11 Best CR2032 Batteries (2024)

A 3-volt Lithium-ion battery might have the thickness (3mm) of small pills, but it’s useful and can power big electronic devices. Some of these devices include wristwatches, toys, calculators, LED lights, weight-measuring, and medical tools.

Regardless of their miniature sizes, motherboards of key fobs are inactive when they lack the power from CR2032 batteries. Most alkaline and lithium-based CR2032 batteries can stay in sealed packs for more than 5 years without losing their juice.

When you use the best CR2032 batteries, they can power your devices with small amounts of energy and services for many years. These types of CR2032 batteries often come with longer life and nominal capacities of 3 Volts.

Usually, low-power electronics don’t exhaust the life of premium CR2032 batteries quickly. You don’t have to be technically-skilled to understand what determines the long shelf life of coin batteries. However, it’s better to keep the tear-strip of battery packs intact and free from damp environments.

While the method of storing CR2032 batteries is important, top-rated lithium coin batteries can be stored under temperature conditions of between -22 to 140 degrees (Fahrenheit). Unlike alkaline-based batteries with low-drain properties, lithium batteries have longer shelf lives.

When the juice in lithium CR2032 batteries is exhausted, they don’t discharge acidic fluids that corrode the metallic parts of small devices. If you don’t need to use any type of CR2032 batteries for a long time, keep them in cool and dry places. Otherwise, it’s better to dispose of these coin batteries properly.

Let’s save you the hassles of comparing good models of CR2032 batteries. These are some specifications of 11 CR2032 batteries that will exceed your expectations.

Top 11 Best CR2032 Batteries

 #01. Huadao CR2032 Lithium Battery 3 Volts

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This pack of 20 batteries by Huadao delivers an impressive performance. These 3-volt lithium batteries offer stable voltage and lasting power for your gadgets.

Each of these CR2032 disc-shaped batteries measures 0.78 x 0.12 inches (diameter x thickness) and has 200 mAh capacity that guarantees a long-lasting service.

It’s a versatile type of CR2032 Lithium cell because you can use it as a replacement for other types of coin batteries. Lithium coin batteries have leak-proof designs, and this Huadao CR2032 model is not an exception.

While the positive electrode of this coin cell contains chemical dioxide, you can count on its stable voltage. Huadao CR2032 lithium battery is a reliable source of power for your favorite gadgets.

  • Each of these 5-count batteries come in a pack of 2, 10, 20, and 30

  • Each battery has engraved markings that help you to identify it

  • You can replacement BR2032, ECR2032, and DL2032 batteries with this Huadao CR2032 model

  • This battery discharges fast when you put both fingers on the positive and negative terminals.

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#02. Beidongli CR2032 Battery 3V Lithium Battery  


Beidongli CR2032 is a high-capacity 3V Lithium battery that comes with 240mAh and 5 years of shelf life. With low-drain battery life, you can boost the performance of small electronic devices and provides a stable voltage.

This set of 10 Lithium-ion coin batteries comes in a blister pack that’s well-sealed. Its packaging material doesn’t pose any hazard to children and pets. However, don’t split this battery or heat it with naked flames.

If you doubt the performance of your favorite coin battery, this leak-proof lithium battery can provide sufficient voltage for your devices. Also, it serves as replacements for many MP3 players, wristwatch batteries.

It’s designed with stainless steel and nickel-plated materials. The quality of its production shows in its capacity to prevent short circuits for small gadgets.

  • 10 replacement batteries

  • The sealed packaging design offers the convenience of storing these batteries

  • Mercury-free and premium electrolyte formula

  • It’s affordable

  • The shelf life of 5 years is low.

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#03. LiCB CR2032 3V Lithium Battery


This LiCB CR2032 coin cell’s electrolytes are made from Lithium-ion and manganese dioxide. Its high-end design ensures reliable performance for a range of small electronics.

Since these electrolytes don’t contain mercury, there’s a no risk of toxic leakages when the batteries have exhausted their juice. However, you should prevent short-circuiting by installing these batteries properly.

While each of these small disc-shaped LiCB batteries has a shelf life of 3 years, they are inactive outside a range of -30°C to 60°C. Also, this LiCB CR2032 3-Volt Coin model has the most versatile replacement value. You can replace over 20 types of Lithium cell batteries of gadgets with this CR2032 model.

  • It comes in a blister pack of 10 batteries

  • It’s a replacement for KL2032, 5004LC, ECR2032, DL2032, and many types of Lithium Coin batteries

  • The shelf life is 3 years

  • Its shelf life is not impressive

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#04. Duracell – 2032 3V Lithium Coin Battery


Do you need small, but powerful batteries for key fobs and flameless candles? Duracell 2032 3V coin batteries offer long-lasting power and performance for your portable devices. Normally, it’s easy for coin batteries to fall out from their packs and roll away.

You can store this set of Lithium Coin batteries securely because it comes with child-resistant and air-tight packaging box. Each of these quality CR2032 Lithium coin batteries has been designed with triple layers of corrosion-protection materials.

No matter how strong the effects of weather conditions might be, this protective material shields your Duracell 2032 battery from rusts. Another benefit of using this set of coin batteries is that Duracell is a great brand in this industry.

  • Duracell 2032 lithium coin battery can be used as replacements for DL2032 and CR2032

  • These coin batteries are engineered with long-lasting power

  • It has 10 years of shelf life

  • The packaging material might tool simple, but it takes some effort to tear it.

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#05. Energizer CR2032 Batteries


Energizer CR2032 lithium batteries can improve the reception strength of your hearing aids. This pack of six 3V Lithium coin batteries is compatible with a range of specialty devices. Each of the coin-cells might be thin but delivers long-lasting juice for your devices.

These Li-ion coin batteries have a wide tolerance level for temperatures (-22 to 140 º F), and you need to worry about storing them for many years. Also, Energizer CR2032 Lithium coin batteries are dependable because they provide on-demand power for handy gadgets and accessories.

As mercury and lead-free specialty coin batteries, they have been designed with superior quality that prevents acidic leaks.

  • You can replacement L14, 5004LC, DL2032, and SB-T15 batteries with Energizer CR2032 batteries

  • It offers reusable power for a range of specialized devices like wristwatches, keyless entry systems, and hearing aids

  • These batteries come in a safe and child-resistant packaging box

  • Unlike other CR2032 lithium batteries the same technology, this Energizer model’s shelf life is only 8 years.

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#06. AmazonBasics CR2032 3 Volt Lithium Coin Cell Battery


AmazonBasics 3-Volt CR2032 Battery comes in options of 2, 4, and 6 packs. It’s a versatile type of Lithium-ion battery that’s compatible with several small electronics. There’s no chance of acidic leakages from the electrolytes of these lightweight batteries.

Apart from the design, AmazonBasics improved the safety performance of this Li-ion CR2032 model. Unlike other CR2032 batteries, this model comes with a 225mAh capacity that provides enough power for heart rate monitors, key fobs, calculators, and watches.

More so, AmazonBasics CR2032 batteries have high demands from customers because of the shelf life is 8 years. While this shelf life isn’t the highest from these types of CR2032 batteries, it’s an outstanding feature.

Since each battery comes with dimensions of 0.8 x 0.1 inches (diameter x thickness), you can store and transport them easily.

  • It serves as replacements for ECR2032, BR2032, and DL2032 batteries

  • The shelf life is 8 years

  • This 3-volts battery’s capacity is 225mAh

  • Unlike packs of 12, this battery’s maximum quantity per pack is 6.

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#07. Panasonic CR2032 3 Volt Lithium Coin Battery


Panasonic CR2032 3-Volt Lithium batteries deliver a more stable nominal voltage than regular alkaline coin batteries. However, this pack of 20 batteries comes in a well-packaged tear-strip material and each row has 5-battery blisters.

Considering the quantity per pack and standard of this Panasonic CR2032 battery, you don’t have to worry about the costs of replacement for a long period. Also, each of these batteries has a 10-year shelf life.

Apart from the amazing shelf life, a 225mAh capacity ensures that your devices enjoy a longer battery life. Different types of gadgets like dog collars and keyless-entry remotes use these Panasonic CR2032 coin batteries.

In commercial applications, this 3-Volt Lithium coin battery serves as a backup power source for internal memories of computer motherboards.

  • The electrolytes are Lithium and Manganese-dioxide

  • It comes with a high capacity of 225mAh

  • A wide option of 20 batteries

  • It’s not easy to open the blister packs.

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#08. CELEWELL CR2032 Battery

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CELEWELL CR2032 3-Volt Lithium batteries have nickel-plated shells. They meet the highest safety standards of ISO9001 and RoHS.

Unlike steel shells, this shell material is a better sealant that increases the battery’s resistance to leaks. Also, this nickel shell has ultra-high precision and a low tendency for quick discharge of battery life.

The shelf life of CELEWELL CR2032 battery is 5 years, and it’s ideal for a range of electronic gadgets. It’s a replacement battery for a range of 3-V Lithium-ion battery models too.

This 100-pack of 3-volt Cr2032 battery comes in a branded packaging tear-strip. Since CELEWELL is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end lithium coin cell batteries, you should expect maximum satisfaction from this Li-ion 3-V model.

  • It comes with a 230mAh capacity.

  • A perfect replacement for ECR2032, BR2032, L2032, and over 10 other models

  • You can use this high-quality battery for household, healthcare, and automobile accessories

  • Its efficiency might drop under extreme temperatures.

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#09. GloFX CR2032 3-Volt Lithium Coin Batteries

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GloFX CR2032 Li-ion Coin Battery comes in packs 2, 4, 10, 20, and 100. As a premium model, you should expect optimal performance before these batteries exhaust their energy. These GloFX 3-Volt batteries are ideal replacements for ST-T15, 5004LC, ECR2032, BR2032, and DL2032 models.

Generally, these batteries are easy to install in a range of electronics like glucose meters, calculators, key fobs, and toys. They also have ideal temperature resistance and long battery life.

With GloFX’s Lithium technology, this CR2032 can provide 2X the voltage of 3-volt batteries with silver oxide electrolytes. You don’t have to bother about the safety of children and pets because GloFX CR2032 Lithium-ion coin batteries are leak-proof.

  • It has a longer shelf life.

  • A suitable replacement for many electronic devices

  • It comes in a bulk set of 20 batteries

  • The battery life is shorter when it’s in continuous use

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#10. CR2032 Lithium 3v Batteries

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LampLust CR2032 comes in a set of 8 units, and a bulk set of 25 Lithium-ion 3v Batteries. It’s a great replacement coin battery with an impressive storage capacity of 210mAh.

This LampLust CR2032 model has durable engineering and modern Lithium technology. These non-rechargeable coin batteries can last up to 600 hours of continuous use. Apart from their long lifespan, they can resist and work well within a specific range of temperatures.

Each of these batteries weighs 3.2 grams and offers extra value because they are leak-proof. Also, LampLust CR2032 3V batters offer steady voltage supply for several gadgets and they can power LampLust lanterns (Mini Holographic).

It’s an excellent choice when you need CR2032 batteries as back-up energy sources.

  • These 3v coin batteries are compatible with many small electronic devices live key fobs and watches

  • The capacity is 210mAh

  • A pack of 25 lithium batteries that can last for many months

  • It has a short shelf life.

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#11. SKOANBE CR2032 3V Coin-Cell Lithium Battery


This SKOANBE CR2032 lithium coin battery is a perfect replacement for 3-volt KCR2032, SB-T15, ECR2032, and 5004LC batteries.

While it comes in a pack of 8 batteries, the self-discharging capacity is very low. Also, the blister pack is made with child-resistant packaging materials. This impressive Lithium engineering is a guarantee of this SKOANBE CR2032 3V battery has a longer shelf life.

It provides a reliable voltage and doesn’t contain toxic electrolytes like mercury. Apart from calculators, you can enhance the performance of electronic dictionaries and Bluetooth headsets with these coin-cell batteries.

  • You can replace DL2032, BR2032, KL2032 and many coin-cell batteries with this CR2032 model

  • A low self-discharge capacity

  • A high-energy-density

  • These batteries come in a tear-strip pack that might be too tough to open.

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How Do CR2032 Lithium Batteries Work?

Usually, batteries have electrodes (positive and negative), and they come in options of rechargeable and non-rechargeable models. These CR2032 Lithium batteries have acronyms that describe their formula and specifications.

While the letter ‘C’ indicates the lithium electrolyte, ‘R’ represents their round shapes. Also, ’20’ represents the size of their diameters (in mm), and ’32’ is for their thickness value of 3.2mm. Generally, electrolytes use chemical energy to conduct electricity.

A typical example is a chemical reaction between manganese dioxide and lithium. However, lithium-ion batteries are different from alkaline batteries. It takes less than a second to convert chemical energy into electrical energy when these batteries are installed properly.

Since your fingers are conductors, wrong handling of the positive and negative terminals of these batteries can cause unnecessary discharges of stored power. Also, when there’s contact between shells of coin batteries, they might lose their shelf life.

How To Buy The Right Models Of CR2032 Lithium Batteries

If you need a pack of CR2032 Lithium 3V battery with a longer shelf live and stable voltage supply, it has to be a top-rated formula. While some Li-ion 3V batteries contain toxic substances like mercury, other types are eco-friendly.

However, here’s what you must consider before buying batteries that have excellent Lithium technology.

Temperature Tolerance Levels

Many Li-ion 3v coin batteries lose their functionality when they are stored and used outside suitable temperature ranges. Some of these CR2032 batteries work well under extreme temperatures (-20 to 90 degrees Celsius).

Outside this range of temperature-resistance, many Li-ion CR2032 batteries will lose their electric charges and they might not power your devices.

The Shelf Life

Normally, manufacturers recommend users to store unused batteries in cool and dry places. The shelf life of 3V CR2032 batteries varies accordingly. It’s important to consider the storage capabilities of favorite Lithium batteries when you need to stack them.

While you can store poorly-designed batteries for about 2 years, high-end models of CR2032 batteries have at least 10 years of shelf life.

Leak-proof Li-ion Batteries

Since CR2032 batteries do not require loads of chemical energy to power to your devices, you should ensure the right model that has enough power for any device. Usually, batteries with nickel-plated shells are stronger than steel casings.

Don’t buy batteries that contain mercury because they are toxic substances. If you throw lithium CR2032 batteries that contain toxic chemicals in fires, they can poison people and pets. You might see blister and see tear-strip packs of batteries with labels like ‘childproof’ ‘non-leak’ it shows they can be used safely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you dispose of CR2032 batteries properly?

Lithium CR2032 batteries are flammable. Don’t split them with metals, burn or expose them to excessive heat levels. When the battery exhausts its charges, they become non-conductive materials. Wrap them with leak-proof materials and dump them in trash bins.

What is the difference between CR and AA CR2032 battery types?

Generally, batteries are designed to store chemical energy and convert them into electrical energy. These alphabets are generic designations that show their sizes.

While AA and AAA designations are commonly used for cylindrical batteries, the former comes with a bigger size. Also, coin-cell batteries like the CR2032 model use the ‘CR’ designation.

Do CR2032 batteries contain more toxic chemicals than other batteries?

Unlike CR2032 batteries, the chemistry of alkaline batteries with potassium hydroxide electrolytes might be toxic.

The CR2032 Lithium coin-cell type is different because its main electrolyte doesn’t need toxic chemicals like Lead and Mercury. Instead, CR2032 batteries contain higher charges of 3volts and they deliver more power for your devices.

Final Verdict

With CR2032 coin-cell batteries, you can sustain the performance of small gadgets and keep them working for many years. It’s not a good experience to use devices that contain fast-draining batteries.

Since these 11 models of lithium coin batteries don’t contain toxic metals, you can use them safely. These CR2032 3V batteries are risk-free, and they have longer shelf lives than regular lithium coin-cell batteries.

While we understand the essence of using dependable CR2032 3V batteries, none of these models is a threat to your environment. However, you must practice energy-saving tips to improve the functionality of your favorite 3V Cr2032 Lithium Batteries.

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