Top 11 Best Brake Pads (2024)

Before you get behind the wheel, there are a few things that you have to ensure. For example, you must be sure that you have the right driving skills and well-versed with the rules of the road.

Also, you need to inspect your vehicle keenly to ensure that all the parts are in their tip-top condition. Now, among the parts that need a constant check are the brake pads.

Brake pads are important components of the vehicle braking system that play a direct role in the vehicle stoppage. Thus, they play a pivotal role in your safety and that of other road users. Of course, stopping a mere foot away from an object is at times all it takes to save a life.

For this reason, you need to replace brake pads regularly whenever you notice that they are losing their stopping power. To help you with this, we have put up a list of the 11 best brake pads in the market.

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Top 11 Brake Pads

#1 Bosch BC1089 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

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Bosch remains one of the popular names in the braking industry. Since her establishment in 1936, Bosch has been in the frontline in providing its customers with high-quality automotive components they can rely on.

And yes, among their iconic products is this disk brake pad set. It features a high-grade ceramic construction that has impressive tolerance to heat. This material provides impressive stopping power and produces minimal noise and dust as compared to other materials.

The ceramic structure will also not wear out easily if you do the installation work right. Therefore, in case you are looking for a brake pad set that will last you for a very long time, then the Bosch BC1089 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disk Brake is one of the options you can always count on.

The brake pads have a protective transfer layer. This layer prolongs the lifespan of the disk brake and that of the pad, minimizing the maintenance cost of your car. Additionally, since they are copper-free, you can buy them with the peace of mind that they are 2025 Copper Free Legislation compliant.

  • The brakes are nice and quiet.

  • They provide great stopping power.

  • The box comes with all the accessories you need for the replacement job.

  • Their quality is excellent.

  • Be ready to spend a few more bucks for this set.

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#2 ACDelco 14D882CH Advantage Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set with Hardware

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When buying a brake pad, ensure that the model you choose will last for a very long time. Also, be keen to choose one that won’t wear out the rotor. And yes, among the models made for exceptional stopping power without wearing out easily or causing the rotor to warp is the ACDelco 14D882CH option.

It comes from ACDelco, one of the top-performing manufacturers in the industry. Hence, you can order it with the confidence that you are getting something that you can always rely on to stop your car exactly where and when you want it no matter the speed.

This set adopts ceramic construction with less metal for excellent stopping ability without compromising on quietness. The low-dusting package is available for all models. Hence, you will get an excellent fit for your car no matter the type.

Surprisingly, this package comes at a very low price that all car owners can afford. Hence, in case you want a combination of great price and impressive quality, then you may not need to extend your search beyond the ACDelco 14D882CH Brake Pad Set.

  • They are very quiet and clean.

  • The price is very nice.

  • They are very easy to install.

  • They are dust and squeak-free.

  • Although the quality is good, they come from China.

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#3 Bosch BC905 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

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Also coming from Bosch, this premium-grade unit is yet another option you can count on to not disappoint easily. It uses aircraft-grade aluminum-based alloy. With this construction, expect it to hardly disappoint in terms of durability.

Therefore, in case you are a serious commuter looking for a brake pad set that will keep you going for long, Bosch BC905 is one of the good options where you can invest your money.

The chemical formula creates a protective layer on both the rotor and the pad for long-lasting performance no matter your driving style. It is a copper-free set. I mean, this brake pad is engineered in compliance with the requirements of the 2025 Copper Free Legislation.

The QuietCast technology that the brake pads utilize brings the silence that you and your passengers want when on a journey. Their smooth braking ability sets them apart from the majority of options out there. The corrosion-resistant design allows means that they will maintain their look and that of the rotor for years.

The set comes ready for installation and does not require any modification to fit your car. Also, the package includes all the installation hardware you need to make installation a cinch.

  • It has a laminated rubber core.

  • QuietCast technology is a plus.

  • They will not melt with excessive heat.

  • They do not fall apart under intense pressure.

  • You still need to confirm upon arrival to ensure that it comes with all parts.

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#4 ACDelco 17D1367CH Professional Ceramic Front Disc Brake Pad Set

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Since brake pads play a very vital role in safety, you need to get a kit that will work. The ACDelco 17D1367CH is among the models that are designed for this. The aftermarket brake pads adopt a universal design. Thus, they can install in most cars on the road.

After manufacture, every brake pad is tested against the SAE J2784 Standards for braking effectiveness. Hence, no matter your driving style, this brake pad kit is one of the options that will let you drive with confidence.

The brake pads are ceramic. For this reason, we are safe to add them to the list of the most durable brake pads on the market. Their quietness is also another commendable feature while their smooth braking gives you a user experience unlike that of another model.

Among the components in the set are high-grade shims, slots, and chamfers. These pieces work well in minimizing vibration when braking. You will also like the fact that these brake pads resist corrosion and premature wear for maximum durability.

  • They give a shorter stopping distance.

  • They will not corrode over time.

  • The edges line up nicely.

  • They work for most vehicles.

  • A few customers found the brake pads to come already open in the box although everything was in tip-top condition.

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#5 Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 Ceramic Disc Pad Set

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Like any other braking pad in the market, the Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1324 Pad Set will not work with all vehicle models in the market. However, it has wider compatibility when we compare it to most models already in the market.

But before you place your order, it is essential to check whether it will work in your car. The set is pretty affordable and outperforms other braking pad set in the same price point on grounds of durability.

The unit also boasts superior braking performance that gives the user the confidence to accelerate. Its quiet and low-dusting operation guarantees outstanding performance.

For smoother operation, this set of brake pads makes use of state-of-the-art Dynamic Noise Absorption Technology. This kind of innovation works ideally in reducing vibration at the point of contact. The distinctive formulation design dissipates heat to deliver exceptional performance with minimal brake fade.

  • All the springs and clips come in the package.

  • The design spreads out heat for minimal and uniform wear.

  • It has good compatibility.

  • It has minimal vibrations.

  • The instructions are very shallow.

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#6 Bosch BC1210 QuietCast Premium Ceramic Disc Brake Pad Set

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Bosch BC1210 Disk Brake Pad Set combines premium-grade materials with the manufacturer’s dedicated engineering to boost your confidence and keep you safer on the road.

The high-quality materials used in making this set is an implication that it is among the models designed to deliver impressive braking performance with very slim to no chances of disappointment.

The top-grade components also work with the unit’s unique design to minimize its wear and that of the rotor, making it one of the most durable aftermarket options you will come across.

The rubber core multilayer shim affords the set with exceptional strength that will meet the braking needs of a busy vehicle for a good time. The design of the unit also provides noise insulation, giving you and your passengers a peaceful atmosphere when on travel.

The ceramic friction formula is copper-free. Thus, you can buy knowing that you won’t need to replace it any soon since it complies with 2025 Copper Free Legislation.

  • It gives a good grip.

  • The grease supplied is of good quality.

  • They fit in most vehicles exactly like the OEM braking pads.

  • The construction is of top quality.

  • They may not work with most vehicles since they are a bit short.

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#7 Bendix CFC1327 Premium Copper Free Ceramic Brake Pad

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Although Bendix may not be as popular as the ACDelco and Bosch brands, it’s still another good name when it comes to producing high-quality automotive parts. Each of Bendix’s products is passed through a stringent testing process to ensure that it meets the set standards and that it surpasses the performance of other competing models.

The manufacturer’s ability to deliver products of impressive quality explains why professional mechanics and car owners are increasingly turning to this brand whenever they need vehicle components that will get the work done without being so harsh on their pockets.

The OEM driven machining promotes a smooth interaction between the rotor and the brake pad, minimizing the stopping distance and the level of noise. The 4-layer construction of the shim is yet another indicator that the unit is made for quiet operation.

I mean, if you are tired of the squealing noise from your current brake pads, Bendix CFC1327 should come to your rescue. The construction is 100% copper-free. Thus, we can think of this model as one of the eco-friendliest options in the market.

  • It is entirely copper-free.

  • The OEM driven machining cancel noise.

  • It meets and surpasses performance standards.

  • Shipping is normally very fast.

  • They may take a few more minutes to install than some models.

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#8 Power Stop Z26-1405 Z26 Extreme Performance Carbon-Ceramic Brake Pad

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Are you a street driver in need of brake pads that will perform well under the most demanding conditions? Well, chances are that Power Stop Z26-1405 Brake Pad Kit is exactly what you are looking for.

The carbon-fiber ceramic construction outperforms the typical ceramic models in terms of heat dissipation. This feature along with their increased brake power is an implication that they will work well to bring your car to a halt in less time even when driving at a very high speed. In other words, this model has a shorter stopping distance than the majority of the members serving the same market.

Furthermore, the purposeful design of these brake pads minimizes wear and noise level significantly to give you that drivability you have always longed to get from your car. The backing plate has a premium powder coating for superior protection from rust.

The protective layer maximizes the durability of the pads and the rotor, something that all car owners want to get from a brake pad kit. The low-dust ceramic formula is also another feature that this kit is designed for outstanding performance.

  • They do not lose their braking ability fast.

  • Their stopping power is a plus.

  • The carbon-fiber construction delivers improved service life.

  • They fit nicely in most car models.

  • There still exist very slim chances of causing slight vibration in the steering wheel after some good period of use.

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#9 Genuine Toyota (04465-0E010) Brake Pad Kit

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Toyota has an impressive reputation all over the world. Although the multi-national manufacturer is widely known for her high-quality cars, the Japanese company also supplies premium-grade spare parts such as brake pads. And yes, this brake pad is engineered to the same top standards as your Toyota vehicle.

Hence, in case you are a Toyota faithful, you can consider getting this model instead of others from other brands since it comes with your car in mind. I mean this kit works well with your Toyota vehicle and will not wear out the rotor of your car quickly like most aftermarket options.

The kit contains four pieces and will work in rear wheels. It is compatible with almost all Toyota brands and its build-quality matches that of the original brake pad (if not better!)

The kit is engineered for durability. Thus, it will work well for you if you are a regular commuter or for anyone in need of brake pads that won’t need a replacement any time soon. In fact, this kit goes through performance and durability testing before dispatch to the market to ensure that it does exactly what it claims.

  • It’s a genuine product.

  • It comes from a reputable manufacturer.

  • The build quality is good.

  • The kit is durable and long-lasting.

  • The price is not very competitive although the kit lives up to the tag.

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#10 Wagner QuickStop ZD813 Ceramic Disc Pad Set, Rear

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This pad set is designed for use with the rear tires. It comes from Wagner and has impressive properties that make it one of the brake pad kits you will come across in the market. The high-quality kit has a great fit and restores like-new performance to the braking system of your car.

Wagner QuickStop ZD813 Ceramic Disc Pad Set adopts an application-specific design that guarantees excellent braking performance where you take it. This design also reduces vibration to give you a smooth driving experience.

Excellent engineering ensures consistent braking throughout the product’s life. In other words, unlike in some models where one pad wears out faster than the other pad, these pads will wear out uniformly when the installation is done correctly.

The package includes high-quality stainless steel hardware and premium grease to make it simple and quick to install the unit in no time. The kit arrives at a pocket-friendly price tag that most car owners and operators can comfortably accommodate.

  • The price is great.

  • It has comprehensive coverage.

  • The included hardware is of decent quality.

  • It delivers consistent performance throughout its life.

  • At times it may need some grinding to fit well.

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#11 Power Stop 16-465 Z16 Evolution Front Ceramic Brake Pads

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The Power Stop 16-465 Z16 has gained traction in the market because of its low-dust design. Therefore, in case you require reliable brake pads that will keep your wheels looking like new, this should be the perfect option for you. The kit passes through 3rd party testing to ensure reliability and braking effectiveness.

The front brake set makes use of ceramic material. For this reason, it gives that excellent stopping power you need in your driving. The ceramic formula also implies that these brake pads will not corrode over time no matter the conditions.

The chamfered and slotted design combines with the 2-layer rubberized shims for virtually noise-free performance. These features make it one of the most peaceful brake pads you will ever bring to your car. The ceramic brake pads are also straightforward to install.

  • It is a low-dust kit.

  • They wear off decently.

  • They can withstand great friction.

  • They do not rust.

  • It does not come with mounting hardware.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Do ceramic brake pads squeak?

Well, some will squeal while others remain silent. However, you can prevent this noise by applying enough anti-squeal lubricant on the side where it comes into contact with the caliper.

Are ceramic or metallic brake pads better?

Generally, ceramic brake pads are better than semi-metallic versions. They are quieter, produce less dust, and last for a longer period than the semi-metallic options. However, ceramic brake pads are more expensive.

Which brand of brake pads is the best?

We have many brands out there that make decent-quality brake pads. Examples include; Toyota, Bosch, Wagner, ACDelco, and other many brands as contained on our list.

Do ceramic brake pads wear out rotors faster?

Both brake pads and rotor will wear out with time since they scratch against one another when stopping. However, brake pads wear out faster than the rotor because they are made with softer materials, unlike the rotor which is normally of top-class steel. However, they all wear out with time. Nevertheless, ceramic brake pads will wear out the rotor at a lower rate than the semi-metallic options.

Are carbon fiber brakes better than ceramic?

Carbon ceramic brakes have better tolerance for friction. Hence, they will last for a longer period than the typical ceramic models.


As a car owner, you should always ensure that your braking system is up to par. One way is by replacing the components of the braking system with others of high-quality.

And since brake pads are among the parts that need regular replacement, we have suggested some of the most reliable options out there. Begin by checking compatibility with your vehicle before you add one to your shopping cart.

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