rubberized for secure, sturdy grips.

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10) MPT Heavy Duty Bolt Cutter


The MPT Bolt Cutter features heat-treated jaw blades.

This makes them sturdy for easier cutting without undergoing chipping.

Heat treatment also increases the durability of the edges to provide long term services.

The bolt cutter utilizes lever-fulcrum design to deliver more cutting power with reduced effort.

This makes them efficient and less tiresome to use.

It’s fitted with an elastic adjustable screw which helps to set the opening and closing width to protect the blades.

This increases the durability of the blades.

Its handles feature a thickened construction to withstand heavy-duty use without crumbling.

They are fitted with well-texturized rubber grips for secure and sturdy handling of the bolt cutter. This makes it easy and safe to use for cutting.

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The metallic parts feature a rust-resistant coating to protect the bolt cutter and to enable use in harsh working conditions. This makes it adaptable.

On the downside, it requires a few adjustments to align the blades for a flush cut.

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11) GreatNeck Bolt Cutters


GreatNeck produces good quality tools that are designed to bring more power to tackle your tough workload easily and effectively.

The GreatNeck bolt cutter features a forged, heat-treated chrome vanadium steel construction to provide a hardened edge to handle your cutting requirements.

The construction is sturdy and durable for long term application.

This bolt cutter features a compound jaw-action design to provide more cutting strength with minimal exerted pressure. This makes it efficient and perfect for use in long cutting sessions.

Its handles feature hollow powder-coated steel construction.

This makes them strong for heavy-duty use and enables utilization in any environmental conditions.

It has ergonomically designed rubber grips for secure non-slip handling of the bolt cutter. This makes the cutting process more comfortable.

This bolt cutter comes in different sizes (8”, 12”, 14”, 18”, 24”, 30”, & 36”) to enable the user to choose the best fit as per the intended application.

On the downside, the bolt cutter blades may end up chipping after a while.

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What are bolt cutters used for?

A bolt cutter/cropper is a tool used in cutting bolts, chains, wire mesh, threaded rods, and many other metallic substances. It uses compound jaw action to increase leverage and cutting power.

What is the best material for a bolt cutter?

Forged steel is the strongest and most suitable material used in making bolt cutters. This is because it’s durable, sturdy, and capable of maintaining a sharp edge for long.

Can bolt cutters be used to cut in narrow spaces?

If you have a compact bolt cutter, then yes, it can be used in narrow spaces. However, if you’re going to cut in small spaces for long, you should get a more suitable tool because a bolt cutter will limit your performance.

What factors should I consider when purchasing a bolt cutter?

There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing a bolt cutter. These include:

  • Blade construction – choose a blade made of high quality and hardened material for durability and optimal results
  • Handle– Ergonomic design rubberized handles are comfortable and easy to use. It should also be long enough to provide good leverage
  • Size – bolt cutters come in different sizes. Small sizes can only cut objects of small diameters while large bolt cutters can handle more substantial objects. The larger the size, the less portable the bolt cutter is.
  • Adjustability – adjustable jaws are adaptable to tackle different materials of varying diameter. If you work with different sized materials, it will be in your best interest to select an adjustable bolt cutter.

Can a bolt cutter cut rebar?

With a heavy-duty bolt cutter, you’ll be able to cut through padlocks, steel rods, chains and even snap rebar. The cutting force associated with heavy-duty bolt cutters is sufficient to cut tough and hardened steel.

Final Verdict

A bolt cutter is an excellent addition to your toolbox for use on a professional level or otherwise.

They make cuts that are impossible to make with most tools, and their versatility and efficiency are excellent.

Choosing the right quality and size of a bolt cutter for your intended use is essential as it will determine how efficient it will be.

The bolt cutters reviewed in this article are of high-quality, and they deliver as expected.

We hope that you have gained all the necessary information required to make a good purchase.

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