Top 11 Best Chalkboard Paints (2024)

Whether you want to paint the old battered piece of furniture to something new, or maybe create a perfect drawing area for your little ones, chalkboard paint should come in handy.

This type of paint creates a chalkboard-like coat that can serve as the traditional blackboards.

It transforms just about any object or wall into a usable smooth surface that can be written using chalk.

Obviously, for a perfect writing surface, you need to at least settle for one of the top-notch options out there.

And while picking the right chalkboard paint from the myriad of available options poses a great conundrum, we have taken it upon ourselves to rid you of the riddle.

As usual, we dedicated hours in in-depth research in a bid to sift out the top-quality chalkboard paints from the bogus-dominated pool.

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11 Best Chalkboard Paints

#1 Rust-Oleum Available 206540 Chalkboard Brush-On, Black

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If you have noticed that your child is talented in drawing, one of the best ways to bring out the artist in him is to get this chalkboard paint.

The chalkboard paint guarantees a clean, smooth, and matte-like finish. The high-quality chalkboard paint works on nearly any surface making it one of the most compatible chalkboards in the market.

I mean, with the Rust-Oleum 206540 Chalkboard, you can convert any material to a writable surface whether it is of wood, glass, paperboard, hardboard, or any other material around your home.

Our specific selection is black although you can also get it in a green and clear finish. Most users of this product like that it scratch-resistant which eliminates the need for repainting frequently.

The paint creates an easily-erasable surface so that your little ones will always begin with a clean mark-free surface every time they need to write or draw.

After use, you can wash it with water and soap to keep it set for the next drawing challenge. The Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint is specially designed for indoor.

Therefore, in case you want one for use in the outside environment, it’s unfortunate that this may not be the perfect place for you to invest.

  • There are three color options available.

  • It creates an easily-erasable surface.

  • The paint is very smooth.

  • It is a bit thick which makes it quite hard to spread evenly.

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#2 American Crafts DIY Shop Chalkboard Paint 16.5 Ounces, Black (366867)

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This is yet another option you may count on to create a great writing space. Unlike our previous option, you don’t have to make a color selection in this model since the paint is only available in black.

The black paint guarantees to add a great appeal to any space. Since it works with paper, wood, door, and other many surfaces, you can apply it on nearly any surface around your home.

However, the manufacturer recommends that you first test the paint on a smaller area before you spread it wide on the entire surface. Our hand-picked option comes in a 16.5-ounce bottle.

This quantity should be adequate to paint writing space at home. However, in case you want to paint a large area and feel that a single bottle isn’t enough for the work, you can also buy a pack of two, three, four or five depending on the size of your target area.

Although the quality is great, it comes with a low price that suits the pocket of every homeowner.

I mean, if you want a low-budget option that will get the job done without going beyond your budget, the American Crafts DIY Shop Chalkboard should be an ideal option for you.

  • The price is affordable.

  • It is thick but not runny.

  • It is compatible with most surfaces.

  • It would be better if it was available in larger capacity instead of having to buy multiple cans.

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#3 Krylon K05223000 Chalkboard Paint

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This chalkboard overlay comes i. However, you have other three color options to select from; blue, clear, and green.

For that reason, you can now choose your favorite color to create the type of board you have always wanted to create in your space.

No matter the color you choose, expect to get a long-lasting finish that you won’t have to repaint any time soon. Most users like the thickness of this paint.

According to them, this paint is neither too thin nor too runny. This feature makes it easy to apply.

The premium-grade chalkboard paint has wide compatibility. Hence, you can use it on materials such as glass, wood, metal, ceramic, plastic, and other many materials.

After applying, leave the chalkboard paint to dry for 24 hours before use.

Unfortunately, this paint may not be a good purchase for use in the outside environment since it is only made for use in the indoor environment.

  • The paint has a wide coverage.

  • It does not chip or peel.

  • There are many color varieties.

  • It is easy to use.

  • It only suits indoor use.

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#4 Kedudes Chalkboard Paint kit – Quality Chalkboard Paint

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Taking the fourth position on our list, this chalkboard paint packs several properties that make it among the market’s top options.

The chalkboard paint is black to make it easy to read writings made from a distance. Apart from the paint, the package also includes 3 foam brushes for increased user convenience.

The high-quality chalkboard paint is water-based and environmentally friendly. Therefore, you can purchase it with the confidence that it won’t cause any issues to your loved ones.

This feature also implies that it won’t frustrate your efforts of creating a conducive environment in your home. The paint serves greatly with chalk and chalk markers.

After use, this paint will allow you to rub the board cleanly so that you always have a clean space to write on every time.

Like some of the before paints, the Kedudes option works with different woods.

Therefore, whether you need to use it for use on furniture, doors, drawers or any other wooden piece, you can buy knowing that you are covered.

The kit comes from the United States. Hence, expect the product to hardly disappoint no matter where you want it to serve in your home.

  • The paint is made in the United States.

  • It is a multi-purpose chalkboard.

  • It dries faster.

  • The quality of the brushes needs slight improvement.

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#5 FolkArt Chalkboard Paint

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This option comes from FolkArt, a leading manufacturer of high-quality products for use in arts and/or crafting.

Therefore, you can use it not just for making chalkboards but also for decoration purposes around your home.

The hand-picked option is also black so expect it to match your space decor no matter where you use it around your home.

But just in case you need a different color, you can choose from hot pink, true blue, purple, white, and slate gray depending on your color needs.

The water-based paint is easy to apply. So, just in case you have never applied one before, this paint won’t give you a hard time like other thicker paints.

Also, most users love that this chalkboard paint dries fast. With this feature, you won’t keep waiting for days as it is in the case of some options in the market.

The US-made paint is made using non-toxic materials to make it a safe addition to any home.

Although the 8-ounce jar may seem small, this capacity is quite adequate and should meet the painting needs of most homeowners.

The jar has a wide mouth which means that the customer can use it right away from the container.

  • It is a multi-purpose paint.

  • It is great for children.

  • The paint works on any piece of wood.

  • You may have to be quite patient when waiting for it to dry.

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#6 Rust-Oleum 1913830-6 PK Specialty Chalkboard

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One thing that makes it among the standout selections in the market is great compatibility.

This paint is specially designed to work with wood, masonry, plaster, glass, drywall, paper board, or any other surface you have ever thought of converting to a writable surface.

The can contains enough paint that will cover up to 7 square feet. In other words, if you want it for creating a writable space for your juniors, a single container should do.

The paint delivers a smooth surface that will not catch scratches easily with time like other competing models.

And since the paint dries to the touch in just 20 minutes, your juniors won’t have to wait for long before using. However, the manufacturer still recommends that you give it up to 24 hours before you condition it for use.

The paint is black although it is also available in clear color.

  • It comes with a cost-efficient pack of 6.

  • It works on multiple surfaces for increased versatility.

  • It rubs easily leaving a flawless writing space.

  • There are only two color options; black and clear.

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#7 Rustoleum 206540 1 Quart Black Chalk Board Paint

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If you are looking for a chalkboard paint that can withstand repeated chalk writing, the RustOleum 206540 Chalkboard Paint should be in your priority list.

The high-quality board boasts great compatibility. Hence, you can use it on nearly any material at home whether wood, masonry, metal, drywall or any other material you would want to convert into a writable surface.

The paint is black. Hence, one will be able to read easily from a distance without having to strain.

Unfortunately, if you want a different color, this option may not be the ideal choice for you since there are no other colors to select from.

And since it comes in a 30-0unce container, one container should be enough to cover an area of between 100-125 square feet.

So, if you want to paint a large area or small but multiple spaces, one container of this should be enough to settle your needs.

If you have ever used other paint before, there are chances that it gave some odor even if for a moment.

However, the Rustoleum 206540 formula maintains a low odor for a few hours to keep your space comfortable for you and your loved ones.

  • The paint dries fast.

  • The chalk removes easily.

  • Some customers found it to work great in an outdoor environment.

  • It only comes in a single color.

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#8 Krylon K05223000 Chalkboard Paint by THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY

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Krylon is one of the manufacturers with a rich reputation in the market.

The manufacturer is dedicated to delivering high-quality yet pocket-friendly products that not only meet the needs of the customer but also surpass.

And yes, this is one of their many top-notch products you may count on to do the work excellently.

This oil-based paint is also black. As the majority of our options, this chalkboard paint works on multiple surfaces.

Therefore, if you want to paint more than one material, this should be a good suggestion for you.

Unfortunately, this paint will not work in the outdoor environment since the manufacturer recommends that it should only be used in the indoor environment.

The paint gives a smooth slate-like finish that erases easily to give you a clean and flawless surface in every beginning.

The oil-based paint takes only 60 minutes to dry to the touch although you may have to wait up to 24 hours before using it.

The US-made paint comes in a 29-ounce container and in a pack of two to provide you enough for your intended DIY project.

  • The paint does the work excellently.

  • The paint cleans with ease.

  • It is environmentally friendly.

  • It only works in an indoor environment.

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#9 Rainbow Chalk Markers Chalkboard Blackboard Paint

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This chalkboard blackboard paint by Rainbow Chalk Masters possesses several impressive properties that make it one of the top-rated options in the market.

For example, the paint allows for both interior and exterior use. Therefore, you can use it in nearly any place in your home.

Furthermore, paint gives a smooth black finish, which is also non-reflective to prevent eye strain. The non-flammable formula makes it safe for use even in the kitchen.

The unique formula addresses ghost issues, allowing you to transform your old blackboard to a clean flawless board without having to buy a new one.

The paint has good thickness since it is neither too heavy nor runny. This feature makes applying it a breeze even for the first-timers.

In fact, you can use a brush or a roller depending on what is available or what seems to work perfectly for you.

The paint dries in less than 15 minutes to ensure that you don’t have to keep waiting for long as it is the case with most paints out there.

The paint creates a washable surface, which means that you can always keep the board clean after every use.

  • It is non-flammable.

  • The surface is non-reflective.

  • It is ideal for both interior and exterior use.

  • It may not offer enough for painting large areas.

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#10 FolkArt Multi-Surface Chalkboard Paint (16 Ounce), 2725 Black

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This chalkboard paint is designed using non-toxic materials that meet stringent safety standards.

Hence, if you want a safe paint that won’t harm you or the environment, the FolkArt Multi-Purpose Chalkboard Surface should be a nice place for you to invest.

In fact, since this product comes from the United States, it will hardly disappoint on grounds of quality.

As the name suggests, this paint works on nearly any material around your home. The great compatibility will allow you to prepare a writable surface on just about anything around your home.

The paint is durable and will not scratch easily like the majority of options out there. This feature minimizes maintenance costs since it eliminates the cost of repair you might have incurred in the future.

The paint also possesses excellent weather resistance properties which suggest that it can stand up to the most extreme weather conditions.

A single can offers 16 ounces of paint, enough to cover a pretty large area.

However, in case the 16-ounce container seems a little big for your need, you can opt to buy a smaller one since the bottle also comes in the capacities of 2 ounces, 4 ounces, and 8 ounces.

  • The 16-ounce capacity offers wide coverage.

  • The paint is environmentally safe.

  • It is weatherproof.

  • A few customers claim that it peels out easily.

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#11 DecoArt DS90-62 Americana Chalkboard Paint

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This chalkboard overlay also employs a non-toxic formula to let you buy without concerns about safety.

The paint works excellently on materials such as canvas, wood, terra cotta, and other many materials. The can contains 4 ounces of paint, enough to meet light painting needs.

Nevertheless, you can also get it in a smaller capacity of two ounces if you need a smaller amount. The US-made paint creates a durable finish that will not peel even in the most extreme conditions.

I mean, with this paint, you won’t have to repaint occasionally as it is with some members of the competition.

However, to get excellent results, the manufacturer recommends that you start by sanding the surface before you apply the paint.

Although the quality is great, this chalkboard paint comes at a price that suits even the smallest budgets. In other words, you get something premium without having to beyond what your budget dictates.

  • The paint is durable.

  • It is available in two quantities.

  • It comes from the US.

  • It is may not erase clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is the top brand of chalkboard paint?

We have a plethora of chalkboard paint brands out there. Unfortunately, only a few of these brands provide quality paint. And yes, picking any of our covered brands would be a nice idea.

Which paint is used for Blackboard?

For a scratch-free and smooth surface, you need to use chalkboard paint on your blackboard. This type of paint is specially designed to erase easily and will not peel with time when exposed to tough weather conditions.

How many coats of chalkboard paint should I use?

The number of coats will depend on the amount of paint you have and how durable you want the paint to be. However, you should consider buying enough paint for two or three coats. After applying each coat, ensure that you wait for it to dry before you create another layer for better results.

How do you apply chalkboard paint smoothly?

Ensure that the paint you have is compatible with the material you want to paint. The material needs to be ultra-smooth before you apply the first layer of paint. If it isn’t, you can sand. Using a brush (or roller), apply the first layer of paint in a smaller area and then on the entire area. Give it time to dry between every application if you want to paint more layers.

What are the most popular chalkboard paint colors?

It is easy to answer this question by going through our review. The most common color is black although you can also get other colors such as blue, green, clear, and other many.


A chalkboard is a nice addition to any home with and without children. This board can serve in many areas around the home.

However, to create a durable weather-resistant chalkboard, you need the right paint for the job.

And yes, if that’s your next project, we recommend that you consider operating within our list to avoid disappointments.

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