11 Best Bookshelves For Kids (2023)

The older kids grow, the bigger their book collection gets. And your kids can only benefit from the books that you buy them if they are well organized. The only way you can arrange your kid’s books is by buying a bookshelf.

Thankfully, we have made the work easier for you by providing you with some of the best bookshelves for kids. All the bookshelves on this list have a modern design, so they won’t interfere with your décor.

Humble Crew, 4 tier, Natural/White Kids Book Rack...
  • Toddler-sized kid's bookshelf displays books with covers facing forward for easy identification.

11 Best Bookshelves for Kids

#1 Humble Crew Kids Book Rack Storage Bookshelf

Humble Crew Kids Book Rack Storage Bookshelf

The toddler-sized bookshelf from Humble Crew may just be what your kids need to keep their books neat and organized. This bookshelf features four spacious sleeves that can accommodate different sizes of books. As such, your kids can keep both thin and thick books on this unit. The sling pockets are designed in such a way that the kids can easily see the book titles. Additionally, the pockets are not so deep, so your kids won’t have a hard time pulling out the book in question.

This way, more time will be spent reading rather than looking for books. You can make the process even easier for your little ones by arranging the books in alphabetical order. Furthermore, the bookshelf has a space-saving design and can easily fit into most playrooms, nurseries, kid’s bedrooms, etc. If you like, you can even set it up in your living room since it can complement the look of almost any décor. Plus, there are other color options that you can consider going for, so the decision will be yours to make.

The bookshelf is made of two large sideboards and multiple rods that run from one board to the next. This design enhances structural stability, thus preventing the bookshelf from wobbling. Besides, the boards are shaped such that the base is wider than the top, hence increasing the surface area for maximum contact with the floor. This unit comes with all the screws and parts, so you will only have to attach the pieces. The assembly is straightforward and can be done by just about anyone.

  • Sturdily built
  • Ideal for boys and girls
  • Easy to clean
  • The fabric used in making the pockets may not hold up if the compartments are overloaded

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#2 Sauder Pogo Bookcase

Sauder Pogo Bookcase

This bookshelf has four large compartments, which can help you organize and store your kid’s books in an orderly sequence. With this bookshelf, you will be able to reduce the clutter that may be taking up space in your kid’s room. Aside from the shelves, this unit has a wide top surface on which you can place more books or collectibles. That said, it can as well be used as a display unit for artifacts. Because the bookshelf is entirely made of wood, it is stable and durable.

To make it even better, this unit has slots for ID tags that you can use to classify the books according to the subject or any other identification technique that your kids are familiar with. The top tier can be used for storing books, while the storage bins at the bottom can come in handy when storing stuffed animals or beddings. More to this, the top shelves are wide enough, allowing you to arrange the books in a vertical or lateral position.

Also, the bookshelf is just the right height, so toddlers will have quick and easy access to their books. This unit has a sleek design and comes in a soft white color that will make the child’s room livelier. You can make the bookshelf even more stable by placing it next to a wall. This will prevent the unit from toppling over in the event that the kids bump on it accidentally when playing.

  • Well made
  • Stylish design
  • Quality construction
  • Requires assembly

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#3 Wallniture Denver Wall Mounted Kid’s Room Bookshelf Display

Wallniture Denver Wall Mounted Kid’s Bookshelf

Wallniture has taken a different approach when it comes to designing kid’s bookshelves. This high-quality bookshelf for kids has a floating design, meaning that you can easily mount it to a wall, thereby providing your kids with enough room to store all their literature. When you order for this product, you will get four floating shelves that you can arrange in whichever way that you want. This is because the shelves are not linked to each other, so you can mount them according to your preference and the needs of your child.

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As such, you can arrange all four shelves in a straight line such that your kid can have all his/her books in one place. Alternatively, you can share the shelves among your kids in that you can mount two shelves in one room and the remaining two in the next. This feature makes this a suitable option for parents who are on a tight budget. However, if you are in a position to buy multiple sets, don’t hesitate because this is a product that is worth spending your money on.

The shelves are made of medium-density fiberboard, which is known to be lightweight and tough. Moreover, the edges of the shelves are slightly raised, so the books won’t fall off easily. The anchors will ensure that the shelves are firmly fixed to the wall, thus preventing them from detaching even when the shelves are fully stacked. You can save more space and make use of the idle spaces on your wall by buying this bookshelf.

  • Minimalistic design
  • Quick installation
  • Kid-safe
  • Requires you to drill holes on the wall

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#4 KidKraft Children’s Furniture Wooden Bookcase

KidKraft Children's Furniture Wooden Bookcase

You can wow your little princess by getting her this sturdy bookshelf by KidKraft. This piece has a unique dollhouse design, so you can have full confidence that your child will like it. Additionally, this unit is not only strong but also attractive and can help the little ones to have more interest in their books. This unit can accommodate a large number of books thanks to its multiple and spacious storage compartments.

Most of the shelves have an open design, so the books will be visible when put on display. Also, the compartments are not equal in size, so you can customize the book arrangement according to the child’s preference. Nonetheless, one of the shelves is fitted with a door for extra privacy. This makes it an ideal storage place for the kid’s favorite toys or any other item that your child may consider special.

What’s more, the door has a hole where the knob is supposed to be, so the child will have an easy time accessing the concealed compartment. This unit will provide your kids with ample storage space for a wide range of items. With the help of the well-written assembly instructions, you will be able to set up this bookshelf with minimal effort. To make it even cuter, the bookshelf has colorful floral paintings on both sides.

  • Multi-functional
  • Practical design
  • Adorable
  • The assembly is likely to take time since there are so many parts that you have to attach

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#5 Haotian White Children Kids Bookshelf

Haotian White Children Kids Bookshelf

This bookshelf is built with the needs of your child in mind, so you can consider adding it to the list of products that you can buy. Furthermore, it has three tiers and two storage partitions that you can use according to the child’s storage demands. However, you have to ensure that you don’t exceed the maximum weight capacity provided by the manufacturer as this may affect stability. This bookshelf is made of high-quality particleboard and MDF for long-lasting durability.

In addition to this, the bookshelf has a freestanding design, so it will provide you with maximum stability regardless of whether you place it next to a wall or in an open space. This piece will provide your child with a frustration-free experience when he/she is searching for books. The shelves are conveniently designed such that the rest of the books won’t fall off when one book is taken from the stack.

With time, this bookshelf will help your child to have good organizational skills since it encourages young ones to keep all their reading material in one place. This unit is not too short or too tall and can particularly suit toddlers who are three years and above. The bottom partitions can be used to store other things that may be making the room look disorganized. Lastly, all the materials used, including the white paint are non-toxic.

  • Assembly manual is included in the package
  • The base won’t damage your floor
  • Sturdy
  • Assembly is somewhat difficult

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#6 Delta Children MySize Bookshelf

Delta Children MySize Bookshelf

Featuring three spacious shelves, the kid’s bookshelf by Delta Children can hold books and other belongings that your kids may have. This piece of furniture will provide your kids with amazing features that will make reading fun. Additionally, the bookshelf has a compact design, so you can set it up in the kid’s room without taking too much of their space.

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More to this, the bookshelf is light, so you won’t struggle when moving it to another room or when cleaning the room. It has a durable finish, so the paint will retain its quality for an extended period. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that you use mild furniture cleaners to prevent the paint from eroding.

The frame has an elegant arch that will add a touch of class to your kid’s room. Since the shelves are well spaced, your kids won’t have a hard time taking the books out or returning them. Plus, this unit will provide kids with easy access to their books or toys. But most importantly, this unit meets national safety standards.

  • Comes with a wall anchor
  • Good quality
  • Quick assembly
  • The paint may smell bad at first

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#7 SEIRIONE Kids Book Rack Bookshelf

SEIRIONE Kids Book Rack Bookshelf

If your kids have several books that need storage, you can buy the Seirione kid’s bookshelf. This unit has a five-layer design, making it one of the spacious bookshelves that you can add to your kid’s room. Compared to most bookshelves with sling pockets, this unit has stronger pockets that are made of a tough cotton material, which is wear-resistant. As a result, you will be able to place both heavy and light books inside the pockets without the seams ripping apart.

To add to this, the bookshelf comes with a wall anchor bracket that will help you secure the unit to a wall. With this, you can be sure that your child will be more than safe when using this bookshelf since it is less likely to lose its balance. Aside from the sling pockets, there are three extra pockets at the front, which can accommodate small storybooks and comic books. Plus, the assembly is a breeze since you only have to screw in the rods.

This forward-facing bookshelf allows kids to choose reading materials on their own, thus promoting good reading habits. And since the sling pockets are arranged in ascending order, the child will be able to see and pick the books with ease. Thanks to the additional storage bins, your kids will have extra space to keep their toys. The bins have a drawer design and are also color-coded for user convenience.

  • Perfect height for toddlers
  • Made from eco-friendly materials
  • Has a large capacity
  • The assembly manual is not as detailed

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#8 Wooden Puzzle Piece Bookcase by KidKraft

Wooden Puzzle Piece Bookcase by KidKraft

You can encourage your kids to develop more love for their books by using this beautiful bookshelf. It has a whimsical design, so it will look amazing when placed in the living area or kid’s bedroom. This unit features three large shelves, which can accommodate a favorable number of books. The other thing that is good about this bookshelf is that each tier has a different color, so you can arrange the books according to the color that you have assigned each category.

Through this, the kids won’t waste a lot of time searching for the books that they want to read. The space between the shelves is very large, hence allowing you to arrange the books in different patterns. More to this, they are deep, so the books that are in storage won’t slide off. This bookshelf may require some assembly, but you will be happy to know that all the parts fit together perfectly like a puzzle piece. Besides, you will only need a screwdriver to assemble the entire unit.

If you are looking for a unit that can help you organize your kid’s books, this bookshelf has you covered. The kids can also use this unit to store other items such as toys, pens, crayons, and many more. This piece is very stable but you still have to ensure that you set it up correctly. Additionally, it is advisable to place the bookshelf on bare floors and not on fluffy carpets. This is done to lower the probability of the unit falling over.

  • Made of high-quality wood
  • Provides you with long-lasting service
  • Colorful
  • May acquire scratches

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#9 Fantasy Fields Wooden Kids Bookshelf

Fantasy Fields Wooden Kids Bookshelf

Having a colorful astronaut theme, the kid’s bookshelf from Fantasy Fields will blow your child’s mind straight to outer space. This artistic piece is conveniently built to help your kids keep their books in check. By adding this unit to your child’s room, you will create a warm atmosphere that will encourage the kids to read their favorite books consistently. The boards on the sides are shaped like a space rocket that is blasting its way to space, while the bottom drawer has the painting of an astronaut in space.

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When it comes to stability, the bookshelf sits on a well-designed base that limits unnecessary tipping. Plus, the mounting hardware locks the unit firmly to the wall, thereby maintaining a high level of stability at all times. The bottom drawer can accommodate all sorts of items, including toys that your kids play with from time to time. By keeping the items in this compartment, all the things that your kids may need will always be within arm’s reach.

The pieces making up this bookshelf are carved manually to provide your kids with a practical unit that can hold multiple books at a go. This bookshelf will allow your kids to display their favorite reads and also access them whenever they want. If you want your kids to be more organized, imaginative, and creative, this is the piece for you.

  • The paint used is lead-free
  • Spacious
  • Vibrant colors
  • Some units may have blurry or discolored paint patches

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#10 KidKraft Bookcase with Reading Nook

KidKraft Bookcase with Reading Nook

This bookshelf is somewhat unique since it provides your kids with a place to sit as they read. The reading nook is padded with a high-quality cushion that will provide your kids with the comfort that they need when reading. The cushions attach to the bookshelf with the help of strong Velcro, which prevents them from falling off when the child is seated. Additionally, the bookshelf is very aesthetic and can make your child’s room more beautiful than it already is.

With six storage shelves, your kids will have a large space for books and other essential items. This bookshelf is available in three colors that you can choose from according to the décor style in your child’s room. The two compartments at the top can accommodate large books even when placed vertically, while the topmost surface can work as a lampshade holder or display point for collectibles.

The easy-to-read assembly manual will provide you with all the details that you may need when setting up the bookshelf. Also, the composite wood used in crafting this product will provide your child with long years of service. Moreover, cleaning the bookshelf is very easy, so your child’s room will always stay clean and tidy.

  • Has a stable base
  • Ideal for toddlers
  • Innovatively designed
  • The wood can get damaged if proper care is not taken during assembly

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#11 DIBSIES Personalized Kids Bookshelf

DIBSIES Personalized Kids Bookshelf

The kid’s bookshelf from Dibsies is made of durable materials that you and your kids can rely on when it comes to storing books. Its sides are constructed with medium-density fiberboard, while the sling pockets are made from quality cotton fabric. To add to this, you can personalize this bookshelf with your kid’s name to make him/her feel special. Besides, the names are printed using an advanced printing technique, so the colors won’t fade or peel.

You can find this piece in white, honey, and espresso. In addition to this, the pockets have different colors for easy identification of books. This unit allows kids to reach their books without getting help from their parents, so the little ones won’t have to wait for you to get them the books when they want to read. This bookshelf will provide you with exceptional stability, thus making it toddler-safe.

But, that’s not all; this piece is held together by multiple screws, so it won’t collapse even when you place books on all the available shelves. It not only has a sturdy construction but is also long-lasting. In as much as the unit doesn’t come pre-assembled, it is fairly easy to put together, so you won’t spend a lot of time assembling it.

  • Saves space
  • Well designed
  • Functional
  • A bit small

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when choosing a kid’s bookshelf?

When choosing a bookshelf you have to ensure that it is stable, spacious, and easily accessible.

Why should I buy a bookshelf for my child?

With the help of a bookshelf, you will be able to organize the kid’s books, thus allowing quick and easy access to the needed literature.

Do kid’s bookshelves come pre-assembled?

This will depend on the unit that you are using. However, most bookshelves require some assembly.

Final Verdict

The bookshelves listed above will give your kids an easier time when searching for their books. All the units are sturdy and are, therefore, safe for toddlers. As you have seen, the units come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that can accommodate all the books in your kid’s room.

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