Top 11 Best Brush for Chalk Paint (2024)

As a DIY’er, you can attest to the importance of having the right tool for a job.

Whether it is cutting wood, tightening fasteners, pet grooming, repairing sinks or whatever job that comes your way, the tool you use can define your experience.

And yes, when it comes to chalk paint, it is no different!

Chalk painting is one of the greatest ways of decorating your home.

It gives the lifeless and ugly piece of furniture a matte and chalky appearance that adds character and vintage charm to your home.

In fact, because of the decorative properties that chalk paint possesses, more than a few homeowners use it for walls to step up their space decor.

Now, no matter where you use it, you need the right brush for chalk paint to do the work excellently.

After in-depth research, we have pooled the market’s top-notch options in a single list of the top 11 brushes for chalk paints.

Go through each of our hand-picked brushes to identify the ideal purchase for your needs!

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11 Best Brushes For Chalk Paints

#1 1st Place Chalk & Wax Hand Made Pure Bristle 3 Piece Brush Set

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This brush set from 1st place takes the first place on our list. As the name suggests, the set contains three pieces of brushes.

The pieces not only signify a cost-efficient purchase but also versatility. Actually, one brush is pointed, one round while the other is flat to suit different applications.

I mean, each of the brush is specially designed for a specific purpose to ensure that the set meets all your painting needs.

However, in case the three pieces don’t seem perfect for you, you can opt for the two-piece set which goes at a slightly lower price.

The hand-crafted brushes suit detailed painting jobs that require small brushes. The handles feature an ergonomic design to ensure excellent grip and minimize hand fatigue.

Therefore, in case you need a hand brush that will let you handle the heavy painting project faster and with minimal fatigue, this set by 1st choice should be a good purchase for you.

The ferrule of each brush is of stainless steel material.

This material resists rust, ensuring that each brush serves you for several years to come.

The low shedding design is yet another feature that confirms that the set comes with durability in mind.

  • They are comfortable in the hand.

  • They clean up easily.

  • The smaller size gets into nooks and crannies of furniture easily.

  • The small sizes make them unsuitable for painting large areas.

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#2 Tatler & Tatum Professional Chalk & Wax Paint Brush for Furniture

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Tatler & Tatum Chalk & Wax Paint Brush comes as a single piece.

However, expect it to handle any surface, whether of a chair, dresser, cabinet or any other furniture.

The brush adopts a 2-in-1 design. I mean, you can use it for chalk and wax painting.

The piece uses high-quality materials for long-lasting performance.

For instance, the bristles are natural and not synthetic like the majority of the brushes out there.

The white boar hair bristles are highly compatible and will work with most paints.

Hence, in case you are looking for a versatile brush that you can use for different types of paints, this option should be among your priorities.

The 2.4-inch bristles are closely packed and held firmly together by high-grade epoxy adhesive.

So, expect minimum to no bristle loss, unlike the majority of the competing models.

The handle is also tailor-made for comfort to allow you to tackle even the most demanding job with minimal fatigue.

Also, the ferrule features nickel plating. This feature means that you can buy it with fewer concerns over catching rust with extended use.

After use, the brush cleans with ease, making it an ideal purchase for anyone looking for a brush that is easy to maintain.

  • The handle provides a comfortable grip.

  • The bristles are closely packed together.

  • It is very versatile.

  • It comes with a slight awful smell that won’t go easily.

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#3 INFINITI ELEMENTZ Professional Chalk and Wax Paint Brush

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Talk of excellent craftsmanship and quality that will not disappoint and you will have hit the nail on the head here!

The brush features natural bristles that will not shed with extended use.

Also, the natural bristles provide a natural look to the brush, making it not only impressive to use but also aesthetically appealing to look at.

The ability to work with different surfaces of furniture implies that we can safely argue that it will handle your chalk paint needs no matter the surface.

Our specific set contains two pieces, a rounded brush and a flat one for increased user versatility.

The rounded piece tackles your project in no time, even when handling the corners of furniture.

The smaller flat brush on the other side comes in handy in confined spaces where the larger brush cannot reach.

Nevertheless, you can also choose other sets of up to 5 pieces depending on the nature of your project and your preference.

The wooden handle is sturdy and can stand up to rugged use.

You will also appreciate its ergonomic design since it minimizes wrist strain so that you don’t have to take breaks frequently amidst your project.

Hence, expect to finish the work faster using this high-quality option.

  • It suits multiple projects.

  • It features sturdy construction.

  • The brushes clean up well after use.

  • The smaller brush may shed a little.

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#4 Vintage Tonality Pro Chalk & Wax Brush Set

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This set includes 12 pieces. With all these components, you can buy knowing that it has all the pieces you need for the painting project.

The brushes are made for all home decors, making them among the market’s most versatile options.

The bristles are natural for longevity. And since they are of soft natural boar hair, you can count on them to handle thicker paints excellently.

Like the human hair, the hair used in this brush may experience breakage with time, and that is why the manufacturer includes special soap for cleaning and conditioning.

Therefore, provided you use the soap, the brush won’t lose bristles even with regular heavy use.

The package contains three brushes; a large round, small flat, and small pointed one. The rounded option provides wide paint coverage in a single paint stroke.

Therefore, it will be a good selection for larger surface areas.

The small flat brush suits small applications whereas the pointed brush is useful for corners and the hard-to-reach areas.

Therefore, no matter the nature of the furniture and the part, you will always have the ideal brush for the job!

  • The pack contains everything you need for the work.

  • The quality of the kit components is superb.

  • The brushes paint so smooth.

  • The great number of components increases the price of the kit.

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#5 New Renaissance Professional Chalk Painting and Wax Brush

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No matter the color of your paint or wax, you can always count on New Renaissance Professional Chalk Painting and Wax Brush to deliver an authentic look to your furniture.

The 2-in-1 design can be compared with owning two different brushes each serving a specific function.

This design means that it is a cost-efficient purchase, rendering it ideal for any buyer seeking to reap maximum value for money.

The natural bristles paint smoothly and will not shed on your project.

Therefore, your projects will have a professional look and a great texture, unlike when using the nylon bristles.

Although the pack contains a single piece, the rounded brush is conveniently sized for maximum versatility.

Surprisingly, this high-quality piece comes at an affordable price.

Therefore, if you are a home do-it-yourselfer operating in a tight budget, this brush should be your excellent purchase.

After use, cleaning the brush is a breeze and the bristles will not harden as it is the case with some models.

The hanging strap ensures convenient storage when not in use.

  • The price is fantastic.

  • The brush maintains its new look for years.

  • The instructions are very clear.

  • Some paints may be hard to clean from the brush.

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#6 Brossum Large 2-in-1 Round Chalk and Wax Brush

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Like our preceding model, this brush also boasts a 2-in-1 design.

Therefore, in case you need a brush that will handle both chalk painting and waxing, settling for this unit would be a wise move.

The brush comes as a single piece although it handles nearly every job you can handle with a set.

I mean, in case you are looking for a staple purchase for your painting projects, the Brossum Large 2-in-1 design should be a good way for you to go.

The bristles are of twice-boiled natural boar hair. Therefore, they deliver a rustic and chic look.

And since they are held up together with premium epoxy glue, expect maximum bristle retention.

Also, the thousands of natural bristles are packed together closely so that they hold a ton of paint to allow you to finish the work quicker.

The ferrule has a corrosion-resistant finish to ensure long-lasting performance.

The humanized handle fits nicely in your palm to give you hours of painting with minimum wrist strain and hand fatigue.

The leather hang strap ensures that the brush won’t eat any of your floor space or claim a spot in your tool kit since it hangs it securely on a nail.

  • The price suits nearly every pocket.

  • The delivery is speedy.

  • The quality is a plus.

  • It may shed easily especially if you do not follow the instructions.

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#7 1st Place Chalk & Wax Natural Bristle Brush Set

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This set contains four brushes. Therefore, expect it to come with a slightly higher price than the single-piece options.

The brushes are all of varying sizes to ensure versatility, allowing you to use them for any painting and waxing project in your home.

For example, the three smaller brushes come in handy when dealing with small and detailed painting projects.

The large four-inch-thick brush on the other side covers a large area in a single painting stroke.

This size renders it an excellent option when dealing with larger surface areas since it helps you finish the work quicker than it would have taken using other brushes.

The brushes come with sturdy construction for maximum longevity.

They also incorporate a lightweight design, which reduces user fatigue to make painting or waxing easier than ever before.

The bristles are secured firmly in a stainless steel ferrule that will not catch rust even when used in a corrosive environment.

The high-quality natural bristles will neither come off when painting or cleaning to ensure the durability of the brush.

The hanging straps keep the brushes off your floor space when not in use, making the set a great purchase for anyone operating in tight square footage.

  • They apply chalk paint easily.

  • The four pieces increase the versatility of the set.

  • They clean up well after use.

  • Since the set contains four brushes, there is a possibility that you may not use all.

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#8 Logest Pro 6 Chalked Brush Set for Artist

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This set contains six brushes of various sizes and shapes. The various sizes grant you greater flexibility in your home projects.

Each of the brush is professionally designed to do what it is made to do with great perfection.

Also, all the brushes adopt the 2-in-1 design since will allow you to paint and was. This translates to having 12 brushes in total!

The premium wood handle features quality construction that will not disappoint even with years of use.

The handles also fit excellently to ensure a comfortable grip no matter the hand size.

Therefore, whether you have small, medium or large hands, you won’t experience much fatigue when you use this set for hours nonstop.

The leather hanging rope keeps the brushes in a hanging position for quick drying so that they don’t have to take any of your floor space.

The high-grade bristles are joined using high-quality epoxy glue.

So, you can buy with peace of mind that they will not come even after years when using or cleaning the brush.

The stainless steel ferrule resists rusts and scratches to keep the brush looking like new year after year of use.

The package also contains a waterproof sanding pad which increases convenience in your painting jobs.

  • The six pieces provide unsurpassed versatility.

  • The sanding pad enhances user convenience.

  • The epoxy glue joins the bristles firmly.

  • The handle of one of the brushes needs an upgrade.

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#9 US Art Supply Round Chalk, Wax and Stencil Brushes

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By looking at the first word of the name, it is easy to tell where this set originates.

And yes, like other US-made products, this set guarantees to give the user an experience like no other.

The set contains two brushes, a 1-1/8-inch rounded brush for detailed painting and a 1-1/8-inch wide stencil brush for confined areas.

The bristles of each of the brush are purely natural. Therefore, they paint smoothly and will not come out when painting.

Hence, anticipate ending up with professional results just as you were anticipating. The brushes are of materials of the highest quality.

That being so, expects the brushes to retain their great shape even with regular use.

Each piece has a 3-1/2-inch wood handle that has a smooth finish and ergonomic design for an excellent grasp.

The handles also have a hole at the tail area for easy hanging of the brush after washing for quick drying.

The nickel-plated ferrule steps up the aesthetics of the brush and will not corrode even with extended exposure to the elements.

  • The bristles are 100% natural.

  • They are very durable.

  • They hold paint nicely.

  • They are very easy to clean.

  • The size may be too small for some projects.

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#10 Brietis Premium Chalk & Wax Brush

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The handle of this brush is 5.3 inches long. Hence, it provides plenty of space to accommodate even the biggest hands.

The handle has a smooth finish and enhanced ergonomics for maximum hand comfort.

Therefore, you will keep going for hours using this brush for chalk paint with less hand fatigue.

The bristles are 2.2 inches long and are closely packed in a 2-inch head.

As a result, a single dip carries a ton of paint that covers a large area so that you can finish your work faster.

The bristles of this brush are not just natural but also strictly hand-picked to guarantee minimum shredding.

The bristles are also soft and will handle different types of paints and paint colors pretty well, making it a multi-purpose purchase.

Also, since cleaning is also a snap, we are good to say that the bristles will give you the kind of experience you have always wanted in your chalky projects.

The hole at the handle end together with the hanging strap ensures convenient storage of the brush when not in use.

  • The mobility design is a plus.

  • It is easy to hold.

  • The large surface area saves time.

  • The bristles are easy to wash off any chalk paint.

  • The single size will not suit every project.

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#11 MyLifeUNIT Chalk Paint Brush

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This set of 7 suits a wide variety of painting applications.

I mean, you can use it for acrylic paint, watercolor painting, oil painting, and other many painting projects you may encounter in your home.

The seven sizes signify that you will always have an ideal size brush for your next project no matter the nature of the project.

All the pieces come with top-grade materials that are safe for the user. In other words, this set is designed for healthy minds.

The top-quality log poles guarantee durability whereas the premium bristles get the work done smoothly.

The handle is painted and is ultra-smooth for a comfortable grip.

Additionally, the metallic ferrule comes with a scratch-resistant and non-rust finish.

This feature lets you buy with the peace of mind that the brushes will maintain their beauty even with regular use in a rugged environment.

Before use, the manufacturer recommends that you soak the brushes in warm water for five minutes to reduce the chances of the bristles to shed.

  • The quality of the brushes is good.

  • The materials are safe for human health.

  • The design suits all hand sizes.

  • The natural bristles work with nearly all types of paints.

  • Failure to immerse them in warm water before use may lead to shedding.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Flat vs. Rounded?

Our list contains both the flat and rounded brushes. The flat brushes come in handy when you have to paint a big area since they cover a larger area in a single stroke than the rounded versions. The rounded versions are ideal for the heavy and detailed painting. For that reason, whether to choose a flat or a rounded brush will depend on the nature of your projects. However, for increased flexibility, you can pick a set that contains both.

Why are chalk paint brushes round?

If you were keen on our review, you might have noted that nearly all the brushes are rounded. The round design packs more bristles and allows the brush to take more paint than the flat design. Therefore, with a rounded brush, you will paint a larger area in a single dip than when using the flat brushes.

What are the top brushes for chalk paint?

If you are wondering about the ideal brush for your upcoming chalky project, we advise you to consider picking one from our list. Our hand-picked top 11 brushes for chalk paints are all tested to ascertain that they do exactly what they claim. Therefore, expect one of our options to hardly disappoint.

Do I need a chalk paintbrush?

Yes. Since chalk paint brushes are specially designed for the work, expect them to be better for the job than the other conventional brushes.

How do you clean a chalk paintbrush?

After using your chalk paintbrush, cleaning is very important if at all you have to use it in the future. To clean, start by squeezing the bristles to remove as much paint as possible. Then dip it in warm water and wait for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water to remove any remaining paint and you are good to store.


If you intend to get professional results from your chalky project, having the right brush for chalk paint is a prerequisite.

A good brush for chalk paint should be durable, comfortable to handle, rust-resistant, and versatile.

Also, the bristles need to be smooth, natural, and should not shed.

And yes, with our top-notch options having all these properties, you can turn to either for a painting experience like no other.

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