Top 11 Best Chipper Shredders (2024)

Having a beautiful home full of flowers and trees is beautiful and sensational. But what happens when you start trimming the flower garden and cutting down trees for wood?

What happens to all the twigs and leaves left on your yard? Earlier on, it was simple as you could pile them up and light a fire. Now that burning garbage is prohibited, especially in residential areas, the next option is chipping/ shredding them up and using organic waste as compost or for mulching.

Chipping/ shredding your waste saves you time, creates a way to recycle the waste as compost for your garden, and is environmentally friendly. This process requires a high-quality chipper/shredder machine which can handle all your organic waste in the least time possible.

Many factors come into play when selecting the chipper shredder that fits your needs. In this review, we are going to look into the features that make each of our selected chipper shredders unique. By doing this, you’ll be able to choose a perfect chipper shredder for all your needs based on these features.

Buckle up and take a ride with me through our list.

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11 Best Chipper Shredders

#1.Sun Joe CJ601E Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder

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Sun Joe CJ601E is a powerful electric chipper shredder. It’s perfect if you don’t like working with a gas-powered machine due to the fumes they emit.

It’s powered by a 14Amp motor which spins at 4,300RPM with no load. This is enough power to reduce your organic waste to shreds fast and with no much struggle.

The Sun Joe CJ601E can accommodate branches of up to 1.5″ thick. Considering that most waste twigs around your home are barely this big, this machine is perfect for shredding/ chipping/ mulching up your waste for recycling. It reduces debris up to 1/16 of their original size.

Safety is a top priority when it comes to powerful machines. This chipper shredder integrates a safety hopper locking knob which makes sure the motor stays inactive anytime you open up the hopper. This prevents serious injuries.

Its controls include an instant startup button which makes it easy to start the machine and a reset button for when the motor gets overloaded.

The motor weighs 25.4lbs. To enable maneuverability, it has 6” wheels and an easy to grip handle.

On the downside, it tends to clog up, and it’s a bit loud. The noise is due to the machines powerful motor. It’s easy to unclog, and it mostly clogs if you fit twigs bigger than the recommended size.

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#2.GreatCircleUSA Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Shredder

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Gas powered chipper shredders carry a bigger punch when it comes to keeping your homestead twigs and leaves free.

This GreatCircleUSA is a 212cc gas powered 4-stroke engine wood chipper shredder. It has a 7hp motor which provides enough recoil to handle your waste without a problem. It has 4 Y hammers that crash up branches which are then chipped/ shredded by two steel blades in the ratio 15:1.

It has 3 in 1 multifunction capability, i.e., a top hopper that accommodates up to 1/2″ thick branches; a side chute for branches up to 3″ thick; and a backside leaf inlet kit for sucking and mulching leaves. This makes it adaptable to tackle any situation in your backyard.

It has two sturdy solid tires capable of handling the machine’s weight (130lbs) for portability around your worksite.

On the safety side, it has an automatic low oil sensor that shuts down the engine to prevent unsafe operations. This keeps the machine and you safe. It also features an auto-feed system to feed the branches into the shredder, which eliminates the need for pushing the twigs in with your hands, keeping you safe.

However, the collection bag is of low quality and rips easily.

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#3.Earthwise GS70015 Electric Garden Chipper Shredder

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Keep your lawn clean with this chipper shredder that comes with a 40L collection bin making sure that your shredded twigs don’t end up on your lawn after clean up.

This chipper shredder is an electric based machine with a 15Amp motor. The motor can spin the sharp steel blades at 4,500 RPM, which makes it great for chipping/ shredding/ mulching your waste.

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The hopper accommodates up to 1.75″ thick twigs. This is enough for a regular lawn/ yard upkeep.

Earthwise GS70015 features an overload protection feature which keeps the motor safe in case of an overload. It also has an interlock switch which shuts the motor down anytime you open up the hopper, which keeps your hands safe from the blades.

It also has a leaf chute and a tamper tool which allows hands-free operation to keep you safe from the powerful machine.

It features large solid back wheels and a lightweight design which makes it easy to transport around your homestead when working.

On the downside, the interlock switch body is prone to the debris dust, which tends to clog it up.

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#4.WEN 41121 Electric Wood Chipper and Shredder

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WEN industry is one of the biggest manufacturers of power tools that make your work easier.

WEN 41121 is an excellent example of the machines they offer you. It’s an electric based chipper shredder with a 15Amp motor. The motor provides up to 8,000 cuts per minute, making it reliable for shredding up your debris within no time.

The hopper can cut up sticks up to 1.5″ thick with ease. It has 7″ steel blades which are sturdy and stay sharp for long to give you a prolonged service. The twigs and leaves are reduced to small pieces that can be used up as mulch/ compost for your garden.

For safety reasons, WEN 41121 has a knob-lock safety to prevent the motor from running when the hopper is open. This limits injuries from its sharp blades.

Its 6” back wheels and a sturdy handle make it easy to transport the chipper shredder from one site to the next.

WEN 41121 has some flaws; it clogs up easily and shreds branches slowly.

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#5.Earthquake TAZZ 30520 Wood Chipper Shredder

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As mentioned earlier, gas powered wood chipper shredders are more powerful and suitable for heavy-duty projects.

TAZZ 30520 features a 212cc gas powered Viper engine. This engine provides enough horsepower to shred up the twigs and mulch leaves with no difficulty. The fact that its gas-powered eliminates the limitations that are brought about by cables.

It has 3 in 1 multifunction capability. TAZZ 30520 features a large hopper for twigs up to 1.5″, side shaft for branches up to 3″ wide, and an optional vacuum kit for collecting leaves for mulching.

It has 11” solid wheels which can support the heavy machine to enable portability throughout your yard or any other work site. It also has a large sturdy handle which still helps with portability.

TAZZ 30520 overall construction is sturdy and durable. Its blades are made of steel which makes them durable and able to chop up your debris quickly.

It comes with a rugged collection bag with a fast dock-and-lock feature and a bottom-out zipper for more comfortable use.

This chipper shredder works flawlessly.

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#6.PowerSmart PS10 Garden Chipper/Shredder

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PowerSmart PS10 is an electric chipper/shredder dedicated to making your work easier as its very light (33 pounds) and still able to chip/ shred your debris.

PS10’s construction features heavy-duty plastic design with a sturdy metallic frame support system making it durable for prolonged use.

It comes with a 15Amp motor which powers up its steel blades to reduce your waste into shred hassle-free. The blades rotate at a speed of 4,500RPM.

It’s able to accommodate up to 1-5/8” diameter twigs and shred/ chip them comfortably. This makes it ideal for light-duty jobs around your household.

Safety always plays an essential role when working, and that’s why the PS10 integrates a safety hopper locking knob which prevents the motor from operating when it’s open.

The PS10 features two 6″ wheels and a sturdy plastic handle which make its portability around your homestead easy.

The chipper shredder works well with small branches only and has no collecting bag.

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#7.Landworks Super Heavy Duty Wood Chipper Shredder

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If you have a big farm, forest or you just love the power of big machines, then this Landworks Super Heavy-duty wood chipper shredder is the perfect match for you.

It’s gas powered featuring an LCT 7HP 208cc 4-stroke engine. This is powerful enough for heavy-duty projects.

This wood chipper shredder is a 3 in 1 machine in that; its top hopper can hold up to 0.5″ thick twigs; its side shaft accommodates up to 3″ thick branches, and it comes with a vacuum leaf inlet for picking and mulching leaves from your lawn. This makes it a versatile and valuable addition to your tools.

It has an inbuilt hooking port which allows transportation to whichever part of your land that needs cleaning up. Its large Polyurethane wheels and handle play a significant role when it comes to transportation.

It has a low fuel sensor which stops the engine when the fuel reaches shallow levels. This keeps the operation safe. It also has a fuel shut off valve for easy transportation of the chipper shredder.

The chipper shredder has an overload protection feature which protects the engine in case it’s overworked. It turns off the engine until it cools down.

As long as Landworks super heavy-duty chipper/ shredder is used and maintained well, it works without any hiccups.

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YARDMAX YW7565 features a strong steel construction which can handle heavy-duty jobs. Its blades are made of steel which makes them resilient and durable.

It has a 6.5HP Briggs and Stratton engine which provides 9.5 ft-lbs of torque. This is enough to tackle any debris in your backyard with ease.

The chipper shredder can manage up to 3″ in diameter of branches, which makes the whole process convenient and fast. Its chute is self-feeding, which eliminates the need for pushing the debris down with your hands increasing safety when working. It also has a large hopper capacity which holds lots of load at once.

It has 10″ x 4″ pneumatic tires and handles which make it easy to maneuver around any landscape. Considering its weight (200lbs), this comes in handy.

Yardmax YW7565 has only one flaw involving its OSHA flap. It clogs up easily. This can be fixed by removing the flap, which causes no damage or reduced productivity to the chipper shredder.

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#9.Sun Joe CJ602E-GRY Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder

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Sun Joe CJ602E is a bit powerful than the previously reviewed Sun Joe CJ601E. It’s still an electric powered chipper/shredder.

It has robust plastic construction supported by a steel frame which keeps the chipper shredder durable even after heavy duty use.

CJ602E features a 15Amp motor which powers up the blades to rotate up to 4,300RPM. This is powerful enough to chip/ shred your debris fast. It reduces the load to a ratio of 17:1. This means that the product is small enough to be used as mulch or for making compost.

The hopper holds branches measuring up to 1.57” thick which makes this chipper ideal for use around your homestead.

For safety purposes, CJ602E features a safety hopper and locking knob which stops the motor from operating anytime the hopper is open.

It has thermal overload protection which shuts the engine anytime it starts struggling to keep it safe.

It has an easy to access control panel. The panel contains an instant startup switch for convenience and a reset key for when the motor overloads.

CJ602E has solid 6” wheels and a handle for portability when working.

The only issue faced when using the Sun Joe CJ602E is that it’s a bit slow.

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#10.Patriot Products CSV-2515

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Patriot Products CSV-2515 features a 14Amp electric engine. This powerful engine combined with the durable blades makes CSV-2515 a great wood chipper shredder. Its motor operates quietly making it friendly for residential areas.

This chipper shredder’s hopper is large to accommodate more leaves and twigs. This makes it convenient as you can cover extensive grounds in a short period.

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It takes branches of up to 2.5″ in diameter which is above average for most debris. With this capacity, it can take up more small twigs at once, which save time.

It comes with large wheels and sturdy handles which makes it easier to move the 95lb wood chipper shredder around.

It has overload protection to keep the motor safe as you shred your branches.

It comes with a collection bag to hold all the processed material, which keeps your yard/ work area clean. This also makes it easy to move the product to a location of your choosing.

On the downside, it’s rather expensive compared to other electric chipper shredders. This is attributed to its high-quality construction and durability.

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#11.WORX WG430 Foldable Bladeless Electric Leaf Mulcher

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Most neighborhoods are affected by dry leaves which fall off during summer. This is why WORX came up with a simple electric powered leaf mulcher to take care of the leaves in your lawn/ yard for you.

WORX WG430 is powered by a 13Amp motor which is capable of mulching up to 53gallons of leaves per minute. This makes it convenient, powerful, and a time-saving.

The motor features a dust-reducing clean air cooling system which reduces dust and clogging of its engine.

The machine is bladeless and uses Flex-a-Line technology to mulch leaves. It comes with 13” 24 cutting lines for replacement purposes.

This mulcher is easy to assemble and disassemble to save your storage space.

On the downside, this machine can only be used to mulch leaves because it’s bladeless. It can chip/shred twigs.

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How many types of chipper shredders are there?

There are two main types of chipper shredders based on their power source. These are; electric chipper shredders and gas chipper shredders.

Can you chip/ shred wet twigs?

No, wet twigs cause clogging. Chipper shredders work best with dry leaves and twigs.

What safety measures should I take during chipping/ shredding/ mulching?

Always follow the following safety precautions when using a chipper shredder:

  • Use the provided paddle or another tree branch to feed the material into the shredder.
  • Wear protective gear, including gloves, glasses, safety boots, and ear protection.
  • Tack your clothes to avoid them from being pulled by branches into the shredder or wear well-fitting clothes. Avoid baggy clothes.
  • If you’re using a self-feeding machine, keep your distance to increase your safety
  • Don’t feed larger loads than the recommended size. It may lead to injuries.
  • Don’t stand directly above the direction of the hopper’s opening.

What factors should I consider when choosing a chipper shredder?

  • Mounting option – this is the location of the hopper. It can be on the side or top. The top hoppers are always preferred because they’re self-feeding.
  • Power source – the choice between electric or gas powered chipper shredder depends on your ease of access to the power source. The easier it is to access, the more preferable the machine. Gas powered chipper shredders are more powerful than electric ones.
  • Noise – noise produced by the chipper shredder can be concerning, especially in residential areas. Choose a less noisy chipper shredder.
  • Feed capacity – this is the amount/ size of leaves/ twigs a hopper can take at once. The larger the chipper shredder’s capacity, the more convenient it is.
  • Weight – choose a chipper shredder that you can wheel into and out of storage with ease.
  • The number of blades – the more the number of blades a chipper shredder has, the larger the reduction ratio.

Final Verdict

Keeping your lawn/ yard/ land free of leaves and twigs not only makes your home attractive but also creates a beautiful place to play and rest with your family. The chipper shredders mentioned above helps you do just that by reducing leaves, twigs, and large branches into nutrient-filled mulch/ compost. They also save time and are environmentally friendly. Choose one that meets all your requirements for seamless chipping/ shredding/ mulching experience.

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