11 Best Demolition Hammers For Tile Removal (2023)

The removal of floor tiles from concrete and metal slabs often requires the brute force of demolition tools. While you can do this job better with electric hammers, you must be careful not to blast through essential installations.

During building renovation and construction projects, special hammers help to pull out old tiles. Usually, premium demolition hammers come with drill bits, chisels, wrenches, and other accessories.

You don’t want products that will destroy your floor’s sub-surface. However, you should have the skill to operate demotion hammers that delivers high performance with precision. If you are unlucky to use less functional tile removal tools, they might ruin your heavy-duty projects.

A well-made demolition hammer offers efficient and quick removal of tile materials. Regardless of the type of floor or wall tiles, you don’t want to spend long hours of work on simple demolition projects.

Since these power tools have built-in electric motors, models with hammering and drilling units can help to complete projects quickly. Identifying the best demolition hammers for the tile removal kit shouldn’t be an uphill task. Apart from demolition hammers, their accessories can add enough force to complete your tile removal jobs.

Normally, floor tiles that have been installed on masonry, and steel platforms are very tough. Without using the right set of tools, there will be no forceful impact to rip tiles from these platforms. Considering the varieties of demolition hammers for tile removal in marketplaces, it’s often difficult to pick the types that fit your project.

A lightweight demolition hammer and functional accessories can improve the quality of your craftsmanship. While we understand these factors, you must consider the features that make many models of demotion hammers unique.

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11 Best Demolition Hammer For Tile Removal

#1. Bosch 35-Pound Demolition Drive Hammer Kit

Bosch 35-Pound

Do you need a demolition hammer that delivers brute force with great precision? Bosch Jack Hammer isn’t only designed for tile removal jobs, but it comes with a large dust-extraction system.

Bosch is a reputable manufacturer of power tool products, and this demolition hammer for tile removal comes with robust technology. With this hammer’s corded-type design, you need a 2,700-Watt generator and at least a 12-gauge electric extension cord to power it.

It’s easy to operate, and the built-in (15-Amp) motor runs smoothly. The hammer mechanism delivers 22 ft-lb/in of impact energy, and its anti-vibration technology helps to reduce noise levels during operations. Other accessories in this kit include a grease tube, cleaning pad, and Star Point chisel.

  • Grease-packed gear system

  • It’s a lightweight (35 lb) jackhammer

  • This product comes in a plastic case with wheels

  • This 35-lbs hammer might have a lightweight design, but lifting it is to remove wall tiles can be challenging during long hours of work.

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#2. VonHaus 10 Amp Electric Rotary Hammer Drill

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Wouldn’t like to use a multi-purpose demolition hammer for your heavy-duty projects? This electric hammer’s maximum load rotation speed of 850 RPM for chiseling, hammering, and drilling tasks are amazing.

VonHaus delivers powerful impact energy through tiled bricks and concrete floors easily. It’s a versatile power tool with an adjustable handle and 3 drill functions. Like other premium demotion hammers, this product has anti-vibration technology.

With its 10-Amp motor, you can regulate variable speed levels with the trigger. Also, this hammer and drill demolition Kit come with chuck for drill bits, flat and point (0.5×9.8 inches) chisels.

Other accessories for your tile removal project includes a dust cover, drill grease, drill bits, and a chuck designed by Slotted Drive System (SDS).

  • It comes with drill bits sizes of 0.3 x 5.9, 0.4 x 5.9, and 0.5 x 5.9 inches

  • It offers between 0 to 3900 BPM no-load impact frequency

  • A 360-degree swivel handle

  • The auxiliary handle is designed with a textured material for a comfortable grip that allows maximum control

  • The drill bits are not very sturdy. So, you might need replacement drill bits soon.

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#3. Yescom 2-in-1 Gasoline Demolition Jack Hammer

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Do you need lightweight, multifunctional demolition hammers that can complete heavy-duty projects quickly? This Yescom tile-removing tool is a pile driver and jackhammer with a 2-stroke motor.

Its single-cylinder gasoline engine requires a mixture of fuel and motor oil. Also, this hammer comes with two replaceable chisels and piling heads to remove concrete floor tiles. You can break any type of material that obstructs your construction projects, and run light-duty piling works on work sites.

Yescom 2-in-1 demolition hammer’s 1.2HP engine delivers a maximum rotation speed of 6500 Revs/Min. Unlike other demolition hammers with similar mechanisms, this product’s hand-pull start is flexible because it doesn’t use a cable.

  • Portable and lightweight designs

  • It’s suitable for agricultural piling works, and tile removal jobs during the renovation projects

  • It conserves fuel with a 0.9-liter fuel tank and efficient carburetor.

  • This demolition hammer runs with gasoline and motor oil. It might cause environmental pollution and affect the quality of air around your workspace.

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#4. F2C 2200-Watt Electric Demolition Jack Hammer Kit

F2C 2200-Watt

To remove tiles, and break old concrete structures, you need heavy-duty demolition hammers. F2C demolition jackhammer is an industrial-grade power tool with a set of functional accessories. This kit comes with two chisels and punched-head drill bits respectively.

As an electric hammer with a 2200-Watt motor that delivers 1,400 Revs/Mins rotation, it’s ideal for trenching and removing tile Stucco. Some tile removal processes could be extensive and might need to rip the foundation of a building.

You don’t have to worry about these types of projects because F2C jackhammer is designed for demolishing stubborn tiles and sub-surface concrete structures. Also, you can work from different angles because this product has a lock-rotating chisel mechanism.

  • Bull Point (1-1/8 inches), and flat (1-1/8 inches) chisels.

  • Its accessories include a pair of gloves, safety goggles, wrench, and a Blowmod Case.

  • Apart from tile removal, it’s ideal for demolition, chipping of concrete slabs.

  • Its auxiliary handle doesn’t have a 360-degree swivel feature.

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#5. ENEACRO Heavy-Duty 1-1/4 Inch Demolition Hammer

ENEACRO Heavy-Duty

By using power tools that deliver significant power for your tile removal work, you can save time for other tasks. This ENEACRO Rotary Hammer Drill has an impact frequency rate of 42,000 blow per minute.

During demolition tasks, the jackhammer’s safety clutch protection button can help to stop any sudden high-torque force. However, you can restart the machine by removing the drill before switching the red button. Since power tools cause hazards, ENEACRO safety clutch protects users.

As a versatile demolition hammer, there are 4 modes for drilling, hammering, chiseling, and the hammer-drill function. Depending on the nature of tile removal works, you can select the ideal function (Mode) with this hammer’s double switch buttons.

Unlike electric hammer models with single-switch buttons, this switch-button style is reliable. Also, this tool comes with a heat-dissipation motor that runs with low noise.

  • Vibration control technology

  • SDS-Plus 12Amp (1500W) electric motor

  • The maximum drilling diameter for concrete and metal platforms are1/2-inch, and 1-1/4 inches.

  • Double layers of an anti-dust base structure

  • The kit includes a can of grease, drill bits, and chisels

  • The rotational speed of 820 Revs/Min is too small for this heavy-duty machine.

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#6. SKIL Pwrcore 20 Brushless Rotary Hammer

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An electric demolition hammer with PWR Core 20 technology offers a longer battery life. With Skil 20V rotary hammer’s Lithium (5Ah) battery, you can enjoy more run time during work. This 7.75 lbs machine is a lightweight tool with a digital brushless motor that delivers 1,400 RPM.

Removing tiles from hard-brick walls, concrete cast, and metal platforms with SKIL Pwrcore 20 depth rods doesn’t last longer than necessary. Demolition tools that reduce the time for completing projects can increase your efficiency.

You can hardly think of many innovative demolition hammers with this type of high-performance power. Also, it comes with anti-vibration technology that dampens noises from frictional forces, and its built-in motor.

  • Digital brushless technology

  • Extended battery life because its Automatic PWR Jump charges the Lithium battery (to 100%) within 60 minutes.

  • Durable construction

  • It has 4-mode select functions for chisel alignment settings, drill, hammer drill, and chisel.

  • Unlike regular demolition hammers with long-profile bodies that allow you to maintain complete control, this compact tool has a small dimension of 11.18 x 3.15 x 7.8 inches.

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#7. XtremepowerUS Heavy-Duty Demolition Jack Hammer Kit

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This 2200-Watt XtremepowerUS demolition jackhammer is for home and commercial projects. While it doesn’t require an air compressor to function, it runs with an input voltage of 110v/60 HZ.

XtremepowerUS electric jackhammer comes with 16-inch flat and Bull Point chisels. The power tool can deliver 1800 blows per minute at 55 ft/lbs. Also, you can maneuver this machine with ease because it comes with an adjustable 360-degree foregrip.

Its auxiliary handle allows you to have more control during work. Its tile removal, chipping, heavy-duty drilling, and concrete-breaking power is suitable for the most demanding projects.

For fast tile removal and demolition applications, you can attach 1-1/8 inch hexagon shank bits to this electric hammer.

  • The 360-degree foregrip of this machine is designed to give comfort during long periods of work

  • This kit comes with Hammer with a pair of hand gloves, goggles, hex wrenches, and a carrying case.

  • It’s a heavy-duty hammer for a range of trenching, tile Stucco, and foundation removal jobs

  • The plastic carry case isn’t strong enough to hold the electric hammer and other accessories.

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#8. TR Industrial Original Demolition Jack Hammer

TR Industrial

Do you need industrial-grade demolition jackhammers that can balance its power with efficient performance? TR Industrial demolition hammer is a cord-type electric power tool that delivers 33 ft-lbs of impact energy on tough materials.

This machine fits several heavy-duty tile removal projects because of its 1,800 blows per minute of impact energy. Also, this machine comes with an 11-Amps electric motor that runs with low noise.

Apart from uninstalling floor tiles, you can use this machine to demolish any concrete structure that obstructs your search for underground water. This hammer kit comes with two wrenches, a pair of safety goggles, brushes, bits, a hex-pointed and flat chisels.

  • The hammer weighs 31-lbs

  • It comes with a 6-ft power cord

  • It’s suitable for drilling through concrete floors

  • This tool has a full-load impact rate of 1800/min

  • It doesn’t have a 360-degree swivel handle that increases the convenience of working for a long period.

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#9. Toolman Lion Tools Demolition Jackhammer

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Swivel auxiliary D-handles support working form different positions. This design improves your range of mobility in tight workspaces. Toolman Demolition Jackhammer comes with a non-slip swivel handle that offers a comfortable grip.

Get ready for extended periods of work because there’s no risk of hand fatigue with this electric hammer. Also, its built-in 14 Amp motor is efficient and it delivers 1,800 blows per minute.

You might need much impact energy and to remove tiles from old concrete walls, and basement floors. The hammer kit comes with a 9.8-ft power cord that’s attached to a double insulated plug. With this safety feature, you can use your power tool in outdoor environments.

  • Its long power cord is designed for extreme weather conditions

  • The input voltage and frequency of this 2200 watt motor are 110V/60Hz

  • It comes with an anti-vibration technology

  • The 360-degree swivel auxiliary handle might be too small for users with long hands.

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#10. Mophorn 2200W Heavy-Duty Demolition Hammer

Mophorn 2200W

With this heavy-duty electric demolition hammer from Mophorn, you can remove asphalt, tiles, and break the toughest concrete foundation. It comes with an ergonomically-designed swivel and the main handles.

While the D-shaped swivel handle allows 360-degree rotation, the main handle is aligned for a stable grip. This 2200-Watt jackhammer makes a maximum rotation of 2000 Rev/Min. During demolition and tile removal tasks, heavy-duty hammers often emit heat.

However, the copper-core motor of this machine handles sudden power surges, and a protective cap with vents allows the fast dissipation of heat. Also, the machine has a sturdy insulating shell and metal components. These features assure you of using a durable hammer product for several applications.

  • A dual-handle design

  • Strong core technology

  • It’s quick to assemble and uninstall

  • Apart from the rubber D-shaped handle that absorbs vibration, other parts of this machine can vibrate and make you feel uncomfortable.

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#11. Goplus SDS Rotary Hammer

Goplus SDS

A heavy-duty rotary hammer comes handy when you need to demolish concrete floors and remove stubborn tiles. This bright orange-colored Goplus SDS Rotary Hammer comes with 5 variable speed settings, and the control knob is easy to operate.

You’ll receive the rotary hammer and drill package in a blow mold plastic case. It’s a high-quality portable box that keeps all your hammering tools organized.

Other accessories include an SDS adapter (for 1mm to 13mm carbon-steel drill bits), point and flat chisels. With its compact design and user-friendly control system, you will have enough torque to demolish brick walls and rip tiles from metal platforms.

  • The package includes drill bits with diamond tips

  • The housing of this tool has impact-resistant and reinforced nylon

  • It has 3 drill functions (hammer, drill, and hammer plus rotary drill)

  • The chuck for its bits is not a sturdy material.

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How To Pick Efficient Demolition Hammer Products For Tile Removal

Are you looking for a demolition hammer for tile removal works in factories, residential or commercial buildings? It’s important to know what type of hammer or hammer and drill machine meets your project’s requirements.

The Power Rating

Usually, input voltage and frequency ratings for heavy-duty electric hammers are 100V and 50 Hz/60 Hz. Depend on the electric power system in your region, you might need electric hammers that are compatible with 230V/50 Hz and 220V/50 Hz input voltage.

While it’s important to know the right power specifications, the wattage of input motors determine the efficiency of hammers. Usually, an increase in wattage determines the performance of your hammer’s electric motor. An efficient motor might require a heat-dissipation mechanism to prevent over-heating conditions.

Hammer Kits With Complete Accessories

When choosing a favorite demolition hammer kit to remove tile, consider the list of accessories. Ergonomic designs are fantastic, but demolition hammers use special tools.

Drill bits, hexagonal-pointed and flat chisels are simple tools that can demolish complex concrete structures. Without functional accessories, your cost of purchasing power tools might increase. It means that you will buy these accessories if the demolition hammer kit only comes with the equipment.

However, many demolition hammer kits don’t have high-quality accessories. So, you could spend time looking for sturdy drill bits, wrenches, and chisels that are compatible with your equipment.


The power tool industry is a very competitive space with manufacturers displays their technology. Some common tech features in demolition hammer and drill tools are for anti-vibration and power. Normally, cordless-electric hammers use powerful Lithium-ion batteries. With this type of technology, you can enjoy more run time and work for long periods.

Another example is the SKIL PWR Core 20 brushless technology. This product uses a brushless (electronically commutated) motor that’s easy to maintain. Also, this technology ensures a low-consumption of energy.

You have to be smart when choosing demolition hammers. If a favorite hammer product doesn’t have a basic vibration control mechanism, its high-pitch noise could lead to deafness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of Jack Hammer’s drill bit can I use for extensive demotion jobs?

Many Jackhammer products that are between 30 to 50 lbs are designed for heavy-duty demolition and tile removal works. Usually, the average impact force of these rugged tools is 30 feet-per-pound. So, you can use 1-1/8-inch hexagonal steel bits and air steel bits respectively.

What type of hammer is convenient for many hours of tile removal jobs?

To ensure faster removal of wall and floor tiles, you need a lightweight demolition hammer. Usually, careful removal of tiles prevents damages to the foundation of any building. So, you might need to invest in a lightweight power tool that can handle extended periods of work.

However, hammer handles that absorb vibrations can reduce any risk of hand fatigue. It’s better to buy electric jackhammers with 360-degrees swivel handles and main handles. By optimizing the balance of these vibration control handle, you can ensure comfortable grips throughout the project.

Final Verdict

Demolition operators and civil engineers are often excited about powerful tools that can break concrete, removal asphalt and tiles. You might not need these tools for big construction projects. However, your DIY tile removal project deserves a durable and functional electric jackhammer.

Apart from technology, many of the 11 hammer kit products in this buying guide come with comfortable rubber handles. They are designed for all-round (drilling, hammering, and chiseling) applications. Also, we have offered you some demolition hammers that can drive rods into rocky terrains with ease.

We expect you to choose the product that fits your purpose and enjoy the satisfaction of using them.

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