Top 11 Best Cleaning Spray Bottles (2024)

A cleaning spray bottle is one of the most versatile additions to your home.

Whether it is in plant spraying, air moisturizer, linen spraying when ironing, natural air freshener, or whatever spraying task around your home, this product will always come in handy.

In contrast to most versatile products, a cleaning bottle employs a very simple design for ease of use.

In fact, consisting of just a bottle, tube, and a nozzle it is easy for anyone to get the best out of this multipurpose product even for their first time.

As simple as it may seem, we still have a plethora of low-quality options you need to stay away from.

In this content, we have put together the top-of-the-line options that at their least will meet your expectations.

Uineko Plastic Spray Bottle (4 Pack, 24 Oz,...
  • 【ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE】 From a fine mist to a solid stream, the sprayer can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. Be prepared to tackle any job with a simple twist of the nozzle! Avoid waste with our extra-long tube that'll spray every last drop out!

11 Best Cleaning Spray Bottles

#1 ESARORA Amber Glass Spray Bottle Set


First, on the list, this spraying bottle comes as a set of 8 bottles.

The pack offers four size varieties; 16 ounces, 8 ounces, 4 ounces, and 2 ounces.

In other words, no matter the spraying need at hand, you will always have ideal size. Each of the bottles adopts glass construction.

Therefore, you can use it for strong oils such as citrus with the peace of mind that it will not react. And although glass construction may be fragile, you will love the durability the pack will deliver under good care.

Also, construction is chemical-free. Hence, we are safe to argue that it’s for a healthy home.

Each spray bottle has UV protection to eliminate the fear of degradation by the sun’s rays especially when you use it in the outdoors.

The spray bottles will suit a wide range of spraying needs, ranging from cosmetics and air fresheners to insecticides and home linen when ironing.

The nozzle adjusts to allow you to spray using either mist or stream depending on the nature of the task you are handling.

To choose your ideal spraying pattern, simply rotate the rotary switch to your target spray position and set.

However, for optimal performance, ensure that the rotary switch is not too loose and that you fill the bottle two thirds the capacity.

Main features:

  • The set contains eight bottles.
  • The nozzle is easy to adjust.
  • The glass construction is free from BPA and lead.
  • It has UV protection to ensure that it does not degrade with extended exposure.
  • It is very durable.

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#2 Uineko Plastic Spray Bottle


The Uineko set includes four bottles of 24 ounces each.

This capacity suits most home spraying needs and is large enough so that you don’t have to keep refilling in case of heavy spraying needs.

Nevertheless, in case you think that the 24-ounce capacity is quite big for your application, this set of spraying bottles is also available in a smaller capacity of 16 ounces.

The spray bottles are of durable chemical-resistant plastic construction. Therefore, expect it to handle the harshness of different chemicals for several years to come.

Furthermore, the spray head is of polypropylene material to ensure maximum durability.

The no-leak venting system means that the head will not leak like with the case of most spraying bottles out there.

Additionally, you will like the fact that this set comes with extra-long tubes.

This feature ensures that you use the very last drop of your chemical or solvent, ensuring that what you put in the bottle is exactly what you spray out.

The trigger is large enough to accommodate up to four fingers to help minimize hand fatigue.

Also, the pull trigger squeezes easily to allow you to prevent user fatigue.

I mean, in case you want a spray bottle that can suit heavy spraying needs, Uineko 24-ounce set should be in your priority list.

The adjustable nozzle allows you to choose between fine mist and a solid stream depending on the nature of the task in just a simple twist.

After use, the red nozzle also turns to turn it off.

Main features:

  • The set contains four 24-ounce spray bottles.
  • The pull trigger is ergonomically designed.
  • The plastic construction is chemical-resistant.
  • The nozzle is easy to adjust.
  • The extra-long tubes ensure maximum efficiency.

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#3 Bealee Plastic Spray Bottle


Once you place an order for this option, you will receive two bottles each with a capacity of 24 ounces.

This capacity is the ideal for most household uses, making it ideal for your invented home cleaning recipe!

The two bottles mean that you can use one for insecticides and other chemicals and the other one for cosmetics.

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The pack adopts HDPE plastic construction, also chemical resistant to ensure that they can stand up to the harshest chemicals.

Each bottle has a checklist on the side to make content identification easy- you will never pick the wrong chemical for the job!

In fact, the pack comes with labels for easy identification even when it is impossible to distinguish the contents by looking.

Like our previous option, the spray head of this set will not leak.

The trigger is also tailor-made to allow easy squeezing to eliminate user fatigue while the ergonomic neck ensures that you get a comfortable grip.

Hence no matter how heavy your spraying project seems, you won’t pause to rest your fingers!

The high-quality nozzle adjusts easily to deliver a fine mist or solid stream depending on your preference.

This feature means that you can also use if for multi-purposes such as for pet, lawn, cleaning, food spraying, and other many uses.

Main Features:

  • The pack contains two bottles of 24 ounces.
  • The neck of the spray head is ergonomically designed for comfort.
  • The checklist and labels ensure easy identification.
  • The no-leak mechanism eliminates wastage.
  • The nozzle adjusts for various spraying needs.

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#4 Sally’s Organics Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles


This two-pack option is of glass construction. The glass material has UV protection to ensure that it can withstand outdoor use for years.

UV protection also keeps your essential oils from the effects of UV exposure.

Also, the glass construction will allow you to use the bottle with strong oils and other harsh chemicals and solvents with the peace of mind that they will not react.

Most users love the design of the sprayer since it fits nicely into one’s hand.

I mean, it is neither small nor too large to guarantee user comfort when providing the right capacity to minimize the number of refills you need for a project.

Therefore, you will get the job done quickly and with minimal fatigue, something that almost everyone looks towards to get from a sprayer!

The extra-large tube ensures that you use all the content in the bottle to minimize waste and reduce the frequency of refilling.

The pack comes with two labels to ensure that you identify the contents of each bottle with ease.

After use, these bottles clean with ease so that you can always keep them in top condition.

The glass construction is dishwasher safe to rid you of the cleaning hassle.

Main Features:

  • The glass construction can withstand strong oils.
  • UV protection keeps the contents safe.
  • It comes with identification labels.
  • The size is just perfect for use.
  • The tube is extra-long.

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#5 Bar5F Plastic Spray Bottles


Although these plastic spray bottles come at a lower price than most options out there, they pack tons of amazing features.

For example, the duo adopts the durable HDPE plastic construction. This construction will not react even with some of the harshest chemicals and solvents.

Hence, you can always turn to this high-quality spraying bottle for most spraying needs whether for home or commercial applications.

However, before you use it for any chemical, ensure that you first confirm whether it is compatible with it.

The no-leak mechanism of the sprayer head eliminates waste and keeps your hands dry to sustain a comfortable grip.

Like most of our previous options, you will also like the ergonomic design of the trigger and the head since it helps minimize operator fatigue.

Each Bar5F Plastic Spray Bottle is thoroughly inspected before leaving the manufacturing facility to ensure that it does what it is made to do.

Therefore, if you are looking for a purchase that will hardly disappoint, this set is one of the options you can always consider turning to.

The nozzle turns smoothly to allow you to switch between fine mist and jet stream depending on the nature of the application you are handling.

Main Features:

  • It is compatible with most water-based chemicals.
  • The plastic construction is durable.
  • The nozzle turns easily for various spraying patterns.
  • Each bottle has a capacity of 16 ounces.
  • It suits both household and commercial uses.

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#6 Airbee Plastic Spray Bottle (4 Pack,16 Oz)


Even by looking at the product’s customer rating, it’s easy to tell that you are getting something high-quality.

This product comes in a set of four with each having the ability to hold up to 16 ounces.

With such capacity, we are safe that this plastic bottle will be convenient for most household and commercial spraying needs.

The HDPE plastic is recyclable and chemically resistant to maximize the compatibility of the spray bottle with most products.

The spray head on the other side is of polypropylene material to guarantee long-lasting performance.

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Also, the design of the head eliminates leaks and ensures clog-free use.

The spray nozzle rotates to let you set it at fine mist or steady spray depending on the type of bottles you are dealing with.

You will also love the concept the trigger employs since it ensures that your fingers position themselves easily on it for more comfortable use.

The internal spring is of 302 stainless steel constructions. Therefore, the spring will resist corrosion, ensuring that it holds fast to its integrity for years to come.

The elongated suction tube ensures that you spray to the very last drop, ensuring that you use even the last penny of whatever content you are spaying.

The fluid measurements on the bottle increase user convenience while the labels permit easy identification.

Main Features:

  • The spring is corrosion resistant.
  • The plastic construction does not react with most chemicals.
  • The trigger adopts ergonomic design.
  • The non-clog and leak-proof mechanism of the head minimizes wastage.
  • The calibration on the sides increases user convenience.

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#7 Bealee Plastic Spray Bottle


A large spray bottle eliminates the need for constant refilling.

Therefore, with a large spraying bottle, you will take less time to refill and more time to concentrate on your work, allowing you to finish the work faster than when using bottles of smaller capacities.

With this in mind, Bealee bottles are 32 ounces each and come in a pack of two.

This capacity means that each will comfortably hold about 950 milliliters of content, enough capacity to keep you going for quite some time. e

Each bottle has a checklist at the side to ensure that you remain organized.

The spray head comes with an approved no-leak venting mechanism to give the user a clog-free and no-leak experience.

The customizable nozzle adjusts to mist or steady stream to meet the customized user experience.

Apart from spray settings, the nozzle also rotates to close keeping your content put even when the bottle falls accidentally.

The plastic construction is very durable and will withstand the majority of harsh chemicals, making it versatile in both commercial and household settings.

The construction is also BPA-free to let you buy with the peace of mind that you are getting something safe around your home.

Main Features:

  • The two bottles have a capacity of 950 ml each.
  • The plastic bottles are BPA-free.
  • They have a checklist on the sides.
  • The nozzle adjusts for various applications.
  • The spray head will not leak or clog.

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#8 Bar5F Empty Plastic Spray Bottles


Unlike the earlier-reviewed product from Bar5F that has the capacity of 16 ounces, this set boasts twice this capacity.

Therefore, if you have heavy spraying needs, this set should suit you better than the earlier sibling.

The set also comes with two bottles, each featuring a high-quality plastic construction.

The high-grade construction combines with the improved design of the spray head to make it an ideal purchase for anyone in the lookout for a spray bottle that can suit regular use.

In fact, since it is made in the United States, you can count on this set to deliver long-lasting performance.

The multi-purpose sprayer has high content compatibility. Therefore, you can use it for spraying various chemicals and solvents without the fear that it may react.

The neck of the sprayer ensures a comfortable grasp whereas the design of the trigger minimizes user fatigue.

The length of the spray bottle extends to the bottom of the bottle to ensure that you squeeze out to the very final drop.

The easy-pull trigger makes spraying nearly effortless, allowing you to use it for hours with minimal hand fatigue.

Main features:

  • The trigger squeezes out gently.
  • It has great content compatibility for endless use.
  • The high-quality construction is durable.
  • The trigger is leak-free.
  • The sprayer comes from the United States.

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#9 Harris Professional Spray Bottle 32oz (3-Pack)


Harris Professional Spray bottle also holds up to 32 ounces of content.

The high capacity allows you to spray for longer in a single fill without the need for constant refilling. In fact, the set contains 3 cleaning spray bottles.

Therefore, you can refill all the sprayers before you begin spraying to save time. The three packs also allow you to use them for different types of sprays.

The pack of three also allows you to use the sprayers for handling different contents.

The nozzle rotates to set in different positions, allowing you to select between fine mist and solid stream.

The plastic construction is compatible with most chemicals and solvents to ensure that it handles most of your household spraying needs.

The trigger is large and provides enough space for up to four fingers, to minimize fatigue and ensure that you do not overwork one or two fingers.

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And since it is pressurized, you only need to press the trigger after filling the bottle and then it will spray in a single pull of the trigger to the last drop.

This feature makes the work more straightforward for you!

Main features:

  • The set contains three sprayers.
  • The large capacity of 32 ounces saves time.
  • It is pressurized to save effort.
  • It boasts high compatibility.
  • The trigger is extended to accommodate four fingers.

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#10 EZProUSA Commercial Spray Bottles


As the name suggests, these cleaning spray bottles come from the United States.

Therefore, you can buy with peace of mind that you are getting something of high-quality.

A set carries three bottles each with an impressive capacity of 32 lbs that suits most household applications.

However, in case you need more, you can also settle for the pack of six which also offers good value for money!

Each of the bottles comes with a unique color, that is, blue, pink, and white.

The different colors mean that you will have an easy time distinguishing the bottles, eliminating the need for labels.

The spray head is clog-free to give you uninterrupted use so that you finish the work faster.

As the majority of options on the market, the construction of this sprayer is highly durable for years of service.

The construction also boasts high solvent and chemical compatibility.

The pressurized feature simplifies the effort needed whereas the ergonomic trigger ensures a comfortable grip.

Main Features:

  • The bottles are very sturdy.
  • Each bottle comes with a different color for easy identification.
  • The triggers feature a humanized design.
  • The plastic construction is highly compatible.
  • The head is clog-free.

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#11 DilaBee Pack of 4-8 Oz Empty Plastic Spray Bottles


This option also comes in a set of four. Like the previous suggestion, each bottle comes with a unique color.

In this case, you will get a red, purple, yellow, and blue spray bottles to make them easy to distinguish even from a distance or in a poorly lit area.

The superior quality construction not only ensures long-lasting performance but also allows you to use the bottles on harsher materials and still have the confidence that they will hold up well.

I mean, you will be able to use this set in various applications no matter your choice homemade formula. The tight seal prevents liquids from leaking out to minimize wastage.

The nozzle sets at three trigger positions, that is mist, strong stream, and OFF depending on the user’s need.

Turning the nozzle to your ideal position is also a breeze- simply, twist it and that’s all!

The unique design of the trigger means that you will have an experience like no other when using these plastic spray bottles.

Main features:

  • They come in packs of four.
  • Each bottle has a unique color.
  • The trigger employs a unique design for enhanced ergonomics.
  • The superior-quality construction works with most solvents and chemicals.
  • The head creates an airtight seal to prevent dripping.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Does bleach ruin spray bottles?

You might have tried both expensive and cheap cleaning spray bottles only to find that they always go bad by the next use. Well, the problem lies in the spring located at the sprayer head. Bleach makes the spring to rust. To prevent this, ensure that you rinse the sprayer heavily after every use.

How do you unblock a spray bottle?

To get your clogged nozzle back in track, you will need vinegar and water. Mix the two at equal amounts in a deep container. Remove the nozzle and dip it inside the solution and leave it for around 10 minutes. Check the tube as you wait to remove any chucks. Take the nozzle out and fix it back. That’s it!

Can you put essential oils in a plastic spray bottle?

Unfortunately, plastic is not the perfect option for essential oils since they may break after time to lead to leaks. However, you can rely on one of our glass cleaning spray bottles on our list.

Which is the perfect spray bottle for me?

Well, if this is what you are asking yourself, you don’t need to. Just go through our hand-picked options keenly and choose the one that seems to suits your needs perfectly.

How do you clean a spray bottle nozzle?

Although soaking nozzles occasionally may help, doing a thorough cleaning is also very necessary. All you need is a brush with soft bristles to scrub the nozzle to remove any residue. After scrubbing, leave it in detergent solution and rinse with clean water.


A cleaning spray bottle will handle various spraying needs at home.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you choose the right option since it is a product you will be using more often.

Our top-notch review provides you with an easy way to get your perfect option without undergoing the overwhelming process of sifting out. Be sure to grab one from our review!

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