Top 11 Best Carburetor Cleaners (2023)

Carburetor cleaners will assist you in cleaning carb components and other critical parts of the engine. These products are formulated in such a way that they can wash off different classes of carb stains in an instant.

A good number come in the form of aerosol sprays, while others use the immersion cleaning technique, which requires you to dip the dirty components in the cleaning fluid. As such, you are free to choose the formula that suits your needs.

In line with this, we have come up with a well-researched review list with the best carburetor cleaners that will allow your engine to start up faster with minimal cases of stalling, rough idling, etc.

Gumout 800002231 Carb and Choke Cleaner, 14 oz.
  • Helps overcome hard starting, rough idling, stalling, and high exhaust emissions

11 Carburetor Cleaner Reviews

#1 WD40 300134 Specialist Carb/Throttle Body and Parts Cleaner

WD40 300134 Body and Parts Cleaner

The fast-acting formula from WD-40 is one of the carburetor cleaners that will provide you with amazing cleaning outcomes. That being said, this product is a dual purpose cleaner that not only cleans the carburetor but can also assist you in cleaning the throttle body. If you know how engines work, then you must understand how important these two components are. For starters, the carburetor is responsible for controlling the flow of fuel and air into the engine system, thus creating the perfect air to fuel ratio for optimum combustion.

On the other hand, the throttle body focuses more on controlling airflow into the engine, thereby improving engine performance by increasing acceleration response. However, these parts can only work if they are clean and the WD-40 300134 carb and throttle body cleaner will ensure just that. This formula is packed with potent solvents, which breaks down even the toughest carbon deposits that may be embedded on metal surfaces. To add to this, the cleaner comes in an aerosol can, which delivers the formula under high pressure.

As a result, the unwanted deposits will be blown off, thus leaving the surface clean. Moreover, this cleaning product can help you eliminate stubborn stains on different metal surfaces. Nonetheless, you have to ensure that the surface is not painted since the solvents in this formula are likely to react with the paint. In a nutshell, this formula can clean a wide range of mechanical parts as long as it is applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Does not affect catalytic converters and O2 sensors
  • Will provide you with fast start-ups
  • Suitable for both old and new vehicle models
  • Prevents stalling
  • Does not come with an applicator straw compared to other brands in the same class

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#2 Gumout 800002231 Carb and Choke Cleaner

Gumout 800002231 Carb and Choke Cleaner

This carb/choke cleaner will clean the carburetor on your car from the inside out. The formula will clean off gunk, vanish, and other contaminants that may cause the carburetor to clog. More to this, it will ensure that choke valves are free of dirt or any other residues that can lower performance. As such, the engine will be less likely to stall, idle, or experience rough starts. This will improve fuel economy and increase engine output.

The formula takes effect almost immediately, so the stains will be eliminated in an instant. Besides, the cleaner dries very fast, allowing you to power up the engine when you are done with the cleaning. In addition, this product will protect the carburetor and other parts from future deposits. This will provide you with long-lasting cleaning results that will allow your engine to run efficiently without experiencing any mechanical complications.

Like most carb cleaners, this product is aerosolized to facilitate easy delivery to the dirty parts. Also, the product comes with a plastic tube that you can attach to the valve button on the aerosol can. This way, you will be able to deliver the solvent-rich spray to specific target areas, thus allowing you to customize the cleaning according to how dirty the parts are. If sprayed correctly, this formula will help you blast off soil particles and other unwanted residues from the carburetor.

  • The formula is not chlorinated
  • Can clean all metal surfaces (unpainted)
  • Cleans of gum from parts
  • Highly flammable
  • You have to shake the aerosol can before use

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#3 Berryman 0996 Chem-Dip Carburetor

Berryman 0996 Chem-Dip Carburetor

Berryman 0996 is a potent immersion cleaner that can remove a wide range of stains from the carburetor, throttle body, and other small parts. Unlike most carb cleaners this formula does not come in an aerosol can. Instead, it is packed in a large 96 fl oz. tin, in which you can immerse dirty carburetors for an all-round cleansing. After dipping the carburetor inside the formula, you have to wait so that the cleaning agents can break down all the deposits. According to the manufacturers, the waiting period should last for 15-30 minutes.

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This carb cleaner is effective against, gum, varnish, and other types of residue that may build up inside the carburetor over time. It cleans intensely, and will even unclog parts that are affected by sludge. Besides, the formula is friendly to different types of materials, and will not react or corrode aluminum and most plastic parts. This will allow you to clean the carburetor without weakening the seals and other critical components.

This product can be re-used, thus enabling you to clean more than one carburetor. Plus, it comes with a large plastic accessory, which will assist you in dipping and extracting the parts that are being washed from the fluid. The accessory features a convenient handle that will help you fish out your items without dipping your hand in the cleaner. This not only keeps you safe but will also prevent further contamination of the cleaning fluid.

  • Fast-acting formula
  • Safe for use on some types of rubber
  • Compatible with a good number of metals
  • Can remove hard carbon deposits
  • The dipping technique may not be as effective when cleaning large carb parts

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#4 CRC Carb and Choke Cleaner

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The cleaning formula from CRC can be used as a general-purpose cleaner when dealing with metal surfaces that are not painted. It is enriched with high-performance additives that will effectively dissolve sludge, varnish, gunk, etc. As such, you can use this formula when cleaning PCV valves, automatic choke systems, and other components that may affect the performance of the engine. This product comes in a well-designed aerosol can with a removable protective cap.

This formula is eco-friendly since it contains low amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Being a powerful formula, this cleaner can eliminate all sorts of stains from the carburetor, including those that are somewhat stubborn. Additionally, it will ensure that all contaminants are removed from the carburetor elements. This will improve the flow of air and fuel, thereby allowing the engine to make powerful transmissions.

Consequently, you will notice an improvement in acceleration, fuel economy, and overall vehicle performance. This carburetor/choke cleaner is EPA compliant, so you can use it knowing that it is safe for the environment, and your vehicle. The fact that it comes in a spray can makes it an easy-to-use product. All you have to do is point the nozzle to the dirty parts and press the trigger switch at the top. You must ensure that the can is upright, as this will allow the spray to come out effectively.

  • Powerful formula
  • Reacts with unwanted deposits very fast
  • Safe for oxygen sun sensors and catalytic converters
  • Does not have a straw for precision delivery

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#5 Gunk M4814/6 Chlorinated Carburetor Parts Cleaner

Gunk M4814/6 Chlorinated Carburetor

This chlorinated formula is also another great pick that will bring the shine to your carburetor. The product contains some of the most powerful solvents that will help you eradicate stains from the carb system. This formula cuts through greasy residues and soil deposits that accumulate on or inside the carburetor with time. Also, the ingredients are very active and will take full effect seconds after the cleaner is applied.

However, these compounds don’t react with most metals, so the carburetor and its components won’t be affected in any way during the cleaning process. The seals and other important parts will remain intact, thus allowing the carburetor to perform even better once you are done with the cleaning. It does not matter whether the stains have been there for a while, this aerosol formula will ensure that all the dirt is washed off completely.

Moreover, the product comes in 12.5 oz. can, which can last you through the entire cleaning session. The fluid comes out with high pressure, thus allowing you to deliver the spray to parts that are hard to reach. If you are looking for a carburetor cleaner that can remove gunk, sludge, gum, and carbon deposits, Gunk M4814/6 may just be the right remedy.

  • Can help you clean choke and valve systems
  • You can use the cleaner on combustion chambers
  • Has undergone performance testing
  • The formula is chlorinated

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#6 Genuine Ford Fluid PM-2 Carburetor Tune-Up Cleaner

Genuine Ford Fluid PM-2 Carburetor

Ford provides you with a powerful carburetor cleaner that is uniquely formulated to deliver nothing but good results. This formula has a low viscosity, so it can flow into every nook and cranny, delivering an intense cleaning effect to all carb parts. As such, it will go through all the inlet ports and valves, thus removing deposits and other compounds that may be constricting the flow of fuel and air as these elements move into the combustion chamber.

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You can easily purge varnish and other deposits from metal surfaces by applying this cleaner on the dirty sections. The solvents used in this product are highly efficient and are more than capable of breaking down deeply seated stains and deposits. Additionally, the can has an instructional guide on the side, which will brief you on some of the dos and don’ts that will help you when using the formula.

If you are having trouble removing gunk and other sticky residues from your carburetor, this formula will help you clean up the piece in just a few minutes. Furthermore, you can use this product when cleaning other parts of the engines such as compression rings. The cleaning fluid does not damage carb components, so you make this your go-to cleaner when dealing with delicate mechanical parts.

  • The spray design offers you with easy application
  • Versatile
  • Ideal for cleaning steel and cast iron parts
  • Not compatible with diesel-driven systems

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#7 Gumout 510021 Fuel Injector & Carburetor Cleaner

Gumout 510021 Fuel Injector & Carburetor Cleaner

Compared to most carburetor cleaners, the Gumout 510021 does not require you to scrub the carb components being cleansed. As a matter of fact, it is probably one of the formulas that will give you a stress-free user experience during application. This formula works differently since you only have to add it to the gasoline tank. After this, you can fill the tank with up to 21-gallons of gasoline. As the mixture is flowing through the fuel system, it cleans critical parts like the carburetor, ports, intake valves, and fuel injectors.

This product is very effective when it comes to eliminating carbon deposits. It not only cleans the carburetor but will also prevent future deposits from building up. This way, you will be cutting down the cost of maintenance since the fuel system will be clean for an extended period. You can repeat the cleaning procedure after covering 3,000 miles. Also, ensure that you refill the fuel tank only when it’s nearly empty.

The product comes in a small 6 oz. bottle, which you have to empty into the fuel tank. Depending on your budget, you can purchase one bottle or go for the six-pack. The bottle is ergonomically designed with a slim neck, which easily fits into the fuel tank opening. This will allow you to add the cleaner without wasting a single drop.

  • The formula reduces emissions
  • Maximizes the performance of the engine
  • Compatible with supercharged and turbocharged engines
  • You will have to fill up the tank with the cleaner from time to time

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#8 Briggs & Stratton 100042 Carburetor or Choke Cleaner

Briggs & Stratton 100042 Carburetor or Choke Cleaner

The 16-Ounce carburetor cleaner by Briggs & Stratton is an excellent option that you can go for when cleaning both small engines. This company is well known for manufacturing high-quality engines such as those used on lawnmowers and other mechanical devices. As such, you can trust that this carb and choke cleaner will tune your system to deliver optimum performance. It is loaded with solvents that work together to ensure that no stain is left behind.

It achieves its cleaning functions by dissolving carburetor deposits that hinder the performance of the engine. Through this, the engine will be more responsive, thereby facilitating easy start-ups and smoother operations. As a result, it will reduce the need for performing a maintenance check on the engine from time to time. The pressurized spray can will deposit the cleaner on dirty components without corroding the parts.

The formula delivers impressive results, especially when applied to Briggs & Stratton engines. Additionally, you can use this carb cleaner on other small engines regardless of the model. However, the formula has to be applied correctly for it to work. You can do this by applying the cleaner generously on extremely dirty portions.

  • Reduces downtime
  • Works efficiently
  • Compatible with a wide range of small engines
  • The spray can is only 16 oz., and may not be enough for large projects

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#9 Berkebile Oil 2 + 2 B101 Instant Gum Cutter

Berkebile Oil 2 + 2 B101 Instant Gum Cutter

Having a dirty carburetor is often the first step to having a full-blown engine problem. You can avoid this by using this carb regularly when running maintenance on the engine system. The formula contains non-corrosive ingredients, which will rip off stains and other residues from the walls of the carburetor. This product only acts on stains, so it won’t harm the carburetor, and neither will it erode other parts of the engine.

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Furthermore, you can also use it when cleaning off carbon deposits from the exhaust system. It does not affect O2 sensors, so the vehicle’s computer system will provide you with accurate readings when running various exhaust functions. There is an extension tube included in the package, which you can use when pinpointing specific areas. Also, the tube will allow you to direct the cleaning formula to tight spaces, thus maximizing the results.

This feature will particularly help you when dealing with narrow inlet ports and other small compartments in the carb unit. Through this, you will be able to flush out the hidden stains and residues that may be clogging up the system. As a result, fuel and air will have an easier time flowing, thus eliminating potential engine malfunctions before they occur.

  • Removes gum and varnish
  • You can use the formula when cleaning automatic chokes
  • Compatible with PCV valves
  • This cleaner is extremely flammable

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#10 Johnsen’s 4642NC-12PK  Carburetor Cleaner

Johnsens 4642NC-12PK  Carburetor Cleaner

The carburetor cleaner from Johnsen’s is very good at removing different types of carb stains. It is made up of strong solvents, which can break down sludge and varnish. More to this, it can be applied to a wide range of parts in the engine compartment. When you buy this product, you will get twelve aerosol cans, which you can use whenever the carburetor and other parts get dirty.

Each can contains 16.25 oz. of the cleaner. As such, a single purchase will provide you with enough carb cleaner that you can use repeatedly. This product is compatible with a variety of engines, and can even help you when cleaning snowmobile and motorcycle engines. In addition, it can effectively clean carburetor linkages and inlet ports, thus allowing the engine to deliver enhanced performance.

This carb cleaner will encourage the flow of air and fuel, so the engine will have an easy time with the combustion process. As a result, the transmissions will occur rapidly, thereby allowing the vehicle the move effortlessly regardless of the terrain in which you are driving in.

  • Convenient spray design
  • Protects carb components
  • Potent formula
  • Not VOC compliant

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#11 Yamalube Carburetor Cleaner Dip

Yamalube Carburetor Cleaner

If you prefer immersion carb cleaners, this is yet another formula that will provide you with exceptional cleaning results. This formula is highly concentrated, so you have to use water to create the perfect solution that will help you clean every inch of the carburetor. The product will clean the inner sections as well as the outer parts of the carburetor.

It will break down stale fuel deposits from the carb components, hence allowing the unit to maximize fuel and air input. The solvents in this formula are of high quality and will help you remove even the tried up stains. This cleaning property allows the formula to clear up blocked carburetor tubes and also wash off grime.

Varnished aluminum and metal surfaces can also be cleaned by dipping the affected items in the solution. The product comes with mixing instructions, so you won’t have a hard time blending the formula with water. To get the desired results, you can consider soaking the parts as instructed, so that the cleaner can fully weaken the stains.

  • Friendly to carb and engine parts
  • Effective against sludge
  • Deeply cleans
  • The solution turns slimy white after dipping the dirty parts

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a carb cleaner work?

These formulas are concocted with potent solvents that break down carbon deposits, sludge, gunk, and other suborn stains through a complex chemical reaction.

How regularly should I clean my carburetor?

This depends on your driving habits and how often you run maintenance checks on your engine. However, most manufacturers recommend that you clean the carb after every six months.

Are carburetor cleaners corrosive?

Yes and No. The former may apply when the carb cleaner accidentally spills on painted metal surfaces. The latter, however, applies when the cleaner is used correctly.

Final Verdict

Carburetors are small, but they play a critical role in ensuring the engine is supplied with the right amount of fuel and air. This way, the combustion unit will burn both elements effectively, thus maximizing engine output.

Nevertheless, the carburetor will only allow air and fuel to flow if the inlet ports are kept clean. The carburetors cleaners listed above will help you tune the carburetor for optimum performance.

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