15 Best Dead Blow Hammers (2024)

Driving nails, working surfaces, and constructing wood and metallic items definitely require the extensive use of the dead blow hammers.

With numerous equipment of these kinds in the market, and many more being introduced year in year out, finding the right one may often prove tricky.

Worry not! We are here to help you out. We have spent a great deal of our time and wit to find out 15 best dead blow hammers on the market today.

Our efforts have not stopped there. We indeed have gone ahead to review them and showcase their benefits.

Read the review and buying guide below to find out more about them…

NEIKO 02847A 2 LB Dead Blow Hammer, Neon Orange |...
  • [DEADBLOW] Steel shot filled head adds extra force to hammer blows and eliminates rebound & spark, ideal for auto body work

15 Dead Blow Hammer Reviews

#1: Neiko 02847A 2 LB Dead Blow Hammer

Neiko 02847A 2 LB

Are you a non-starter with regards to matters carpentry or foundry? Well, you have a pretty companion in this dead blow hammer. As you are about to note the hammer is simple enough to suit your use and applications as a beginner.

Unicast Poly-molded Body

In its entirety, the hammer is made of the durable unicast poly-molded materials. Being durable and resistant to the various agents of deterioration, this material maintains the hammer in the right shape and size for longer.

Steel Shot-filled Head

At its head is some steel shot fillings. These add extra force to each blow of your hammer and also minimize the potential of sparks and rebounds. In the course of so doing, it upholds your safety and security.

Diamond-textured Non-slip Handle Grip

To enable you to apply the maximum force at any given time, the hammer does have some excellent grip. This stems from the fact that its handle is textured and adorned with some diamond materials. It hence keeps your hands very comfortable.


  • Great for the working of the auto body
  • Prevents the developments of sparks upon impacts
  • Its bright color makes it easily noticeable in the workshops
  • Easily distinguishable from other tools of its kinds at the work site
  • The non-slip handle guarantees effective handling even in sweaty conditions


  • Generates limited impacts from each blow
  • Its head is not as large as need be
  • Limited reach due to shorter body length

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#2: ABN Dead Blow Hammer


Working with a reputable brand is a sure way of achieving great outcomes. That is because of the excellent customer service and the greater returns such brands bring about. Do try this hammer out for such benefits.

Unicast and Rubber-coated Hammer

As you use this hammer, you will note that it neither mars nor sparks. These two benefits are made possible by the rubber coating and the unicast body. With these benefits, you stand to yield cleaner outcomes on the whole.

Deadening Pangs

Unlike your ordinary dead blow hammer, this one does not produce excessively deafening noise. On the contrary, its noise output is such that it is less strenuous to listen. Your ears have something to be grateful for.

Highly Versatile

With this hammer, it is possible to work on construction sites, automobiles, and other delicate surfaces well. Apart from being gentle, the hammer is also safe enough on the surfaces mentioned. You have the pleasure of preserving the integrity of your surfaces in the process.


  • Safer for use by virtue of producing no sparks
  • Yields a comfortable grip when handling for rough applications
  • Bright orange color is unmistakably outstanding
  • Minimizes all forms of potential damages emanating from dead sounds
  • Leaves your surfaces intact after work


  • Quite expensive to come by
  • Calls for great muscle power to handle and engage
  • Performs fewer applications on the whole

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#3: Estwing Dead Blow Hammer


Do you have some limited muscle power yet would still wish to bring about some great outcomes? Worry not! You have this particular hammer for your consideration and use. Given its light 45 ounce weight, it is suitable indeed for your use.

Dead Blow Technology

Topping the list of its most adorable features is the dead blow technology. The technology holds and dampens the vibrations. At the same time, it increases your control of and power output from the hammer.

Polyurethane Handle and Steel Core

At its core are the polyurethane handle and steel skeleton. Given that these two materials are very tough and durable. Courtesy of this trait, the hammer is pretty capable of handling the toughest jobs with relative ease.

Multipurpose Mallet

By using this hammer, it is possible for you to tackle a vast range of precisions tasks and roles. These include woodwork, automotive repairs, and sheet metal forming, to mention but a few. Your preference for this mallet is hence a sure way to save some money.


  • Extremely tolerant to chemicals and oils
  • Eliminates mars and dents with utmost efficiency
  • Reduces swing fatigue and vibrations
  • Great for automotive garage settings
  • Guarantees strong holds in all working conditions


  • Subjects you to the risks of dust and flying particles
  • Requires you to put on some safety goggles while in use
  • Not so great compared to its peers

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#4: WORKPRO Dead Blow Hammer


If you are a general technician, you have to try your luck on this hammer. It is on the whole pretty suited for handling a couple of workshop chores. Among these are popping dents, knocking off hubs, and dislodging parts.

Steel Shot-filled Head

In utilizing this hammer, you will apply only moderate force yet obtain better outcomes. The reason being that the force shall be amplified by some fillings in the head of the hammer. Further to this, you will also experience some minimized damages on the surface struck.

Hi-visibility Red Color

Its entire outward adornment comes in the form of a highly visible bright red color. Owing to its highly conspicuous nature, you will easily be able to spot the hammer in the workshop. Also, you will differentiate it from the various other tools.

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PVC Material Construction

Some PVC materials make up the entire exterior of the handle. This material is strong, unyielding and great at withstanding the harshest impacts that are thrown at the hammer. For this reason, the hammer lasts longer and yields more operational cycles.


  • Contains a non-marring plastic face
  • Yields no sparks at all regardless of the severity of the impacts
  • Brings about minimal rebounds and is hence safer for your use
  • The textured handle allows for non-slip grips
  • Cannot be misplaced or confused for other kinds of hammers


  • Potentially injurious when handled recklessly
  • Produces only moderate force and hence not so reliable
  • Takes longer to yield meaningful impacts or outcomes

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#5: Thor – 712R Dead Blow Hammer

Thor - 712R

To save yourself some bit of time and effort, you want to make use of a dead blow hammer that is multipurpose. This is especially the case if you happen to be a professional or career technician. Start off with this hammer as it is appropriately designed for such applications.

Chrome-plated Zinc Head

Its head is plated using chrome material. This plating ensures some longevity as it reduces the levels of corrosion and other forms of deterioration. In the course of so doing, it sees to it that you accrue the attendant benefits for a longer duration.

2 Screw-in Nylon Faces

Covering the metallic component of the hammer are some two screw-in Nylon faces. These reinforce the strength of the faces and also reduce the pace of wear and tear. The good news is that you may replace them when they wear out.

Alternative Color-coded Faces

To let you easily distinguish between the various hammers and equipment, this dead blow hammer is available in numerous color options. Apart from distinguishing between the various hammers, these colors also vary the hardness thereof.


  • Comes along in six different weights
  • Has a wooden handle which is safer for your hands
  • Soft indeed to ward off too many strains
  • Highly resistant to the risks of sweating and slipping
  • Allows for convenient handling


  • Less durable when compared to other kinds of hammers
  • Its plastic handles are prone to the risk of breakage
  • Performs fewer operational cycles

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#6: Titan Tools 63144 Dead Blow Hammer

Titan Tools 63144

For your light everyday chores, you need a dead blow hammer that is lighter, simpler in scope and easy to engage. No other hammer comes even closer to this one with regards to the parameters stated above. Read on to find out more…

4-piece Dead Blow Hammer Set

In its entirety, the hammer comes along with some four pieces. The aim of these pieces is to see to it that you settle on that combination that is suited for your unique circumstance of use with ease. It eliminates all forms of discrepancies to ensure comfortable handling.

Superior Comfort

Throughout its construction, the hammer is intended to yield you much comfort. It is lighter in weight, softer to handle, and packed with quite a number of awesome features. By placing your bet on this hammer, you will say goodbye to all forms of possible injuries.

Textured Handles

You will also note that the hammer is easier to handle indeed. It does have some textured handles which provide you some firm grips. The rough texture holds your hands firm enough to prevent fidgeting and falling off.


  • Cheaper to come by
  • Does not impose excessive fatigue on you
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Easier to master and engage
  • Demands less storage space


  • Not for professional applications
  • Less durable
  • Imposes higher maintenance and repairs costs

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#7: SE 5-IN-1 9″ Dead Blow Hammer

SE 5-IN-1 9

Do you generally handle extremely powerful applications? You cannot afford to choose at hammer at random if your answer to this question has been a firm ‘yes.’ That is because such applications are too tough to be handled anyhow. Choose a specially designed hammer like this one.

Copper and Brass

The face of the hammer is manufactured by use of hard-to-find copper and brass. These two materials are tough enough to enable great outcomes but without the attendant side effects of sparks. They also yield you long-lasting impacts.

Easy Threading

Apart from comprising the durable hard-to-find copper and brass, the face of the hammer also contains some easy threading. With this arrangement, you will find it easier to change and secure the aluminum head if and when the time demands.

Rubber, Nylon, and ABS Materials

Three kinds of materials are used to make up the body of the hammer. These are ABS plastic, Nylon, and rubber. Generally speaking, these materials yield some varying degrees of hardness and also allow for easy selection of the required hardness.


  • Reduces the amount of clutter on your workspace
  • Performs numerous chores in one integrated construction
  • Allows for easy changing of the head when the time comes
  • Produces no sparks at all when used to hit a working surface
  • Gives you the choice to select the kind of hardness you deem comfortable


  • Quite challenging to handle
  • Limited to professional expertise and applications
  • Inflicts higher acquisition costs

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#8: OEM TOOLS 25517 Dead Blow Hammer


Get hold of this hammer and enjoy the benefit of frequent and repeated use. That is because the hammer is tough enough to withstand the heaviest impacts. It is also able to handle multiple chores with maximum efficiency.

Soft Rubber Handles

Standing tall among the list of its most notable traits are the soft rubber handles. These handles are on the whole very comfortable and great for your hands. They also hold tightly on your hands to prevent the risks of fall offs.

Steel Shot Filled

Its head is filled with some steel shots. This filling amplifies the force that you apply to the required surface. This means that you get to spend less yet derive so much more in return. You have the pleasure of higher efficiency to enjoy.

Non-spark Material

Lastly, the materials used do not at all generate any sparks when in contact with the surface. This means you will not experience those risks which generally arise in the course of working your surfaces. At the same time, you obtain better outcomes.

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  • Eliminates all forms of rebounds
  • Delivers more power than you actually put in
  • Can get rid of moldings also
  • Multipurpose and brings about higher returns on investments
  • Highly versatile as to accept numerous attachments


  • Calls for some assembly before use
  • Its 4-piece construction may not be easy to engage
  • A bit cumbersome to carry around

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#9: Pro-Grade 6137 Dead Blow Hammer

Pro-Grade 61375  

Do you change locations every now and then? If you do, the kind of hammer you utilize has to be similarly easier to carry around. Do consider attempting this one as it is more likely to yield you the said outcomes and benefits.

Dyne-drive Torque System

All hammers rely on the wrench driving mechanisms to drive in some nails. This hammer’s mechanism is the dyne-drive torque system. The mechanism has been noted to greatly improve the performance of the hammer.

Steel Reinforced Handle

Its handle comes in the form of the steel reinforcement. Unlike those of ordinary hammers, this one possesses no exposed metal. It is hence not only strong but also very safe for your handle and whole body.

Open-end and Flare Nut Styles

Also adorning the hammer are the flare nut and open-end styles. These two styles are constructed by forging the chrome vanadium alloy. This makes them stronger and more resilient to the various forces and impacts thrown at the hammer.


  • Stands up to the toughest working conditions
  • Exudes some exceptional and quality workmanship
  • Works surface much more effectively
  • Does not slip or sustain any damages in the course of driving the nails
  • Treated with heat for optimal strength


  • Poor grip means a greater predisposition to accidents
  • Its texture is similarly not so great
  • Lacks some filling at the head

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#10: Capri Tools 10099 C099 Dead Blow Hammer

Capri Tools 10099 C099

Professional applications also call for professional hammers. When you talk about such hammers, give this a topmost priority. As you are about to see, the hammer is strong, thoroughly equipped and great for handling the toughest chores.

Resistant to Extreme Temperatures

On the whole, the hammer is highly resistant to extreme temperatures. In fact, it does retain its stature and composition in the highest of temperatures. This lets you handle your chores with the utmost peace of mind imaginable.

Built For Harsh Impact

Apart from withstanding extreme temperatures reliably, this hammer also performs well in moments of harshest impacts. This is due to the fact that it comprises hundreds of steel shot pellets. They do remain intact throughout.

Highly-resistant to Chemicals

This hammer might look soft but it is indeed very resilient. When applied to grease, oil, water, and other chemicals, it does not degrade as other hammers do. On the contrary, it retains its stature for a prolonged duration of time.


  • Does not mar objects even when the strongest force is applied
  • Maximizes the forces that are applied onto it
  • Resists the percolation of liquids and other harmful substances
  • Confers some ergonomic feels and better grip
  • Adds some strength to your hands for better outcomes


  • Its lighter weight means fewer impacts
  • Easily breaks when subjected to too intense impacts
  • Yields minimal returns on investments

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#11: Shop Iron 63133 Dead Blow Hammer

Shop Iron 63133

Do you mostly handle only soft metals or panels? There is no need for settling on strong and durable hammers. That would be a complete waste of time. Simply place your bet on a simple hammer of this kind.

Brass Non-sparking Platted Cap

As stated, this hammer is mainly optimized for use on soft panels or metals. The main reason underlying this is the brass non-sparking platted cap. It weighs a paltry 12 ounce and is hence safer for use on your metallic surfaces.

Steel-plated Cap

To shape, straighten, and strike metals, you will make use of the hammer’s steel-plated cap. Being made of steel, this cap is very sturdy, durable and pretty strong. it hence does a comparatively better job than most alternative hammers.

Steel Shot-filled Canister

The canister of the hammer is filled with some steel shots. Also, it is so designed as to be able to absorb shocks. With these two arrangements, you will enjoy some reduced incidences of rebounds and a greater degree of safety.


  • Handles applications so well as to reduce sparking
  • Does not damage your surfaces in any shape or form
  • Punches and strikes surface smoothly
  • Shapes unhardened metals relatively easily
  • Pairs and works well with other workshop tools


  • Only for soft surfaces
  • Inconvenient to handle
  • Does not yield many returns

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#12: TEKTON 30707 Dead Blow Hammer

TEKTON 30707

Are you wary of your safety? Well, we have some good news for you. This is the hammer to go for. By reason of being designed for your maximum safety, this hammer is a great tool to leverage if you truly care for your safety.


Its most notable trait is the fact that it is rebound-free. When struck on a surface, the hammer does not rebound and is hence safe. Further to this, the hammer also conserves some energy by reason of the fewer blows.

High-impact Poly Jacket

A high-impact poly jacket shields the head and the steel handle. This arrangement prevents the surfaces from marring. In light of this, it preserves the condition of the hammer in such a way as to allow for uninterrupted continual use.

Diamond-textured Handle

Its handles are textured to ensure some non-slip grip outcomes. The textures come in the form of some rough handles which prevent your hands from slipping even when they sustain too much sweat. You hence stand to enjoy some degree of conveniences as you use it.


  • Minimizes fatigue which is essential for prolonged usage
  • Hardly deforms your workpieces even if you apply too strong a force
  • Appropriately protected from all possible agents of deterioration
  • Does not interfere with the state and nature of your surfaces
  • Pretty easy to handle than most other kinds of hammers
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  • Generates fewer impacts and forces
  • Impacts too little an area at a time
  • Time-consuming to apply and make use of

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#13: Alltrade 648332 Dead Blow Hammer

Alltrade 648332

Heavy duty striking work definitely call for similarly heavy-duty striking hammers. When we talk about these hammers, look no further than this one. It is on the whole very strong and sturdy in nature. As such, it is more likely to yield the required outcomes.

Club-shaped Head

Unlike your ordinary hammers, this one features the club-shaped head. The club weighs a decent 2.5 pounds and is hence more likely to yield the harsh impacts required for heavy duty applications.

Fiberglass Handle

The club head is attached to the rest of the body via a fiberglass handle. This material, as we all know, is pretty tough, very light, and great at absorbing shocks. You are hence spared of the usual fatigue and other issues which are more likely to yield you undesirable inconveniences.

Awesome Lengths

In all, the hammer measures an impressive 10.5 inches. This is not too long or too short a dimension. Thanks to this awesome length, you will find the hammer easier to handle and generally better at utilizing as the need dictates.


  • Durable and long lasting when compared to other hammers
  • Meets and exceeds the ANSI standards
  • Great for your home, garage and remote worksites
  • Truly innovative in its length and breadth
  • Brings about some long-lasting impacts


  • Requires some prior experience before use
  • May disparage those who lack the necessary skill
  • Prolonged use inflicts the feeling of fatigue

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#14: Trusty-Cook Model 4-53 oz Dead Blow Hammer

Trusty-Cook Model 4-53

If you are an aircraft mechanic, metal fabricator, landscaper, and timber framer, you want a hammer that is truly reliable and suited for all-around applications. Look to no other hammer than this one. By virtue of its awesome construction, it is more likely to perform well under these circumstances.

Oil and Chemical Resistant

In all, the hammer is resistant to both the oil and chemicals. When placed on either substance, it does not absorb them or get affected by them. With regards to this, the hammer is great for use in the garages and other areas that contain chemicals.

Non-slip Cushion Grip

As you handle the hammer, you will note that it provides some powerful grip. For this reason, the hammer is durable and comfortable to handle. What’s more? It also remains stable under numerous conditions of use.

Multi-use Mallet

All factors considered, the hammer is suited for numerous applications indeed. It can perform well in woodwork, sheet steel formation, and automotive applications. Your use of the hammer hence guarantees you better returns on investments.


  • Dampens shocks and vibrations
  • Increases your controls and power while in use
  • Yields extremely durable outcomes
  • Provides some comfortable grips while handling and use
  • Gives you more sustained impacts and swings


  • A higher weight means extra muscle power requirement
  • Potentially injurious when not handled with caution
  • Impedes your ability to move around

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#15: Stanley 57-533 Dead Blow Hammer

Stanley 57-533  

Yet again if you desire to work on soft surfaces, you have this hammer for your choosing. The hammer is so designed as to leave behind the most negligible impacts on your surfaces. It is subsequently safer and more likely to yield you better outcomes.

Dead-blow Function

A dead blow function stands tall among the list of the most awesome traits of this hammer. This functionality basically entails the use of some steel shots to exude the required forces. It also eliminates the incidences of bounce backs while in the course of use.

Steel-reinforced Handles

Apart from being strong and durable, its handles are also reinforced using stable steel materials. The reinforcement gives off some added strength and also prevents the possibilities of overstriking or breaking the materials under use.

Uni-Cast construction

All its elegant features and traits are enclosed in some uni-cast construction. The construction also features some non-ferrous materials which eliminate sparking. Also, they do not at all absorb any liquids and are hence safer.


  • Leaves no portion exposed or carelessly handled
  • Does not interfere with the structure of your surface in any shape or form
  • Adds some strength to your blows for greater efficacy
  • Contributes to your safety and performances
  • Resists the risk of breaking apart


  • Yields short-lasting outcomes
  • Unable to handle rough surfaces
  • Not for professional applications

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are dead blow hammers used for?

These hammers are used for striking nails and screws on surfaces of materials. Unlike your ordinary hammer, they are stronger and more effective.

What are the characteristics of a good dead blow hammer?

A good hammer has to be able to produce great force, be light enough to carry with ease, and yield numerous operational cycles.

What is a dead blow hammer filled with?

Most dead blow hammers are filled with steel shots for added strength. The fillings also amplify the forces and strengths that are applied whenever the hammer is used to strike a surface.

Who makes the best dead blow hammer?

Some of the best and most reliable brands are Wiha, Tekton, Halder, Capri, Lixie, Nupla, Stanley, and ABC Hammers. Do prioritize them in your search for the right kind of hammer.

Are dead blow and dead weight hammers one and the same things?

Yes, they are! These two terms are often used interchangeably to refer to this very tool.

Final Verdict

Having received the insight you needed about the dead blow hammers, is it too much to ask you to now go ahead and purchase one?

Simply skim the list above and determine that one which mirrors your unique expectations.

If you do get stuck, hesitate not to return here for further guidance. We wish you all the best in your subsequent search.

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