Top 10 Best Brake Calipers (2024)

Brake calipers are a crucial component of the braking system of a car. The role of calipers is to press brake pads against the brake rotors upon pressing the brake pedals. When the brake pedal is pressed, the brake fluid develops pressure on the pistons within the calipers, thereby pushing the pads against the rotor.

Consequently, the car slows down. Once the brake pedal is released, pressure is released from the pistons and the calipers pull back the brake pads from the surface of the rotors.

There’re two major types of calipers. They include fixed calipers and floating/sliding calipers. Fixed calipers are bolted onto the knuckle and have pistons on both sides that squeeze the brake pads onto the brake rotors from either side.

Floating or sliding clippers are mounted on a cage rather than the knuckle and have pistons that push the brake pads against the brake rotor from only one side. Fixed calipers are generally more efficient than floating calipers. However, fixed calipers are often more expensive than floating calipers.

Calipers can fail over time. They fail as a result of different problems. For instance, the caliper slider can get stuck and fail to move freely. As a result, the braking efficiency of your car is affected. Consequently, your brake pedal may feel spongy. The caliper can also fail due to a leaking piston. Pistons leak due to aging, poor installation, or corrosion.

If the calipers in your car are failing, you need to replace them immediately to keep the braking system functioning efficiently at all times. However, you need to choose the right type of calipers for your car.

Also, you need to choose a top-quality brand for reliability, efficiency, and longevity. We teamed up with leading mechanics to shortlist and review the best brake calipers available today. Read on to find out the best option for your car.

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Top 10 Brake Calipers

#1. Callahan Brake Parts CKOE00969

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Callahan Brake Parts is one of the leading manufacturers of motor vehicle brake parts. The Callahan Brake Parts CKOE00969 comes as a pair of brake calipers that are ideal for installation in both the front and rear of compatible vehicles. They’re compatible with several GMC and Chevrolet vehicles.

The calipers feature premium boots and seals for longevity and enhanced efficiency. It also comes with a caliper bracket that is specially designed for tight mounting onto the knuckle where applicable.

Additionally, the calipers come with pins, bolts, and installation hardware for installation where applicable. Thus, if your OE caliper installation hardware is worn out, you can take advantage of the hardware that comes with the calipers for easier installation.

Another benefit that comes with these calipers is that they’re specially made for installation on factory locations. Thus, you won’t have to carry out any modifications to the calipers before installation. As such, you can install them by yourself if you have some basic DIY mechanic skills.

The calipers have undergone inspection to guarantee their safety and quality. They’ve been pressure tested to ensure that they don’t leak upon installation.

  • Dependable quality
  • Exact fitment in compactible cars
  • They come with copper crush washers
  • They’re a bit pricey

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#2. ACDelco 18FR983

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You’ll hardly miss finding ACDelco products when searching for OEM auto parts. The ACDelco 18FR983 brake caliper is specially designed for installation on the front passenger side on compatible vehicles.

The caliper is remanufactured by disassembling an existing caliper and replacing components with brand new ones that are tested for enhanced performance. Furthermore, the caliper has undergone pressure tests to guarantee you efficient braking.

The caliper comes without attached brake pads. Thus, you can choose the kind of brake pads you want to use with the caliper. As such, it allows for customization since you won’t be limited to a specific type of brake pads.

Additionally, the caliper comes with bleeder screws, mounting hardware, and copper sealing washers for easier installation. As a result, you won’t have to reuse old mounting hardware.

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The caliper is made of aluminum and iron casting materials for enhanced longevity. It also features ethylene-propylene rubber components that resist leakage, corrosion, and heat. The caliper comes with a zinc plated surface that keeps it protected from rust and corrosion. Thus, you can drive along wet roads or under the rain without worrying about corrosion.

  • Very durable components
  • Easy to install
  • Engineered for a perfect OE fit
  • The rubber boot is a little thin

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#3. MAYASAF 192712 192713

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The MAYASAF 192712 192713 pair of calipers are designed to fit on the front wheels, with one caliper for the left side and the other caliper for the right side. The calipers are compatible with Toyota 4Runner 2003 to 2005, Toyota Sequoia 2001 to 2007, and Toyota Tundra 2000 to 2006 models.

These calipers are newly made and designed to exceed OE quality and standards. They don’t include any remanufactured components such that you’re guaranteed of maximum longevity. Besides, they are built with premium material for durability.

You can directly replace your stock calipers with these calipers without any modification. Besides, they don’t come with attached brake pads for custom installation. Additionally, their design won’t put any stress on the brake booster.

The calipers come with bleeder screws, pins, and hardware for easier and faster installation. Thus, you won’t bother to look for installation hardware separately.

  • Excellent build quality
  • The casting comes with a corrosion-resistant finishing
  • The casting is a little larger than the one on the stock caliper

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#4. Callahan Brake Parts CCK11508

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These CCK11508 calipers are yet another top-quality spare part from Callahan Brake Parts. They come as a set of 4 calipers, two for the front wheels and two for the rear wheels. They’re remanufactured with new components to guarantee you enhanced performance and durability.

Additionally, the calipers come with premium-grade boots and seals that guarantee reliability. The calipers also come with a caliper bracket for installation where needed.

Each caliper is thoroughly inspected and pressure tested to ensure they don’t leak. The testing also guarantees you a safer driving experience. Thus, you’re assured of top-quality performance and safety.

You can install the calipers as soon as you unpack them. They’re designed to meet OE standards for a perfect fit without any modification or machining. Also, they won’t require any cleaning before installation. This makes it easier to install them.

The calipers are suitable for installation on Ford F-250 and Ford F-350 2000 to 2004 models and Ford Excursion 2000 to 2005 models.

  • Comes with pins, bolts, and hardware
  • They allow for a custom installation since they don’t come with fixed pads
  • They look like brand new despite being remanufactured
  • They aren’t painted

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#5. Raybestos FRC11879N

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The Raybestos FRC11879N caliper is specially designed with revolutionary technology for quality. It’s precisely designed to exceed OE standards for unmatched performance and reliability. The caliper is brand new and doesn’t contain any remanufactured parts or materials.

It’s ideal for use in most driving applications, including aggressive driving that puts the calipers under intense pressure. The caliper matches OE specifications of compatible cars for a perfect fit. Its surface is also finished to match that of OE calipers.

The caliper is made of a cast iron housing for enhanced strength. Additionally, its housing and brackets feature a zinc plating that makes them corrosion-resistant for durability. The caliper is friction-ready such that you can customize the brake pads as needed.

Another major benefit of this caliper is that it comes with rubber components that resist heat for longevity. It also features silicone boots that are ideal for aggressive applications.

The caliper features a floating design and is ideal for installation on the front right or front left wheel of compatible cars. It’s ideal for installation on some Volkswagen Routan, Jeep, Dodge, and Chrysler models.

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#6. Cardone 18-B4751

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Cardone 18-B4751 brake caliper is specially remanufactured for a perfect fit in OE installations. The caliper is specially treated with a rust inhibitor for longevity.

It’s pressure-tested under real-life driving conditions to guarantee you consistency in braking and safety. Thus, the caliper exceeds the performance of OE calipers.

The caliper comes with a complete hardware set for easier installation. It also comes with brackets for use where needed. The provided mounting pins and hardware are made of stainless steel for strength and durability.

The caliper features phenolic pistons. The pistons are made of top-quality phenol material for added strength. They’re able to withstand heat and pressure resulting from aggressive braking and when using them under hot weather conditions.

Its seal is made of synthetic EPDM rubber. This type of rubber seal resists high temperatures for enhanced performance and longevity.

  • Re-engineered for improved performance
  • Comes with copper washers for a tight seal
  • Comes with new bleeder screws and brake line bolt
  • Doesn’t have a weatherproof coating

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#7. ACDelco 18R1054

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ACDelco boasts of manufacturing some of the best quality OE parts for GM vehicles. The ACDelco 18R1054 brake caliper is designed with innovativeness and quality in mind. It’s remanufactured to deliver consistent braking performance. It comes with brand new components for trouble-free braking.

The caliper is made of industrial-grade cast iron and aluminum to guarantee durability. As such, the caliper will offer you many years of use without wearing out easily. Besides, the caliper is designed to exceed strict OE requirements.

Also, the caliper is designed to fit the front driver side of compatible vehicles. It fits in compatible vehicles without any machining. This makes it easy to install. It also comes with new brake pads for enhanced braking. The caliper also comes with hardware and copper washers for simpler installation.

The caliper has undergone pressure testing under real-world driving conditions. Thus, you’re assured of investing in a caliper that enhances the safety of your car.

  • Fully loaded caliper
  • It’s pre-lubed for smooth operation
  • Fits perfectly
  • You’re limited to the choice of brake pads

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#8. Raybestos Element3 FRC11880N

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The Element3 FRC11880N brake caliper from Raybestos is one of the most revolutionary brake calipers made today. It’s manufactured with high precision engineering technologies for unmatched performance and reliability.

The caliper comes with brand new components. It’s neither remanufactured nor rebuilt but newly made. Thus, expect it to outlive most OEM calipers and other calipers of its kind. Besides, it has undergone rigorous testing to guarantee reliability when used aggressively.

The caliper is suitable for several applications, including high demanding applications that demand durable and high-performance calipers. Its silicone boots make it ideal for heavy-duty applications. The caliper matches OE standards and specifications for a perfect fit and efficiency.

Additionally, the caliper is made of a cast iron housing for added strength. Besides, it’s plated with zinc that makes it resist corrosion for longevity. It has undergone a corrosion resistance test that ensures it is ideal for use in harsh conditions.

Its housing surface is friction-ready such that you can mount the kind of brake pads you want, including aftermarket pads. The pads are ideal for installation on the front left/right side of compatible vehicles.

  • Heat resistant rubber components
  • Comes with hardware and brackets
  • The guide pins are pre-lubricated
  • Only fits limited car models

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#9. Motorcraft BRF-168 Brake Disc Caliper

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Motorcraft specializes in manufacturing and supplying OE auto parts for Ford and Lincoln car models. The Motorcraft BRF-168 brake caliper is specially designed for installation on the front right wheel of 2005 to 2012 models of Ford F350 and F250 trucks

The caliper is manufactured to offer superior performance. It’s designed to resist the daily wear and tear associated with heavy braking in trucks. Thus, it’s built to offer long-lasting performance and reliability.

It’s tested to withstand abrasions and leaks, thanks to its innovative inlet port that is closed tightly by copper washers. It also comes with seals that prevent leaking. Consequently, it’s durable under heavy usage in trucks.

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The caliper has also undergone pressure and submersion tests. Additionally, it comes with a corrosion-resistant finish. It’s also made of top-quality materials for efficient and safe truck braking.

Another notable benefit that comes with the caliper is its ease of installation. It’s designed as an OE replacement caliper for stress-free installation.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Ideal for rugged use
  • Newly manufactured
  • Only suitable for limited models of Ford trucks

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#10. Power Stop S4638A

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Power Stop S4638A comes as a pair of brake calipers for the rear left and right wheels. The calipers are compatible with Pontiac, Cadillac, Chevy, Buick, and Oldsmobile.

The calipers come with an electrostatic powder coating that makes them corrosion resistant for an enhanced lifespan. The painting also makes it easier to clean the calipers to give your wheels a sleek look. Additionally, the paint is high temperature such that it doesn’t come off under intense heat.

The calipers also come with EPDM rubber that withstands high temperatures for enhanced longevity. They’re remanufactured with new components to guarantee you reliability.

They’re fully pressure tested and thoroughly inspected for safety and to meet quality standards. Also, they’re tested to ensure that they don’t leak.

They come with premium silicone lubrication for smoother operation. Consequently, you can use them without any further lubrication. Besides, the lubrication is high temperature such that it doesn’t come off easily under heat.

  • They come with abutment clips
  • They’re easy to install
  • Pins, bleeder screw, and hardware are provided
  • A little pricey

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are brake calipers?

They are a clamp-like fitting in a braking system that pushes brake pads onto the brake rotors upon pressing the brake pedal down.

How do brake calipers work?

Once the brake pedal is pressed down, the brake fluid is activated to create pressure on the pistons within the calipers. Consequently, the calipers move inward to push the brake pads against the surface of the rotors, thereby slowing down the car. Once, the brake pedal is released, pressure from the pistons is released and the calipers move outward to release the pads from the rotors.

What are the signs that my brake calipers are damaged and require replacement?

The brake calipers should be checked for a possible replacement if; the brake pedal feels somehow spongy, the brakes are unusually noisy, the car is jerking when braking, there’s uneven wear of the brake pads, the brake fluid is leaking, or the brakes aren’t working properly.

Should I continue driving with a stuck brake caliper?

A stuck caliper is one that fails to disengage from the brake rotor. Once stuck, the brakes will be applied throughout, making it challenging to drive. Prolonged driving with a stuck caliper will wear out the brake pads and rotor. Thus, you should have the calipers checked for possible replacement soonest possible.

Do I have to replace the brake calipers after relining my breaks?

Most calipers don’t have to be replaced after relining the brakes. However, get them rebuilt or replaced once they start leaking or when they get stuck.

Can my stuck brake caliper fix itself?

Sometimes, a stuck caliper may fix itself. However, it might seize again if it has damaged components. Thus, get it checked rather than ignoring the problem.

Final Words

If you notice warning signs of damaged brake calipers, have your car checked for possible replacement. Failure to replace damaged calipers may cause more damages to the braking system and even compromise the safety of your car.

If a replacement is required, then you can choose from the calipers in our review for the best value of your money. Besides, our shortlist only includes top-quality calipers to guarantee you many years of reliable service.

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