Top 11 Best Cloning Machines (2023)

The cloning of plants is a smart way of improving the qualities of species. With cloning machines, you can tweak genes to reproduce a variety of plants that are less prone to diseases. 

Usually, this method of propagating plants depends on modern technology. However, you need the right knowledge to apply these techniques. One of the surefire ways of cloning in large amounts is to use well-built cloning machines. 

More so, you can achieve high success rates with cloning machines. Normally, the machine comes with a cloning cabinet that creates basic environmental conditions for garden plants.

An automated cloning system with an adequate perimeter can hold a large number of clones.

Hydroponic cloning machines give an opportunity for gardeners to explore the genetic superiority of their plants.

Apart from avid gardeners, botanical laboratories use this technique for seedlings. While manufacturers of hydro cloners use different techniques, the marketplace is full of unreliable cloning systems.

However, this buying guide provides straightforward explanations of how to pick the right kit. 

Although there’s a simpler method of cloning a variety of plants.

It works by cutting off a piece of the affected mother plant and keep hydrated. This makeshift method might not provide a thriving environment for the plant. 

Premium cloning machines are easy to use and understand. Lightweight and electric cloning machines can supply light, oxygen, and nutrients. 

Apart from these features, an ideal machine comes with a submersible pump that can water dozens of plant cuttings. Let’s share other features that improve the cuttings of a cloned plant. 

Clone King 36 Site Aeroponic Cloning Machine
  • Complete 36 Site System. Reservoir, Lid, Spray Manifold with Misters, Submersible Pump (317GPH) and Inserts. Just Add Light

11 Best Cloning Machines

#1. Hydrofarm Jump Start Hot House

Hydrofarm Jump Start Hot House

This black Jump Start Hot House by Hydrofarm comes with 72 detachable cells and a base tray. The heat mat (17W/120V) helps to improve the germination of seedlings buy regulating the temperature around the root area between 10°F to 20°F. 

A 7.5-inch plastic cover (dome) sits over the cloning system and it regulates the humidity that your cuttings need to survive. So, you can use this with built-in vented-dome to grow your plants even when they grow tall and close to the height of this structure. 

Since the waterproof base tray measures 11 x 22 inches, it makes the Jump Start Hot House machine portable. Additionally, this gardening equipment comes with an easy-to-use instruction manual that enhances your basic growing tips for seeds. 

  • A 72-cell insert for seedlings
  • It ensures healthier roots for cuttings and seeds
  • Adjustable vented-dome
  • A low-power (17 Watts) clone system
  • The plastic cover of both the dome and the base tray is not sturdy.

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#2. CLONE KING Aeroponic Cloning Machine

CLONE KING Aeroponic Cloning Machine

Are you expecting consistent success rates for cloned plants or Cannabis species? The Aeroponic Cloning Machine by CLONE KING is designed with foam inserts. Also, this 36-site cloning system is easy to use.

Apart from the foam inserts, the system comes with a submersible pump (317GPH) and a spray manifold that works with misters. While this machine takes at least 5 days for roots to form under your cuttings, it allows users to start cloning quickly.

Additionally, your favorite plants will enjoy oxygenated Aeroponic mist and it can handle 25 cuttings. This impressive design has been proven to enhance the growth of a range of species for plants.

Like every plant, cloned cuttings in this machine can be transplanted into any growing environment. However, it might take about 30 minutes to install this Clone King 36 machine.

  • It’s ideal for cloning a variety of plant varieties
  • It doesn’t have a regular humidity dome that restricts your plants’ growth
  • There are a built-in reservoir and 13 spray-head systems
  • This cloning system doesn’t have an excellent temperature regulation system.

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#3. TurboKlone T96 Klone Machine

TurboKlone T96 Klone Machine

Do you want to tend your clones till their vegetative growth stages? This T96 Klone Machine by TurboKlone comes with a built-in fan system beside the reservoir.

It’s an aeroponic clone system that suspends plant cuttings and it reduces the chance of pest-causing root diseases.

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More so, this machine uses spray jets of water send to nourish your favorite plants. Apart from damages to clones, this system ensures greater yields and reduces the chances of diseases.

Another feature that boosts the structure of plants’ roots is the rounded edges of this machine. Unlike regular cloning machines that cause plant cuttings to grow with dangling parts, this T96 model suspends and keeps clone roots in upright positions.

  • Its innovative design helps plants to grow with vigor and
  • You don’t need a special growing medium to use this machine
  • It protects the roots of plants from damages caused by pests
  • It has a space-saving design
  • The system doesn’t have a built-in submersible pump.

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#4. Hydrofarm OxyCLONE Recirculating Cloning System

Hydrofarm OxyCLONE Recirculating Cloning System

This model of oxyCLONE 20 Site system by Hydrofarm has a compact design. Also, the sturdy BPA-free material is a reservoir with a protective lid. Since it’s an FDA-approved plastic, it’s ideal for promoting the healthy development of clones.

It has Active Aqua pumps for air that boosts oxygenation for a variety of plants. Usually, plants require enough concentrations of oxygen to build strong root systems. With adequate air bubbles and low-retention of heat, your clones will never lack dissolved oxygen.

Additionally, this re-circulating cloning system has an integrated 4-inch air diffuser that ensures the regeneration of your plants’ root system. There are 20 food-grade EVA foam inserts in this cloning machine and they are resistant to fungi and bacteria.

  • A premium non-toxic cloning system
  • Evaporative cooling system
  • Reusable black foam inserts that ensure a healthy rooting phase
  • When the BPA-free plastic has been used for a long period, it might become weak and porous for pathogens to attack the roots of your clones.

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#5. EZ Clone Classic Cutting System

EZ Clone Classic Cutting System

The EZ Clone Machine uses an aeroponic technology that makes cloning easier than you might have experienced. It weighs 90lbs and measures 14.7 x 10.1 x 15.6 (L X W X H).

You will see the roots of clones between 5 to 10 days. Also, this system comes as a complete package that includes a reservoir (with a lid), water pump, manifold, misters, and 16 EZ collars. However, the installation requires a simple fastening of the pump’s manifold.

Unlike other cloners, this plug and play cloning system ensures hassle-free maintenance. This 16-slot cloning machine for cuttings has a recyclable HDPE material that’s resistant to chemicals.

Furthermore, it’s durable and portable. Since its reservoir contains 2.5 gallons of water, the roots of your clones will not be deprived of nutrients.

  • Aeroponic technology
  • A leak-resistant cord that’s connected to its recessed drain
  • Durable and recyclable HDPE plastic housing
  • The design doesn’t include a humidity dome.

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#6. Clone Bucket Aeroponic Plant Cloner

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This Clone Bucket comes with unique and high-quality neoprene inserts that measure 1-5/8-inches. There are 18 inserts for your ready-to-be transplanted clones. Since these inserts are reusable, they can serve at least 5 cycles (10 weeks).

As a durable plastic bucket with a lid, the design inhibits the growth of algae. Also, its 238-GPH submersible pump uses a spray manifold. With a space-saving design that measures 10 x 10 x 10 inches, the growth of your transplant-ready roots is assured inside this machine.

Additionally, this plant cloner is quick to install and the cloning instructions are easy to understand. When you apply the right instructions, the success rate of your clones will be over in two weeks will be amazing.

  • An eighteen (18) site cloning machine
  • Quality neoprene inserts (collars)
  • It comes with a 238 GPH Pump
  • These neoprene inserts might not sit correctly.

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#7. Fast Roots Cloners Cloning Machine

Fast Roots Cloners Cloning Machine

A premium plant cloning system allows users to drain the water in its reservoir. Within 12 days of using this model of Fast Roots Cloners, you can achieve a great success rate.

It’s suitable for growing indoor plants during any season of the year. Also, this Fast Roots Cloners machine has an energy-saving design that requires 120 volts of electricity. While it measures 11 x 9 inches (28 x 23cm), the built-in reservoir contains 1.9 liters (0.5 gallons).

 Apart from indoor plants, commercial growers can use this propagation system for a range of plants. Additionally, this 7-site plant cloner is designed with a humidity dome. Other accessories include the owner’s instructional manual, clone collars, a 0.9-meter air-line tubing, and an air pump.   

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#8. Viagrow Clone Machine Aeroponic Hydroponic System

Viagrow Clone Machine Aeroponic Hydroponic System

If you are tired of using traditional cloning methods, you van clone plants faster with Viagrow Clone Machine. It’s designed with multicolored neoprene collars.

These collars can monitor the growth of different plants’ species. Also, its built-in aeroponic misting system helps to ensure proper hydration of the cuttings and it encourages quick formations of these roots.

Some accessories that come with this easy-to-assemble machine includes an extra neoprene collar and two misters. These misters and manifolds have been tested to and designed with anti-clog filter.

Since the filter is connected to the UL clone pump, your operations will aerate the reservoir. Additionally, the system maintains an ambient air temperature of between 65 -75°F.

  • The clone manifold has 360° misters
  • It’s designed with a 24 site lid and multi-colored neoprene collars respectively
  • The built-in filter and UL clone pump ensure a no-clog operation
  • The machine doesn’t come with plastic cups that hold these neoprene collars.

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#9. Plant Cloning Machine By PowerGrow Cloner

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A clone system that assures great results is everything you need to raise read-to-be transplanted clones. This model of PowerGrow Systems Plant Cloning Machine is designed with 21 sites. Also, the machine comes with a 0.25oz container of Rootech Cloning Gel and an instructional manual.

Apart from these 21 re-useable neoprene collars, other components include aeroponic spray nozzles (three 330 degrees and two 360 degrees) for cuttings.

The most significant parts of this machine are the 160GPH (Gallon per Hour) hydroponic pump and a food-grade bucket (reservoir).

With this black reservoir, you can store 3.5 gallons of water for 21 cuttings. As a heavy-duty cloning machine, it allows users to explore both hydroponic and aeroponic technology.  

  • This machine can clone your cuttings and build healthy roots between 4 to 7
  • Adjustable hydroponic pump (160 GPH)
  • A heavy-duty plant cloning and propagation machine with 21 sites
  • It’s not messy when you use this machine, but it might require extensive maintenance because there is more re-usable neoprene than regular plant cloners.

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#10. HortiPots Aeroponic Cloner Machine 

HortiPots Aeroponic Cloner Machine

Do you want to use heavy-duty plant cloners with snug-fitting cloning collars? HORTIPOTS Aeroponic Cloner Machine comes with well-built neoprene disc (1.625 inches) inserts. Also, this 35 Site HortiPots Cloning Machine works with an efficient water pump that minimizes heat levels.

Since the machine’s water pump has built-in pre-filter housing, this design prevents debris from blocking the cloner sprayers. However, this machine doesn’t require an air pump because its lid has air vents that promote the flow of oxygen.

While you can achieve desired success rates between 4 to 10 days; it depends on your cloned plants, and other factors to quicken the formation of these roots.

Get ready to enjoy a great cloning experience with a leak-proof aeroponic cloner. This HortiPots model is suitable for cloning operations in the dry growing environment because it reduces the risk of transplant shocks.

  • Foldable humidity dome that prevents leaf transpiration of cloned plants
  • It comes with a user’s guide that includes cloning tips, operations, and the setup process
  • This cloning machine is available in 35, 70, and 140 sites
  • The lid is not strong and it might bulge in the middle.

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#11. Aqua Clone Deep Water Cloner By Super Sprouter

Aqua Clone Deep Water Cloner By Super Sprouter

This model of Aqua Clone Super Sprouter plant cloning system is portable, and its reservoir is designed with multiple cords outlets for its aeration water pump.

It doesn’t require spray jets because it runs on a technology that re-circulating oxygen properly. Since the aeration pump sucks oxygen from the growing environment, it creates some turbulence that ensures nourishment for your cuttings continuously.

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Usually, oxygen-rich water is one of the factors that guarantee a successful cloning experience. Also, this Aqua Cloner contains 24 sites of multi-colored inserts.

It’s easy to remove these neoprene inserts from the lid and lift its built-in handles. With 6 extra neoprene inserts, you will have a cloning system that propagates a variety of favorite plants.

  • It’s easy to track the growth of your clones plants roots
  • An efficient pump that re-circulates oxygen
  • The plastic reservoir is elevated to maintain its water temperature
  • This plant cloning machine doesn’t come with a heat mat.

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How To Buy The Right Cloning Machines

It’s important to know the essential features that determine efficient cloning machines. Apart from the build quality, other factors like temperature and humidity controls can improve the germination success rates of cloned plants.

Let’s see what features of cloning machines lead to optimum growth.

The Site System

Unlike small growth mediums, dozens of your plant cuttings need an adequate cell site system. The 72-cell insert of seedling or cuttings is designed for heavy-duty cloning applications. However, your choice of cloning system depends on your gardening needs.

DIYers and enthusiasts of indoor plants might not need more than an 18-site system. Also, avid plant growers need sufficient space and snug-fit cells to ensure the comfort of cuttings.

It’s better to consider the size of a plant seedling (or cuttings) and spaces between these sites before choosing favorite cloning machines. While you need a wholesome cloning experience, reduce the risk of bacteria and fungi attacks on their roots.

Cloning System

What type of cloning system for plants do you need? While many premium cloners might allow you to use both aeroponic and hydroponic techniques, others are design-specific. However, the preferred method of nurturing your clone plants is a priority.

With the aeroponic cloning machine, nutrients for your plants are converted into an oxygenated formula and mixed with the reservoir’s water.

When the oxygenated water diffuses through the roots, it will enhance the growth of your clone plants. However, aeroponic cloners are easy to maintain and they create mess-free environments.

The hydroponic cloner takes its name for the design that comes with a reservoir and a lid to keep the water clean. While hydroponics systems (active and passive) ensure optimum growth, they have built-in pumps that distribute oxygen and nutrients properly.

Comparatively, aeroponic cloning machines reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal infestations better than the hydroponic cloner.

The Ease Of Setting Up Cloning Machines

Normally, cloning machines for plants require hassle-free installations because it’s an independent process.

Consider cloners that come with set up instructions and cloning tips. Apart from the installation process, you should monitor the growth rate, maturity of roots, temperature, and humidity levels. Also, the cleanliness and maintenance of your cloner determine the plant’s development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is water important in plant cloning machines?

The maintenance of pH balance is one of the significant processes in the applications of cloning machines.

With the right pH balance of water, you will see the quick development of cloned indoor herbs, plants, and garden flowers in a few weeks. However, you must avoid rainwater and tap water with heavy ions when using a cloning machine.

The performance of your cloning technique improves with quality water. Additionally, the right pH balance for cloning plants is between 5.5 to 6.5.

Since most plant cloners are electrically-powered, how should I choose an energy-efficient model?

Energy-efficiency is an important factor for plant cloners.

A low-consumption 7-site plant cloning machine should be rated below 5 watts. However, heavy-duty cloners with heat mats should consume at least 15 watts.

Final Verdict

When you see sprout from the roots of the cutting, it brings a renewed sense of hope. We understand how important it is to clone a variety of plant species.

Regardless of the purpose of your plant-cloning project, it’s wiser to use premium-quality cloning machines. Also, we are confident that any of these 11 hydroponic and aeroponic cloning machines will optimize your operations.

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