Top 11 Best Cut Resistant Gloves (2023)

Tasks that involve sharp objects such as knives or power tools pose a significant risk of inflicting injuries.

This is why you should always observe the necessary precautions put in place to prevent injuries.

One of the precautions that many people utilize, especially in high-risk areas such as construction sites, woodworking sites, slaughterhouses, and in our homes, is the use of cut-resistant gloves.

Although most people do not utilize them in the kitchen or restaurants when carrying out tasks, cut resistant gloves can prevent a trip to the ER if your cutting tool slips or malfunctions when working.

However, it’s good to note that cut-resistant gloves are not 100% cut proof. This is why it’s preferable to select the best as per your specific needs.

Depending on the intended use (most are versatile to different applications), selecting effective and high-quality cut-resistant gloves should be a priority when it comes to your safety.

In this article, we’ve discussed the most-recommended, advanced, heavy-duty, and effective cut-resistant gloves to aid you in your selection process.

Jump in and pick the most suitable one for your use as per the construction material, use, and other factors that we’ll discuss within the article.

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11 Best Cut Resistant Gloves

#01. Dekugaa Cut Resistant Gloves

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Dekugaa cut-resistant gloves are constructed using level-5 cut-resistant elastin nylon. This construction is embedded with microfiber technology, which enables them to provide more resistance to sharp objects. The gloves’ construction is food safe.

Wearing gloves while working should not affect your efficiency, and this is why these gloves feature superior grips from the elastic nylon to prevent slippage when working. They are also cozy, and their construction allows proper air circulation to maximize comfort when in use. All these features maintain or even increase efficiency when working.

Dekugaa gloves are easy to clean. You can either hand wash them or throw them in the washing machine, which creates versatility. One thing you should keep in mind is that you should not dry them using the dryer as the construction will be compromised. After cleaning the gloves, hang them to dry.

They’re available in different sizes so you can pick the size that fits you best. Each package comes with three pairs of Dekugaa gloves for versatility.

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#02. Anself Stainless Steel Gloves


The Anself cut-resistant gloves are constructed from high-grade stainless steel material. This construction is fit for heavy-duty utilization as it’s resilient and resistant to elements.

Although they are made of stainless steel, the gloves are surprisingly light and comfortable. This prevents your hands from getting tired when working for efficiency. They are also breathable, which enhances comfort when working.

Due to the high-quality of their construction and the fact that they are food safe, the gloves are adaptable to many uses. These include use in construction sites, kitchen, and meat processing industries, among other applications.

They are fitted with an adjustable wrist strap, which allows you to tighten them when in use to avoid slippage. The strap also allows many people to fit the same size of gloves as they can safely secure the gloves on their wrist when working.

Anself gloves come in different sizes starting from xx-small to extra-large, which is perfect as you can choose the best fit as per your hands’ size.

The gloves are machine washable, which makes it easy to clean after use.

The only problem faced is that the gloves sizing is way off. The gloves are larger than the stated sizes.

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#03. NoCry 1M Cut Resistant Gloves

NoCry 1M

NoCry produces some of the best cut-resistant gloves in the market. The NoCry 1M features a combination of polyethylene, spandex, and glass fiber materials, which makes it robust and capable of withstanding sharp blades. These materials combine to provide you with a level 5 cut-protection when working.

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NoCry cut-resistant gloves are lightweight, with each glove weighing less than an ounce, to ensure smooth usage without interfering with your work. This, in combination with the breathable construction, provides maximum comfort for your hands.

NoCry gloves are adaptable in that they can be used to carry out many activities that involve sharp objects, including slicing/cutting foodstuff, carving, woodworking, and gardening, to mention just a few.

The gloves provide a strong grip, which makes it easier to handle items/tools, including slippery ones, when working. This creates efficiency while avoiding injuries.

Maintenance of the NoCry gloves after use is easy as they are machine washable (with water at 104°F or less). However, you should hang them to drip dry as using a dryer can ruin their heavy-duty construction.

The gloves come in four elastic sizes. This allows you to select the best fit to ensure that the glove doesn’t slip when in use.

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#04. Dex Fit Cru553 Cut-Resistant Gloves

Dex Fit Cru553

Dex Cru553 gloves feature UHMW Polyethylene, nylon, spandex, and fiberglass construction, which provides level-5 cut-resistance. This means that the gloves are suitable for handling tasks involving knives or other cutting equipment while protecting your hands. Always keep in mind that the gloves are not-cut proof.

The front part of the glove, including the palm and fingertips, is covered with a nitrile coating. This provides a sturdy grip, which creates efficiency when working in wet or dry conditions. This coating also enables you to operate touchscreen phones, tablets, and other devices without removing the gloves.

The gloves are surprisingly lightweight and thin, considering the combination of materials they’re forged from. This prevents fatigue and increases dexterity.

Gloves should fit perfectly on your hands without slipping. This is why the Cru553 features a stretchable design that fits firmly without creating any discomfort when working.

Another feature that makes these gloves cozy is that they are designed with breathability in mind. This keeps your hands cool even when worn for long.

The gloves come in different colors and sizes to allow users to pick the most suitable ones as per their intended use and size of their hands.

On the downside, the grip tends to wear out quickly.

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#05. YINENN Food Grade Level 5 Protection Gloves


The simplest activities at home or restaurants such as slicing fruits or carving can cause severe injuries if the tools in use slip. With the Yinenn food-safe gloves, you can avoid this as they’ll protect your hands from cuts and abrasions. They are made from materials that offer a level-5 cut-resistance, which provides protection when carrying out our day to day activities.

Yinenn cut-resistant gloves are flexible with a snug fit, which eliminates sliding when working. This maintains, and in some instances, increases productivity. The elasticity of the gloves also makes it possible for different people to use the same size of gloves while providing dexterity.

They are multipurpose as they can be used to carry out different tasks, including gardening, oyster shucking, construction, woodworking, and many more activities. The fact that they’re food-safe makes them more pliable in food industries and at home.

The gloves are quite convenient as they’re hand and machine washable. However, you should hang the gloves to dry without using a dryer to maintain their reliability.

They are available in varying sizes, starting from small to extra-large sizes, allowing the selection of the best fitting gloves.

For more flexibility and value for each buck, each package comes with two pairs of gloves.

Despite Yinenn’s great features, some gloves’ sizing is a bit inconsistent.

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#06. FORTEM Cut Resistant Gloves EN388 Certified


Fortem gloves are constructed using HHPE/nylon microfibers to provide level-5 protection. The construction is tough to ensure that the gloves last for long and are effective in preventing injuries.

The microfibers used are food-safe to ensure that the gloves can be utilized at home or in food processing industries without transferring any chemicals. Apart from application in food industries, the gloves can also be used in gardening, carving, and performing many other tasks.

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They are constructed in such a way that they’re breathable for maximum comfort when working. They are also lightweight and thin, which prevents fatigue and enhances coziness. In addition to this, they’re flexible and offer dexterity for maximum productivity.

Fortem gloves are available in various sizes allowing you to choose the best fitting gloves. They are also ambidextrous, which means that wearing them is easy as they fit well on either hand.

The gloves are machine washable, which makes it easy to clean after use. Due to the nature of their constituent materials, the gloves should not be machine dried as this could shrink and compromise them.

On the downside, the gloves are only suitable for light-duty tasks.

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#07. Dowellife Cut Resistant Gloves


These gloves are made from HDPE material. The materials that cut-resistant gloves are forged with determine their ability to protect you, the tasks that they can be used to perform, and their overall durability. As per Dowellife gloves’ construction, they’re suitable for use in woodwork, oyster shucking, slicing fruits, gardening, and carpentry, among other uses.

The gloves feature a chemical-free construction, which makes them food-safe. This means that you can use them for all cutting requirements without them causing any contamination.

Dowellife gloves are ultrathin and flexible. This makes them fit well on your hands in a way that they cannot slide off when in use. They’re also well-aerated to ensure that your hands remain cozy and cool as you work.

These gloves offer better and secure grips not only on the equipment being used but also on the items being cut. This makes them effective.

The gloves are easy to clean as they’re machine washable. After washing them, hang them to drip dry. This will retain their effectiveness, unlike machine drying them.

Dowellife gloves are available in different sizes (small to x-large) and packages (one or two pairs). This creates versatility as you can purchase a size that fits just right.

On the downside, these gloves are not suitable for woodworking as they get linty and woodchips stick on them.

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#08. Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves

Stark Safe

With the Stark safe cut-resistant gloves, you’ll be able to carry out tasks in your kitchen, garden, and woodwork shop while keeping your hands safe from serious injuries.

The gloves are made from a combination of select silica fibers and polyethylene, which create a level-5 cut-resistance layer of protection. These materials are robust and durable for long term utilization of the gloves.

Comfort always comes first when working as it helps maximize productivity. This is why the Stark gloves are super thin, flexible, and lightweight. This also ensures that even if you wear them for long, your hands won’t get all weary. They are also breathable to keep you working without getting sweaty or uncomfortable. The superior dexterity they offer makes them perfect for most cutting requirements.

Apart from protection from sharp objects, the gloves provide a firm grip to hold cutting equipment and the items being cut. They make the whole cutting/carving/slicing process efficient.

Start Safe gloves are available in different sizes. Due to the elasticity nature of the gloves, each size can fit different hands within a given range. Choose the right fit for your hands to ensure comfort and maximum productivity.

These gloves, however, are only suitable for use with simple cutting equipment.

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#09. Kibaron Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves


The Kibaron food-grade gloves are designed to give your hands the best dexterity for chopping your cooking ingredients, gardening, or carving your next wood sculpture. They are constructed to offer maximum flexibility with a weightless feel on your hands, which prevents fatigue.

The gloves are also constructed in such a way that they offer the best grip when working. This prevents slippage, which could otherwise lead to injuries.

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They feature a sewing technology that offers maximum breathability to keep your hands cool when working. This allows you to wear them for long without getting uncomfortable.

Cleaning the gloves is easy as they’re machine washable and can also be washed by hand. However, you should let them drip dry as a dryer can cause damage.

Kibaron cut-resistant gloves are available in different sizes, starting from small to extra-large sizes. This allows users to choose the right size for a snug-fitting when working.

Keep in mind that these gloves are only suitable for working with simple cutting tools and not power tools.

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#10. HexArmor Level-6 Series


If you’re looking for industrial-grade gloves, the HexArmor level-6 protection gloves might be a good choice for you. They are manufactured using SuperFabric brand material, which consists of several layers aimed at providing cut-resistance and comfort when working.

The palm and finger sections of the gloves are coated with a rubber layer that provides perfect grip capabilities. The rubber also acts as an extra shielding against punctures and cuts from wood chips, glasses, blades, and other sharp objects.

A unique feature with these gloves is that they’re chemical resistant, which makes them more versatile in that they can be used for chemical and cut protection.

The gloves are really cozy to wear as they have a cotton-blend layer. This layer is breathable to keep your hands cool as you work.

They are machine washable, which makes them easy to clean. To maintain the protective nature of the gloves, they should be drip-dried.

HexArmor 9011-m gloves, however, are not very flexible.

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#11. Endura 385CS

Endura 385CS

The Endura 385CS are designed precisely for use with power tools, such as chainsaws. The gloves feature Kevlar construction, which is one of the top cut-resistant materials. This makes the gloves robust, durable, and suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Since the left-hand is typically more exposed to injuries, the left-hand glove is reinforced with eight-layers of Kevlar lining. This lining can withstand a chainsaw rotating at 3140FPM, which makes the gloves suitable for utilization with powerful machines.

The gloves are cozy and provide superior dexterity. They fit well, and the elastic Velcro wrist ensures that the gloves do not slide off your hands while keeping all the dirt out.

The backside of the gloves features a flexible nylon fabric which is water-resistance and breathable. This keeps your hands dry and cool when using the gloves.

The inclusion of goatskin leather on the palm and finger section gives the gloves a good grip on the machine being used and the item being cut, which improves productivity.

On the downside, the gloves are only available in large sizes.

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Q1). How do you pick the right size of cut-resistant gloves?

Before purchasing any cut-resistant gloves, look for the specific brand size chart. Using the size chart, pick the size that fits you perfectly. You should measure the size of your hands as directed by the manufacturer to be sure that you’ve picked the right size.

Q2). What are cut-resistant gloves?

Cut-resistant gloves are gloves consisting of cut-resistant materials such as Kevlar, Dyneema, stainless steel, and polyurethane, among others. The gloves are won when using sharp tools to minimize the possibility of getting your fingers, palms, or fingers cut.

Q3). Are cut-resistant gloves cut-proof?

Cut-resistant gloves are not cut-proof. Always keep that in mind. They’re only resistant. Do not wear a glove and try to slice it using your knife, even if it’s the most reliable glove on the market.

Q4). Are Kevlar gloves cut-resistant?

Yes, Kevlar gloves are cut-resistant. They are constructed using Kevlar fiber, one of the most robust materials in the market. Kevlar is not only cut-resistant but also heat resistant.

Q5). How is the cut-resistance level for gloves determined?

The cut resistance level for gloves is determined by measuring the force required to cut through the construction of the gloves using a standardized blade. The rate ranges from 0 to 5, with zero being the lowest resistance and 5 the highest. This means that level-5 gloves have the highest level of cut-resistance. Always choose the correct resistance level for efficiency and protection.

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