Top 11 Best Catalytic Converter Cleaners (2024)

Catalytic converters deal with a lot of dirt and carbon deposits. As a result, they are likely to get dirty or clogged with repeated use. Nevertheless, you can correct this by cleaning the converter before the problem gets too serious.

When the catalytic converter is extremely dirty, you may notice a decrease in horsepower, acceleration, poor fuel economy, etc.

To avoid this, here are some of the best catalytic converter cleaners that will scrub off the carbon deposits from the vehicle’s exhaust system.

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11 Catalytic Converter Cleaners

#1 Cataclean 120007 Fuel and Exhaust System Cleaner

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Cataclean 120007 is an advanced automotive cleaning formula that will provide your vehicle with a long list of benefits. This product has been thoroughly tested, so you can fully rely on it when tackling engine and exhaust system problems. According to the manufacturers, this formula can reduce the vehicle’s emissions by a staggering 50%. Through this, there will be minimal accumulation of hydrocarbons in various parts of the engine and components exhaust of the exhaust unit. This way, the catalytic converter and other parts such as the oxygen sensor will deliver optimum performance at all times.

More to this, the Cataclean formulation can also assist you in solving some of the common engine problems. As such, it prevents hard starts, power reduction, hesitation, etc. As a result, you will notice a dramatic improvement in MPG and engine power. Besides, the formula is compatible with diesel, hybrid, and gasoline engines. Since this product minimizes the build-up of carbon deposits, the engine will run more efficiently with zero cases of stalling. Also, Cataclean 120007 will prolong the life of your engine, thereby cutting down on repair costs.

You can avoid damaging the oxygen sensor by adding this formula to your fuel system as directed. It does not interfere with the chemical structure of the fuel, so you won’t have to worry about irregular combustions and engine knocks. Cylinder heads and fuel injectors can also benefit from the intense cleaning service that this product offers. The 16.7 oz. bottle has a convenient long-neck design, which fits almost all fuel tank openings. This will allow you to deliver the additive to the fuel system without spilling any.

  • Solves a good number of carbon-related driveability complications
  • Ideal for pre-inspection service
  • Easy to use
  • Restores performance
  • Not compatible with two-stroke engines

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#2 Solder-It (CAT-1) Catalytic Converter Cleaner

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This formula is compatible with all types of catalytic converters and can particularly deliver exceptional results on pelletized or monolithic catalytic converters. The formulation is enriched with potent additives, which will ensure that the catalytic converter in your vehicle is clean and functional. It breaks down the excess carbon residue that may accumulator inside the catalytic converter, hence allowing the system to work at an enhanced rate.

Additionally, this product can increase fuel efficiency by unclogging blocked catalytic converters. This will allow the engine to burn fuel economically while maximizing the power output, thus bringing about an improvement in horsepower. Furthermore, the ingredients in this formula will allow your converter to last longer. To get better results, you can treat your fuel with this additive after every 6,000 miles. Alternatively, you can use it twice every year.

Either way, the formula will keep the vehicle’s combustion and exhaust systems free of carbon deposits. To add this, the product has deodorizing properties, which allows it to neutralize bad odors (“rotten egg smell”) that may accumulate in the exhaust system over time. If you are looking for a formula that can protect both the engine and catalytic converter, this is one of the options that you can consider adding to your list.

  • Cleans oxygen sensors
  • Works on a wide range of vehicles
  • Prevents the engine from wearing out prematurely
  • Only works with gasoline engines

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#3 CRC Guaranteed to Pass Emissions Test Formula

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The catalytic converter cleaner from CRC is loaded with potent detergent additives that work in concert to provide you with a healthy exhaust system. This formula reduces emissions by tuning the entire fuel system. As a result, the fuel will undergo complete combustion, and the engine will deliver more power. When applied correctly, this product can help you reduce nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbon emissions.

If you are having a hard time passing your emission test, the CRC catalytic converter may just be the formula that you need to ace that test. It not only cleans the emission system but will also restore engine performance. This will allow the engine to run smoothly, thereby providing you with powerful transmissions. In addition, this formula will lower fuel consumption, thus saving you from spending more on gas.

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This cleaning formula will provide you with exceptional results when dealing with either OBDi or OBDii testing systems. You can improve the fuel consumption in your vehicle by using this product every 3,000 miles. Ensure that you use the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Additionally, you must go through the vehicle’s owner manual to confirm if the specifications are in line with what this formula offers.

  • Improves overall vehicle performance
  • Not corrosive to the engine and exhaust system
  • Increases MPG
  • Cannot work with diesel engines

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#4 Hi-Gear HG3270s Catalytic Converter Cleaner

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This professional-grade cleaner can assist you in cleaning the fuel and exhaust system. Also, it will ensure that the combustion chamber is free of contaminants and carbon deposits that may lower the performance of the engine. Moreover, the product can eliminate unpleasant scents from the exhaust unit, thus allowing the vehicle to operate under favorable conditions. This formula does not affect oxygen sensors, so you can use it regularly to improve the performance of your vehicle.

With this product, the exhaust system on your vehicle will make fewer emissions, which are equally less toxic. The compounds making up this formula are friendly to the engine and exhaust components, making this one of the reliable catalytic cleaners that will help you protect your vehicle. More to this, it cleans pistons and EGR valves, bringing about an improvement in engine functions.

Using this formula is very easy since you only have to add to the fuel tank as directed. As such, one can help you treat 17-20 gallons of fuel. The product also improves fuel mileage, thereby allowing the vehicle to deliver excellent performance. This formula can work with both old and new vehicle models provided that they are compatible.

  • Decreases rough idling and hard starts
  • Increases horsepower
  • Contains powerful additives
  • Restores lost acceleration
  • Works with gasoline engines only

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#5 OXICAT – Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner

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OXICAT is a powerful decarbonizing formula that cleans the exhaust system and minimizes the release of toxic emissions to the environment. Unlike most catalytic converter cleaners, this formula is compatible with both diesel and gasoline engines. This product works by dissolving soot in various parts of the exhaust system. Additionally, it breaks down carbon deposits and allows the fuel system to work more efficiently for maximum results.

The formula is also effective against noxious residues that may cause the vehicle to fail emission tests. Also, the additives in this formula are friendly to the engine components and the environment. This product not only optimizes the performance of the vehicle but will also prolong engine life. It does this by preventing premature wear in different parts of the engine and the combustion chamber.

This product will take full effect when the catalytic converter heats up to the required temperature. Furthermore, the formula has gone through rigorous testing, making it one of the safe converter cleaners that you can use on your is TUV certified, so you can use this cleaner knowing that it is a high-quality product that you can depend on.

  • Can work on a variety of engines
  • Comes with a convenient delivery funnel
  • Keeps oxygen sensors clean
  • You have to use the formula regularly to notice the results

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#6 Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer

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Maintaining a clean catalytic converter starts with a healthy fuel system. And this formula will provide you with just that. This synthetic cleaner deeply penetrates different parts of the fuel system, thus limiting the build-up of carbon compounds. Also, the formula has superior resistance to oxidation, so the fuel in the combustion chamber will burn at a stable state, thus minimizing possible system malfunctions.

You can mix this product with ethanol blends, diesel, gasoline, and biofuels. However, you have to mix the formula with the fuel according to the blending ratio. This formulation will deliver good results in different engine models. Also, the formula has gone through various scientific and road tests, so you can use it with high expectations. This product comes in a 20 oz. bottle and can treat up to 20 gallons of fuel.

This formula will also improve fuel economy, hence allowing the vehicle to deliver optimum performance. If you are looking for a product that can take care of your fuel and exhaust system, the formula from Royal Purple may just be what your vehicle needs. One can will keep the system running in a good condition for up to 10,000 miles.

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#7 MotorPower Care Catalytic Converter Cleaner

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The high-capacity catalytic converter cleaner from MotorPower Care is formulated with potent additives, which allow it to dissolve carbon deposits, dirt, soot, and other residues from the exhaust tract. Apart from removing the existing deposits, this formula can also prevent the build-up of future carbon deposits. You can use this formula every 3-4 months to get the desired results. Also, it will ensure that the lambda probe is working correctly, thus allowing the onboard computer system to record the right O2 readings.

This formula can be added to gasoline, diesel, and hybrid engines, making it one of the all-round converter cleaners that you can consider buying. The manufacturers provide you with a mixing ratio that will allow the system to deliver optimum performance. This formula will help you clean even the dirtiest catalytic converter without interfering with the functions of the engine. As a matter of fact, it allows the engine to make full combustions, thereby reducing the production of hydrocarbons and other poisonous gasses as the fuel burns.

Furthermore, this product is formulated using the latest scientific procedures, so you can trust that it will meet most of your requirements. Additionally, the formula complies with a good number of environmental laws, thus making it a safe option. As a reminder, ensure that you use this product regularly as directed to get full results. Plus, the 8.45 oz. can treat up to 15 gallons of fuel, so you can buy multiple cans in case you need to treat more fuel.

  • OEM approved
  • Compatible with EGR valves and turbochargers
  • Ideal for vehicles that did not pass an emission test
  • May take time to deliver results on some exhaust systems

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#8 Motorkote MK-10351 Catalytic and Exhaust Treatment Emissions Control

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Passing emission tests can be hectic if the catalytic converter on your vehicle is extremely dirty or clogged. However, by using this product, you will be able to clear up soot and other carbon deposits from the exhaust system. This will allow the entire system to more responsive, thus minimizing the release of dangerous gases to the environment. The one thing that is noticeable with this product is the uniquely designed bottle.

More to this, the long neck will allow you to transfer the additive to the fuel tank with ease. This formula contains several ingredients, which work together, thus limiting the accumulation of carbon deposits in the catalytic converter. The good news is that all the compounds are corrosion-free, so the entire exhaust unit will not be damaged during the cleaning process. This product can particularly assist you when solving error code P0420.

One bottle can service 16 gallons of fuel and can last up to 7,000 miles or a maximum of six months. It reduces the carbon footprint and allows the vehicle to operate efficiently. This formula is compatible with all gasoline engines and will provide you with amazing results as long as you follow the application instructions.

  • Reduces zinc and phosphorus retention in the catalytic converter
  • Protects the catalytic converter from possible oil poisoning
  • Cleans O2 sensors
  • The formula is flammable

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#9 Mac Auto Parts Sledgehammer Catalytic Converter Deposit Cleaner

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Carbon deposits can drastically damage the fuel and exhaust system. And if the problem is not dealt with immediately, you could encounter major system failures. You can prevent this from happening by adding this powerful formula to your fuel system. The product is enriched with different elements, which can eliminate a wide range of deposits from the fuel system as well as the exhaust unit. As a result, you will notice an improvement in performance with minimal exhaust system malfunctions.

To add to this, the formula can dissolve soot and other damaging deposits that may affect the catalytic converter. With this decarbonizer, your vehicle will emit less poisonous fumes, so you can make this your go-to catalytic cleaner. Additionally, the formula can enhance the performance of the fuel system. As such, you will notice a dramatic improvement in fuel consumption and other aspects of the engine.

This formula can help you solve different kinds of converter-related problems. Also, it will ensure that the oxygen sensor and other components function smoothly. The fuel injectors will also be cleaned bringing about a general change in how the vehicle operates. You can tune your exhaust system by adding this catalytic cleaner to your vehicle’s fuel system.

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#10 AUTOPROFI Intensive Cleaning Foam for Catalytic Converters

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If you are looking to restore the performance of your catalytic converter, this is one of the cleaners that can help you get the job done. It will help you eliminate different types of carbon deposits and soot from the exhaust system. This product is able to achieve this function with the help of the numerous ingredients, which are in the formula. All the inputs making up the formulation are very powerful.

As such, the product is able to break down deposits and contaminants, thus leaving the exhaust system clean. It delivers the same cleaning effect to the fuel system and will ensure that the combustion chamber is running under the right conditions. Through this, less fuel will be consumed, allowing you to spend less on gasoline. The product is administered in the form of a foam, which dissolves and washes off the unwanted residues.

Moreover, the can has a convenient spray design, which will allow you to deliver the formula with ease. The product comes with a convenient tube applicator, which delivers the formula with exact precision. This is a heavy-duty formula, so you can use it whenever you are having serious problems with your exhaust system.

  • Can work with diesel distillate filters
  • Suitable for gasoline and diesel engines
  • Does not require disassembly
  • The formula takes time to work

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#11 Berryman 212 Emissions Pass Protection

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This is also another powerful catalytic converter cleaner that you can consider using. It increases engine power and allows the vehicle to run without experiencing common problems associated with carbon build-up. As such, it will ensure that the intake ports in the fuel system are free of harmful deposits that may slow down the whole system. More to this, the product will keep the oxygen sensors in top-class condition. This way, you won’t experience unnecessary error codes when operating the vehicle.

But most importantly, the formula will lower the production of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide. Additionally, the formula is compatible with different types of gasoline engines. It does not corrode the exhaust and fuel system and will ensure all the parts are perfectly tuned for maximum performance. This product can unclog catalytic converters, thereby allowing the exhaust system to filter out unpleasant gases.

Furthermore, this cleaning product is compatible with utility and all-terrain vehicles. The bottle has an ergonomic design, which will provide you with spill-free user experience. This formula can come in handy when the vehicle is about to go through an emission test. As such, it will put the vehicle in the right condition to pass the test with flying colors.

  • Gets rid of after-run
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Prevents idling
  • The bottle may leak

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a catalytic converter?

In a nutshell, a catalytic converter is a component in the exhaust system, which provides a site for the reduction or oxidation of poisonous substances. This way, toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide will undergo complex chemical reactions that will change their state to carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas, and water vapor.

How can I know if my catalytic converter is dirty?

It is very easy to know if your catalytic converter is dirty. Some of the common signs include reduced acceleration, reduced engine performance, extremely dark smoke from the exhaust pipe, the characteristic smell of sulfur (rotten egg-like-smell), etc.

When should I replace my catalytic converter?

These pieces of equipment are built to last and can go up to ten years with proper care. However, some catalytic converters may get damaged prematurely through clogging, overheating, or oil poisoning.

Final Verdict

Catalytic converters play a critical role in ensuring automobiles don’t emit poisonous fumes to the environment. However, these units can only deliver optimum results when they are clean.

As such, you can consider using the catalytic converter cleaners above to reduce the release of dangerous emissions.

Keeping the exhaust system clean not only protects the environment but will also improve the performance of your vehicle.

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