11 Best Chainsaw Sharpeners (2024)

If you are enthusiastic about outdoor tasks like firewood preparation and woodworking, a chainsaw sharpener is a must-have. It’s important to keep the edges of chains very sharp.

During woodworking projects, you might need chainsaw sharpening kits to make cutting jobs seamless. Unlike manual handheld chainsaw sharpeners, electric versions are less stressful and they have many features.

However, you may opt for wall or bench-mounted chainsaw sharpeners because they are easy to adjust. The best chainsaw sharpeners often have multi-functional features. These types have built-in electric motors that make amazing revolutions per minute.

With a chainsaw sharpener that revs at about 3,500 RPM, your tasks will take fewer completion time. Additionally, you can sharpen chains and leave them with balanced teeth. The process of sharpening is often simple with such models.

Usually, quality chainsaw sharpeners are designed with accessories like file holders and filing guides. However, the right cutting tool must suit the requirements of your chain sharpening tasks.

High-quality constructions of chainsaw sharpeners with machined-aluminum builds are durable. We have selected some top-rated models of sharpening tools for chains. Let’s see their features and how they compare with other models in the marketplace.

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11 Best Chainsaw Sharpeners

#01. Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

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If you have a small sawmill, Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener can ease the discomfort of using blunt chains. Since it’s portable, you can sharpen chainsaws every time. Also, it’s a lightweight sharpening tool for chainsaw operators that move from one work site to another.

It comes with carbide guides that are inclined at 30-degree angles. There’s no hassle with turning the handle that controls this tungsten carbide cutter. One of the impressive features of this precision tool is machined-aluminum construction.

While this tool is sturdy, it’s easy to sharpen your chain. Simply, clamp it on the bar, pull the chain through and each tooth will be sharpened accurately. It’s suitable for grinding a 0.325-inch chain pitch. Additionally, it grinds a small amount of metal from each tooth of your chain and triggers long-lasting chain life.

  • Its carbide cutter measures 3/16 inches

  • Durable construction

  • It can sharpen every tooth precisely

  • You’ll need some set screws to stabilize the loose block of this sharpener.

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#02. Oregon 410-120 Wall-Mounted Chain Grinder

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Wouldn’t you like to sharpen every tooth of your chain to the same length consistently? Without an efficient chainsaw sharpener, you might experience much downtime with blunt blades. Oregon Chain Grinder can be mounted on the bench or walls.

It comes with 3 grinding wheels that have diameters of 5-3/4 inches respectively. Also, you’ll receive a quick-check template for grinding chainsaws and a bolt that sets the degree of the grinder’s tooth angle. With this tool, you can sharpen a 0.404-inch chain pitch.

It’s better to buy use efficient chainsaw sharpeners that allows your blades to make cuts quickly. Since these grinding wheels have premium quality, you shouldn’t expect them to burn the cutters. They fit occasional and regular sharpening needs.

This bench-mounted chainsaw grinder allows you to operate safely. Its components are easy to adjust and the nose life is durable.

  • It allows depth gauge grinding of chains

  • Its sprocket nose system ensures better performance with a

  • 3 grinding wheels that can sharpen regular chainsaws and a chisel chain

  • Many angles for Stihl chains are not listed in the quick-check template.

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#03. STIHL Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener

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This Stihl Sharpener for chainsaws has a 2-in-1 design that meets a meet a variety of sharpening needs. A simple application fast sharpening and depth gauge that leaves your chains with balanced teeth.

It’s an essential accessory for your STIHL chainsaw because it offers precision finishes. Also, this tool has filing guides and file holders that are compatible with different models of saw chains. However, it’s suitable for grinding STIHL 3/8-inch PICCO chains.

You can sharpen other brands of 3/8-inch low-profile chains. With the ease of installing this STIHL grinder, you don’t need to waste time before enjoying razor-sharp cutters.

While this 3/8-inch chain pitch sharpener grinds well with each stroke, you’ll enjoy the accuracy for all sharpening needs.

  • It comes with 2 (5/32-inch) round files and a flat file

  • Multi-functional grinding tool

  • It has file-tolerance compensation feature

  • To sharpen with ease, you might need a great stump or bench vise and brake that will hold the bar firmly.

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#04. CO-Z Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

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Quality grinders make each quick process sharpens the teeth of chains finely. CO-Z Electric sharpener reduces the time of preparing the blades of chainsaws.

Its two grinding wheels measure 5-1/2 inches (diameter) are designed for different types of saw chains. Also, it comes with a low-noise 230W motor that revs at 3000 RPM.

You’ll know a durable sharpener through its build quality. This sharpening tool has a rugged cast aluminum frame. While the construction is compact, it comes with reinforced hinges that enhance its design. As a reliable chainsaw grinder, its cutter angle files chains smoothly.

You don’t want to miss out on this performance that allows you to maintain your chainsaws easily. Additionally, the grinding-angle is adjustable. Depending on the requirement, you can set it between 0 to 30 degrees and the motor between 0 to 70 degrees.

  • 2 (1/8 and 3/16 inches of thickness) grinding wheels

  • It’s easy to install and operate

  • Its unique design reduces accidental discharges of iron filings

  • You can work with much accuracy

  • The chain-clamping lever is not durable.

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#05. Mophorn Sawchaingrinder Chainsaw Sharpener

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This Mophorn Electric Chainsaw Sharpener is adjustable and can be mounted according to your preference. Its built-in tilting vise fits chisel and semi-chisel models of cutters. Also, it’s a safe working tool because it uses disc guards and a lamp to guide your sharpening tasks.

With a 230W smooth-running electric motor that makes 3000RPM, you can file the different chain pitch measurements and sizes of chains quickly.

Regardless of the style of mounting (wall or workbench), this 110V grinder has improved performance and accuracy. Additionally, its cast aluminum frame allows you to read every angle setting correctly.

After placing the chain in its track; simply clamp the lever and align the handle of this grinder. The Sawchaingrinder Chainsaw Sharpener comes with two grinding discs like other multi-functional models. It’s the right choice of grinder that doesn’t burn or soften saw chains.

  • This commercial-grade motor is rated at 3000 RPM

  • It offers superior protection for users

  • Solid construction with reinforced hinges

  • It’s easier to use only the sharpener adjustments than grinding the depth gauge.

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#06. Granberg Chain Saw Sharpener

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The components of GRANBERG Bar-mounted Sharpener enhances the strength and performance of grinding consistently. It comes with a blend of zinc-plated steel and cast-aluminum finish. Apart from its sturdiness, this chain grinder allows you to work conveniently.

You can mount this tool on regular saw chains and adjust the grinding angle between 0 to 40 degrees. Don’t worry about the ease of reading angles because this GRANBERG model has calibrated markings on its swivel guide.

The filing tool allows for quick and easy sharpening of any chain. Also, this component helps you to adjust and hold the desired sharpening angle. As a durable guide file, it accommodates many chain sizes and standard pitch measurements.

  • It allows for lowering depth gauges.

  • The frame’s construction is a superior blend of alloys

  • You can set tooth length and file height easily

  • It might be frustrating to advance the chain through the bar manually.

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#07. Timber Tuff 12-Volt Chain Sharpener

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This Timber Tuff Electric Chain Sharpener comes with impact-resistant plastic guards that protect metal filings from entering the eyes. Also, it has a spindle lock that allows you to change your grinding stones easily. Its high-speed electric (no-load) motor is rated at 17 Watts.

Regardless of the rotation of speed when sharpening chains, the motor that doesn’t overheat. Instead, it runs with less noise and vibrations. You can handy adjust (20, 25, 30 degrees) the angle guides of this 12-V sharpener. It’s a user-friendly component that adjusts the depth of cut too.

With this angle guide, you can grind all the teeth evenly. Additionally, this portable chain-sharpening tool is designed with wear-resistant casing.

  • It comes with 3 sizes (7/32, 3/16, 5/32 inches) of grinding stones

  • You can sharpen chainsaws anywhere

  • Ergonomic polypropylene casing.

  • The plastic casing of this sharpener is a cheaper quality than regular aluminum casings.

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#08. CZS Chainsaw Sharpener

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This model of CZS Chainsaw Chain Sharpener comes with a bright yellow casing, and the material is durable. You’ll receive an extra whetstone with this sharpening unit.

However, its anti-skid extrusion plate allows you to adjust the distance between the chain saw and the whetstone. Within 5 seconds of grinding your chain, you’ll notice the sharpness of each teeth.

Apart from isn’t effective, this sharpener works accurately. Its bar-mount style is a space-saving design, and this tool has adjustable screws that serve as security locks. Also, the rod sharpener ensures the lubrication of your chain and the guide rod.

This design helps to reduce friction and boost the life of your grinding tool.

  • It’s suitable for 14, 16, 18, and 20-inch chain saws with two holes

  • The precision of sharpening is impressive

  • This lightweight grinder measures 10 × 6 × 2 inches

  • It doesn’t fit chainsaws without two-hole ends.

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#09. Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

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The material of this chainsaw sharpener is sturdy and compact. With a bar that makes perfect alignment with chains, this Buffalo Tools Sharpener is designed to set the depth gauges with ease. It works with a 4-1/4 x 1/8-inch grinding wheel and has a built-in 7/8-inch arbor. Also, its 85-watt electric motor makes a 4200 RPM.

This grinding speed allows you to save time when sharpening your chain saws. As a maintenance tool, it helps to keep your chain in ready-to-use conditions. Additionally, this affordable electric sharpener secures the chain firmly. It doesn’t allow the chain to slip off the bar too.

However, you need a 120-volt supply to power this model of Buffalo Chainsaw Sharpener.

  • It’s adjustable and compatible with many chain designs

  • The grinding wheel sharpens like a breeze

  • You can mount on workbenches and walls

  • This plastic construction doesn’t appear very durable.

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#10. Pferd Chain Sharpener With Filing Guide

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This model of Pferd Chain Sharpener can be used with a vise to enhance stability during grinding, and it allows for easy access. After the stationary position, you only need to adjust the angle of your chain’s teeth.

It comes with a 5/32-inch filing guide that allows you to sharpen the saw chain effortlessly. You can set a depth gauge distance of 0. 025 inches and file several chain sizes. Also, the built-in electric motor doesn’t get very hot or noisy.

This German handheld chain sharpener uses round chainsaw files. Unlike other chain grinders with wheels, the flat profile of this plastic-handle sharpener allows you to transport it easily.

However, you should ensure to buy the right diameter of the file for your chain. Other impressive features are the improved file position and depth-guide.

  • Its unique shape allows for precise guiding of chains

  • The handles are easy to grip

  • It’s suitable for 3/8-inch low profile chain

  • You can use it for a 3/8-inch chain pitch.

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#11. Oregon 520-120 Chain Grinder

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Oregon 520-120 Chain Grinder can handle full (3/8 inches), and low-profile (0.325 inches) chains. Also, you can apply it on a 0.404-inch pitch chain because it’s a versatile grinding tool.

Unlike the 410-120 version, this chain grinder comes with an auto-centering chain vise. You can customize the vise’s handle position and tackle all chainsaw maintenance tasks. The tool comes with a quick-check grinding template that guides your sharpening needs.

With a design that includes a dressing brick, you can keep the 3 grinding wheels clean. Additionally, the dressing brick helps to maintain the proper shapes of these accessories. The 520-120 Grinder comes with a built-in lightweight electric motor that works with less vibration.

  • It’s has a bench-mounted style

  • It allows down-angle settings

  • Rugged construction

  • It’s not ideal for sharpening square-cut chains.

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What To Consider When Buying Chain Sharpeners

The Type

Many users prefer lightweight chain sharpeners that are portable. Generally, we have bar-mounted (or wall), electric, and handheld sharpeners. While the electric models have improved designs, they are faster than manual chain sharpeners.

With one stroke, you can reduce downtime and make more cuts on a chain. The handheld sharpener is designed for use with manual labor, but it doesn’t require any source of electricity. Also, it allows you to control the speed and sharpen chainsaws slowly.

This type of chainsaw sharpener is ideal for beginners because it minimizes the risk of accidents during work. You can use this type in any worksite. Regardless of their designs, top-rated sharpeners ensure precise guiding of chains.

Compatibility With Chains

The grinding wheels should match the pitch of your chain. Usually, it’s better to consider the wheels size and angle adjustment when making smart buying decisions.

These components determine what type of chainsaws are compatible with your grinding tool. Regular chain sharpeners come with 1/8 and 3/16-inch grinding wheels. With a dimension of 5-1/2 inches (diameter), you can sharpen a range (1/4, 3/8, 0.325, 0.404 inches) of chain pitches.


Your favorite chainsaw sharpener model should have great build quality. Normally, cast aluminum materials are sturdy and lightweight. Many durable chainsaw sharpeners often have aluminum casings and impact-resistant designs.

With these features, you can enjoy long-lasting models of chain sharpeners. Also, the right chain sharpener should come with designs like plastic disc guards and dressing stones.

Since wheel dressers preserve your grinding wheels, you’ll enjoy the value of your investment. It’s important to use grinding tools that allow you to work safely.


Since the cost might be a constraint, many users consider the purchase of top-rated chainsaw sharpeners as wrong investments. While it’s essential to consider affordability, there are features that you shouldn’t underrate.

Generally, chainsaw sharpeners come in different designs. It’s important to buy sharpeners with grinding wheels that save both time and funds.

For beginner DIYers, we recommend simple and functional chain sharpeners that help to improve cutting skills. When they upgrade their skill, it might be necessary to buy premium chain sharpeners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What are the qualities of efficient grinders?

Chain grinders with machined metal housings offer stability. During work, your chain shouldn’t slip off the bar because it might cause inconsistencies in the quality of grinds.

To enjoy the quick cutting edge of saw chains, you need sharpeners that don’t take out too much metal from the teeth. What you need is to brighten the teeth and keep them balanced. Also, sharpeners with user-friendly handles allow you to operate sharpening processes conveniently.

What’s the right method of sharpening a chainsaw?

The appearance of saw chains might frighten beginner power-tool users. However, it’s important to ensure regular maintenance of work tools.

Bench-mounted chain sharpeners often have clamps that allow users to secure their chains. Also, you can adjust the sharpener’s depth gauge to grind your chains according to requirements.

A handy chainsaw sharpener that’s easy to operate is safe to use when you wear hand gloves and protect your eyes from metal filings during work.

Usually, the chain brake helps you to keep the workpiece in a stationary position. Before sharpening the chain, you should clamp the bar nose of your tool and adjust the angle of cuts.

Final Verdict

Always check for the specification of chain sharpeners before buying them off the shelf. While many electric chainsaw sharpeners require 110/120V electricity, others need 230/240V. The electrical system in your region determines the type of sharpening kit that fits your needs.

However, these high-end models of sharpeners in our buying guide will leave the teeth of your chainsaws with a silvery gleam. They apply accurate grinding effects that keeps chains sharp all day.

Apart from sharpening chainsaws, it’s important to maintain these sharpeners. Don’t expose or use them under unfavorable weather conditions.

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