Top 11 Best Boss Car Stereos (2024)

Since the first head unit was invented in 1930, there have been hundred and one later inventions that have made car audio experience better and better. With the latest technology allowing you to receive and make calls hands-free, things have just gotten simpler for car owners.

Of course, most cars come with decent car stereo systems, but getting the later releases will unleash a new level of convenience and give you the best car audio experience. Now, in case you are intending to replace your current car stereo system, the market offers tons of options for you.

Unfortunately, we still have a lot of junk in the market that you need to stay away from. So, what head unit should you buy? Well, that’s why we are here- get the perfect model from our list of the 11 best boss car stereos.

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Top 11 Boss Car Stereos

#1 BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B Car DVD Player

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The topper of the list is among the market’s best-selling Boss car stereos. It utilizes Bluetooth technology that allows for hands-free operation when driving. The built-in microphone picks your voice when on phone.

However, you can also connect it with your phone or media player through the AUX input. The built-in equalizer allows you to select an excellent setting for the type of music you are playing using the highly sensitive remote controller.

The DVD player means that you can use it for your favorite videos while the USB port is an alternative when you don’t feel like using the DVD player. This port supports flash drives with a maximum storage capacity of 32 GB for endless entertainment.

Additionally, you will like that this head unit also has a USB charging port to keep all your devices powered when you are away from home. The 6.2-inch LED touchscreen provides a convenient way for the user for making proper adjustments.

  • It is very easy to install.

  • It pairs easily through Bluetooth technology.

  • The screen size is good.

  • It has so many features, especially for the price.

  • Some users wish that it had screen mirroring for Android phones.

  • The touchscreen response time is not very fast.

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#2 BOSS Audio BVCP9685A Apple Carplay Android Auto Car Multimedia Player

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BOSS Audio BVCP9685A may not come at the same price range as the preceding model. However, it packs lots of bells and whistles to give you that excellent audio experience you have always wanted from an audio system.

The Apple CarPlay gives you access to your iPhone apps on the touchscreen. Also, this amazing feature will tell you your speed and provide information on location. The 6.75-inch screen also lets you make proper customizations to the system depending on your preference.

The Siri voice controls mean that you can conveniently play music, get directions, and receive your texts in audio form so that you will never have to get a hand off the steering wheel. The unit also utilizes Bluetooth technology, a wireless innovation that brings the convenience of hands-free operation in playing music and making calls.

The USB port is compatible with USB flash drives with a maximum storage of 32 GB. Also, like the previous model, BOSS Audio BVCP9685A features a built-in 1-A charger so that your devices will never run out of power when on a journey.

  • It adopts an intuitive user design.

  • The large touch zones are good when driving.

  • All the features work as described.

  • The Siri voice control is a nice feature

  • The screen is a bit dim although increasing brightness seems to help a little.

  • It briefly disconnects from CarPlay after many hours of use.

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#3 BOSS Audio Systems BVNV9384RC Car GPS

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With this amazing double-din head unit, you will never find yourself in trouble because of operating your mobile phone when driving. The Bluetooth innovation employed in this model together with the built-in microphone and the crystal clear speaker allows you to answer and make calls conveniently when still focusing on what is most important- driving!

The wireless technology also permits you to play your favorite tunes when still keeping your interior car space neat from the mess of wires. Also, this receiver features a reliable DVD player feature and high-quality USB ports that let you play your choice videos and tunes. Also, you can tune to AM/FM radio stations for the latest news and music so that you remain up to date.

BOSS Audio Systems BVNV9384RC also comes with GPS feature on-board. This property lets the user see maps in 2D and 3D. The text-to-speech feature combines with the GPS feature to provide you with directions to your final destination in audio so that you will never have to withdraw your eyes from the road.

The built-in preset EQ means that you can adjust the sound to how you want it. The input will work with the rear camera and is included in the package so that you won’t have to buy it separately. The steering wheel interface lets you control it using the existing steering wheel control buttons. However, you will need to buy an additional interface separately to enjoy this functionality.

  • It pairs easily and fast.

  • The sound quality is great.

  • The backup camera is awesome.

  • You can connect an extra screen.

  • It doesn’t offer the greatest compatibility. Hence, ensure that it works with your car before you order.

  • You may have to do a long search to find maps for some places like Canada.

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#4 BOSS Audio BV6658B Car Stereo DVD Player

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For those looking to upgrade their car stereo system without spending too much, this is one of the most reliable options they will come across in the market. The single-din head unit has fantastic features for a music experience like no other, especially for the price.

Some of the features that you will get in this receiver are that it supports hands-free calls. I mean, through the wireless Bluetooth technology, you can make and receive calls through the system provided that you pair it with your phone.

This technology also lets you play your favorite songs from your phone on the system without the need for a physical connection between the two units. Like all the previous options, this model also has a DVD player for playing your favorite videos. The high-quality remote provides a convenient way of operating the system from a distance, even when outside the car.

Also, you will like that it has a USB port that supports flash drive with a maximum storage of 32 GBs. The USB charging port provides an accessible way to charge your phones and other supported devices when they run out of power.

  • Shipping is normally fast.

  • The controller is very sensitive.

  • The ability to accept flash drives of up to 32GB is a nice feature for the price.

  • The advanced Bluetooth technology provides a distortion-free sound.

  • The buttons on the remote are too small for people with large fingers.

  • The clock remains on even when the unit is turned off which consumes the battery.

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#5 BOSS Audio Systems 632UAB Multimedia Car Stereo

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With the high-quality built-in microphones, your caller will hear your voice clearer when talking through this car stereo than when using other models. The car speakers project the voice of the other person by simply connecting your phone to the unit via the wireless Bluetooth innovation.

The wireless design means that you can also stream music without having to necessarily connect the audio output device to the car audio system physically. However, it also features an auxiliary input as an alternative way of connecting it to your smartphone or media player.

The USB port brings endless entertainment to your car since you can connect your flash drive containing your favorite music whereas the AM/FM radio stations keep you updated on what is happening around the world even when away from home.

The preset equalizer means that you can control the sound of the system depending on your preference or the type of music you are listening to so that you get every word clearly in the exact manner the music director intended.

The wireless remote control lets you perform several settings on the unit even when outside the car. This controller is ergonomically-designed and will feel nice in your palm. The detachable face means that the unit will not operate when removed, making it a nice feature for deterring theft. The ID3 Tag means that the system will display additional information such as the title, track number, artist, album, and more.

  • It has decent power output.

  • Bluetooth streaming is distortion-free.

  • It has a sleek design.

  • The wires have labels to make wiring a breeze.

  • It isn’t the loudest car audio system.

  • It may take a few seconds to switch from one station to another.

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#6 Boss Audio Systems BV9364B Car Stereo DVD Player

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Keep yourself and your passenger entertained throughout the journey by getting this high-quality car stereo system. It comes with a highly responsive 6.2-inch touchscreen to let you perform all operations with ease.

The screen has a video output so you can attach an additional screen for more entertainment. The microphone concentrates on your voice when cutting on noise to ensure that the caller gets every word clearly just as you had intended.

Like all the other options, Boss Audio Systems BV9364B makes use of the wireless Bluetooth technology. Hence, you can respond to calls hands-free and stream music wirelessly through the Spotify/Pandora apps wirelessly.

The AM/FM radio stations keep you updated with the latest music, news, and sports when away from home while the built-in equalizer is an implication that you can control how you listen to your music. The wireless remote is highly responsive and provides a convenient way of controlling the unit without the hassle of wires.

  • The system looks awesome in the car.

  • It fits in the car flawlessly.

  • The screen is of good quality.

  • It’s good for the price.

  • The radio takes a few seconds to turn on after starting the car.

  • It doesn’t show a list of music.

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#7 BOSS Audio Systems 616UAB Multimedia Car Stereo

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You can count on this radio to improve your car’s audio experience. It comes at an affordable price, making it a nice option for the car owners who want a quality head unit that won’t cost them an arm and a leg.

The conveniently-located buttons allow for easy adjustments of the unit while the backlight function makes it easy to perform settings even at night. However, in case you don’t need the light from the buttons, you can dim it to match your needs.

The Bluetooth technology unleashes a new level of convenience by allowing you to pick and make calls wirelessly while the high-quality built-in microphone ensures that the caller hears you clearly without any buzzing noise from the car.

The auxiliary port provides an alternative way of connecting the radio with your phone or MP3 player whenever you don’t feel like going wireless. And with the USB port and built-in Preset EQ also in place, expect to have limitless entertainment in the exact manner you want it. The pre-amp output provides a convenient way of expanding your system.

  • The unit is very affordable.

  • The sound quality is good for the money.

  • The volume is great.

  • Wiring is straightforward.

  • It does not have a DVD player.

  • The display won’t show the time when in Bluetooth mode.

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#8 BOSS Audio Systems CH616 Car Stereo & Speakers Package

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Enjoy the favorite tunes that you have on your phone on your car audio system without physically connecting the two devices. This high-quality model boasts the wireless Bluetooth technology that allows the user to stream music without the need for a physical connection.

This technology also lets the user respond to calls when still keeping the 2 hands on the steering wheel. The AM/FM radio stations and the USB port give you plenty of audio options so that you will never get bored again the next time you are out from home.

The pre-amp outputs at the rear and front permit the user to hook up external speakers with ease. The buttons are backlit for accurate operation even in the dark and allow the user to customize the light level depending on their needs.

The equalizer also allows the users to adjust the audio to the exact manner they want to hear it. The mute function also brings another level of convenience. The audio system comes complete with 2 6.5-inch high-quality speakers with an amazing sensitivity of 90 dB each.

  • The packaging is excellent.

  • It arrives with speakers.

  • The speakers sound well even when at their loudest.

  • The sensitivity of the speakers is impressive.

  • Not the most affordable model you will come across in the market.

  • It does not come with a screen.

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#9 BOSS Audio Systems 850BRGB Car Stereo

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Whether you want to play music through Bluetooth, USB port or via the DVD player, this amazing option offers a variety of these options. You can also link your phone or the media player device of your choice through the auxiliary input.

The USB port doubles up as a charging port for your gadget so that you remain connected even when away from home for a long period. The utilization of the Bluetooth technology supports hands-free calling, making driving safer than it has ever been.

The multi-color illumination gives the user up to 16 million of options so that you will always have the right lighting no matter the mood. The large backlit buttons allow for easy navigation. However, the unit doesn’t have a dimmer which may cause a little discomfort at night.

Also, BOSS Audio Systems 850BRGB Car Stereo comes with preset EQ that allows the user to pick the ideal sound depending on the type of music they are listening to. The wireless remote control makes it convenient to perform key functions from the palm of your hand.

  • A multi-color illumination option is an excellent option.

  • The buttons are large for easy operation even without looking.

  • MP3s sound very well.

  • The Bluetooth connection is very fast.

  • The light of the buttons is not dimmable.

  • The mic is not the best you will come across in the market.

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#10 BOSS Audio Systems 611UAB Multimedia Car Stereo

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Although 611UAB Multimedia Car Stereo does not come with a monitor like the high-end options, this car stereo is still an awesome option that will take your car music to another level.

The unit has an internal mic that picks up the voice of the user when on a call and transmits it to the caller when canceling out noise. I mean, with this car stereo, the person on the other end will hear you with crystal clarity.

It also has Bluetooth technology to allow you to hear the caller in the speakers of your phone so that you will never have to lose your focus on the road to attend to a call. The wireless feature lets the user control what they are listening through the Pandora/Spotify apps for customized entertainment.

The auxiliary input provides an alternative of hooking your phone or the media player device with the system so that you will never get bored when on travel. The unit does not have the CD mechanism, though, but comparing the cost with its performance, it is a great deal for those that want value for their money.

  • The simplicity of the interface is great.

  • It is very straightforward to install.

  • It is a fantastic bargain.

  • Shipping is very fast.

  • The LCD is a bit dim when in the light.

  • The controls are not very responsive.

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#11 Boss Audio Systems 508UAB Multimedia Car Stereo

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508UAB Multimedia Car Stereo packs all the basic features you need in a car stereo and offers them at a cost that most pockets can accommodate. It has Bluetooth, USB, and an auxiliary input to give the user vast options of keeping them entertained.

The system also supports AM/FM radio stations for the latest music and news. The controls let the user perform several customizations on the unit while the backlight feature means that you will never struggle to set the system even when in dark.

Most users also like that the buttons are very responsive, making setting them a breeze. However, when you don’t want to use these controls, 508UAB Multimedia Car Stereo will work with the provided remote controller even when operating it from outside the car.

The weight of 3.1 lbs means that you will have the easiest time in installation while the equalizer brings realism in your music by allowing you to set the sound the system produces.

  • The buttons are well-spaced for easy operation.

  • You can adjust the brightness of the LCD.

  • The remote is of good quality.

  • It gives consistent and clear sound.

  • It does not provide enough illumination when in full setting.

  • The multiple buttons make it quite hard to trace the right button to press when driving.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the best brand for car stereos?

When buying something like a car stereo, it’s very important to get a model from a reliable brand if you want to avoid disappointments. That is why we have based our review on units from Boss Audio Systems.

How do I know if my car stereo is single or double DIN?

It’s easy to tell whether a unit is single or double-DIN by looking at the size. Single-DIN options measure 2 inches tall while the double-DIN models have twice this height; 4 inches tall.

Are all single-DIN radios of the same size?

“DIN” simply stands for Duetch Industri Normen, a German standards body. Hence, we expect all the single-DIN models to have the same size. The double-DIN also has the same measurements.

Can you replace single-DIN with a double-DIN model?

No. If your car initially used a single-DIN model, you can fit the double-DIN option since this model is bigger.

What do I consider when choosing a car stereo system?

Before you buy an audio system for your car, consider compatibility, adjustability, ease-of-use, cost, Bluetooth, and other features.


With a good car stereo system, you will never get bored when on a long journey. It keeps you entertained all through.

However, you need to ensure that you get your purchase right if at all you want the best value for your money. That’s why we have compiled some models from Boss Audio Systems to ease your search.

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