11 Best Glue For Plastic Car Parts (2023)

Do you have loose automotive accessories or parts that require multipurpose adhesives? Glue helps to avoid replacement costs. It works well because bonding agents like hardeners and epoxy resins create lasting impacts. 

Usually, well-made glue products resist moisture and clouds of dirt. Also, they form strong bonds with affected plastic materials. 

These resins are gel-like adhesive and they come in packaging tubes with hardeners. Normally, you don’t need to mix strong glue with any substance. Apart from specialty resins with complex compounds, regular epoxy resins are simple (liquid or solid) chemicals. 

Regardless of their compositions (single or multiple components), epoxy adhesives should be used and stored safely. Additionally, both polypropylene and polyethylene plastics can use the same instant glue. 

The poly cement is another type of glue, and this epoxy contains bonding agents that react quickly. However, most glue for rubber seals in cars come in tubes. While these tubes contain toxic liquids, it’s safer to apply them in well-ventilated spaces. 

On plastic materials, it takes between 10 to 50 seconds for these bonding agents to hold the affected material permanently. However, they can be removed with heat guns. 

Fast-drying sticky glue is suitable for vertical surfaces because the resin doesn’t drain readily. Also, high-end glues for plastic car parts don’t crack during extreme weather (heat or cold) conditions. Well, they can have varying levels of tensile and bonding strengths. 

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11 Best Plastic Glue For Cars

#1. Ultra Glue Pro Series by Rhino Glue

Ultra Glue Pro Series by Rhino Glue

This Rhino Glue Kit contains 3 types of distilled adhesives with applicators. Apart from bonding plastics and dissimilar surfaces, the tough formula of Rhino Gel is suitable for metals, and fabric materials. 

Your car consists of different types of materials, but plastics are more brittle than steel parts. While using glues for plastics, it often requires minimal applications to ensure solid bonds. 

These tough-instant, ultra-tough, and brush-on Rhino glue applicators have screw caps that prevent dry-outs. Also, they form stronger weatherproof bonds than regular super glues. 

The medium-size Rhino Glue contains a thick gel that you can use for both automotive and commercial applications.

  • Kit with three types of adhesives
  • The adhesives create faster and stronger bonds
  • The kit comes with an easy-to-apply brush applicator
  • It might be difficult to remove the white adhesive of Rhino Glue with heat guns.

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#2. Testors Value Pack of Plastic Cement Tubes 

Testors Value Pack of Plastic Cement Tubes

Do you need glues for car plastics and hobby tools? Testors Value Pack contains poly cement for car plastics. As a type of poly cement that suitable for bonding polystyrenes, you can use this adhesive on ABS plastics. 

Since the bonding systems of water-resistant adhesives depend on a range of factors (stress, temperature, tensile strength), it’s important to follow the right application procedures. Also, this pair of poly cement tubes contain a formula that creates a strong hold on materials.

These tubes of poly cement come with four precision glue-application tips. Apart from ABS plastics in cars, homeowners can use Testors Plastic Cement for crafts and DIY projects.

  • Four (plastic) precisions applicators
  • It’s easy to remove Testors poly cement with sanding tools
  • The formula has a stronghold on affected plastics
  • You can’t re-use these plastic precision glue tips.

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#3. Loctite Professional Super Glue

Loctite Professional Super Glue

Loctite Super Glue is a pro-grade type of adhesive for hard plastics like PVC, plexiglass, polystyrene, and polycarbonate. Also, this made-in-China comes with a precise applicator and it’s pocket-friendly. 

While it comes with an epoxy formula for car interior, you can use it for slight fixes on shock-absorbing bumpers. You don’t need special tools to clamp the adhesive bond. However, it takes between 15 to 30 seconds to achieve maximum bonding strength. 

It’s amazing how this Loctite formula holds stronger on both light and hard surfaces. It dries to form a clear solvent-resistant layer. Additionally, I’ll recommend this model of Loctite for buyers that need super glue that can resist heatwaves and other extreme weather conditions.

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#4. Sugru 8-Pack Moldable Glue

Sugru 8-Pack Moldable Glue

Sugru Moldable Glues has been formulated as an all-purpose adhesive. Also, this premium glue tube contains a no-run formula that lasts longer than regular silicone adhesives. 

While it holds about 2 kg (4.4 lbs) of removable adhesives, a little portion is often effective. This moldable glue’s formula is an innovative silicone technology for repairing car plastics and jewelry-making projects.

It’s called moldable glue because the formula will flex with the affected material when it dries out. 

It’s available in an 8-unit kit for resealing broken plastic parts of cars and household fixtures. Additionally, it’s easy and quick to apply this pliable and moldable glue.

  • It takes about 30 minutes to shape this putty glue
  • High and cold-temperature resistant glue
  • It’s suitable for holding both flexible and hard materials.
  • It’s not instant glue because the formula requires between 12 to 24 hours to achieve its maximum hardening strength.

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#5. Gorilla 2-Part Epoxy Adhesive

Gorilla 2-Part Epoxy Adhesive

This model of Gorilla Epoxy Glue comes in single and multiple packs. While it takes 5 minutes to set, you can reposition and achieve desirable fits for affected automotive materials. Also, this gap-filling glue can be applied with a syringe. 

The dual-barrel syringe is easy to dispense both resins and hardeners evenly. Apart from the clear finish that both chemical substances offer, the syringe’s Quick Tip can be covered with a plastic cap to prevent wastages. 

Normally, solvent-resistant glues like Gorilla Epoxy adhesive are durable and can be used for multi-multiple applications. Additionally, the two-chamber syringe is a lightweight (0.85-oz) component that doesn’t cause any portability inconvenience.

  • Its durable bond is ideal for tough repairs of plastic car parts
  • The resin and hardener dry out clearly
  • It comes with a Quick Tip that improves adhesion
  • After applying these epoxy resin and hardener, clamping is required to achieve the maximum bond strength.

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#6. Amazing GOOP Automotive Adhesive

Amazing GOOP Automotive Adhesive

Torn leathers of convertible-top automobiles and cracked headlights can be sealed with special adhesives. 

Amazing GOOP Automotive Adhesives create powerful bonds on clean and dry plastic surfaces. Apart from torn car seats, this adhesive can fix brake light covers, side mirrors, and door handles. 

Unlike silicone-based adhesive, this 3.7-oz GOOP formula helps to seal common leaks in hoses that supply water to windshield wipers. 

More so, it’s great for fixing broken vibration-proof screws. As a super sealant for plastic car parts, it works faster and forms a strong bond with a range of materials.

  • This formula contains a single-component adhesive
  • Apart from plastic car parts, it can be used to hold emblems firmly
  • Its heat resistance is about 150F.
  • It’s not a heavy-duty adhesive.

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#7. J-B Weld 50133 Plastic Bonder 

J-B Weld 50133 Plastic Bonder

This high-strength Plastic Bonder by J-B Weld is more effective than regular silicone adhesives. It’s urethane glue that works on automotive plastics and fiberglass materials. 

However, you need to maintain a proper mixing ratio (1:1) to achieve maximum bonding strength. The Structural Adhesive tool is a 2-part easy-to-use syringe. With this urethane adhesive system, you can ensure strong bonds on broken car parts. 

Additionally, the maximum tensile strength of this glue is 3770 PSI. After applying this plastic bonder, it sets to a distinctive tan color and forms a permanent bond. While this glue requires a quick-setting period of 15 minutes, you can sand it after about 30 minutes.

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#8. Guguyeah UV Light Glue Kit

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Visbella UV Light Glue Kit by Guguyeah includes a pen and two alcohol prep pads. Also, the kit contains a liquid compound that seals PVC, ABS plastics, glass, metal, and wood materials. This non-toxic formula is resistant to moisture and heat. 

It takes at between 5 – 10 seconds for the adhesive to bond permanently. However, the adhesive doesn’t harden without the UV light. With this unique method of application, there’s nothing to worry about when the adhesive pours on your skin. 

The glue contains an environmentally-safe formula. Unlike regular glue, this Guguyeah UV glue has much more bonding strength and density (4ml). Additionally, the UV light has a stronger wavelength and the pen has an impressive battery life of 10 hours.

  • Advanced bonding technology
  • The formula has been proven to pass the standard (EU 174) non-hazardous test.
  • This odorless adhesive has enough bonding strength to hold ceramic, rubber, and plastic parts of cars permanently
  • It’s not ideal for heavy-duty repairs of car plastics.

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#9. Permatex Plastic Weld Adhesive

Permatex Plastic Weld Adhesive

Do you need quality adhesives that work on steel apart from ABS, fiberglass, vinyl, and acrylic materials? With a bonding strength of about 3500 PSI, this model of Plastic Weld Adhesive by Permatex can fix a range of materials. 

It contains a no-sagging formula that is resistant to both weathering and humidity conditions. Also, it takes about five minutes for the adhesive to set at room temperature. However, the cure (permanent bond) time is about 24 hours. 

The gap-filling space is 0.125 inches, and it fits general-purpose bonding applications. Unlike other adhesives for car plastics, this Permatex Plastic Welder can be used between -60 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit of suitable materials. 

Additionally, the formula’s resistance to chemicals and water is impressive. A 0.84-oz adhesive is portable and pocket-friendly.

  • It works well with applying primers
  • The thickness of this adhesive fills cracks, and bonds most plastic materials
  • This versatile adhesive is easy to apply
  • This adhesive might require several fasteners to enhance its bonding strength.

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#10. 3M Plastic and Emblem Adhesive

3M Plastic and Emblem Adhesive

This 5-oz 3M tube contains both plastic and emblem adhesives. It’s easy to press the tube and apply the formula along the cracks of affected materials precisely. Also, this quick-acting adhesive requires about 15 minutes to set. 

However, it forms a rigid and permanent bond after 24 hours. On translucent plastics, the adhesive will dry out and form a transparent (clear) bond. Another impressive feature of this 3M adhesive is its ready-to-use and single-component formula.

You don’t need to mix the formula before applying it on surfaces directly. Apart from interior plastics, you can apply this adhesive on automotive paints and exterior components. Furthermore, it’s applicable to trims and emblems of cars.

  • It’s ideal for filling gaps on transparent and translucent plastic materials
  • The adhesive strength withstands environmental conditions
  • Quick-acting adhesive
  • This adhesive’s texture is watery (thin), and might run-off on vertical surfaces.

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#11. 3M Super 77 Industrial-Grade Spray Adhesive Glue

3M Super 77 Industrial-Grade Spray Adhesive Glue

This Super 77 Multipurpose Spray Adhesive by 3M offers durable bonding strength. It’s an easy-to-use spray adhesive with a plastic cap. As the nozzle tip releases the fast-drying adhesive, you can apply it on affected surfaces precisely. 

Apart from plastics, this multipurpose spray works well on cardboards and insulating materials. 

Also, the adhesive doesn’t create non-dimpling glue marks on any surface. Instead, it creates a soft adhesive that turns into a permanent bond. 

The bonding time varies from 0.5 to 30 minutes. It fits both professional and DIY repairs on lightweight materials. We recommend this versatile adhesive for leather, metal, fiberglass, wood, and foam materials. 

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How To Choose The Right Glue For Plastic Car Parts

Don’t forget that it’s not all glues that can fix plastic car parts. Even many regular adhesives might aggravate simple cracks of your car’s plastic parts. 

However, some features help to identify adhesive products that have enough strength for demanding applications. Here is what you should know before buying any model of glue for plastics.

Type Of Glue

Before buying any adhesive for car parts, consider the application technique. Does the application technique require you to drill or sand the material before spreading the adhesive on the surfaces directly? 

It’s better to use an all-purpose adhesive because the application technique might reduce a lot of stress. However, the confidence in using specialized plastic tips (applicators) increases when the adhesive is applied precisely.

Additionally, the thickness of any adhesive determines its flow rate on vertical surfaces. Usually, a no-sagging formula (runny glue) lasts longer than watery adhesives.

The latter drips and might not allow enough time to make specific adjustments on affected plastic parts before the formula sets.


The bonding strength of any adhesive for plastic car parts depends on the chemical composition of its formula.

Normally, weather and water-resistant adhesives are suitable for any surface material that’s exposed to outdoor conditions. Consider adhesives that are resistant to vibration too. Usually, bumpy roads cause weak plastics to develop cracks.

More so, an existing crack might expand and show the ineffectiveness of cheap glues. Regardless of the formula, epoxy resins and poly cement should form durable bonds.

Dry Out Time

The two factors that are necessary for the right application technique with adhesives are dry-outs and curing times. A fast-drying glue takes between 15 to 45 seconds to dry out (set). During this period, you can align the pieces of affected plastic parts.

While some adhesives require fasteners, others have strong bonding strengths. However, a permanent bond is achieved when the adhesive cures completely.

What Are The Common Benefits of Glue For Plastic Car Parts?

Automotive plastics vary according to the composition of their materials. Super glues work well for polypropylene and polyethylene plastics. However, plastic cement is ideal for polystyrene materials. Unlike plastic welders, it’s cost-effective to use regular adhesives.

Adhesives with great bonding strengths and waterproof properties are preferred seam sealants. Since most car plastics are prone to moisture exposures, it’s easy to get the right fast-drying superglues that form aggressive tacks on plastics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between single and dual-part adhesives?

Usually, dual-part adhesive products come with 2-chamber syringes. They are often designed to use epoxy resins and hardener, but with specific mixing ratios. Smart buyers prefer this option because the chemical reaction between the epoxy and hardener creates a tougher bond.

Since a high-strength bond guarantees a permanent seal, this technique is ideal for industrial applications. Additionally, regular glue tubes with liquids are single-part adhesives. While they are easy to apply, it’s difficult to clean and re-use their plastic precision tips.

Are moldable glues versatile?

Unlike liquid glues, moldable adhesives are thick like clay soils. This sticky adhesive is a putty that can be molded into desired lengths. Moldable adhesives might not support versatile applications, but one of the pros is using it on hard-to-reach spots of plastic car parts.

During the application process, the elastic putty will have a soft texture. However, flexible property disappears when it’s dry.

Final Verdict

The smartest way of optimizing the bonding strength of premium adhesives for plastic car parts is by understanding their properties. We have analyzed many features of adhesives for non-porous materials.

Apart from plastics, you can use their high-performance formula on paper, metals, wood, vinyl, and other materials.

More so, their impressive bond time allows users to position broken pieces of plastics. However, you should follow the proper application procedures, and use the chemicals in glues safely.

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