Top 10 Best Compost Bins (2023)

We produce waste daily, from organic human waste to food waste, yard trimmings, kitchen garbage among others.

The smartest thing to do would be to find the best way to reuse that waste since it’s a daily occurrence.

This is where the process of composting comes in. Composting is a process that transforms organic waste into rich humus; decomposed green waste that is composed of highly rich nutrients useful for soil conditioning and fertilizers.

This process normally takes some time to occur naturally, usually between 8 to 12 months and can be a breeding ground for maggots and rodents. However, most of the time associated with composting can be cut down to a bare 3 to 6 months with the use of a compost bin.

Compost Bins are the next best thing to naturally producing humus in your own home. They come in different sizes and shape.

But the best ones will convert green waste to humus in a little over 2 months. The possibility of this process is based on the nature of compost bins, they hold your green waste in a protected enclosure that makes it easier to generate the internal heat necessary for the decomposition to take place.

The common types are based primarily on how they perform this conversion. The countertop compost bins do not perform any composting, the only help to get the process started before the green waste is transferred to an outdoor composter.

Composting tumblers are also among the best outdoor types. They allow you to easily speed up the composting process by allowing the right amount of oxygen inside.

Getting the right compost bins for your needs seems to be a tricky one which is why after much research and deliberation we have personally handpicked the best compost bins to make this process easier for you.

We’ve looked at their ease and speed of composting, durability, ease of handling, and finishing.

Vremi Tumbling Outdoor Compost Bin – Dual...
  • 42 Gal Dual Chamber Composter – Get rich compost in the shortest time possible, depending on the weather and your compost ingredients, between 2 to 3 months or less, when compared to a single chamber machine. This 42 gal composter with dimensions of 27.6 × 25.8 × 36.6 in from Vremi has 2 chambers allowing you to add fresh scraps and clippings on one chamber while the other works to finish composting.

10 Best Compost Bins

#1. EJWOX Composting Dual Capacity Tumbler (43 gallons)


This compost bin unit is a dual capacity outdoor tumbler type. At first glance, the bin looks very much like military-grade hardware which we could to be aesthetically pleasing.

The bin is made out of high-density polypropylene which inhibits ultra Violet rays and is quite sturdy for the design. The capacity is 43 gallons split into two 21.5 gallon compartments. The capacity fits the design and allows for constant aeration of the compost during decomposition.

The tumbling design is one of its highest selling points. This allows for easy mixing of the green waste as it decomposes, which ensures all parts of the green waste are composted completely and gives it a pleasant earthy smell which is a plus as this reduces the tendency for fruit flies to When eggs on the composter. When sealed shut the build will hold together on its own so you don’t need to worry about rodents getting in.


  • Tumbling Design; This design allows the composer to spin on its axis in rotation. Makes mixing easier and seamless
  • Dual capacity; allows for an uninterrupted composting to take place as you continue to fill another chamber when the other is full.
  • Durable build; the material is made out of High-density polypropylene which inhibits UV.
  • The design allows for Suitable aeration and keeps rodents out.
  • Large composting capacity, 43 gallons, will produce enough humus for suburban gardens.

  • Aeration gives the compost a pleasant earthy smell

  • Assembly instructions, easy assembly

  • The design allows for easy mixing

  • The doors a too small and limiting.

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#2. Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin (1.3 gallons)


As the name suggests this bin is a fully functional stainless steel compost bin that is well built and will fit into any countertop. This unit is of the countertop type that holds approximately 1.3 gallons of green waste. The capacity is large enough to contain several days of your kitchen waste even if you a vegetable buff, so you can get the composting process started before emptying it into an outdoor composter.

It works quite well for its size. it has a ventilated top cover that is closed off with a charcoal filter. Although this filter may not keep heat out, it sure does keep the smell contained for the short time it holds any green waste. The handle makes it easy to carry around and even easier when tying to transfer into an outdoor composter. The best part is how seamless it fits into a kitchen countertop.


  • Charcoal filter; This filtrations system keeps your kitchen smelling fresh by keeping all smell contained
  • Stainless steel durable build
  • Easy to clean
  • Free replaceable charcoal filter
  • Sturdy carrying handle

  • Elegant and simple finish

  • It cleans easy

  • Still susceptible to rust

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#3. OXO Good Grips Compost Bin (0.8 gallons)

OXO Good

This product is a countertop type compost bin that helps to get the composting process started without you having to throw out waste every day. This unit comes completely assembled with a white matte finish that sits beautifully on Any countertop. The design is simple and effective, even for its small size. It holds about 1 gallon of waste which we found to be quite small, but regardless it will hold a couples days worth of waste.

The top cover is removable so it no way inhibits the entry and exit of waste. This design even makes transferring waste to your outdoor composter easier. The inner and bottom walls are smooth and rounded to ensure waster does not cling to the bin. This design works perfectly and makes maintenance simple.


  • Detachable top cover
  • Attractive colors and design
  • Rounded bottom and smooth walls
  • Rotating handle, for easy waste transport.
  • Bright and attractive colors

  • Keeps smell contained

  • Light and durable plastic

  • Easy to clean

  • The compartment is too small

  • Not dishwasher safe.

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#4. Compost Master Large Compost Tumbler Bin (43 gallons)

Compost Master

This compost tumbler serves it’s purpose well. It will turn your green waste into humus in about 8 weeks. It has an attractive design and is also made completely out of PP (Polypropylene) which inhibits ultraviolet rays prolonging the lifespan of the material. In terms of capacity, this compost tumbler bin is large enough for providing compost on a small garden. With two compartments of 21.5 gallons each, the composter effectively helps you avoid filling up the compartment with new waste when the process of decomposition has already started.

The design ensures that the compost is aerated properly and also keeps rodents out. We found the door to be quite small for its size, but its color is quite satisfying.


  • Dual Chamber compost system; increases the efficiency of the composter
  • Waterproof and highly chemical resistant
  • Aeration system. The tumbling design keeps the compost in a good condition with a rich supply of oxygen.
  • Durable build. High density PP

  • Quick composting time

  • Heat resistant

  • Strenuous assembly time

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#5. FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter (37 gallons)

FCMP Outdoor IM4000

The FCMP tumbling composter offers a nifty solution to composting without falling into the too good to be true category. This unit has a capacity of 37 gallons split into a dual chamber. It takes up green waste and in less than 3 weeks you can get usable humus for your garden.

The unit sits on a steel frame that allows it to spin on its axis. We found the height to be adequately suited for pouring in compost. The door is also slightly large which we found as a plus for its size. The unit works as it’s supposed to and we didn’t find any issues with it. Our only concern was that the assembly instructions fails to hold up as instructions.


  • Dual-chamber
  • Tumbling composter; enables easy mixing of compost by allowing the compost bin to spin on its axis.
  • Excellent Aeration; aeration holes allow for a constant supply of oxygen
  • Quick composting time

  • Solid BPA builds.

  • Comfortable pouring height

  • The assembly instructions are unclear

  • Small dual chambers.

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#6. Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Compost Bin (1.3 gallons)


This product is countertop compost bin that helps to get the composting process started. This unit is completely made out of stainless steel and did not show any signs of corrosion on usage. It has a sleek, simple design that makes it ideal for almost any home countertop.

Ventilation holes are provided on the lid of the bin which also contains a charcoal filter. This filter is capable of holding in any smell that may occur due to waste build-up. The lid shuts tight and does not allow any fruit flies to get inside the waste. Surprisingly, it was also very easy to open. This product does not turn waste to compost, it offers a suitable alternative to throwing out your waste every day into your outdoor composter.


  • Charcoal filter; keeps the smell of your waste inside the container thereby keeping your kitchen fresh
  • Carrying handle, for easy movement
  • Sleek aesthetic design; suitable for any kitchen countertop.
  • Complete stainless steel build
  • Perfect lid design. Keeps compost bin protected and opens easy.

  • The design allows for easy cleaning

  • 1.3 gallons. Will take up a worthy amount of waste before you will need to transfer to outdoor compost.

  • Weak charcoal filter; may not hold up the smell for long.

  • Attracts fruit flies.

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#7. Envirocycle Compost Tumbler (35 gallons)


The envirocycle is sold as the most beautiful composter in the world, a title we are certain it has earned. This compost tumbler has a futuristic design and is very pleasing to behold. It comes stacking a 35-gallon single chamber composting compartment that is one of its best selling points. This large capacity allows you to convert a large quantity of waste into humus which we found useful for large rural gardens and also for suburban gardens.

Although this unit is quite pricey, it works excellently well with very little issues, the material is made out of high-quality BPA that from the looks of it will stand the test of time. This material is also UV and rust-resistant so you can be sure of a safe composting process.


  • Futuristic design; aesthetically pleasing
  • Tumbling composter; unit rotates around its axis
  • Large 37 gallons single composting compartment
  • Rust free and UV resistant
  • No assembly required; the unit comes completely assembled.

  • High-quality build material

  • Large compost bin door; allows for easy pouring

  • The unit is expensive

  • The door mechanism is flimsy.

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#8. ENLOY Compost Bin


Enloy compost bin features a simple and retro design that fits as a countertop compost bin. Its stylish look and small size make it ideal for use on any kitchen, either on the countertop or under the sink. The size is adequate for its function and the design allows you to put it anywhere in your kitchen without any leakages, drips or slips.

The top cover also comes stacked with charcoal filters that help to contain any odors produced from the waste. It has a nice carrying handle which is flexible enough to allow seamless pouring. We found this product to be quite suitable for keeping odors which ensures fruit flies do not come anywhere close to this compost bin.


  • Durable stainless steel build
  • Charcoal filter included, with two free replacements
  • Stylish retro look
  • The design of the filter housing keeps all odors inside

  • Very sturdy design, top lids fit perfectly

  • Misleading advertisement; capacity is 1 gallon

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#9. Compost Bin by GEOBIN

No products found.

If you are looking for a large durable compost bin, you are in luck, from our estimates this compost bin by GEOBIN is the best you will find in the market, although you may have manually control the composting process.

This composter is an adjustable bin with a capacity of 216 gallons when fully unrolled. It is made of a durable plastic material and is smartly perforated all through to enable constant aeration.

The design is perfect for gardener’s who require a large solution to their composting needs. Although this unit will require you to manually turn the waste while it decomposes to ensure it decomposes uniformly. The best way to use this compost bin is to stack up waste until it is almost filled to allow the waste to produce enough internal heat for it to decompose into humus.


  • Adjustable compost bin up to 216 gallons
  • Very easy to assemble; on the first trial, it took about 5 minutes to fully assemble it to our desired size
  • Excellent aeration with smartly perforated vent holes
  • Large capacity, suitable for very large garden composting. In rural areas.

  • Useful for storage applications

  • Material is susceptible to tearing on handling

No products found.

#10. Joseph Joseph 30046 Compost Bin (1 gallon)

Joseph 30046

This compost bin was designed to satisfy two purposes which it does while still actually serving as a capable compost bin. It can be used as a countertop or as a mountable compost bin, that can be mounted on doors, walls, or any flat surface in your kitchen.

It serves its purpose well and does even more. It has a capacity of one gallon so at least it would take a couple of days worth of weight before you will need to transfer into an outdoor composter. We found its aeration system to be brilliant for its size, it has vents below and has adjustable vents on top. This allows the waste to stay dry and reduces the tendency for the development of unpleasant odors and the presence of fruit flies.


  • Countertop / Mountable type
  • Adjustable air vents; reduces moisture and prevents odor build-up.
  • Charcoal filter available for countertop type
  • Excellent aeration System; keeps the waste dry and reduces any developed odors

  • Sturdy, durable build

  • Small capacity

  • The mountable type does not come with a charcoal filter

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Benefits of Using Compost Bins

Quick Compost Time

This is arguably the biggest benefit of using compost bins. Without compost bins the waste will decompose passively which would take about 8 to 12 months, to turn to humus, whereas a compost bin can produce the same result in 3 months.

Ease of operation

Compost bins are very easy to operate and handle and requires very minimal work (human input)

Aesthetically pleasing

Compost bins are pleasing to look at and can be used even in the most premium urban setting without giving off the messy, dirty appearance associated with passive pile composting.

Closed system

Compost bins have an enclosed system that keeps the odor in and keeps the rodents out. Normally compost attracts rodents and fruit flies which breed maggots. With a compost bin, you can eliminate both.


Compost bins can be used anywhere, they can be used in the kitchen, your yard, indoors, outdoors, anywhere you can think off, and on all kinds of surfaces.

Maintaining Tips and Tricks

  • Clean after use: After each compost is complete, always ensure the compost bin is cleaned before reusing it, this act will ensure your compost bin retains its qualities. This goes for both compost bins and tumblers.
  • Keep the compost bin filled with compostable waste, like kitchen waste, yard trimmings, mulched leaves, shredded paper, etc. Avoid items like meat, fish, bones.
  • Keep the compost bin away from rodents to avoid damaging the compost bin when in use
  • Wash your compost bin and store in a cool dry place when not in use. Especially the metal ones to avoid corrosion.
  • Make use of a disposable bag to protect the integrity of steel countertop compost bins


Q1. What kind of waste can input in my Compost Bin?

Ideally, you should mainly put in organic waste, green waste. These are carbon-based matter. In order words, carbon and nitrogen-based waste should be ideal for any composting system. Examples of nitrogen-based waste are, green waste, and grass, leaves, yard trimmings, Carbon wastes are mostly dry and have a brownish look.

Q2. What kind of waste should I not put into the compost Bin?

The kind of waste you should fit into the compost systems are as follows

  • Weeds that are without seeds, (spread without seed)
  • Fats and oils, dairy products, meat and fish
  • Animal manures
  • Disease plant

Q3. How often should I turn and compost?

For compost tumblers, It should be rotated 5 to 7 times every 2 to 3 days. How often you turn the compost will determine the speed at which the waste decomposes into humus for your garden

Q4. How can I speed up the composting process?

You can speed up the composting process by doing the following

  • Shred your waste before pouring into a composter. This will ensure a speedy decomposition time.
  • Turn your compost tumbler at least once daily.

Q5. How Can I avoid maggots and fruit flies on my Compost Bin?

Fruit flies are attracted to the smell of the waste so ensure your compost bin is always shut tight whenever it is not in use. It only takes a few seconds for a fruit fly to lay a batch of eggs that will later hatch into maggots.

Final verdict

Compost Bins have practically made the composting process achievable in a very short time and it is certainly worth it. If you own a garden and need homemade humus that will be cheap and readily available for your soil conditioning needs then you should get a compost bin, especially if you live in the suburbs or inside the city. It will make a difference.

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