Top 11 Best Claw Hammers (2023)

No matter your profession, there are some tools you can’t survive without. Ever thought life without a hammer?

It’s one of the common tools that cut across nearly all professions. This basic necessity comes in handy when doing a repair, carpentry, construction, and many applications at home and in commercial places.

Now, unlike some tools that you have to replace after a while, once you get a good hammer, chances are that you won’t need another in your lifetime.

But isn’t a hammer just a hammer? Well, not at all- the slightest difference in weight, shape or size can bring a major difference in performance.

Also, some hammers are suited for some applications. Therefore, they will work better for such applications than for others.

Having that said- what claw hammer is good for you? Take a deep breath and relax- that’s why we are here! Get your perfect purchase in our review of the 11 best claw hammers.

Top 11 Claw Hammers

#1 Estwing Hammer E3-16S – 16 oz Straight Rip Claw

Estwing Hammer E3-16S - 16 oz Straight Rip Claw

Estwing is an American manufacturer with a good name in making the finest tools. She has been in the industry for about a century, and that’s why she’s vast experience in forging tools that not only meet but also surpass the requirements of the user.

This claw hammer is forged using premium American steel. In other words, in case you are looking for a hammer that can serve well in the toughest job site use, you won’t go wrong with this model. The manufacturer’s tempering process ensures that you get a tool that will last the longest in a busy job site.

The head weighs 16 ounces to permit wielding for prolonged periods with minimal hand fatigue. The head is also well polished to give the hammer beauty that is hard to beat. The rip claw allows the user to pull nails, split wood, pry boards, and perform other jobs with ultimate ease.

The steel handle is covered with a nylon vinyl material to provide strength without sacrificing user comfort. Also, the grip is designed to minimize impact vibration by 70%, giving the user an experience like no other.

  • It has a great balance.

  • It comes from the United States.

  • The diameter of the handle is good.

  • Although the length of the handle is good, some customers would appreciate a longer handle.

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#2 Efficere Best Choice 8-oz. Stubby Claw Hammer

Efficere Best Choice 8-oz. Stubby Claw Hammer

For those looking for a hammer that will work well in tight spaces, here comes one of the options that are designed for such projects. It features a compact 8-ounce head and a total length of 6 inches. With such weight and length, it’s evident that Efficere Best Choice 8-oz. Stubby Claw Hammer will favor extended use in confined areas where standard-size hammers can’t go.

The piece employs hardened and forged steel construction. Therefore, expect it to serve for years to come even with regular use in a busy job site. Also, the 8-ounce head is attached permanently to the handle. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the head becoming loose after some period.

The anti-vibration fiberglass handle holds the promise of a comfortable grip. Also, since the handle is anti-slip, this hammer won’t slip off your hand even when soaked in sweat. The built-in magnetic holder is yet another feature you will appreciate since it improves safety and permits single-hand operation.

The high-leverage curved nail remover allows you to pull out even the toughest nails with minimal effort. Most users also like that the weight of this unit is well distributed for balanced striking power.

  • The size is good for use in tight spaces.

  • It feels very sturdy and heavy for its size.

  • The built-in magnet is a plus.

  • The head is not well polished.

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#3 IRWIN (1954889) Claw Hammer

IRWIN (1954889) Claw Hammer

If you have interacted with several hand tools and power tools, chances are that IRWIN isn’t a vocabulary to you. She is one of the industry-leading manufacturers for hand tools and power tools. And yes, one of their iconic products is the IRWIN 1954889 Claw Hammer.

This claw hammer is engineered to stand up to regular use by a dedicated handyman. The head is of forged steel for maximum strength when driving nails on wood and other materials.

The steel head weighs 16 ounces and will not come out of the handle after some time. The smooth face prevents the hammer from scratching your surface whereas the sturdy claw comes in handy in nail removal and board prying applications.

The hybrid handle design provides improved ergonomics while the curved base prevents it from slipping off the user’s hand when in use. The fiberglass construction absorbs shock vibration for comfortable user experience.

  • The shape of the handle is nice.

  • The claw isn’t curved for maximum versatility.

  • It is easy to wield for long.

  • The head is quite soft to be forged steel.

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#4 DEWALT, DWHT51048, DWT 16OZ 1PC Steel RIP Claw Hammer

DEWALT, DWHT51048, DWT 16OZ 1PC Steel RIP Claw Hammer

Dewalt is arguably the market-leading manufacturer of power tools and hand tools. Therefore, failing to include one of their products in our review could be unfair play. And yes, for those that want a claw hammer that will hardly disappoint in home and professional applications, here comes a nice option for them.

It is one of the market’s best-selling hammers. For this reason, even before we dig deep to examine its properties, we already know that it guarantees fantastic performance in all that it claims to do.

The tool makes use of very solid construction that supports regular heavy use. It is a one-piece unit that is of forged steel. Therefore, we don’t expect it to get shaky like some alternatives that have the head attached to the handle. The shape of the head means that it permits use in tight spaces.

The handle feels nice in the palm. Also, the grip has a good length to ensure that it delivers a decent hit in every strike. You may have to pay a little more for it, though, but with the performance and durability it delivers, the price is still a real bargain.

  • The handle is very solid.

  • It is lightweight but very tough on nails.

  • The safety sticker peels easily without leaving residue.

  • Some users feel that it’s quite light for some applications.

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#5 CRAFTSMAN Hammer, 20 oz Fiberglass General Purpose (CMHT51399)


Taking the fifth spot on our top-notch list, this tool by Craftsman boasts lots of features that have attracted impressive customer ratings and plenty of raving reviews from experts and home DIYers.

The 20-ounce hammer has a very robust head construction that makes driving nails through the toughest materials easier than ever. The head is well polished and will maintain its beautiful look for quite longer than the majority of members of the competition.

The over-mold grip is an indication that it is designed with user comfort and safety in mind since it provides an excellent non-slip grip. And unlike other fiberglass handles that are likely to break with time, the fiberglass grip of this tool has overstrike protection. Hence, expect the handle to last for as long as the head.

The curved design of the claw maximizes leverage to make pulling nails less energy demanding than ever before. It is a little weighty, though, but that is what makes it a good hammer for the heavy tasks.

  • The quality is decent.

  • The handle has overstrike protection.

  • It’s good for heavy-duty applications.

  • You may find it a little heavy for prolonged hours of use.

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#6 Stalwart 75-HT3000 16 oz Natural Hardwood Claw Hammer

Stalwart 75-HT3000 16 oz Natural Hardwood Claw Hammer

Although this isn’t one of the single-piece hammers out there, the head and the handle are bonded with a durable epoxy. Therefore, they will not come apart even when you use it for daily projects.

Unlike other hammers that use fiberglass or metallic handle, the grip of Stalwart 75-HT3000 16-ounce Claw Hammer is of hardwood, a material with natural anti-vibration properties. This grip is polished and contoured so that it feels nice in the user’s hand. By doing this, this hammer ensures comfortable use and minimizes vibration that could result in serious injuries.

The head of this tool is well polished to ensure that it does not scratch surfaces of your workpiece, whether driving or removing nails. For this reason, expect to get professional results in every application.

The claw at the head’s rear has a very deep curve. This feature maximizes leverage to let the user pull out the most stubborn nails faster and with minimal effort. Furthermore, being a 16-ounce hammer, we can conclude that it has a decent weight that works well for professionals and the home fix-it colleagues.

  • The hardwood handle has improved anti-vibration properties.

  • The handle and the head do not come apart even with heavy regular use.

  • It is good for DIYers and professionals.

  • Since the handle is too smooth, it may get slippery when in wet hands.

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#7 Stiletto FH10C Claw Hammer

Stiletto FH10C Claw Hammer

This is a perfect example of a high-end hammer that delivers value for money. Thus, in case you are ready to pay any amount for a claw hammer provided that it won’t disappoint, you can consider giving it a shot.

The unit has a 10-ounce head. Therefore, it is convenient enough to wield for extended hours. The 10 ounces is also a good weight to handle light to medium-duty projects. The design of the claw makes nail removal a breeze.

The wooden handle is 14.5 inches long. Thus, it will require less effort to drive nails through the intended material. The 1-1/4-inch face is large to deliver enough driving power onto the nail. Combining the large face with the extra-long handle, this tool will give comparable driving power to that of a 16-ounce steel claw hammer.

However, this isn’t the most attractive feature about the hammer- the titanium head is the major selling point! With such rugged material, this claw hammer will maintain its shape and beauty throughout its entire lifetime.

  • It has a titanium head.

  • The sturdy handle is extra-long.

  • It delivers similar driving power to that of a 16-ounce steel claw hammer.

  • It’s the most expensive pick on the list.

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#8 Spifflyer Claw Hammer

Spifflyer Claw Hammer

Our next option shares some features with the just-reviewed tool. For instance, it is an 8-ounce tool with an overall length of about 6 inches. Therefore, we can also conclude that it is made for use in tight areas that can’t accommodate larger hammers. The small size also makes it is easy to take to the intended site of use.

Unlike other larger models that claim much space in your toolbox, this amazing tool will only demand a tight spot in your tool case. The alloy steel drop forged construction holds the promise of long-lasting performance and will not catch rust even with daily outdoor use.

The mirror-polished head makes it a tool that professionals and hobbyists will want for their toolboxes. Users also delight in the double-colored grip since it provides an excellent grasp for better user control.

To prevent the hammer from slipping-off the user’s hand, this handle has finger grips that will accommodate nearly all hand sizes. And like any other model on the list, the head has a claw for multiple uses. Surprisingly, the price is affordable and favors nearly all budgets.

  • It is compact and convenient to store.

  • It is very portable.

  • The double-color handle makes it highly conspicuous.

  • It works better for small and medium hands than for big hands.

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#9 Edward Tools Claw Hammer with Fiberglass Handle

Edward Tools Claw Hammer

This tool from Edward Tools is for all-round home and commercial use. I mean, whether you want it for your use in your workshop or home projects, expect it to deliver outstanding performance in whatever you throw at it.

The manufacturer combines excellent craftsmanship with materials of the highest quality to come up with this amazing claw hammer. For this reason, it stands the test of time even when using it regularly for heavy projects in an outdoor environment.

The forged steel head has an ultra-smooth finish that protects the surface from mar. Therefore, unlike some hammers that rob your workpiece of its beauty, expect this hammer to drive or remove a nail from your workpiece without affecting its great look.

The handle is of high-quality fiberglass that offers a good grasp for a user experience that is hard to beat. The fiberglass construction of the grip also has advanced shock absorption properties for comfortable use.

The ergo grip is also a nice design since it minimizes hand fatigue. Therefore, in case you want a claw hammer for use in an extended period, you will hardly regret buying this piece. The weight of 16 ounces is good since it delivers amazing power without being overly hefty for carrying around.

  • The finger grip on the handle counts a lot.

  • It drives nails with ease.

  • It’s inexpensive for the value.

  • It is not a single-piece hammer.

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#10 CRAFTSMAN Hammer, Flex Claw (950845)


Craftsman 950845 Claw Hammer will cost you a few more dollars. However, with the value it brings to your professional and home projects, we find the price to be a fraction of what it should actually be.

The hammer features several impressive features that make it more than just an ordinary claw hammer. For instance, its claw locks in any of the four adjustable positions. This feature enhances user convenience and improves leverage when removing nails from workpieces and performing other non-hit tasks using the tool.

Furthermore, Craftsman 950845 has a large striking face to ensure that the hammer delivers a solid blow in every hit. Therefore, expect it to drive nails faster than the majority of options in the same industry. The magnetic tail starter minimizes the chances of crushing your fingers by allowing for single-hand operation.

The comfortable grip eliminates cases of the hammer slipping off the user’s hand whereas the dual-material of the handle delivers user comfort blow after another. This feature makes it a good option for heavy nailing projects such as carpentry and house building.

  • The claw is adjustable.

  • It has a large face for greater safety and a more solid hit.

  • The dual material on the handle is a plus.

  • It’s not the most inexpensive claw hammer.

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#11 Maxcraft 60626 Stubby Claw Hammer

Maxcraft 60626 Stubby Claw Hammer

Although it only weighs 8 ounces, this hammer delivers a powerful hit that drives nails faster into the hardest material. Of course, due to its size and weight, it may not handle some hefty jobs, but when you use it for what it is made for, expect it to perform just as it claims.

The smaller head and the shorter handle make it an absolute necessity for anyone looking for a hammer that can work well in tight areas where full-sized hammers can’t fit. The head is of forged steel and not soft materials that will deform after a few days of dedicated use.

Additionally, Maxcraft 60626 Claw Hammer comes with a magnetic head. This feature turns handy whether using it in tight spaces or open spaces. I mean, when driving nails on confined areas, the magnetic head will allow for one-hand operation. But in case you aren’t operating in tight areas, this feature will keep your fingers safe since you won’t have to hold the nail in position when beginning to hit.

The ergonomic grip enhances user comfort and prevents the hammer from slipping off the user’s hand when the hands become wet. This feature makes it a nice option for anyone working in the sun or for colleagues whose hand sweat a lot. And taking a closer look at the finger grips, it’s evident that it is for regular-sized to big hands!

  • The magnetic feature is good for safety and tight spaces.

  • The price is affordable.

  • It will hold up well with regular use.

  • The weight means that it isn’t good for heavy applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Are heavier hammers better?

Heavier hammers will deliver a heavier hit on the nail. However, they don’t guarantee to be the best since they are too energy-sucking to handle for long. Also, they may not be the ideal one for some projects such as framing. Therefore, the purpose of the hammer should define the weight.

Are titanium hammers worth it?

Yes. Titanium hammers are better than steel since they have a better weight. I mean, they are lighter but still heavy enough to provide a decent hit. Hence, we find them to be better than steel since they are easy to swing. Also, titanium hammers have better energy transfer than their steel counterparts. This property ensures that you get the best out of every strike.

What is the best weight for a claw hammer?

As you might have noticed, most of our hammers are 16 ounces. Any weight between 16 and 20 ounces is good for DIY and workshop projects. However, the weight of 20 ounces and more is nice for framing.

How long does a hammer last?

The durability of a hammer will depend on the frequency of use and the quality of the construction. A decent-quality hammer will serve you for a lifetime with occasional use. However, with regular use, you may need to replace it after some good number of years.

What do you consider when buying a claw hammer?

Before buying a hammer, consider the weight, design, ergonomics, the material of the head, and other factors such as adjustability. As aforementioned, the weight will be defined by the targeted applications.

In terms of design, a single-piece design is good since the handle and head remain firm throughout the unit’s lifespan. The handle needs to offer a comfortable and non-slip grasp.

In terms of material, forged steel and titanium make a decent hammer. Some hammers will also allow you to adjust the claw which definitely offers an added advantage.


Although claw hammers are easy to use, picking the right hammer in the market is a different story.

With the ever-increasing fake models out there, it’s getting harder and harder for professionals and hobbyists alike to make the right buying decision. However, with this review, things have just gotten better!

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