Top 11 Best Chainsaw Chaps (2023)

Working with power tools has significant benefits, including increased productivity and ease of work. However, power tools also carry major risks to the user due to the intricacy of their functionality. To counter these risks, users should practice every protective measure available.

In this article, we are going to look into chainsaw chaps or chainsaw “trousers.” This is only one of the many gears required when working with a chainsaw, but one of the most important.

Chainsaw chaps are used to protect our legs from the wood rippers by providing a resistant surface to the saw. The selection of the right chap to use with your chainsaw demands careful consideration into the chap’s features and specifications.

To help you choose the right chainsaw chap for your protection, we carried out detailed research into what makes a good chap and came up with a list of the finest on the market.

Read thoroughly through each of them before deciding on the one that fits your needs.

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11 Best Chainsaw Chaps

#1) Forester Chainsaw Apron Chaps

Forester Chainsaw Apron

The Forester chainsaw chaps come in three different lengths, i.e., 35″, 37″ and 40″. They fit all waist sizes between 28” to 44” because the waists are adjustable via the flip buckle belt. This makes them versatile. They also come in different colors for preference.

They meet the ASTM F1897 and OSHA 1910.266 leg protection requirements and are UL certified, which assures you of protection.

Forester chainsaw safety chaps are made of Kevlar fiber, which is highly durable. Kevlar fiber is only suitable for stopping gas powered chainsaws. This means that it should not be used for protection against electric chainsaws.

These chaps are oil and water resistant. Considering that they’re exposed to these two elements every time you’re using your chainsaw, it makes them a valuable addition to your gear. It also means that they can be used in harsh construction sites with no damage.

They have a big zippered pocket which can fit several essential tools when working providing you easy access.

Because of their apron design, they only protect the front (most commonly injured) part of your legs which leaves the back exposed.

These chaps work well as long as they’re not used with electric chainsaws.

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#2) Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap

Husqvarna 587160704

Husqvarna is one of the biggest manufacturers of powerful and trusted chainsaws. Their chaps conform to their standards, making sure you’re always focused on your work and not worried about mishaps.

The chap’s apron design makes it easy to wear and remove when necessary. It comes in different adjustable waist sizes of between 36” to 42” to fit many users. The chap is designed to wrap around your leg from the knee down, which offers more protection. Several Acetyl Delran buckles are used to secure the chap to your legs for maximum protection.

The 587160704 technical apron chap features five layers of 1000 Denier polyester. A PVC coating with TEK warp protective layers is then added on top. This combination makes this chap able to reduce the risk/ severity of an injury by stopping or slowing down the chainsaw.

It has a gear pocket to accommodate some necessary tools when working.

This chap meets all the OSHA, ASTM, and ANSI requirements of a good chainsaw chap.

The only problem faced is that they’re heavy and hot to wear. These, however, can be tolerated given the importance of wearing safety chaps.

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#3) A.M. Leonard Chainsaw Chaps

A.M. Leonard

The A.M Leonard chainsaw chaps are made of 400 Denier nylon. This material is lightweight and still able to offer protection from chainsaws. The chaps polar weaving unravels once the chain makes contact with it which stops/ slows down the chainsaw.

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Because most injuries occur on the left side of each leg, the Leonard chainsaw chaps are designed asymmetrically to offer more protection on the left side of each leg.

The waist size is adjustable to offer user versatility. The length is also adjustable from 33″ to 36″. Their flexible nature provides adaptability to the user.

These chaps are lightweight and comfortable to work with.

On the downside, the length (33” to 36”) is not fit for tall people. The buckles also tend to get loose after prolonged usage.

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#4) Sawbuck Four-Ply Para-Aramid Chaps

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Safety is a priority when using chainsaws, and that’s why Sawbuck offers you the best way to keep your feet safe.

This chap features four layers of Para-Aramid material construction. Two of the layers are woven, and two are felt. A shell 1000 denier layer offers extra protection. The denier shell is resistant to water and oil. This makes it a valuable addition when working in harsh environments.

If the material comes into contact with a revolving chain, it unravels and clogs up the chainsaw to prevent/ reduce injuries.

It has an adjustable belt which allows users of 32” to 36” waist size to wear it. It comes in two lengths of 28” and 32”. This makes it versatile.

The nylon leg straps and quick-release buckles make it easy to wear and secure the chap when necessary.

This chap is also asymmetrically designed to offer more protection to the left side of each leg. This is because the left side of each leg is more prone to injuries by a chainsaw.

They have a small side pouch to fit one or two small tools when working.

They’re flawless.

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#5) Husqvarna 531309565 Chainsaw Apron Chaps

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The Husqvarna 531309565 chainsaw chaps are a little different to the 587160704 chaps in terms of material.

The 531309565 are composed of a 600 Denier outer shell. While this is less compared to 587160704’s 1000 denier, it works quite well. The denier shell is resistant to water and oil, which makes this chainsaw chaps suitable for use in harsh conditions.

They have five layers of Kevmaliton protective material, which offers extra protection to the front part of your legs.

The chaps have an apron design which protects the front part of your legs only, keeping in mind that they’re the most prone to injury.

The UL has certified these chaps, and they meet all the ASMT, ANSI, and OSHA regulations. This guarantees your safety whenever you wear them.

They have sturdy straps and buckles which hold the chaps securely to ensure maximum protection. The waist is adjustable, which makes it versatile.

On the downside, the back of your legs is left exposed.

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#6) Jonsered Protective Apron Chaps

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The Jonsered apron chaps are made with safety and simplicity in mind. They’re lightweight for your comfort when working, but they protect your legs as required.

They meet all the ASMT, ANSI, and OSHA requirements for a chainsaw chap. They’re also UL certified for more safety assurance from your chainsaw’s chain.

They have four layers of Tekwarp protective cloth, one layer of Rope-Mali, and a 600 denier shell. This combination creates a resilient and robust chainsaw chap for your protection. It’s resistant to water and oil, which increases durability. It also makes this chap adaptable to work in any environmental conditions.

It’s designed to wrap around your leg, but depending on your size, it may leave a small gap in the back. The length and waist size are adjustable, which makes it versatile.

It has a side pocket that can hold a few tools for you when working.

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This chap offers protection as required.

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#7) LABONVILLE Full Wrap Chainsaw Chaps


LABONVILLE is a US company dedicated to ensuring safety when using powerful and risky power tools.

This chainsaw chap is designed to cover every part of the leg for full protection when using your chainsaw. It meets all the regulations set by OSHA, ANSI, and ASTM. It’s also UL certified. All this means that it’s of high quality and it will offer the necessary protection.

This chainsaw chap contains layers of Kevlar and Polyester blend and a 1000 Denier Nylon Cordura with super high-density Urethane coating. This combination creates a strong barrier for protection against your chainsaw.

The chaps are available in different lengths, which give you a chance to choose the right fit for you. Their waists are adjustable creating user versatility.

The straps and buckles are sturdy and secure the chaps to maintain their position on your legs when working.

The Labonville chainsaw chaps are flawless.

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#8) WoodlandPRO Chainsaw Safety Chaps


This chainsaw chap is designed to be user-friendly. It’s easy to put on and take off, which saves time. They are also light for maximum comfort when working.

They’re composed of Kevlar fiber which easily clogs up the chainsaw to prevent injuries. This material is durable and resilient.

It has a rugged denier shell which provides extra protection from the chainsaw because it’s tough. This shell is resistant to water and oil. This makes it suitable for use in harsh working sites.

It’s designed to protect the front part of the legs which leaves the backside uncovered. The straps are sturdy, and the buckles have a quick fix and release feature. This makes it easy to use. It also keeps the chaps in position to ensure fulltime protection.

They are available in four different lengths. The waists are adjustable up to 44″, which makes them adaptable. Choose the one that covers all your legs’ length for maximum protection.

The chaps are UL certified and meet all the OSHA logging leg protection requirements.

On the downside, they don’t have pockets, and they leave the back of your legs exposed.

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#9) Cold Creek Loggers Chainsaw Safety Chaps

Cold Creek Loggers

Cold Creek Loggers safety chaps feature a combination of sleek design and safety in one of their top chainsaw chaps.

It’s made of polyester and Kevlar fibers which ensure that the chain gets clogged up when it comes into contact with it.

It has 1,200 Denier Oxford Polyester which provides extra protection. It’s also water and oil resistant. This makes the chaps suitable for use in harsh working environs.

The chaps are available in three different lengths to ensure that you buy the one that fits you best, i.e., 35″, 37″, and 40″. The waist is adjustable to provide adaptability.

It has sturdy straps and buckles for securing it around your legs. This ensures that the chap stays in place as required for protection.

They have a side pocket for holding a few of your tools when working for convenience.

On the downside, they do not offer protection to the back of your legs.

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#10) STIHL 0000 886 3202 Protective Apron Chain Saw Chaps

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Stihl uses Entex on all their chaps to offer maximum protection to chainsaw users. The unique thing about Entex is that it’s a cut-retardant material. This means that it gets stuck to the chain and clogs the chainsaw preventing injuries.

This model contains six layers of Entex cut-retardant material offering protection to your legs. The top is rugged but comfy enough to wear it when working.

It protects the front part of the legs only leaving the back exposed. This helps in circulation during hot days, but it also leaves unprotected areas.

The chap is 36″ in length and has an adjustable waist between 30″ to 43″. The adjustability creates versatility for users. They are fastened using straps and buckles, making it easier to them on.

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It has a big cargo pocket on the front to keep several tools when working.

The high Stihl quality comes at a higher cost than most chaps.

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#11) Redneck Convent Safety Chainsaw Chaps

Redneck Convent Safety

Redneck Convent is a new player in the market, but they’re providing high-quality outdoor equipment.

This chainsaw chaps are made of 1,200 Denier Oxford Polyester. This is highly durable and offers maximum protection against chainsaw mishaps.

They’re water and oil resistant, which increases durability and makes them suitable for use in harsh environments.

The chaps are available in 35″, 37″ and 40″ length, which allows users to choose the most fitting for them. The waist is adjustable to fit users of 30″ to 40″.

They’re designed for protecting the front part of the legs. They have straps and buckles which allow users to tighten the chaps around their legs. This makes sure that the chaps are always in place to prevent injuries.

The chaps are certified by the UL using the F1414 standards set by ASTM.

The only challenge faced by users is with the belt strap, which tends to get loose.

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Why are Kevlar based chaps not suitable for electric chainsaw protection?

Kevlar fibers stop the two-cycle gas chainsaw engines because of the pulsating nature of their torque. The pulsating torque allows the fiber to stop the chain and kill the engine even when rotating at high RPM. On the other hand, electric engines produce a continuous, non-pulsating torque which can chew its way through Kevlar and resume turning even after it stops the chain.

How do you measure chainsaw chaps?

Chainsaw chaps come with adjustable width, and you should choose one within your range. To get your correct chap length, take measurements from your waistline to your instep.

How do chainsaw chaps work?

The cut-retardant material found in chainsaw chaps (Kevlar/ Entex) is designed to get stuck on the chainsaw, pull apart, and clog up its sprocket system. This slows down the rotation or stops the chain depending on its power, RPM, and angle of contact. By slowing the chain down, the user gets time to react and move the chainsaw away from the leg/ turn it off to avoid/ minimize injuries.

Can I reuse my chainsaw chap if it gets cut?

No, you should dispose of it and buy a new one. This is because, once the chainsaw’s chain cuts your chap, its integrity becomes compromised, and it can lead to severe injuries if the saw strikes the same spot twice.

What factors should I consider when purchasing a chainsaw chap?

Always consider the following factors when purchasing your chainsaw chap:

Material – There are several durable materials used in making chainsaw chaps. They are: Kevlar (Kevmaliton), Entex (cut-retardant), Avertic, ballistic nylon, and polyester (Always check the denier count- the higher the count, the safer the chap)

Compatibility to chainsaw – Some chap materials, such as Kevlar, are not recommended for use with electrical chainsaws because they can barely handle its torque. Make sure you buy a chainsaw chap that can handle your chainsaw.

Length and size – Acquire a well-fitting chainsaw chap for maximum protection.

Certification – A good chainsaw chap is UL certified and should meet the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ANSI (American National Standards Institutes) regulations.

Final Verdict

Chainsaw accidents are no mere incidences. They can rip through flesh and bone and change your life forever. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner in using a chainsaw, personal safety should always come first. The closest part to the chainsaw’s chain is always the legs, and they should be protected every time you use your chainsaw. Other parts of your body should also be protected using the recommended gear.

Chainsaw chaps offer protection to your legs by slowing down or stopping the chain which minimizes or prevents injuries altogether. Buy high-quality and trustworthy chaps to make sure you’re always on the safe side.

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