11 Best Cabinet Hinges (2024)

Cabinet hinges are very crucial components of your cabinetry. Forget about making your cabinet doors swing smoothly and quietly; these important pieces of hardware define the beauty of your cabinets and that of your home in general. They determine how long your cabinets will maintain their pristine state.

Here is the thing- whether it’s in the bathroom, laundry, kitchen, bedroom, office or any other place where you have closets in place, you need to ensure that you fit them with nothing less than the best hinges.

That said, chances are that you are already asking yourself what are some of these hinges. Well, keep your cool- we combined our extensive knowledge in cabinetry with that of other experts to sift out the 11 best cabinet hinges from the rest. Keep reading to get your excellent deal!

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Top 11 Cabinet Hinge Reviews

#1 MOSILVERON Overlay Cabinet Hinges

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Mosilveron has been in the market for more than 2 decades. Although she isn’t among the first members to get into the industry, she has managed to find her way into the hearts of many through her relentless efforts in supplying high-quality products at pocket-friendly prices.

And coming from this top-notch manufacturer, we expect this product to hardly disappoint. The package contains 25 pairs. In other words, once you order this product, you will get 50 pieces in total. With all these pieces in a single pack, Mosilveron Overlay Cabinet Hinges is a nice package if you have several closets to work on.

Each piece passes a 25000 circle test. Therefore, they are among the most durable hinges you can ever add to your cabinets. All the 50 pieces make use of iron construction. Thus, they are incredibly strong and maintain their ‘day one’ functionality throughout their entire lifetime.

The satin nickel finish prevents rust to maximize the service life of the hinges. The premium finish works well with most cabinet styles, creating that impressive modern cabinetry aesthetics you have always wanted to bring to your home.

  • The quality of the finish is impressive.
  • The quantity is nice for the price.
  • They are very durable.
  • 50 pieces are a lot for those that want a limited number.

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#2 DECOBASICS Face Frame Cabinet Cupboard Door Hinges (40-Pack)

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When buying cabinet hinges, choose a model that will work reliably even after thousands of opening and closing. And yes, among the options you can count on to maintain their functionality after thousands of opening and closing is this amazing model from Decobasics.

These hinges are available in packs of 2, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 80, and 100. Therefore, whether you need to work on a few cabinets or a good number of them, you will always find the right number for your project. The hinges come with their matching screws to get you started with your cabinetry job right off the bat.

The high-quality hinges utilize premium steel construction. Therefore, they are very durable and can withstand abuse in rugged spaces around the home. The satin nickel finish blends into most cabinet styles, making them a staple choice for all your cabinetry jobs. The 1/2-inch overlay hinges will open 105o to give you enough space to access the interior of your cabinets.

The built-in silicone bumper technology eliminates banging noise that comes with most members of the competition. To put it in other words, for those that are looking for cabinet hinges that will open smoothly and quietly, then Decobasics brings one of the finest options.

  • They are very quiet.
  • They come in different quantities.
  • The stainless steel construction is heavy-duty.
  • Removing the plastic caps will take a few of your minutes.

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#3 Rok Hardware 10 Pack Grass TEC 864

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These cabinet hinges are made in the United States. Therefore, they are of good quality and we expect them to outlast most competing models. They are available in packs of 1, 2, 10, 25, 50, and 75. Thus, whether you are working on a few or multiple cabinets, you will always find the ideal number for your application.

Each of these hinges has a soft-close damper. With this feature, you will always get the right close speed for your cabinet doors. The feature also works well in eliminating noise when closing the doors. Hence, in case you are fed up with the banging noise of the current cabinet hinges, getting these pieces of hardware will be a nice idea.

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Most people like how easily they install. That’s why we recommend them to those that are doing the installation for their very first time. Nevertheless, some customers feel that adding instructions to the package would give them more confidence in mounting.

The 1/4-inch overlay joints open 108 degrees wide. Therefore, they provide a wider entrance than any of the previous models. Surprisingly, even with all these features, these hinges come with a price tag that suits most pockets.

  • They are very easy to install.
  • They allow for a lot of adjustabilities.
  • The soft-close dampening feature is nice.
  • Including instructions would be a nice idea.

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#4 Home Building Store 20 Pack (10 pairs) Brushed Satin Nickel

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Our next option has a brushed satin nickel finish. Hence, these hinges will step up the overall beauty of your cabinets. In fact, unlike a few that lose their beauty over time, these hinges maintain their elegance for a very long time.

Here, they come in a pack of 20 which. In other words, you will get 10 pairs of premium-grade overlay hinges. With this much, you have enough for 10 doors assuming that you use a pair for each door.

More than a few users like that are very well-made pieces of hardware. Therefore, they will maintain their functionality for a very long time. I mean, they are perfect for use on cabinets that are accessed more often such as those in the kitchen.

Apart from the 10 pairs of hinges, the pack also includes mounting screws and two soft round pads. The screws are of high-quality while the round pads go inside the door edges to allow for a soft closure every time. The self-auto closing mechanism takes care of the rest once you are done with using the cabinet. The pack offers nothing fancy, though, but it does exactly what it claims.

  • Their finish maximizes their compatibility.
  • The pieces are well made.
  • The auto-closure system is nice.
  • They have nothing fancy.

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#5 Silverline Face Frame Concealed Euro Cabinet Hinges

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These cabinet hinges make use of premium steel. Hence, they are among the least disappointing on grounds of durability. They come with steel nickel plated finish. This coating protects the steel construction from rust. Additionally, this finish interacts well with all cabinet finishes.

They are 5/8-inch overlay hinges. However, in case you need a 1/2-inch overlay in some applications, they are customizable to cover your needs. Their ability to adjust indicates that the pack comes with different user preferences in mind.

This pack includes 25 pieces of hinges with plate. You will also receive 96-102 pieces of high-quality screws in the package. The mounting fasteners are of decent quality and have a good length to ensure that the hinges won’t grow loose with time.

The opening angle of 105o gives you enough opening to put and remove oversized items from the cabinet with ease. The distance between the edge of the door and that of the hole is 35 mm.

  • They look great.
  • They are easy to adjust.
  • The package includes mounting screws.
  • They are not self-closing.

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#6 Blum 38N355BE08x50S Overlay Blumotion Hinge

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This set offers a total of 50 pieces. For this reason, it’s a marvelous deal for anyone intending to replace all the existing closet hinges. They are 1/2-inch hinges, meaning that they will come in place of other standard hinges of the same size.

The hinges are made of metal of the best-in-class quality. That said, they are very tough and will withstand use in the busiest doors. Also, since they are strong, they have some good weight in them.

Blum 38N355BE08 is also among the options that make use of nickel coating. Therefore, they are very appealing in looks and will not catch rust over time. Thus, we consider them perfect for use in wet areas. I mean, whether you use them in your laundry, kitchen, or bathroom cabinets, they will maintain their elegant look throughout their lifetime.

Blum 38N355BE08 opens to an angle of 105 degrees like some of the previous models. The wide angle makes it comfortable to access the contents of the cabinets. A soft closure mechanism also comes onboard to prevent slamming- simply tap the door and it will slow down before it shuts to close gently. This feature not only ensures quiet operation but also protects the doors from chipping off.

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#7 AmazonBasics AB-4000 Inset Hinge

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This set comes from AmazonBasics. It boasts lots of great features that render it among the finest options we have in the market. The hinges utilize a robust zinc-alloy construction.

This metal construction makes it exceptionally tough to withstand regular abuse in the harshest areas around the home. Thus, expect them to serve well in the kitchen, laundry, and other frequently used cabinets around your home. The joints are then hand-finished to ensure that they have an elegant and uniform look.

Unlike the earlier versions that make use of nickel finish, AmazonBasics AB-400 Inset Hinges have oil rubbed bronze coating. The scratch-resistant layer protects the metal construction from corrosion. That said, expect these hinges to retain their beauty for a very long time.

This pack offers a total of 20 hinges, that is, 10 pairs. The package also includes installation screws so you won’t need to buy them separately. The self-closing feature is a major plus, especially when you want to pick stuff from the cabinet on both hands. However, you can only use this set for inset cabinets.

  • The auto-close mechanism is very strong.
  • The oil-rubbed bronze finish is of high-quality.
  • They are very sturdy.
  • The screws aren’t of the best quality.

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#8 Probrico Soft Close Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges

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Whether you are looking for perfect replacements for your soft close cabinet hinges or want to have them on board for the first time, these hinges from Probrico are a decent model to bring home.

The hydraulic soft-close feature in this model is very strong and more reliable than that of most members of the competition. The majority of homeowners who have used them like that that they are very compact. For this reason, they remain hidden in plain sight.

Although small, they are very rugged and will last through the years even when using it to swing the heaviest cabinet doors. It works well for doors that support full overlay within the thickness range of between 14 and 22 mm.

Once you order this set, you will get a total of 10 pairs and their matching screws. With all these pairs, the package offers enough for several rooms around your home. The quick and straightforward installation signifies that you will be done in no time and good to go for several years to come. We also like that they have nickel coating since it blends in with a variety of styles and decors.

  • The screws are very strong.
  • They are straightforward to mount.
  • They will retain their pristine appearance for long.
  • No mounting or adjustment information.

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#9 Decobasics Self Closing Variable Overlay Flush Cabinet Hinge

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These hinges from Decobasics will not only improve your kitchen look but also its functionality. But in case you don’t want to specifically use them in the kitchen, the contractor-grade hinges will also work well with other cabinets around the home.

They are very strong and that is what makes them among the most durable cabinet hinges in the market. In fact, since each piece is tested for reliability, quality, and longevity, you can buy the set with the peace of mind that you will get value for your money in return.

They come in a total of 50 pieces to give the user of 25 pairs. In other words, this package provides enough for 25 cabinet doors assuming that you use a pair for each door.

They are self-closing hinges and this makes them similar to the spring hinges. The soft-close feature means that they will automatically return the door to a closed position after you access the cabinet. 

We consider the auto-close function as a very impressive feature since it acts as your third hand to shut the door when your two hands are engaged. The silicone bumpers dampen the slamming noise, ensuring that your cabinet doors close gently each time.

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#10 ELYSIAN 1 Piece Lazy Susan Hinge (Kitchen Cabinet)

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For those that are looking for hinges for use in lazy susan corner cabinets, here comes one of the nice options they can consider giving a try. The hinge opens the door to a 135-degree angle, the widest angle so far on the list.

Therefore, make sure that the original hinge is a 135-degree model before you add this to your shopping cart. But in case you need one that will open wider, a 165-degree version is also available at an affordable price.

Having been made for use with corner cabinets, it comes as a single piece and not multiple pairs like the standard overlay hinges. Hence, in case you have several of these doors, you will have to add several into your shopping cart.

This hinge utilizes stainless steel material, very strong construction that gives it long-lasting performance. The sturdy unit installs in a breeze, making it a nice purchase for those that are interacting with hinges of this kind for the first time.

  • The quality is very impressive.
  • They are very durable.
  • It comes with mounting screws.
  • The price is a little high for a single piece.

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#11 T&B Frameless Cabinet Hinges

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Most hinges on our list open to 105 degrees. Now, in case you want cabinet hinges will give a wider opening, we recommend the T&B 175 Degree Hinges Frameless Cabinet Hinges. As the name suggests, they open to a maximum angle of 175 degrees.

The large-angle will give you an easy time when putting and taking out large objects from your cabinets. Also, this angle is an implication that they will work great for joining door to door in the case of corner cabinets.

Amazingly, even with the large angle, these cabinet hinges belong to the class of the soft-closing options. Hence, expect door slamming to be something of the past with this option.

We also like that they are solidly constructed. Their ruggedness makes them more long-lasting than most models in the market. The robust construction renders it a wise purchase for homes with kids and rugged spaces around the home. 

  • It is nice for homes with children.
  • The soft close prevents slamming.
  • They open to a 175-degree angle.
  • There are no clear fitting instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between overlay and inset hinges?

In overlay, the door is set to overlap the frame when closing, hence the word ‘overlay’. However, in inset hinges, the doors are set within the frame of the cabinet. Hence, in this case, the door is flush with the face of the cabinet when in a closed position.

Are kitchen overlay cabinet hinges universal?

Yes. That is why you can easily get a replacement in case your existing cabinet hinges become faulty. However, the most important thing is to get a replacement model of the same overlay as your original hinge. The overlay is simply the length that the door overlaps the frame when you close it.

Do you need two soft close hinges per door?

In most cases, one soft close hinge is just fine. However, in case of a heavier door, you need to install two soft-close hinges since one may not be strong enough for the weight of the door.

Can you install soft close to existing cabinets?

Yes. You can install soft-close cabinet hinges to existing cabinets. However, make sure you get the exact measurements as your existing hinges if you don’t want to bore new holes.

How many hinges should a cabinet door have?

Again, it will depend on the weight of the door. Normally, 2 hinges will work fine for most doors. However, if your cabinet door is a little hefty, you need more than 2 hinges. In this case, 3 hinges are recommended.

Final Verdict

When buying cabinet hinges, pick the ones that blend in with existing handles and knobs. Also, examine their build quality and other specifications to ensure that they work well with your cabinet doors. Our review suggests some of the greatest options that you can consider giving a shot.

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