15 Best Combination Padlocks (2024)

To ensure the safety of your premises and property, you definitely must use the combination padlocks.

These are not your ordinary padlocks. They make do with a number of numerical symbols rather than keys or access cards to open and close the locks.

The symbols may come in diverse combinations and are as such not often easier to guess.

Like every other gadget, these locks come in diverse shades and structural makeups.

As such, picking the most suitable one from a pool of the many that are available might not normally be a walk in the park.

Our role in these reviews and buying guides endeavor to provide the insight you need to make an appropriate choice.

Combination Lock Resettable 4 Digit Padlock with...
  • ▶HIGH SECURITY: 4 digit combo lock offers 10,000 combinations which make it safe enough. Equipped with an advanced damper design for accurate setting of your code. No random code set.

15 Best Combination Padlocks

#1: Master Lock 178D Locker Lock Set Your Own Combination Padlock

Master Lock 178D

This padlock is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. You will find it amazing for tackling many items and installations like the gates, gyms, and lockers. It does have the trappings you need to impact these areas with absolute reliability.

Solid-body Construction

Its body is super strong thanks to the solid and powerful construction. Thanks to this strength, the padlock is well able to handle all manner of harsh impacts that are thrown at it. Moreover, it also performs well under all weather conditions.

Hardened Steel Shackle

A shackle that is manufactured using hardened steel exists. It is the shackle that connects the lock to the item or door that is being secured. By reason of the hardened steel construction, the shackle is resistant to cuts and deformities.

4-digit Dialing

The lock makes use of some four dials to open and close the items. These four combinations are really not easy to guess. As such, the security they jointly bring forth is more reliable and less likely to be hacked or accessed into anyhow.

  • Accord adequate protection from thefts

  • Comes about with a combination change tool

  • Its wide solid body gives off awesome reliability and strength

  • Lasts longer than many other locks of its kinds

  • Provides added protection to sawing and cutting

  • May not be really easy to handle when you forget the cords

  • Cannot secure larger doors and entrances

  • Costs a lot more than many other padlocks

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#2: Puroma 2 Pack Combination Lock 4 Digit Padlock


Do you have many items in your mind? The padlock you pick for the job definitely has to be multipurpose and versatile in equal measure. Place your bet on this one as it can lock the cases, toolboxes, fence, and the gym lockers, to name but a few!

Side Windows

Some windows exist at the side. The role of these windows is to allow for easy combination viewing. That way, you will not really have to guess or struggle to key in your numbers. The end result is some good and secure outcomes.

High Security

On the whole, the padlock does give off higher levels of security indeed. What with 10,000 combinations that are permutable in three or four digits? With it in your mind, you may rest easy knowing that your items are truly secure!

Resettable Numeric Combination Design

Its numeric combinations are resettable. This simply means that you are able to alter the combination as per your unique needs at any given time. That way, you get to enjoy unprecedented levels of high security whenever you want to.

  • Come about in a special design for convenient transportation

  • Usable for a wider array of applications

  • May serve as a gift to some persons as well

  • Frees you from unnecessary worries and anxieties

  • Gives you some clear views while setting the locks

  • Contains many delicate parts and components

  • Requires excessive levels of attention on your part

  • Not for use in cramped up spaces

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#3: desired tools Padlock – 4 Digit Combination Lock

desired tools

Could it be that you are a forgetful person? We are pleased to announce to you about this padlock. It is meant for persons like you. That is because it is simple to set and rest. Chances of you mixing the digits up is hence remote.

Powerful Construction

The padlock does feature a powerful construction indeed. The zinc alloy, plated steel, and all-weather metals have been used to make it up. Together, they see to it that the lock is resistant to all kinds of weather issues and work well in the meantime too!

10,000 Unique Combinations

This lock gives you a whopping 10,000 unique combinations to choose from. It is practically impossible for anyone to guess these combinations. That means one thing: Your items are secured safely and securely at any given time.

Numerous Color Options

Lastly, the lock comes about in many color combinations and options for you to yet again choose from. Thus, it is possible for you to match your locks with the gates and other installations you intend to safeguard from undue access.

  • Good enough for many applications

  • Handles general storage operations well

  • Its numbers are legible enough for you to read with ease

  • Gives you the chance to set your own personal codes

  • Easily maneuverable even for a starter

  • Calls for some added expertise to handle and operate

  • Easily damaged by impacts and scratches

  • Not so great for use in poor weather

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#4: Disecu 4 Digit Combination Lock


Wanting a padlock to take you longer and further? This is the one we would ask that you choose for your job. Why you may ask? It boasts of durable material construction and an excellent design indeed. The cast metal body is the one that is chiefly responsible for this.

Hardened and Plated Steel

Its body is entirely made of hardened steel material. Thus, the lock exhibits some tough and powerful character. In this way, it performs well even in moments that are ordinarily disparaging to the ordinary locks.

Added Level of Security

With this lock, you get to achieve ad added level of security. This is brought about by a combination of 4-digit number locks, 10, 000 unique combinations, and tough construction. They take all the stress away from your mind to give you added peace.

2.5-inch Long Shackle

A long shackle that measures 2.5 inches closes the list of its awesome features. The shackle, through its sheer length, is capable of giving you some extra conveniences you would not obtain elsewhere. It also binds the locks pretty effectively.

  • Resists the various agents of weather and deterioration reliably

  • Manages convenient keyless operations

  • Small enough to carry around with absolute ease

  • Usable on the luggage as well

  • Brings about added advantages than the standard locks

  • Its repairs and maintenance are costlier

  • May injure you if you handle it recklessly

  • Calls for extra care and attention on your part

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#5: Losecu Combination Locks, Losecu 4 Digit Combination Padlock


Sometimes you want your padlocks to add some beauty and elegance to your home and property. Not every padlock taken randomly may deliver that end though. Only that one that bears stylish appearances like this one may provide you that benefit.

Sturdy & Durable

On the whole, this padlock is sturdy and durable in equal measure. These two are brought about by the premium zinc alloy and hardened steel makeups. As such, it is pretty resilient to all forms of damages and impacts that ordinarily come about.

Classic Metal Locking Mechanism

The padlock also yields a classic metal locking mechanism. This is due to the fact that it is capable of withstanding all the harsh weather conditions and circumstances of use. The excellent craftsmanship is the one that is responsible for this.

Awesome Portability

All factors considered, this padlock is small, light in weight, and truly portable. You will find it a convenient item to carry around whenever you might have to do so. Why would you trade it for something too heavy?

  • Resets with absolute ease

  • Its codes are more difficult to crack

  • Delivers strong anti-theft performance

  • Gives you the peace and focus you need for the job

  • Cool and stylish in appearance

  • Becomes too obsolete a bit too soon

  • Brings about limited value for money

  • Cannot accept any upgrades and attachments

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#6: AmazonBasics Book Safe, Key Lock, Black


Do you travel a lot or change your locations every quite often? You want to place your bet on a padlock that is small compact and truly optimized for matters of regular travels. Perhaps no better lock than this one exists.

Excellent Design

This lock comes about with some excellent design indeed. Its spine and the fabric cover are both structures to look like a book. This design is small, compact, and well able to store and access it conveniently at any given time.

Easier to Operate

You will also find this padlock comparatively simpler to operate. Just by lifting the front cover, the actual cover of the safe will be revealed easily. In this way, any undue thefts will be deterred and kept to the absolute minimum.

Perfectly Surreptitious

When all is said and done, the padlock does stay out of the view of any person who might come across it. It is as a matter of fact too inconspicuous to be noticed by any other person easily. Thus, it is a good one to count on if your area is too unsafe.

  • Looks like a book

  • Good for hiding extremely small valuable

  • Blends with other items easily

  • Unlikely to be broken into or accessed illegally

  • A good traveling companion

  • Loses its strength and stature too soon

  • Quite unreliable for long-term use

  • May inconvenience a serious person

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#7: ZHENGE, 4 Digit Combination Padlock


Could it be that your area experiences heavier impacts and other agents of damages? Well, this is a good combination lock to try your luck on. It is structured to endure the test of time owing to the durable structural makeup. As a matter of fact, it is the most durable of all.

Sturdy Construction

This lock does feature a sturdy construction indeed. It is manufactured using only durable materials. Among these are the hardened steel and zinc alloy. Together, these materials act to confer added strength and vitality to the padlock in such a way as to make it very reliable.

Pretty Reliable

The lock is pretty reliable by all measures. That is because it resists corrosion, rust, and all adverse weather elements. Moreover, it may even stand tall to sawing and cutting. In these ways, it retains its stature regardless of the prevailing external conditions.

Resettable Combination Lock

As a last benefit, the lock also resets easily. This is a feat it achieves by relying on some four dial combinations. Thanks to this arrangement, you will easily determine the security level that is desirable to you at any given time.

  • Relatively simpler to make use of

  • The numbers are larger to behold

  • Manages effortless operations

  • Suitable for daily usage

  • Stands tall to the extremes of weather conditions

  • Demands excess muscle power to operationalize

  • Costly to acquire and maintain

  • Takes up huge storage and mounting spaces

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#8: Fayleeko Combination Lock


Could it be that you have numerous doors in your mind? Look up to no other padlock than this one. It is highly versatile and multipurpose. On account of this, it is also capable of fitting many places and areas with absolute ease.

4-digit Combination

The lock uses the four-digit combination to secure our belongings and premises. These combinations are also easily resettable and remember. With these awesome combinations, it is possible for you to rest easy knowing that the safety of your premise is cared for.

Humanized Design

A humanized design comes in as part of this padlock. Thanks to this design, the padlock is portable, safe, and convenient to handle and operationalize. Moreover, it also comes about with a side window design. This one makes the tasks of monitoring your progress smoother.


As noted above, this padlock is multipurpose in the sense that it can handle many applications with ease. You may, in fact, use it to tackle your light everyday tasks like securing your cupboards and fences. It hence brings about higher returns on investments.

  • Safe and convenient to make do with

  • Its code is difficult to crack or guess

  • Negates the need for a key or card

  • Backed by a generous customer service regime

  • Secures many items and devices

  • Easily sustains rust

  • Breaks apart too soon when bombarded with heavy impacts

  • Has a shorter lifespan on the whole

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#9: Sawyer Products Practice Lock Set

No products found.

Are you a starter in the field of padlock use? Have no prior skill or experience? Fret not. This padlock has you well taken care of. It is very simple in scope, stature, and makeup. For these reasons, it is a good one to start out with.

Stainless Steel Material

It is wholly made of stainless steel. For this reason, the padlock is stronger and truly very reliable. That is because the material stands tall to all the agents of deterioration like rust and corrosion. This means it takes less to maintain as well.

Enhanced Durability

With the steel makeup, the padlock also lasts longer on the whole. It, in doing so, brings about to you added value for your money. You will generally incur limited spates or incidences of repairs and maintenance as is the case with other users.

Awesome Simplicity

All factors take into account, the padlock is truly simple in scope and structural makeup. Thus, it is easier to comprehend and make good use of it. You do not really have to possess that much skill to be able to comprehend and utilize it.

  • Lasts a fairly long duration of time

  • Able to handle many uses and applications

  • Brings about the desired ends faster

  • Starters and less experienced persons will find it handy

  • Does not confuse anyone with regards to use

  • Too simple for complex applications

  • Less durable than many others

  • Becomes too obsolete a bit too soon

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#10: SURE LOCK TSA Approved Travel Luggage Locks


Many metallic structures cannot perform well in winters. That is because the metallic structures become too taut and incapable of remaining strong and true to their characters at such times. Not so with this one. On the contrary, it remains truly resilient even when it is too cold.


We have already explained that this padlock is resistant to colds. The hardened stainless steel interiors are the ones chiefly responsible for this feat. With these padlocks on your hands, count on them not to let you down at all.

Ultra-tough Alloy Body

Some ultra-tough alloy material adorns the body of this padlock. Being tough, the material assures you of the support and reliability you need to do a good job on the whole. It also spares your locks from the excesses of baggage handling.

21.67 mm Shackle Loop

Lastly comes the shackle lop that measures the impressive 21.67mm. This one works hand in hand with any kind of luggage lock. It also ensures a fair degree of reliable operations all the time. In light of this, the lock does confer added value for money.

  • Very durable and longer-lasting padlock

  • Comes along with some money-back guarantee

  • Accompanied by the inspection indicator for added progress

  • Notifies you of any dangers or misplacements

  • Approved by the Transport Security Administration

  • Performs poorly in the hot weather

  • Develops cracks a bit too soon

  • Costly to care for and maintain

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#11: DELSWIN 4 Digit Combination Disc Padlock


If the area you stay in experiences huge fluctuations in external weather conditions, this is the padlock to put your trust in. It applies to all weather conditions as it is resilient enough to perform well under just about every other condition available. Pick and use it hence…

Strong and Powerful Construction

In all, the padlock exudes some strong and powerful construction indeed. This is brought about by the hardened steel materials. They give off increased strength as well as overall enhanced security. Your confidence and peace of mind are hence taken care of.

4-digit Combination Disc

The codes come about in a combination of some four digits. It is not humanly possible to guess and insert these codes no matter how much you attempt. This can only mean one thing: That the locks give off some added levels of security.

Stainless Steel Discus Padlock

In all, also, the padlocks comprise some discus that is manufactured using stainless steel materials. So strong are these materials that they stand tall to cutters and other agents of heavy impacts. Your security and goodwill are obviously cared for.

  • The codes are easier to set and remember

  • Heavy-duty make up enhances its long-term reliability

  • Does not need a key to operationalize

  • Strong enough for the heavy commercial vehicles

  • Remains resilient in moments of adverse weather

  • Be ready to pay more to maintain it

  • Quite complicated to handle and operationalize

  • Calls for some prior expertise to handle

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#12: MOAOO Lock Set

No products found.

Are you engaged in matters of safety and security as a fulltime career? If you are, the padlock to place your bet on should be none other than this one. It is comprehensive in scope and hence well able to handle many applications and circumstances of use.

Transparent Lock Included

A transport lock comes about and forms a part of this locking mechanism. The lock basically plays the role of enhancing the strength and the safety of the padlock altogether. Thus, it sees to it that your items are fully and wholly secured.

17-piece Toolset

In total, the set comprises 17 tools in its entire package. These tools are useful for handling all kinds of situations and circumstances of use. They hence negate the need to look elsewhere for your needs not to mention also according to unparalleled conveniences.

Portable Storage Bag

Lastly comes a storage bag. You place the items in these bags and haul them from one place to another smoothly. Being portable, the bag allows for the smooth transportation of the items from one place to another. It also demands limited muscle power from you.

  • Comes about with its own transport lock

  • Comprehensive in scope and stature

  • Perfect for all kinds of practical tools

  • Locks many kinds of installations

  • Saves greatly on the time and effort necessary

  • Only for the experienced experts

  • Requires a fair mastery of the technical skills

  • Clutters your workspace considerably

No products found.

#13: Champs Combination Realtor Lock


Could it be that you are a janitor of a residential establishment? If you are, the lock to pick and make use of should a master key. We are pleased to inform you that this lock is capable of bringing about this benefit. It is indeed capable of handling many doors and structures.

Backside Padding Prospective

A backside padding does exist in the padlock. This one allows you to protect the surfaces of your doors considerably. It does so primarily because it prevents the abrasive forces from inflicting untold damages to the locks in the long run.

High-standard Quality

Then, the entire structure does embody some high-standard quality. The zinc alloy materials are chiefly responsible for this end. It is 10 times more durable than your ordinary metallic structures. These keep you valuable in many situations.

Awesome Storage Capacity

Unlike your standard padlocks, this one does comprise an awesome storage capacity. It is indeed possible to fit up to three to five regular size keys. Thus, it does aid with hanging on the school locker and the doorknobs.

  • Backed by a generous warranty

  • Safer and convenient to handle than many other padlocks

  • Possesses user-friendly interface and structural makeup

  • Its pass-code is easier to change any time

  • Holds emergency spare keys also

  • Prone to duplications

  • Incomplete and in need of extras to operationalize

  • Easily gets lost or suffer pilferage

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#14: GIVERARE TSA Approved Luggage Locks


Is your search for the best combination padlock dictated mainly by the need for use in airport suitcases? Here are your padlocks. These padlocks indeed are approved by the Transport Security Administration. They are hence more likely to deliver the required benefits.

Easy Setting Keyless Dials

A dial exists to help with setting the codes. This dial does not make use of or requires a key as is the case with many other locks out there. Thus, it contributes to better performances and outputs, all factors considered.

Unbreakable Locks

On the whole, the locks are unbreakable. For this reason, it adds some security to you. Further to this, the locks also resist rust, corrosion, and other agents of deteriorations that ordinarily come along. All these combine to up your security and peace of mind.

3 mm Diameter Steel Cable

A steel cable with a diameter of 3 mm rounds up the list of the top features of this padlock. The cable plays the role of attaching to the doors and the items to be handled. It is strong enough to accommodate 220 pounds of weight.

  • Lets you travel to a whopping 29 countries with ease

  • Takes good care of your security in all airports

  • Resists scratches and other agents of damages

  • Gives off a sense of luxury and wellbeing

  • Handles many kinds of situations with the utmost reliability

  • Limited only to matters of transportation

  • A bit delicate and unable to manage long-term applications

  • Likely to break or fall apart easily

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#15: KeyGuard SL-590 Punch Button Key Storage Wall Mount Lock Box

KeyGuard SL-590

Just in case you handle many people at a time, you want a lock that is similarly easily operable and comprehendible by many people. Waste, not your time with any other lock then this one. It is easily operated by many persons at any given time.

ABS Plastic-coated Vault

Its vault is coated using the ABS plastic material. These coatings adorn some interior metal frames that are strong and truly resilient. It plays the role of shielding the surface from scratches and corrosion. This way, it maintains the lifespan of the structure altogether.


Using this padlock, it is possible for you to handle many tasks and purposes at a time. It is multipurpose and able also to conform to many circumstances of use at any given time. You will find it awesome if you are a realtor or a janitor.

Phone-style Keypad

Its keypad comes in the form of that of a phone. As such, you will find it pretty simple to memorize the keypads and juggle your ways through. This makes the tasks of setting the right codes greatly simplified than would ordinarily be the case.

  • Accords sufficient interior storage space

  • Holds the keys of cars and cards too!

  • Weighs a paltry 0.68 kg

  • A perfect solution for many real estate applications

  • Exceedingly strong and secure for long-term use

  • Too complicated to the average user

  • Takes too long to yield the desired ends

  • Not so convenient to operationalize

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are combination padlocks secure?

YES, they are more secure, in fact, that your ordinary key locks. Its operational mechanism is such that you do not have to purchase or make use of keys. This way, you have your property secured with almost no effort on your part.

Is there a padlock that cannot be picked?

YES, there are! However, they are few and far between. As such, you are highly advised to stay away from them as the risks of upkeep rise when you forget the codes. Just stick to the standard keyways for your own good.

What is the hardest lock to cut?

The Abloy’s range or brand is the one that is ordinarily too hard to cut. They are manufactured using the strongest materials available. That being the case, you have them for your utmost peace of mind and safety.

Can bolt cutters cut through hardened steel?

NOT really! Indeed nothing can cut through the hardened steel materials. That is why they are extensively used in locks. Find and make use of one for your own maximum safety and absolute peace of mind.

Is it possible to shim a combination padlock?

A shim is a tool that is used to bypass the padlocks. It is simply impossible to shim the combination padlocks. The reason being that these padlocks are structured in such a way as to prevent any unauthorized access. Thus, the combination locks are safer and more reliable.

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