Top 11 Best Buffing Pads In 2020

Can you remember how your car attracted envious glances when it first came from the showroom? It’s been several years down the line, still working perfectly but scratches and everyday rigor have robbed it of its beauty.

But don’t worry! With the right buffing pads, you can restore that original showroom-grade sparkle in your car.

Buffing pads are applicators that work with a polishing machine or just a mere hand to remove scratches and other forms of imperfections from your car to restore the “day one” luster. Of course, buffing pads are of different materials such as terry cloth, wool, sponge, and microfiber for a variety of surfaces.

No matter the kind of surface you are targeting to handle, this list of 11 best buffing pads gets you well-equipped for the next paint correction project. And without further ado, let’s get the ball rolling!

Top Pick
SPTA 5Pcs 6inch (150mm) Buffing Pads Polishing...
  • ◆Unique Design◆ Different size for two sides of the pad---front 6.5 inch (165mm), back 6 inch (150mm)---a specicial design to protect surface from being scratched while polishing, to reduce the abrasion for both pad itself, plate and surface.

Top 11 Buffing Pads

#1 Chemical Guys HEX_3KIT_5 5.5″ Buffing Pad Sampler Kit (4 Items)

Chemical Guys HEX_3KIT_5 Buffing Pad Sampler Kit

The first kit on the list arrives with a total of 4 pieces; 3 buffing pads and a polishing pad cleaner. Although this number is fewer as compared to most kits, they will let you compound, polish, and wax just about any car. The limited number makes it an excellent starter kit since it’s easy to remember the process that each color corresponds to.

Each of the polishing pads has a diameter of 5.5 inches, a good size that gets the job done faster but with better results. Nevertheless, in case you feel that a larger size caters better for your needs, this kit is also available in a larger size of 6.5 inches.

These pads utilize foams of the highest quality. Therefore, you can buy them with the confidence that you are getting something that will stand the test of time. Also, since they come from the United States, expect them to work well even for the pickiest professionals and car owners.

The pad cleaner comes in handy after using the buffing pads. It works by preventing old paint and wax from drying and clogging the applicators. By doing this, it prolongs the lifespan of the pads so that you get the maximum value from your purchase.

  • The kit comes from the United States.

  • They hold up pretty well.

  • The polishing pad cleaner is of good quality.

  • It is a nice starter kit.

  • They are a little stiff at first.

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#2 Petutu Car Foam Drill Polishing Buffing Pads

Petutu Car Foam Drill Polishing Buffing Pads

If you must go for the best-selling product on Amazon, then, here comes the perfect option for you. The quality is decent, and that is why it is one of the highly-rated polishing applicators on Amazon with lots of fans across the board.

The package offers a total of 22 pieces, more than you are likely to find in another kit for the same price. These pieces include 16 three-inch foam buffing pads, 2 woolen buffer pads, 2 suction cups, and 2 drill adapters.

With all these components in a single kit, expect to have everything you need at every stage of the paint correcting process. For this reason, this kit holds the promise of the excellent results you have always anticipated from your buffing projects.

The wool and the sponge used in these pads are of high-quality, making it one of the greatest options you can ever get in the market. You will note that the sponge polishing pads have varying softness.

The orange pads work well for coarse polishing while the blue and yellow ones are for medium polishing. The black and white applicators come in handy when you need to do a fine polish. In other words, this kit is made for different surfaces and with all the stages of the paint correction process in mind. The adhesive backing allows for quick changing of pads so that you finish your work in seconds.

  • The kit offers lots of pieces.

  • The price is good.

  • They are washable and reusable.

  • They are easy to clean.

  • The small size will take a little more time to finish your project.

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#3 SPTA Compound Buffing Sponge Pads

SPTA Compound Buffing Sponge Pads

Third on the list is an amazing kit from SPTA. It contains five pieces of sponge pads. All pieces have a distinctive softness for a variety of needs. They also come in different colors to make it easy to identify and pick the ideal piece for the job at hand.

The yellow polishing pad has an aggressive cutting action. This property makes it an ideal option for use in removing deeper scratches and heavy oxidation. The orange buff pad is softer and has moderate cutting action. Hence, it works excellently in removing overspray, sand scratches, and other forms of surface imperfections.

The multi-purpose blue pad removes scratches and leaves a soft feel on the surface while the white color is good for those ultra-fine swirl marks. Wrapping the set is a black buffing pad that works perfectly in finishing work to give your car the kind of shine it had when it was new.

These foam pads deliver fantastic results whether using it with pneumatic or electric polishing machines. Also, they boast very nice heat dissipation for long-lasting performance. The abrasive stick backing makes changing the sponge pads a breeze while the lightweight design makes them convenient to use.

  • They are very easy to install.

  • Their thickness is good.

  • The Velcro is very strong.

  • They will clean up almost like new after using.

  • Some users feel that they are a bit too soft for some applications.

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#4 Benavvy 9pcs Polishing Pads Kit

Benavvy 9pcs Polishing Pads Kit

If you want a kit of polishing pads that will let you finish the work faster, then Benavvy 9cs Polishing Pads Kit is a go-to set. It packs a total of 11 pieces, that is, 9 applicators, a thread backing pad, and a drill adapter.

All the components of this set boast a large diameter of 7 inches. With this size, they will cover a larger area than most members of the competition. Hence, with this kit from Benavvy, you will finish the work in a fraction of the time it would have taken applicators of smaller sizes. The larger size also feels more stable with the polishing machines than the smaller versions.

The large surface area makes it a must-have set for anyone intending to work on a large vehicle. 5 of the polishing pads are of sponge and have different roughness for different polishing applications. And since each of these foam pads comes with a unique color, you will like how easy it gets to pick the right piece for the job.

The premium-grade construction is an implication that the kit will meet the needs of a dedicated professional car detailer. The pieces provide excellent outcomes whether you use them with drills or polishing machines.

  • They cover a very large surface area which saves on time.

  • They feel more stable with the polishing machine.

  • They are easy to change.

  • The color code is nice.

  • May not be the market’s best option for the professionals.

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#5 Avid Power 6 Pcs Buffing Pads Polishing Pads Kit

Avid Power 6 Pcs Buffing Pads Polishing Pads Kit

Also promising professional results when used correctly, this polishing pads kit from Avid Power is another top-rated set on the market. The kit constitutes of 7 pieces; 6 buffing pads and a backing plate that works with polishers that have 5/8-inch spindles. Of the 6 pads, 5 are of top-grade foam material with a different coarseness to tackle every car polishing job that comes your way.

The sponge buffing pads are 8 inches for faster completion of jobs and are color-coded for effortless identification. The 8-inch size also protects your car surface from scratches when working on it and will go well with car polishers have a diameter of 7 inches or 8 inches.

The special open-cell foam design ensures optimal airflow. By doing this, it prevents the pad from overheating when in use. For this reason, expect this polishing pad kit to serve you for a very long time. The waffle design of the foam pads provides a better performance so that you get that smoother finish you were expecting right from the start.

The 8-inch wool grip pad maximizes the versatility of the set. I mean, whether you want to polish or buff furniture, wood, stainless steel, cars, glass or just about any other surface, expect the compounding wool pad to come in handy.

  • They work well on wood.

  • They work on scratches quickly.

  • They are easy to maintain clean.

  • The size is nice for big projects.

  • It may take a while to get used to picking the right buffing pad for the job.

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#6 LotFancy 6-Inch Wool Buffing Pads

LotFancy 6-Inch Wool Buffing Pads

These buffing pads have a diameter of 6 inches each. Nevertheless, they are also available in a smaller size in case the 6-inch version seems a bit large for your needs.

They are of high-quality wool for maximum performance and extended durability. I mean, you will like how the wool fibers of these buffing pads distribute whatever you are applying on the surfaces uniformly to give your car that shiny surface.

The wool is smooth so that it doesn’t cause further scratches no matter the type of surface you are using it for. Most people like the abilities of these pads to handle multiple applications.

Therefore, whether you want to refinish paint or remove imperfections on your car, furniture, ceramic, glass, stainless steel or other many materials, you can count on them to give you excellent results. They are also compatible with nearly any polishing machine with the hook and loop system providing a quick and convenient way of keeping it in place when in use.

  • The Velcro won’t come off with time.

  • They work perfectly in large to reach areas.

  • They provide a consistent outcome.

  • 2 sizes are available; 5-inches and 6 inches.

  • They work better on flat surfaces than on carved surfaces.

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#7 SPTA Polishing Buffing Pad Kit

SPTA Polishing Buffing Pad Kit

The buffing pads in this kit are of foam, wool, and microfiber. The foam pads utilize waffle design to maximize their effectiveness on what they are made to do. This design gives impressive heat dissipation for a prolonged lifespan of the unit. The sponge pads are flexible to allow use in tight areas where most options can’t go.

Also, they hold up well after several uses, making the kit an excellent buy for anyone in the lookout for a set that will last for a very long time. The different coarseness favors different polishing applications.

The brown and yellow pads are for coarse polishing while the blue one handles projects that need medium polishing. The green and black options work well for extra-fine polishing. I mean, with this set, you will always have the right applicator no matter the job. The 2 wool pads (purple and white) are also designed for long-lasting performance and won’t scratch the paint of your car.

Additionally, you will also delight in the fact that the blue microfiber pad is engineered to resist fiber matting and works well in removing imperfections. The magic sticker holds the buffing pads firmer when also allowing the user to change the applicators in just minutes.

  • It is a complete set.

  • The attachments are very strong.

  • They are very durable.

  • The color-coding makes it easy to distinguish the pads after some time.

  • The cotton pad may begin to shed after some time.

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#8 POLIWELL Car Polishing & Buffing Sponge Pads Kit

POLIWELL Car Polishing & Buffing Sponge Pads Kit

Don’t allow scratches, grime, and other imperfections to rob your car of its beauty when we have a way of keeping it shiny. These buffing pads are engineered to restore your car’s beauty and give it that amazing luster you have always wished for.

The five sponge pads will come in handy at different stages of your car paint correction process. For instance, the orange/white applicators are good for removing scratches, swirls, and holograms. The yellow piece comes in when applying compounds and polishes whereas the black/blue pads are excellent for giving your car that fine polish.

The highly absorbent polishing pads provide consistent distribution of waxes, polishes, and protectants to ensure that you get professional-grade results in every project. For those that are using the set for the first time, it is pretty easy to use.

Begin by cleaning the surface and removing scratches using the orange/white buffering pads. Use the yellow pad to apply chemicals and compounds and the black/blue pads for wax/sealant. Use the white bonnet pads for the final cleaning!

  • The shine cloth is a good addition.

  • The packaging is excellent.

  • It leaves the car looking new.

  • The quality of the sponges is good.

  • The Velcro may become loose after some time.

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#9 Electop Drill Buffing Sponge Pads

Electop Drill Buffing Sponge Pads

This set offers several buffing pads. Hence, if you are a car buffing aficionado, you will like the kind of versatility it boasts since it lets you tackle just about any vehicle with confidence. With a total of 17 pieces in the package, we are safe to say that this kit offers one of the best values per piece.

The set is designed with compatibility in mind and that is why you can use it with either pneumatic or electric polishing equipment. Hence, if you are looking for a high-quality polishing pad kit that will give you value that is hard to beat, you won’t go wrong with this model.

Of the total buffing pads the kit packs, 8 are of high-quality sponge. Out of this number, 4 have a diameter of 3 inches wide while the remaining are 5 inches. With these 2 sizes, you will always have the right set in hand whether you are tackling heavy or light projects. The kit also offers 2 drill adapters, 2 three-inch, and five-inch buffer pads and 2 pieces of suction cups.

  • The pads are affordable.

  • They are very sturdy.

  • They work well for polishing up headlights.

  • There are 2 sizes available.

  • They aren’t the most durable buffing pads you will come across in the market.

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#10 TCP Global 100% Wool Hook & Loop Grip Buffing Pad

TCP Global 100% Wool Hook & Loop Grip Buffing Pad

Although this unit comes as a single piece, it is versatile enough to handle most of your polishing needs. Nevertheless, it is also available in a cost-efficient pack of 3 in case you want to grab several of them.

Having been designed for durability and performance, this piece will address several imperfections such as scratches to restore that luster you have always longed to see on your surfaces.

The curved reinforcement plastic backing extends the lifespan of the pad, making it one of the most long-serving options you can ever get for your projects. However, some customers claim that a few fibers come loose. But the good thing is that this minor flaw doesn’t affect the overall effectiveness of the piece in what it is made to do.

Additionally, since it has a diameter of 8 inches, expect to get the work done faster with this polishing pad since the larger diameter means that it offers greater coverage than the smaller versions.

  • It is a long-lasting wool buffing pad.

  • The hook and loop connection is impressive.

  • The price is decent.

  • It is ruggedly constructed.

  • A few fibers come loose.

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#11 CASOMAN 7-Inch Buffing and Polishing Pad Kit

CASOMAN 7-Inch Buffing and Polishing Pad Kit

By looking at the composition of this kit, we are good to conclude that it is one of the sets that come with different user needs in mind. It constitutes 5 sponge buffing pads, a high-quality wood pad, and a backing pad.

The foam applicators have varying coarseness for different applications and are easy to distinguish since each has a unique color. The red foam pad is the roughest followed by orange, green, and black.

The blue one is the softest sponge applicator in the set. Hence, whether you are buffing, polishing or finishing, you can get that job done in seconds without having to go out of this set.

The backing pad is 7 inches and utilizes commercial-grade polyurethane construction. Thus, it is lightweight, durable, flexible, and has better heat tolerance than the majority of other options we have in the market.

The reliable hook and loop fastener ensures that the polishing pad remains in position when using it to give you an easy time and excellent results in every project that comes your way.

  • The PU construction of the backing pad is durable and lightweight.

  • They hook and loop prevents them from shifting when in use.

  • The number of buffing pads in the kit is good.

  • They provide impressive heat build-up.

  • It doesn’t come with an adapter for drill.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the difference between buffing and polishing pads?

Although some people often use ‘buffing’ and ‘polishing’ interchangeably, there is a slight difference. Polishing results in a brushed finish while buffing removes these lines to leave the surface shiny. Therefore, polishing comes before buffing although they all work towards the same objective.

What are the different color buffing pads for?

Sponge buffing pads come in different colors for easy distinction. The color composition will differ widely given that some sets come with more buffing pads than others. Therefore, to know where to use each color, check the manufacturer’s description.

What pads to use for buffing?

Buffing pads are either of foam, wool or microfiber. Any of these materials is good and will give good results provided that it fits well on the backing plate of the polishing machine you are using. The backing plate needs to be of the same size or at least have a slightly smaller size than the buffing pads.

What is the best way to clean buffing pads?

Cleaning your buffing pads is one of the ways to prolong their lifespan. The best time to do this is immediately after using it. Some kits will include a pad cleaner while others do not. However, tossing them in warm soapy water is a great way to keep them in tip-top condition ready for the next project.

How do buffing pads work?

Buffing pads work in conjunction with polishing machines. These pads have a rough surface that removes scratches and other imperfections through abrasion. They use abrasives in polish to ‘buff’ out the defects and give you a flawless and a well-polished surface.


With the right skill, equipment, and buffing pads, restoring your car’s beauty is quick and easy. Although you can hire a professional to do the job, tackling it yourself is generally cheaper. And with one of the options from the list, expect to get professional-grade results.

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