11 Best Combination Squares (2023)

Whether you are confirming the measurements of civil constructions of woodworking projects, a combination square is an ideal tool that determines accuracy. Usually, operators set squares to measure 90-degree and 45-degree angles.

While many of their blades come are designed with metric values, other blades use graduations systems

Don’t forget that cast-iron, steel and aluminum combination squares have many features too. With this tool, you can improve the quality of craftsmanship, or ruin your decision-making process during projects.

So, it’s necessary to use it carefully before you mark lines on pipes and tubing and any workpiece.

Apart from checking for squares, the protractor of combination squares can help you measure different angles accurately.

With the best combination squares, users can ensure quality standards and measure thickness levels.

Since the blades of combination squares are thick and they have prints of easy-to-read values, they are must-haves for every toolbox.

If its gangly shape doesn’t fit your small toolbox, you can hang it on concrete walls or wooden boards.

The blade of a combination square is like a normal ruler, but it’s longer and could measure up to 16 inches. However, rust-proof combination squares are durable.

You can use them in outdoor environments without the impacts of weather effects. More so, the measuring edge of a steel square that has indelible markings can be read in poorly-lit workspaces.

Consider factors like the lock-bolt, machined-edges and scriber points are important.

Top 11 Combination Squares

#1. iGaging 4-Inch & 6-Inch Double Square Set

iGaging 4-Inch & 6-Inch Double Square Set

This 1.2 lbs iGaging Combination square set comes with a hardened steel blade and uses a non-metric system. While it allows you to check corners for squares, it’s designed with 4R graduations. Additionally, these double squares have satin-chrome blades with finely-printed increment are easy to read.

With this set of 4R steel blades, you can obtain high-precision values during woodworking and engineering projects. As a quality tool, this set of squares comes in a sturdy storage case. Also, the hard-body case has a foam insert that protects every component of this tool.

The quality of construction aligns with global accuracy standards. However, the accuracy level of this iGaging square set is 0.0008″ per inch, and the 6-inch square comes with a bubble level.

  • Hardened blades

  • The 4-inch 4R blade has a 2.5-inch base, and the 6-inch 4R blade comes with a 3.75-inch base

  • Their graduations are in 8ths, 16ths, 32nds, 64ths increments

  • You might need to deburr the sharp edges of these rulers.

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#2. Irwin Tools Combination Square

Irwin Tools Combination Square

IRWIN Tools Combination Square is a woodworker’s delight. It’s a 12-inch tool with a stainless steel blade. Usually, precision squares with rust-proof properties are high-quality tools.

This combination square has black prints of machine-etched scales that are easy to read. This dependable tool helps to determine accuracy and squareness. Also, the contrasting colors of its cast-zinc frame and the markings on its steel blade allows you to mark angles and draw lines accurately.

While this feature is ideal for marking 90° and 45°, you can use the T-bevel like a depth gauge. Additionally, this model of IRWIN Combination Square is durable, and its measuring scales fit rough carpentry jobs.

  • It’s suitable for transferring measurements

  • Durable metal components

  • High resistance to rusts

  • The surface of its ruler blade is not scratch-proof

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#3. Mr. Pen 12-Inch Combination Square

Mr. Pen 12-Inch Combination Square

With its spring-loaded brass bolt, the Mr. Pen 12-Inch Combo Square tool helps you to get accurate measurements. It comes with precision-etched scales centimeters and inch graduations too.

This metal square has a rust-proof stainless steel blade that’s durable. Also, this carpenter’s square can be used for measuring, stonemasonry, woodworking, and framing projects.

Apart from drawing 90 and 45-degree angles, you can determine flatness on wooden frames with this model of Mr. Pen combination square set.

Another amazing feature is the strength of the steel angle ruler. Its alloy construction allows the ease of reading measurements. Unlike other combination square sets, the simple markings do not provide marginal inaccuracies.

  • It’s level and brass scriber are easy to use

  • Standard graduations in 1/32, 1/16, and 1/8 inches

  • The brass bolt is spring-loaded

  • The quality of its etchings is not very impressive.

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#4. Peachtree Woodworking Supply Clamping Square Set

Peachtree Woodworking Supply Clamping Square Set

Wouldn’t you like to square your tool against a finished edge with sturdy positioning-square sets? Squaring your carpentry materials will be easy with this Peachtree Woodworking Supply impact-resistant polycarbonate combination square. It allows you to use a C-Clamp and an F-Clamp respectively.

This pack of 8-inch square is suitable for setting standard 90 degrees, T-joint corners, all four corners, and outside right angles.

It’s a versatile and compact tool for projects that require 90-degree measurements of concrete and wooden corners. Also, you can multi-task with this set of 7/8-inch (thick) squares and hold it with clamping jigs securely.

The weight balance of this polycarbonate combination square ensures tight grips of different workpieces during projects.

  • It’s ideal for the inner and outer corners of a joint

  • Durable polycarbonate construction with a bright color

  • Compact grips

  • Each side of the square has embossed etchings

  • You’ll need an extra budget for F-Clamps and C-Clamps.

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#5. Johnson Level & Tool Metal Combination Square

Johnson Level & Tool Metal Combination Square

You need ‘combo squares’ with machine-etched graduations on stainless steel blades to avoid errors. With this Johnson Level & Tool Combination Square, you can measure and draw angles accurately.

While its 12-inch steel rule allows you to re-draw along existing lines, it improves the quality of your woodworking, metalworking, and stonemasonry applications. You’ll know a combination square with decent construction when it comes with finely-gauged edges of 1/32nds, 1/16ths, and, 1/8ths graduations.

The cast-zinc miter head of this tool doesn’t wobble, but it’s sturdy and durable. Also, this metal component has a built-in level vial that produces minimal inaccuracies. As a lightweight tool, you can flip easily.

  • Detachable scriber

  • Hardened steel blade with high resistance to corrosion

  • Its 45-degree angle is suitable for forming miter joints.

  • The stainless steel blade has auto-Lock assembly

  • When the reference edge is very small, the bubble level doesn’t determine levelness.

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#6. Swanson Tool Combination And Speed Square

Swanson Tool Combination And Speed Square

Sturdy combination squares with rulers that don’t bend under pressure can serve for many years. This set of Speed Square by Swanson Tool contains a thick-metal combination square. As a pro-grade layout tool, it’s a reliable tool for rafters, woodwork and carpentry enthusiasts.

With the pouch, you can transport this set of tools without using a toolbox. Another fascinating feature is the pocket-friendly Swanson Blue Book that allows you to measure accurate lengths of rafter during roof constructions.

The quality of this square is superior to the rulers of regular combination squares. While Swanson Tool’s combination square is made from stainless steel, the frame of its speed square is lightweight aluminum. Also, you can measure the radius of lumber edges like a pro.

  • These tools are made from heavy-gauge metal

  • The kit contains accessories like built-in line scriber, level, protractor, saw guide, miter square, square, and a

  • Affordable

  • The stainless steel combination square is not scratch-proof, and might not be resistant to rough workspaces.

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#7. TICOFTECH Combination Square

TICOFTECH Combination Square

Well-machined combination squares are ideal for marking 90 and 45-degree angles. With this 12-Inch model of TICOFTECH Combination Square, beginners and experts can complete their tasks satisfactorily.

Apart from the square, this multi-functional layout tool comes with a bubble level, depth gauge, and scriber. Also, the blades come with dual-sided markings of inches and millimeters (British and Metric systems). This Chrome blade has heavy-duty and rust-proof construction.

It’s helpful for level markings and precise measurements. However, the cast-zinc body has a bright orange color and a built-in regulating screw. These user-friendly components are resistant to everyday wear and tear.

  • It allows you to transfer precision angles

  • This handy gauge is ideal for rough construction jobs

  • The inch/metric stainless steel ruler ensure an accurate level and square markings

  • It comes with 2 HB pencils for woodworking projects

  • This 8.8-ounces craft has more weight than other heavy-duty combination squares.

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#8. Starrett Combination Square

Starrett Combination Square

Starrett Combination Square has built-in scriber, reversible lock-bolt, and spirit level. Its tempered steel blade is etched with clear markings and sharp graduation. This 1.22-lbs handy tool is convenient to use and it allows you to make quick measurements during projects.

Unlike manufacturers that use cheap plastic and die cast-heads, Starrett offers quality cast-iron heads that are durable. Also, the blade aligns with the miter heads The strength of this tool’s hardened steel combination square fits a range of applications.

You can optimize all level markings and squaring functions with this portable combination square. Additionally, it allows quick readings of 8ths, 16ths, 32nds, 64ths graduations.

  • The miter head has coatings of a black wrinkle finish

  • The adjustable blade is attached to a spring-loaded and reversible lock-bolt

  • Tempered steel blades

  • The ruler does not have the reflection of a normal satin chrome finish.

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#9. Kapro Combination Square

Kapro Combination Square

This 12-inch Kapro Combination Square fits into toolboxes easily. It comes with a zinc head, a built-in belt holster, and a stainless steel scribe. Also, its 325M magnetic slide-lock uses powerful magnets that hold the ruler securely.

This component ensures accurate measurements during roofing, and metalworking projects. The stainless steel blade allows you to read the scale with minimal errors. As a reliable layout tool that’s etched with centimeters/millimeters and inches graduations, users can determine 45, and 90-degree angles without hassles.

While the materials of this Kapro combination square is durable, its components are user-friendly. Additionally, the height pattern of this 12-inch rule provides the ease of transporting and storing this tool after each use.

  • Six powerful magnets

  • It’s suitable for woodworking, roof constructions, and stonemasonry

  • The scale is easy to read

  • It might not square up nicely.

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#10. ChgImposs Adjustable Combination Square

ChgImposs Adjustable Combination Square

ChgImposs Combination Square is a 12-inch adjustable tool that gets the job measuring done quickly. Since the ruler is made from quality stainless steel, we don’t expect the material to be corrosion-prone.

While it meets a range of leveling needs, you can use its protractor, plumb level, square heads, and horizontal level, conveniently.

The unique design of this combination square’s laser technology allows for high-precision readings. Also, this pro-grade tool provides a range of between 0 to 180-degree measurements. Apart from measuring woodworking applications, you can use this model of ChgImposs Square to mark layouts.

Additionally, its multi-azimuth measurement is suitable for some types of seismic surveys. Its blade’s edge with inch and metric graduations might be straight, but the adjustment screw allows you to measure an irregular workpiece.

  • A 12-inch standard size

  • It comes with easy-to-use angle measurer, self-storing scribe, marking and depth gauge

  • Stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials

  • This tool does not come in a sturdy carrying case.

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#11. Starrett 13A Double Square

Starrett 13A Double Square

If you have a small toolbox, this small 4-inch Double Square by Starrett is an ideal choice. It comes with an adjustable stainless-steel blade. This sliding blade allows more ease of use than regular fixed blades. Also, it’s attached to a smooth adjustment-screw that allows you to adjust and slide the blade on your workpiece.

Since this thumbscrew is user-friendly, you can adjust the blade with one hand. With this hard-textured blade, you use its 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, and 1/64-inch graduations for rough patternmaking and toolmaking projects.

Additionally, the compact design and small size of 13A Double Square allows users to set or check 90-degree angles. Apart from being adjustable, this sliding blade is accurate and durable.

  • It allows you to draw a line on an existing line

  • An adjustable blade

  • A 4-inch and pocket-friendly square

  • It comes in Inch graduations

  • The edges of this stainless steel blade are very sharp.

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What To Check Before Buying Combination Squares

The edges and burrs of the regular combination square might be a safety hazard for users. However, the work surface and components of any measuring tools should be inspected before purchasing them. This buying guide provides more information that helps you to identify the right combination square for any project.

The Quality Of Construction

Since combination squares contain basic components like the miter head, blade (or rule), scriber, and bubble vials.

While some models of combination squares use plastic components, well-built models have sturdy metal components. Aluminum is a lightweight material that provides clear contrasts of markings on its surface.

Usually, stainless steel blades often retain the black prints of machine-etched markings. It’s important to buy combination squares with rust-resistant blades.

However, you should consider materials that don’t bend or break under pressure from work tools or applications. These types of combo/double squares are durable.


While premium layout tools look attractive at first glance, there’s no assurance of providing high-precision measurements. However, the right combination square must square up and measure angles accurately.

The black markings on your favorite combination square should be easy to read. If your combination square isn’t accurate, it might affect the quality of your craftsmanship.

The Blade’s Quality

Heat-tempered blades are hardened and durable. Usually, top-rated combination squares can retain their etched markings for many years. Even under the effects of harsh weather conditions, the quality of steel or Chrome blades will not lose their bright appearance.

Consider blades with a range of graduations (Metric, Inches, Millimeters or Centimeters). A good example is the maximum limit of 1/64th of an inch. Versatile combination squares often have micro-measurement graduations.

Bubble vial

With a built-in bubble vial, you can use the combination square like the spirit level of plumb tools. While your square, it’s necessary to ensure the levelness of the workpiece. However, a laser level enhances the accuracy of your combination square more than regular bubble vials.


The scriber works like a lead pencil, and it’s often attached behind the combination square. However, it comes with a steel tip that helps to mark clear lines on different surface materials.

Woodworkers and machinists prefer to use scribers because it creates fine lines that enhance accuracy. While pencil marks might be easy to rub-off, the scriber’s mark doesn’t erase quickly.

Miter (Square) Head

The miter head or anvil is one of the sturdiest components of combination squares. Usually, it has an adjustable screw that allows you to slide the blade of combination squares. Also, you can use the bearing surfaces on miter heads to gauge 45 and 90 degrees.

Since the combination square allows you to mark lines, it might be helpful to increase your accuracy with set angles. Additionally, this miter head allows the blade to run through its built-in slot. While the screw locks the metal blade, the anvil ensures a specific right angle that ensures accurate measurements with the combo square.

The Benefits Of Well-Made Combination Squares

The primary function of any combination square used is to measure 90° and 45° angles. Apart from checking for square (as the name implies), you can measure the thickness of the workpiece with this tool.

Don’t forget that combo squares come with a range of components. Also, the designs of combination squares don’t limit users from measuring the mid-points of circular objects too.

While their protractor heads help to set angles, they are often limited to 180 degrees. However, protractor heads with double-side markings can measure up to 360-degrees angles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you determine inaccuracies with a combination square?

It’s a common issue with combination square users, but there’s an easy method of determining the squareness of this tool.

Place the miter head against a piece of a wooden board, and form an L-shaped square with the steel blade. You’ll need either a pencil or the scriber of your combination square to draw a line.

Ensure to draw the line along the blade’s edge. Don’t forget that longer lines enhance the level of accuracy. So, flip your tool over and place the other side of its anvil against the wooden piece.

Align the blade with the marked line and see whether it fits. If you see a V shape, it’s an inaccurate measurement from a poorly-built combination square.

What are the components if the Anvil?

The anvil of combination squares have adjustable screws, but spring-loaded brass bolts are preferable. You need this component to be solid because it’s often used during projects. Also, the brass bolt ensures accurate settings. Consider CNC-machined anvils because they are very durable.

Final Verdict

There are inferior work tools in the marketplace, but we understand the value of using top-rated combination squares. These impact-resistant models of combination squares are must-haves.

Unlike regular combination squares, these models have indelible black-etchings on their metal blades. Also, they are resistant to corrosion and pressures from heavier work tools. You’ll optimize the performance of your craftsmanship and satisfaction of clients with any of these 11 tools.

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