Top 12 Best Ceiling Paints (2024)

Paintjobs can be messy, but have you ever thought of using ceilings paints with lesser splatters? Normally, the textures of ceiling paints determine how well they reflect light and hide stains.

While many professionals prefer glossy ceiling paints, others are cool with matte paint products. Even with proper illumination, the latter might make your ceiling appear less noticeable. However, premium quality ceiling paints are smooth and they have more viscosity (thickness).

It might be frustrating to stand on a ladder with paints dripping from your ceiling. While avid painters consider paints with less splatter, they also prefer to use lighter shades of ceiling paints. You might think that darker shades of paint mask stain better, but many layers of taupe can offer the same benefit.

By working with a good quality ceiling paint, you can ensure a uniform surface and brighten your indoor space. Usually, premium-quality ceiling paints provide the right balance between a reflective surface and adhesion consistency.

However, a damp bathroom or bedroom ceiling with mildew can ruin the quality of your paint job. It’s proper to ventilate the affected room and clean the mildew spots. Scrape other areas of the ceiling with uneven paint coats too. Then apply your favorite ceiling paints generously.

Before your next project, it’s important to know which type of paint can provide a clean finish. Insulating your ceiling with long-lasting coats is a worthwhile effort, but you need to purchase the right product. Whether you are thinking of latex-based or metallic accents paint, they should be thick enough for consistent applications.

12 Best Ceiling Paint

#1. Benjamin Moore Premium Waterborne Ceiling Paint

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Do you want to cover wide surface areas with fewer coats and low-odor paints? Benjamin Moore offers nice ceiling paint that available in different colors. You can customize interior design, and improve the appearance of ceiling tiles in one coat.

Apart from ceilings, you can leave ultra-flat finishes on many interior surfaces like walls, doors, and plaster panels. With this Waterborne ceiling paint, you don’t have to worry about concealing mold stains and imperfections on ceilings.

As a solvent-free chemical, it has great absorption strength and doesn’t spatter like other products. Also, one gallon of this ceiling paint covers between 400 to 450 sq.ft. space.

  • Non-toxic, and zero VOC

  • Ultra-flat finish

  • Benjamin Moore is a reputable manufacturer of paint products

  • It’s more expensive than other versatile ceiling paint products that offer similar benefits.

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#2. Homax 2-gallon Roll On Wall Texture

Homax 2-gallon

Homax Roll On Wall Texture White paint is odorless and contains aggregates of perlite. If you are a beginner painter or DIYer, this paint is easy to apply on ceilings.

It offers a smooth decorative finish, but you must use a primer. Unlike other paint products, this 2-gallon Homax Sand Roll-On Texture will cover about 150 square feet of your ceiling. Also, this lightweight ready-to-use paint helps to hide flaws on the interior walls.

You can use paint applicators to form different texture patterns that will enhance your home’s interior designs. It’s easy to mix and ideal for refreshing old coats on walls and ceilings.

  • This paint is a type of sand decorative finish

  • It has more viscosity than regular ceiling paints

  • It’s a water-based white paint

  • A unique texture effect

  • This paint texture doesn’t cover a wider surface (square feet) areas.

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#3. Studio Finishes Molten Metallics

Studio Finishes

Does your white ceiling show stains of rust from old light fixtures? Don’t worry because you can use a high-quality ceiling paint that prevents corrosion. Benjamin Moore Molten Metallics gloss finish is available in bronze, gold, silver, and charcoal colors.

Depending on the style that you need for your accent ceilings and walls, this paint provides a decorative finish. However, heavy gloss finishes like this product should be applied as two layers of thin coats. This painting technique ensures a precise metallic hammered effect on ceilings and wooden furniture.

Studio Finishes Molten Metallics is not suitable for exposed aluminum sheets and galvanized metal.

After covering the surface of ceilings, you should expect a hard and durable finish.

  • It hides surface imperfections

  • Thick paint with a smooth finish

  • It can be applied to furniture and decorative pieces

  • During application, if you don’t mix this product very well, it will not produce impressive results.

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#4. True Value Interior Satin Latex Enamel

True Value Interior Satin Latex Enamel

This True Value White Paint covers ceilings and walls very well. It’s a latex-based enamel and non-splatter paint that is suitable for all trims.

Apart from the interior parts of your home, this paint is not recommended for outdoor ceilings. However, it dries with ease and can be maintained by using a damp cloth with soapy water.

Hard-textured coats of this Satin latex-based paint is ‘scrubbable.’ Also, the paint formula has a high vapor pressure at average room temperatures. You must be careful with heat and flames around the 1-Gallon True Value paint.

  • Durable paint for interior ceilings and walls

  • Stain-resistant

  • Latex-based formula

  • This paint has a choking smell, and you must ensure proper ventilation during paint jobs.

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#5. Rust-Oleum Linen White Paint

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Do you want a paint product that dries to a chalky ultra-matte finish? You can ensure a one-coat wide coverage of ceiling paint with this Rust-Oleum Linen White product.

After prepping your concrete ceiling, this paint leaves an attractive and ultra-matte finish. With this can of chalked paint, there’s no feat about stubborn stains on your ceilings. Simply wipe them off this latex formula with soap and a damp cloth.

With this linen-white paint, you will have a creamy white finish on ceilings and interior walls. Rust-Oleum offers easy application on several surfaces like canvas and wooden boards. Get ready to refurbish the deck of your old boat with this chalked ultra-matte paint!

  • Excellent adhesion

  • It covers about 150 square feet within 30 minutes

  • You don’t need much surface preparation before applying this paint

  • This paint product comes in a small 30 oz container, and you might need to buy more for a 10 x 10 ceiling.

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#6. Prestige Paints Interior Semi-Gloss and Primer

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Wouldn’t you like to buy a 2-in1 paint for your old ceilings? Prestige Paints and Primer offers double value with one product. Most painting projects require priming before applying favorite shades of coats. This paint product contains a primer and offers a smooth application. It comes with a great viscosity in a 1-Gallon container.

Apart from ceilings, you can use this creamy, and low-odor paint on drywall panels. As a latex-based paint, it’s washable and allows the ease to spot stains. Don’t worry about surface imperfections like dents and nail holes on your ceiling.

With this premium acrylic paint, you can prime and hide these patches on your ceiling. However, it’s better to apply this paint product with a 3/8-inch (nap) roller cover.

  • 100% Acrylic

  • It’s a paint product that self-primes

  • This product is available in different color specifications

  • It’s not the finest paint product for aesthetic purposes.

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#7. KILZ Color-Change Stainblocking Paint

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Do you want to change the color of your ceilings with stain-resistant paints? KILZ uses top-industry technology to change the appearance of non-porous surfaces.

With the Stainblocking Ceiling Paint, you can prime and coat the surface of ceilings with using other paint additives. After applying the first coat, the paint dries within one hour, and it’s ideal to use a second coat after another hour.

Before it dries, you might be surprised to see pink coats when you spread this paint. It’s part of KILZ’s Stainblocking paint’s technology, and the final color is a chalked white finish. However, this formula doesn’t have a strong odor, but it covers a wide (250 square feet/gallon) coverage area.

This product is an excellent choice for masking ceilings with minor and moderate stains.

  • Spatter-resistant formula

  • Coverage and dry time indicator technology

  • It’s suitable for all interior ceilings

  • This paint doesn’t hide heavy stains on ceilings. So, you might spend extra money to buy the KILZ 3 Premium Primer.

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#8. Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions Acousti Coat

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Do you want to dampen the media studio room of your office with smooth-textured paints? Acousti Coat Sound Deadening Paint combines microspheres formula with sound-absorbing fillers properties. While both materials are non-toxic, this white paint can be applied with hopper spray guns.

This 1-gallon paint doesn’t contain VOCs, but it can enhance the look of your drab ceilings and leave minimal odors. When you make noise inside a room with coats of this paint, it dampens the pitch (500Hz) of acoustic and metallic sounds.

The ceramic microspheres are a water-based formula with high quality. Also, you can spread this sound-deadening paint with a polyester/nylon brush and expect a bright white finish.

  • You can clean ceiling stains easily with soap and water

  • Stain-blocking technology

  • It offers both aesthetic and noise-conservation benefits.

  • The paint contains a high concentration of ThermaCels that acts as a reflective heat barrier

  • This paint is not suitable for walls because it dries to form a rough and very abrasive finish.

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#9. Zinsser Perma-White Interior Paint

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Experience the super white finish of self-priming paints that resists moisture on ceilings and walls. You can solve stain and moisture problems of ceilings with this paint. Zinsser Interior Paint for mildew and molds is your ideal solution. However, you might not get great results if your ceiling is not well-primed.

Follow the application instructions; make multiple coats on the bathroom, and toilet ceilings. Block the formation of mildews with textures of Perma-White paint and enjoy a long-lasting look.

As a high-performance paint that resists moisture, you can apply this low-odor product in poorly ventilated and damp ceilings. Also, this Satin Interior Paint is ‘scrubbable,’ and it dries quickly.

  • Moisture-proof

  • The paint is a lightweight product that’s easy to hand on the ladder

  • Prevents the formation of mildews and molds on paint films

  • The process of applying this paint to maintain a consistent adhesion strength is slow because it doesn’t have a thick texture.

  • You might need to do much clean up after applying the paint.

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#10. Montage Signature Eco-Friendly Paint For Interior And Exterior Walls

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Montage Signature is water-based paint with a low-sheen finish, and it’s suitable for both interior and exterior ceilings. Upgrade the color of your building’s ceiling with low-sheen finishes.

This product might not be as reflective as glossy paints, but it allows you to use applicators like rollers and brushes to apply smooth coats.

As a non-toxic paint, professionals recommend it for touch-ups and stain-hiding projects. While spreading this low-sheen ceiling paint with a roller cover, it rolls on with ease and spreads evenly.

  • Improved sealing technology

  • Eco-friendly emulsion paint

  • Affordable paint with very low odor.

  • Montage Signature semi-gloss models like in Snow White, and Navajo White is brighter than this water-based formula.

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#11. ARMSTRONG Supercoat Ceiling Panel Touch-ups

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Touch up your ceiling panels and wall corners with ARMSTRONG Supercoat white paint. It’s easy to apply this non-toxic latex coat on high ceilings.

Also, it comes as an 8-oz product with a thick texture that doesn’t drip from brushes and rollers. generally, thick paints with white shades allow you to make paint touch-ups on ceiling tiles and wall surfaces with stains.

You should expect a hassle-free paint job with this made-in America product. Also, it works great and it’s suitable for interior ceilings.

  • This paint comes in a small container that’s easy to store

  • It’s effective for hiding stains and scratches on ceiling tiles.

  • It dries fast and leaves a smooth finish

  • The cover of this paint has a built-in brush that has worse performance than regular small chip brushes.

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#12. Seymour of Sycamore Ceiling Tile Paint Spray

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Do you need spray paints that are great on acoustical ceiling tiles? Give your wide-bristle paint brushes and rollers some break, and spray ceiling tiles with Seymour of Sycamore Ceiling Tile Paint. It’s a water-based ceiling paint with eco-friendly chemicals.

As a VOC-compliant paint product, it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). Instead, this paint matches the color of your while ceiling tiles, and it leaves the surface with a clear glow.

You don’t need to do much ceiling tile prepping before applying this product. If you want a fast-drying process with this paint, then spray your ceiling in an upright manner.

  • It dries within 15 minutes.

  • The spray paint is ideal for hiding stains on ceilings, paint crown moldings and the drywall

  • This product doesn’t warp or sag ceiling tiles.

  • Its quantity is only 454 gram and doesn’t cover wider surface areas like 1-gallon ceiling paints.

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How To Pick The Right Paint

Do You Need Paints For Interior Or Exterior Ceilings?

There’s a difference between paints for interior and exterior ceilings because each type of paint product comes with its formula. Since exterior ceilings are more prone to dust and watermarks from rain, you must get special paints that fit these outdoor conditions.

Usually, exterior ceiling paints are more durable than interior types. While interior ceiling paints allow easy cleaning, splatter-resistant products are thicker than wall paints.

The Viscosity Level

You will experience fewer drips from ceiling paints with high viscosity levels. Also, they have more adhesive strength that makes consistent applications very smooth.

While applying low-viscous paints on ceilings, each layer might take more than 2 hours to dry. Usually, water-based and latex paints are not thick enough like glossy coats. When you use paints that can absorb well with rollers and brushes, there will be much cleanup to do after the paint job. Apart from a messy floor, low-viscous paints require you to spend more money because of splatters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a primer?

Primers are paint applications that serve as base coats. Usually, water moisture infiltrates concrete ceilings to make them porous and damp. These conditions can be handled with a primer before applying your paint. Also, primers help to cover any imperfections on walls and ceilings.

Without these special applications, you might not get optimum benefits from paints. Premium ceiling paints with superior adhesion strength are often mixed with primers from factories. This manufacturing process is an ideal way of saving money and comes with coats of paint that leaves durable finishes.

What are the benefits of glossy ceiling paints?

Generally, ceiling paints with high-gloss sheens offer more reflection to light and make your room brighter than rooms with ultra-matte finishes.

More so, glossy ceilings are easy to spot stains and imperfections. However, some shades of wall and ceiling paints can make room spaces appear very large.

Are dark shades of ceiling paints not better than clear white colors?

Paints with darker colors are not ideal for enhancing the appearance of interior spaces. Usually, these types of paints restrict the visual appreciation of external and internal ceilings.

White is a popular color and sheen option for interior designers and many homeowners. Also, white ceiling paints reflect more ambient light and attracts your attention.

Can I use ceiling paints on walls, metal, and wood?

Except the manufacturer recommends the application of ceiling paints on other surfaces, you might not be satisfied with the result. Many acrylics and glossy paints with high viscosity can be used on wooden doors. Also, premium acrylic-based paints with protective properties work well with primers.

If you are not looking for ceiling-specific paint, use products with chemicals that have great surface adhesion on ceilings, wood, and metal panels.

What’s the ideal way of painting ceilings?

Get latex or acrylic ceiling paints that can be applied with roller covers and corner brushes easily. A ceiling paint product with lighter viscosity might create a flawless finish, but it leaves more splatter on the floor and work clothes.

Don’t forget to remove valuable items from the room that could be ruined by paint drips. Also, cover the edges of pillars and walls that support ceiling structures if you don’t want to stain them with your paint.

You can cover the floor area with old newspaper or polyethylene materials to reduce the mess. During preparation, sugar soap solutions can remove stains like grime and dust particles easily. Remove dust from the ceiling, and scrape uneven surfaces before applying other prepping techniques.

If you have a porous ceiling and a damp room, a moisture-resistant paint is ideal for your project.

Otherwise, allow your ceiling to dry and spread layers of primer across it. After the surface dries (for at least 2 hours), apply your favorite gloss or matte paint.

The texture of your paint is important because thick paints don’t drip from roller covers rapidly. With multiple layers of paint, you can hide stains and other imperfections on the ceiling. Finally, it’s better to paint around ceiling edges before applying the roller with upward and downward strokes.

Final Verdict

Usually, ceilings with imperfections are difficult to hide with poor-quality paints. To ensure that you have a satisfactory experience, we analyzed the features of over 10 paint products. However, you must understand the requirements of your paint job before choosing any of these products.

While some are 2-in-1 products (with primer chemicals), others come in gloss and ultra-matte coats that give ceilings tough textures. It’s important to protect your ceilings from moisture, cracks, and stains. Also, you can find many products in this guide that can enhance the external ceilings of your building.

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