Top 11 Best DA Sanders [Dual Action] (2024)

When it comes to giving your workpiece a great finish, a DA sander turns the perfect tool for the job. ‘DA’ is the abbreviation of ‘Dual-Action’. However, some manufacturers and professionals prefer to call them orbital sanders.

The name ‘dual-action’ is from the fact that this unit utilizes 2 motions- it spins on its own axis when also revolving around the axis. In simpler terms, it combines a little of rotary action and a constant forward and backward movement. Therefore, we can think of it as a cross between a disk sander (rotary action) and a belt sander (linear action).

The DA sanders outshine the rotary polishers in that they do not concentrate the friction on one specific area. Therefore, they deliver a uniform finish and their likelihood of damaging the pad and the workpiece is very low.

That said, what DA sander is ideal for you? Well, that’s why we have put together the 11 Best DA Sanders on the market. Go through our comprehensive guide to identify the perfect model for you.

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Top 11 DA Sander Reviews

#1 Gedu Dual Action Pneumatic Sander

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This amazing 5-inch unit from Gedu kick-starts our review journey of the top-notch DA sanders. It is one of the dual-action sanders you can count on to give you the best bang for your buck, the major reason we saw it as the perfect unit to open our list. The price is a little lower than that of other models of comparable performance.

The tool features a solid plastic body that makes it very durable and at the same time lightweight. The lightweight design means that you can wield it for extended periods with minimal fatigue, making it the ideal purchase for those heavy sanding projects. 

The metallic components of the polisher are made of heat-treated steel. Therefore, in case you are looking for a DA sander that will stand the test of time, the Gedu Professional Air Random Orbital Palm Sander is an option to consider.

The sander gives 12000 Revolutions Per Minute (RPM), a nice speed for a variety of sanding projects. However, this speed is customizable to ensure that you always get an excellent setting for every project.

  • It fits the palm very well.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The price is very competitive.
  • It’s quite noisy.

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#2 TCP Global Brand D.A. Palm Sander

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If you have interacted with DA sanders in the past, you can attest that vibration-free sanders don’t exist. However, some manufacturers have incorporated vibration dampening features in their models to minimize vibration.

A perfect example of models that have these features is this unit from TCP Global Brand. In this case, vibration-reduction efforts are traceable from the ball-bearing design it adopts. Therefore, you will find this sander more comfortable to use than the majority of the options we have in the market. 

The low-vibration design also allows for better control of the unit to ensure that you get swirl-free finishes in your projects. The 6-inch size together with the constant forward and backward movement provides wide coverage, allowing you to tackle your jobs faster than when using sanders of a smaller size.

Most experts also find the handle to be one of the most comfortable when compared to those of the competing models. With this feature on board, this sander will allow you to tackle your projects with great precision. The 10000 RPM is a decent pace for most sanding projects. However, in case it’s too much for your needs, this DA sander has a built-in controller for speed regulation.

  • It is a very solid tool.
  • The speed is easy to adjust.
  • It does not vibrate intensively.
  • Repositioning the speed control knob would be nice.

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#3 Ingersoll Rand 311A Air Dual-Action Quiet Sander

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Ingersoll Rand is one of the manufacturers who have been in the market for a very long time. With over a century in the industry, this manufacturer has learnt a thing or two over this period. In fact, this is easy to see from their top-of-the-line products.

Coming from this manufacturer, this unit packs the best-in-class quality. Therefore, we expect it to be durable, reliable, and effective in what it is made to do. The high-quality DA sander has a built-in silencer. This feature minimizes the noise level to make it one of the quietest models we have on our list.

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Also, like the previous model, this unit has a well-balanced ball bearing construction to minimize the level of vibration. For this reason, we can consider it as one of the friendliest DA sanders for prolonged hours of use. Its maximum free speed is 12000 RPM although it comes with an adjustable speed regulator for increased user convenience.

The solid construction stands up to regular use by a dedicated colleague. Surprisingly, the sander maintains a low weight of just 4 lbs. for minimal fatigue in the extended projects.

  • It runs quietly.
  • The maximum speed of 12000 RPM is good.
  • Shipping is quite fast.
  • You need a fairly big compressor to keep up with it.

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#4 Valianto Professional Air Random Orbital Palm Sander

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Whether you want to a polisher for use in car detailing, carpentry, metal products, or any other application, this is one of the sanders you can count on to give excellent results. The 6-inch sander comes with a 6-inch pad, 1 quick connector, 1 wrench, and an instructional manual. Hence, provided that you already have a compressor, it’s one of the units you can use right off the bat.

The free speed hits a crescendo point of 12000 RPM, an amazing level that will give the roughest surfaces an ultra-smooth finish. The built-in control knob allows you to adopt the right speed for the job so that you get professional results in all your projects.

The design of the grip makes it easy to handle and gives the user better control over the unit. In fact, most professionals claim that this sander is one of the options that are best suited for one-hand operation.

The Double Rotation Polishing Technology guarantees uniform and swirl-free finishes, making it an absolute necessity for commercial projects. It also has a low vibration level that makes it easy to wield for extended periods.

  • The weight is well balanced.
  • It cuts and polishes very well.
  • It boasts great torque.
  • Some users prefer a stick pad to the film pad.

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#5 Hutchins 4500 6-Inch DA Super Sander

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Next on the list is a DA sander that comes from Hutchins, one of the famous brands in the industry. The unit adopts a smart design and it’s well-balanced for greater accuracy in your projects and to give the user an experience like no other.

It is a 6-inch sander and comes with a polishing pad that is also 6 inches so you won’t need to order the pad separately. However, it can work with larger pads up to 8 inches diameter, making for one of the most compatible options out there.

It’s a DA sander like all the previous options on the list. Nonetheless, this unit has a smaller orbital pattern. Thus, it is one of the units that guarantee professional-grade results when used for finishing jobs.

Even with a very powerful motor, this DA sander emits low levels of vibrations, one of the properties that make it comfortable to use for extended periods. The oversized head prevents it from wobbling. However, most users feel that the big head makes it quite bulky and puts to it a little more weight. The maximum speed of 10000 RPM is also impressive.

  • It gives an ultra-fine finish.
  • The package includes a sander pad.
  • It is comfortable to use at any angle.
  • It packs a few more grams of weight.

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#6 Sunex SX203N Quiet Dual Action Sander

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For those that want a quiet DA sander that doesn’t skimp on performance, the Sunex SX203N comes in as one of the perfect options.

This unit is professionally-designed to handle your sanding projects powerfully but silently. In fact, this ability is the major reason it holds a top position in the market several decades later since its arrival.

Most experts claim that it uses less air than most members of the competition. Therefore, we won’t be wrong to think of it as one of the most efficient DA sanders we have in the market. However, this doesn’t overrule the fact that you need a robust compressor to get the best out of it.

The high-quality construction is an implication that it’s one of the DA sanders that are designed to serve you for as long as possible. The contoured grip holds the promise of comfortable handling and minimal hand fatigue.

The DA sander has a maximum free speed of 10000 RPM, an impressive speed for most of the sanding projects. But in case your project needs a lower speed, this unit has a switch for adopting a lower setting.

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#7 PORTER-CABLE Variable Speed Polisher (7424XP)

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For the detailing professionals and enthusiasts who are looking for the perfect polisher for the job, here comes one of the units that are tailored for just that. It comes from Porter-Cable, a well-reputed US-based manufacturer. Therefore, we expect this tool to do all that it says exactly as it says.

The 6-inch unit obtains its power from the hardworking 4.5-amp motor. It comes with a 6-inch polishing pad to get you started direct away. It’s neither too small nor too large- but just the correct size for most applications. It measures 11.5 inches long, 10.5 inches wide, and 6 inches high.

Also, this amazing tool weighs 5-1/2 pounds, just the right weight for the job so that won’t need to apply any additional pressure when polishing. The advanced vibration dampening properties it carries mean that it is one of the polishers that are easy to control, ensuring that the user gets the anticipated outcome all the time. 

Among its commendable features is the two-position handle that enhances user convenience. I mean, whether you are right-handed or left-handed, you can install the handle in the direction that works well for you. However, its major setback is in speed. It has a variable speed of 2500 OPM-6800 OPM (Orbits Per Minute), one of the lowest we have on the list.

  • It is ideal for car polishing projects.
  • The included 6-inch polishing pad is of high-quality.
  • The dual-position handle is a plus.
  • It doesn’t offer the best speed.

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#8 Chicago Pneumatic CP870 Dual Action Sander

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Although it looks like an ordinary DA sander, Chicago CP870 option has tons of spectacular features to deliver extraordinary performance. It boasts a free speed of 10000 RPM- one of the best you can get for the price.

The speed is also variable depending on the project you are tackling. It works well for removing dust and gives your workpiece an ultra-smooth finish without leaving swirl marks. The solid plastic housing is an implication that it is designed to take the abuse of regular use in a rugged working environment.

It features a 1/4-inch air inlet and has an average air consumption rating of 8 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). The design of the handle guarantees a non-slip grip, giving the user better control over the unit for more accuracy in sanding applications.

It also packs a variety of safety features such as the lock-off throttle. This spec curbs unauthorized and accidental startups. It uses 6-inch polishing pads and even comes with one to get you going immediately.

  • It runs smoothly.
  • It works well on corners and ridges.
  • It has safety features.
  • It does not provide instructions on installing the sanding pad.

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#9 AIRCAT 6310 6″ Dual Action Sander

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This unit also has a maximum free speed of 10000 RPM. Weighing just 2.3 lbs., it’s one of the featherweight DA sanders we have in our coverage. Hence, if you are looking for a polisher that can support extended hours of use, the AIRCAT 6310 should be a nice place to invest.

The high-performing motor has patented double sealing which keeps dust away to guarantee minimal to zero-maintenance service life. The polisher also takes pride in its high levels of efficiency, with its air consumption rated at just 2.5 CFM.

The top-class DA sander also comes equipped with an internal noise reduction feature. Nevertheless, with noise level still ranging at 82 decibels, the built-in noise reduction system seems to be a little reluctant about what it’s made to do.

The palm grip adopts a humanized design to provide hours of comfortable use. And since it’s just 3-3/4 inches high, AIRCAT 6310 DA sander is a great purchase for anyone looking for a low-profile polisher.

  • It’s a lightweight sander.
  • The unit has low air consumption.
  • It is very long-lasting.
  • The noise level is still a concern.

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#10 Presa Turbine DA Random Orbital Polisher Kit

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This polisher is yet another option that comes with car detailing projects in mind. The kit contains the polisher, three polishing pads (soft, medium, and hard), wash mitt, microfiber cloth, and a high-quality carrying bag.

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 The 6-inch random orbital polisher has a 3-position handle. This property allows the user to adjust the placement of the handle to a position that works best for the project at hand. The removable horizontal side grip will also install on either side to accommodate the needs of right-handed and left-handed car detailers.

With these 2 features in a single unit, we can think of this polisher as one of the units that are designed with a variety of user needs in mind. The on/off switch is easy to use and is positioned for user convenience. 

The soft-start function of this unit keeps the vibration low and improves the service life of the unit. The power cord measures 19.6 feet long to give you a nice coverage while the Velcro comes in handy when managing the cable for storage.

  • The packaging is perfect.
  • It allows for lots of adjustments.
  • It is pretty straightforward to use.
  • It works well in polishing than sanding.

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#11 ZFE Air Random Orbital Sander

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This 6-inch sander is designed to fit well in the palm and to give the user maximum control. It’s made of materials of best-in-class quality for long-lasting performance and maximum resistance to wear. The unit has a top free speed of 10000 RPM and can be minimized to suit purpose using the built-in control knob.

The dual-action sander is designed to produce excellent finishes on different materials such as metal, wood, fiberglass, and more. Thus, in case you work with a wide variety of materials, this unit should be a perfect option for you.

The kit includes a mini DA sander, 1 trachea quick connector, 12 sandpapers, 1 wrench, and a hose. The sandpapers come in four different grades (#80, #120, #240, and #320) for use on a variety of materials or different stages of your sanding.

Surprisingly, with all these components and the incredible features of the polisher, this kit goes at a very low price. In fact, since it comes with the lowest price tag on our list, we highly recommend it for any low-budget individual looking for a DA sander that will do the work correctly.

  • The power is awesome for its size.
  • The discs are easy to replace.
  • It comes with a generous amount of sanding discs.
  • The quality of the discs isn’t the best although they will do the job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an orbital sander called a DA?

Orbital sanders are also called dual-action sanders because they utilize 2 motions simultaneously- a little of rotary motion and a continuous forward and backward movement. In other words, it rotates when also revolving.

Can you buff with an orbital sander?

Yes. However, you need to choose an orbital sander that suits car buffing applications. Also, you need to have the right grade of buffing pads to get professional results in your detailing.

What is the difference between a sander and a polisher?

Although most orbital sanders are designed to also double up as polishers, some are well suited for the job than others. Machines with a low speed work better in polishing applications than sanding.

What DA Sander should I buy?

Choosing the perfect dual sander can be one of the most daunting affairs for beginners and experts alike. You need to consider factors such as speed, adjustability, size, construction, weight, and of course, price. To make things pretty straightforward for you, we have given suggestions that combine the best of all these.

When do you know that you should replace your sanding pad?

One of the ways you can use to tell whether your sanding pad needs replacement is by marking a piece of wood with a pencil and using the sander to rub the mark. If you find it removing the mark easily, your sandpaper is still in good condition. However, in case you struggle to remove the mark, it’s time to get a replacement.

Final Verdict

DA sanders offer a variety of benefits over the rotary sanders. This explains why they are increasingly becoming common among experts and hobbyists. If you are intending to get one, our top-notch content suggests some of the finest models we have out there.

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